Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox One [2022]

Are you an Xbox gamer looking for a new sweet seat to keep you comfortable during those long gaming sessions? I’ve got you covered with this list of the best gaming chairs for Xbox One players.

Here are the 10 best gaming chairs for Xbox One players :

  1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal
  2. OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Sim Chair
  3. Yogibo 100103 Giant Bean Bag
  4. DXRacer Tank Series
  5. X Rocker 5172601 Surge
  6. Pulaski Power Recliner
  7. Sumo Omni+
  8. BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair
  9. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair
  10. X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

Different gamers have different preferences, needs, and budgets, though, and this chair might not be the perfect fit for everyone. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of 10 more incredible chairs for you to choose from. Keep reading and you’re sure to find one that’s right for you!

1. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

My number one gaming chair of choice for Xbox One players goes to the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal. X Rocker is a brand that will come up more than once in this list, and for good reason. They’re probably the biggest name in console gaming chairs and create some fantastic high-end chairs.

The 51396 Pro Series Pedestal, like many X Rocker chairs, has a slick, curved design that just invites you to lean back and relax. It’s upholstered in black leather and the cushioning is so thick you’ll feel like you’re sat on a cloud.

Unlike some similar chairs though, this one has a pedestal, which is better for big and tall guys as you don’t feel like you’re sat on the floor. It’s incredibly comfy and incredibly stylish.

It also has some immersive features which Xbox One players will really appreciate.

The two speakers and subwoofer create total sound immersion. The patter of horse hooves as you play Red Dead Redemption will sound so real and close you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d traveled back in time to the American frontier.

If you prefer your audio through headphones, don’t worry. This chair has extra ports to hook up your headphones. It also has sweet in-built vibration that will really rattle your bones if you crank it up, for even more immersion. Other features worth mentioning are the cool gunstock armrests, tilt, and swivel capabilities.

It’s fully compatible with Xbox One, and pretty much any other console for that matter. Whether you’re using your console to play games, watch a movie, or listen to music, this is the perfect chair for Xbox One players.

2. OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Sim Chair

OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount, Green

I know how much you Xbox players love Forza Horizon 4, so my number 2 spot has to go to the OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Sim Chair. Unlike the X Rocker chair above, this chair was designed specifically for racers.

It’s your standard high-back gaming chair mounted onto a frame which can hold whatever racing controls you like to use. You can add a steering wheel at arm level in front, a gear shifter next to the seat, and pedals at your feet.

There’s nothing quite like flying around corners on Forza in a dedicated racing sim chair like this. It sure beats playing with a controller. In fact, it might even beat the real thing. You can’t exactly race across a beach at 70mph every day in real life, but with a chair like this, you’ll sure feel like you are.

Surprisingly, even while attached to a huge racing frame, this chair is pretty lightweight. The high back offers some ergonomic support, the seats are comfortable, the paintwork is pretty cool… what more could you ask for in a racing chair?

3. Yogibo 100103 Giant Bean Bag

Yogibo 100103 Giant Bean Bag 6' Blue

I’m aiming for variety with this list as I wanted to provide a little something to suit every type of Xbox One gamer. For that reason, my third pick is actually less of a chair and more of a giant bean bag.

A lot of gamers love bean bag chairs on account of how comfortable they are. The flexible material they’re made of means that they mold better to your body shape. They’re a chair that can be adapted to suit your posture. You can play in whatever position you choose and stay comfortable.

Want to chill and lay down? Just lay it down horizontally and get comfortable. Prefer to sit up straight? No problem, just place it on its edge so it stands vertically and it works just like an upright chair.

Bean bag chairs are also super lightweight so you can easily move the Yogibo 