The 20 Best Ergonomic Chairs in 2021

If you’re looking for the best ergonomic chairs in 2019, look no further than this list of the top 20 chairs currently available!

So what is the best ergonomic chair in 2019? Well, there’s really no definitive objective answer to this as it will depend on what you plan to use the chair for, your budget, and your personal preferences. The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is a definite contender for the top spot, but there are dozens of other fantastic ergonomic chairs that are just as excellent. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

A high-quality ergonomic chair is a big purchase, which means its important to compare all your options before making any decisions, but with so many options to choose from, where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve shortlisted the best 20 ergonomic chairs in 2019, so that all you have to do is read this article and pick your favorite.

What Factors Did We Look For?

Before we jump into our list of the 20 best ergonomic chairs in 2019, we thought you might want to know how we decided which chairs should make the cut. We sifted through the many different gaming chairs on the market and ranked them based on the following 5 key features:

  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustability
  • Breathability
  • Comfort/cushioning
  • Design

All of the chairs you’ll find on this list scored highly on several of these categories, meaning any chair you choose is guaranteed to do a great job of ensuring that you avoid injuring or straining your back and remain comfortable while sitting.

We also considered affordability in the sense that we tried to include a range of chairs to fit different budgets, but we didn’t rule anything out based on price.

To make things easier for you, we subcategorized the chairs in this list into 4 different categories: luxury, mid-range, budget-friendly, and super budget-friendly. We included 5 chairs in each price category. The lower down the article you go, the cheaper the chairs will get.

Now that’s covered, let’s dive right into the list, starting with the most expensive, luxury ergonomic chairs.

1. Embody by Herman Miller

Herman Miller Embody Chair - Graphite Frame/Black Rhythm Textile

Category: Luxury Ergonomic Chair

If an office chair and a human were to somehow breed and produce some kind of mutant chair-human hybrid, this would be it. As the name suggests, Herman Miller’s Embody is a chair that takes its inspiration from – yep, you guessed it – the human body.

Designer Bill Stumpf had the incredible idea of creating a backrest which mimics the human spine. This aptly-named ‘exoskeleton’ feature is a backrest that is able to move and bend along with you, mimicking your posture so that you’re comfortable and supported in any position you choose to sit in.

In addition to a spine, this chair also has skin. The chair’s breathable cover, which has been designed to mimic human skin, aids in the circulation of air, helping to keep the user cool. It’s also supposed to stimulate blood flow to guard against ailments like deep vein thrombosis caused by long periods of sitting in one position.

As you’d expect from a 1000 + dollar chair, it also has all the other high-end office/gaming chair features you’d expect, such as an adjustable and innovative armrest design and super-high-quality, dual-caster wheels. All that in a chair that weighs just 52 pounds! Not bad, right?

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why we think this is the number one ergonomic chair for office workers and gamers alike in 2019. The only downside is the high price tag. If it’s out of your budget though, don’t worry, the chairs are only going to get cheaper from here. Let’s move on.

2. Gesture by Steelcase

Category: Luxury Ergonomic Chair

We’re still in the luxury chair category, so it might not surprise you to hear that Steelcase’s Gesture is not much cheaper than our number one spot, at around $1000. In fact, if you opt for the leather upholstery option, it’s even pricier than the Embody chair.

However, it’s easy to see why. The designers did their research with this chair and made sure they created something truly revolutionary.

After conducting a global posture study, they identified 9 postures that people tend to sit in which other ergonomic chair solutions just didn’t account for – and created a chair that did. Gesture allows you to be comfortable in pretty much any posture you could possibly imagine.

It actually has a lot in common with Embody. Like Embody, it attempts to mimic human form and motion. It’s LiveBack technology moves with the spine in the same way that Embody’s exoskeleton does. It also has a 360-degree armrest which mimics human arm movement and can be adjusted in any direction or angle.

It’s also comfortable. Really comfortable. The foam-filled seat pan and air pockets underneath keep your back and backside comfy, while the waterfall design encourages you to experiment with different sitting postures.

It’s incredible. It’s also incredibly expensive. Need I say more?


3. Leap by Steelcase

Category: Luxury Ergonomic Chair

Coming in at number 3 we have another Steelcase chair, the Leap chair. No surprises there as Steelcase is a prestigious brand in the ergonomic chair scene, so it’s only natural that it holds 2 of the 5 spots in our luxury chair category.

It’s very much the predecessor to the Gesture chair and pioneered the same LiveBack system used in the later model. It has many of the same features as Gesture but supports a slightly less-broad range of postures and user sizes.

Nonetheless, it’s still Steelcase’s number 1 best-selling chair to date and it was even named the best office chair back in 2013 by Wirecutter. It’s Natural Glide System™ technology is still a feature to be reckoned with, perfect for office workers and gamers who want to comfortably recline while working/playing without having to strain their eyes and neck.

As you’d expect, being older than the Gesture, it’s also cheaper. In fact, on the official Steelcase store, there’s less than $5 between the two price tags, which makes Gesture significantly better value for money. However, if you shop around, you might be able to snag a used Leap chair at a bargain.

4. Ergolux by GM Seating

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base with Headrest, Cream White

Category: Luxury Ergonomic Chair

At number 4 is one of GM Seating’s flagship luxury chairs, the Ergolux. Made of genuine calfskin leather and superior quality materials, this chair is as durable as it is stylish. The waterfall design seat pan minimizes thigh stress while the automatically adjusted lumbar support system supports your back to alleviate back pain.

It scores highly across the board, particularly when it comes to adjustability. The backrest is adjustable for height, the 3D armrests are adjustable in all directions and angles, the headrest height and angle is adjustable, and the seat slide is adjustable. Basically, everything’s adjustable! You can set these adjustments to perfectly fit your posture and body shape for maximum comfort and ergonomic support.

5. Zody Chair by Haworth

Category: Luxury Ergonomic Chair

Our last spot for ergonomic chairs in the luxury category goes to Haworth’s Zody Chair. This science-backed task chair is slick, stylish, comfortable, and versatile. The blue and white design (a personal favorite of mine) wouldn’t look out of place in an office of the future.

A lot of research has gone into making this chair as ergonomic as possible, which explains why it’s recommended by the American Physiotherapy Centre. It’s especially well-suited to people that work at taller workstations and has an adjustable height range of between 22 and 29 inches.

It’s asymmetrical lumbar adjustment system, which allows users to adjust the level of support on each side of their lower back, is one of the standout features of this chair. It also has a 3-point tilt mechanism, 3 inches worth of adjustable seat depth, a multi-position backstop, and much more. At just under $900, it’s also the cheapest luxury chair on this list.

6. Ergohuman Mesh by Eurotech

Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair - High-Back Chair With Headrest - Copper

Category: Mid-Range Ergonomic Chair

Bridging the gap between luxury and mid-range ergonomic office/gaming chairs is the Ergohuman Mesh chair by Eurotech. It’s available for between $600 and $800, depending on the retailer you purchase from, which means that it’s still pretty expensive, but not quite as expensive as the luxury chairs that we’ve covered so far.

It’s probably the best chair in the mid-range category, and for good reason. Boasting 8 different ergonomic adjustments, including tilt lock, arm height, tension control, seat back angle and more, this chair is about as adjustable as they come.

It’s highly breathable too. The upholstery of the chair is completely made out of a breathable mesh material, which aids in heat dissipation and air circulation, keeping you from getting too sweaty at work or during intense gaming sessions.

If you’re a conscious consumer, this chair won’t disappoint. It’s incredibly eco-friendly as it’s made out of 97% post-use recyclables. That means purchasing this chair comes with the added benefit of knowing you’re doing your bit to save the planet!

The butterfly-wind-esque design, chrome/polypropylene base, and nylon dual caster wheels are just a few of the other features that we loved about this chair.

7. Drifting Series by DXRacer

DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DM132/N Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair eSports Desk Chair Executive Chair Furniture With Pillows (Black)

Category: Mid-Range Ergonomic/Gaming Chair

This is the first ergonomic chair on this list that’s specifically dedicated to gaming. DXRacer is one of the best-known and most popular gaming chair manufacturers on the market. They have produced some real stand-out, high-performance chairs that have been used by all manner of YouTubers, professional gamers, and eSports players.

Their Drifting Series range of chairs, however, are as effective in the office as they are in the eSports center. Unlike some of their other Series, chairs in the Drifting Series prioritize comfort and ergonomic support over all else.

These chairs boast ergonomically designed bodies with thick, durable foam padding. The curved sides and solid structure provide stability and support for your upper body to help you maintain good posture during long gaming or working sessions.

The chairs also come with ‘3D’ armrests (adjustable in 3 dimensions), a fully adjustable backrest, a high-quality, durable base, and SGS-certified gas lifts. The only downside is that the thick padding means they’re really not that breathable, and your back can get a little sweaty.

Overall, though, this is an excellent mid-range ergonomic chair with an accessible price tag!

8. ICON Real Leather Chair by NobleChairs

Category: Mid-Range Ergonomic Chair

The ICON Real Leather Chair (Cognac/Black) by NobleChairs is, in a word, classy. This chair looks and feels like pure luxury despite the mid-range price tag. It has a streamlined shape designed to work with and protect the natural curvature of your spine.

The ICON is also highly durable due to the denser (but still comfortable) cold foam upholstery and should be highly resistant to wear. This long-lasting chair will still look and feel good like new even after months of extended periods of use. It also comes with free head and lumbar pillows for added comfort.

Overall, it’s a stylish and durable chair that’s perfect for minimalists who are looking for a chair that oozes elegance and style.

9. TITAN Series by Secretlab

Category: Mid-Range Ergonomic/Gaming Chair

Next up is the TITAN Series ergonomic chair by Secretlab. This is another gaming chair that doubles up as a great office chair. Everything about this chair is comfortable and durable, from the thick, firm core of cold foam to the XL PU casters.

The TITAN chair comes with integrated adjustable lumbar support – the kind of feature you’d only usually expect to see on the seats of high-end, luxury cars. In fact, Secretlab prides themselves on creating chairs that are inspired by real car racing seats. That means seats with ergonomic designs that, as they put it, “provide advanced lateral support and weight distribution”.

The cushioning on the TITAN Series is out of this world, and the chair can handle loads up to 130kg easily, which is great news for any big and tall gamers/workers out there! Another bonus is the fact that the TITAN Series has full-length backrest recline capabilities, meaning you recline all the way and take a nap in your chair if you feel like it. There’s also, not just 3D, but 4D adjustable armrests that have been coated with PU for added grip.

This chair starts at $399 for the PRIME PU leather version, but you can also pay $429 for the signature SoftWeave fabric. If you have the cash, you could even splash out on the premium, NAPA leather version for a pricey $949.

10. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

Category: Mid-Range Ergonomic Chair

You’ll probably remember Herman Miller as the brand that brought us the chair that took our number 1 spot – the Embody chair. The Sayl chair is the brand’s still-awesome-but-much-cheaper alternative for people looking for a more affordable mid-range ergonomic chair.

It might not have some of the fancy features that the Embody has ( like the ‘exoskeleton’), but it does still have the super-breathable, skin-like mesh back that keeps you cool and improves air circulation.

It also has cool-sounding ergonomic features like a ‘3D Intelligent back’, ‘PostureFit’ technology, and ‘Dynamic support’. All these features work together to support your spine to maintain a healthy posture. Oh, and did I mention that it looks awesome?

11. Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair by Alera®

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair, Black

Category: Budget Ergonomic Chair

Now we’re moving into the best budget ergonomic chairs on the market, and what could be a better chair to kick us off than the Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair by Alera®.

This chair scores highly on breathability on account of its mesh upholstery. It also comes with many familiar features from the mid-range and luxury chairs, such as a ‘waterfall edge’ and tilt technology.

It doesn’t look like anything special (it looks like your typical office chair), but sometimes the most simple designs are the best! The armrests are adjustable for both width and height and the back offers a lot of ergonomic support. It’s a solid value option.

12. Ergochair 2 by Autonomous

Category: Budget Ergonomic Chair

The Ergochair 2 by Autonomous is hands-down my favorite chair in the budget ergonomic chair category. At around $300, it offers superb value for money. In fact, I’m not sure how this can be priced so low, considering how awesome it looks and how advanced some of the ergonomic features it has are.

The chair’s fully-adjustable design allows you to have 360° of flexibility, while fully supporting your entire body in literally any seating position or posture. The tilt tension mechanism is intuitive, allowing you to tailor the level of support and resistance to your requirements/preferences.

It also has a breathable, Korean mesh, super-comfortable headrest, fully-adjustable lumbar support, and more. I’d definitely recommend this chair for anyone looking for an affordable ergonomic seating solution.

13. Wellness by Design AIR by Serta

Serta 45025 Wellness by Design Air Commercial Series-100 Executive Puresoft Faux Leather Chair, Black

Category: Budget Ergonomic Chair

One of the standout features of Serta’s Wellness by Design AIR chair is the ‘posture-correcting tilt technology’. This is a kind of lumbar support which pushes your pelvis forward whenever you lean, preventing you from slouching and making sure you maintain good posture.

It’s adjustable in all the standard ways that you’d expect (tilt, armrest, height) but lacks some of the advanced adjustments that some of the higher-end chairs have.

It’s also quite a bulky chair upholstered in leather. While this is comfortable and stylish (if you like leather designs), it’s definitely not very breathable. This means that the chair gets hot quickly, and can become a little sticky and uncomfortable.

That being said, no budget chair is perfect, so if you’re willing to sacrifice on breathability, this is still a good option.

14. OsmoChair by Autonomous

Category: Budget Ergonomic Chair

I love the OsmoChair. Autonomous’ seems to be in the habit of creating chairs which offer exceptional value. Like their Ergochair 2, I’m surprised the OsmoChair is so affordable. Marketed as ‘the chair that moves with you’, this chair really can fully adapt to your body, posture, and motion.

It boasts features like a height adjustable flexible back, 3D headrest, adjustable lumbar support, 16″ forward lean, 4D adjustable tapered armrests, and an auto-balance system that lets you recline smoothly up to 128 degrees.

The extendable footrest is great when you wanna kick back and relax, the curved edge seat minimizes pressure on your backside, and the miracle mesh lets you stay cool and comfortable. There’s a lot of good things to say about this chair

15. RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair by RESPAWN

RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Performance Mesh Back Chair, Office or Gaming Chair (RSP-200-BLU)

Category: Budget Ergonomic Chair

Our last budget ergonomic chair spot goes to another gaming chair, Respawn’s RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair. One great thing about this chair is that it has a breathable mesh back, something which a lot of other gaming chairs tend to lack.

It also has a bonded leather seat, 130 degrees recline control with infinite tilt lock, a solid steel-tube frame construction able to hold loads up to 275 lbs, and adjustable lumbar support.

On top of all that, it also comes with a headrest pillow and 2D armrests which are height and depth adjustable. Ok, so they’re not 3D armrests, but who cares when it costs just under $300? The price more than makes up for it!

16. High Back Executive Mesh Chair by VIVA Office

VIVA Office Mesh Chair Ergonomic High Back Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Armrest (Viva1168F1)

Category: Super-Budget Ergonomic Chair

Now we’re into the super-budget category, things are going to get both a lot cheaper and, unfortunately, a lot more basic.

The VIVA Office High Back Executive Mesh Chair is a solid example of a basic, ergonomically-designed office chair. It has lumbar support, tilt tension control, and a breathable mesh back.

The durability and comfort aren’t quite as high as some of the pricier chairs on this list, but it does the job and will support your back while you work.

17. Executive Ergonomic Office Chair by Office Factor

OFFICE FACTOR Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Back Mesh Bonded Leather Seat Flip up Armrest Molded Seat with a 55kg Foam Density Double Handle Mechanism You Can Lock The Back in Any Position (Black)

Category: Super-Budget Ergonomic Chair

Another standard office chair, this executive ergonomic office chair by Office Factor features a mesh back, heavy-duty design (supporting up to 250 lbs), a comfortable, thick-padded seat, and gas lift for easy height adjustment. You can also adjust the back tilt into any of four lockable positions. The armrests aren’t adjustable but they are flip up for eay access.

Nothing special here, but for less than $200, it’s not a bad option for people looking for an affordable quick-fix.

18. Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair by Cedric

Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, High Back Desk Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support, PU Armrests and Mesh Headrest and seat(CD-874MH)

Category: Super-Budget Ergonomic Chair

This chair features a mesh design, solid structure, and lumbar support which can be adapted for different body types. It also has adjustable armrests and headrests for shoulder and neck comfort.

One of the best features of this chair is its high weight capacity of 350 lbs, which makes it suitable for big and tall users.

19. Mesh Computer Office Chair with Ergonomic Design by TOPSKY

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Executive Computer Gaming Office Chair Ergonomic Reclining Design with Lumbar Cushion Footrest and Headrest (New Black&Blue)

Category: Super-Budget Ergonomic Chair

TOPSKY’s Mesh Computer Office Chair with Ergonomic Design is a great super-budget ergonomic chair option for those on a tight budget. It has a three-way adjustable headrest, adjustable lumbar cushion, and adjustable, soft-pad armrests. It’s also made out of thick, strong, breathable mesh and has comfortable sponge padding.

20. AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair - Black with Pewter Finish

Category: Super-Budget Ergonomic Chair

Our final and cheapest chair on this list is the AmazonBasics High Back Executive Chair. You’ll find this chair on pretty much every list of the best budget ergonomic chairs out there, and for good reason.

As the name suggests, it’s basic, but it nonetheless has some great ergonomic features like good neck support, a high back, thick cushioning and great neck support. If the price is your top priority, this chair wins hands down.

Related Questions

How much should I spend on an ergonomic chair? In order to be able to afford a chair which has all the features expert ergonomists recommend, you should expect to spend around $300-$400. While it’s possible to find chairs cheaper than this, they’re unlikely to offer the same level of ergonomic support and design.

What should I look for in an ergonomic chair? To reduce pressure on your lower back, ergonomic chairs should have some form of lumbar support. They also need to be adaptable to your body shape and posture so that you can be comfortable in any position. For this reason, you should look for adjustable backrests, seat depth, and armrests. Ideally, your knees should be above your hips while your feet are pressed flat against the ground.

Why do I need an ergonomic chair? Sitting down for long periods of time puts pressure on your spine which can result in lower back pain. In fact, lower back pain is one of the most common ailments treated by physiotherapists and doctors. Ergonomic chairs can help reduce the impact on your lower back while sitting down, help you to maintain good posture, and be more comfortable.

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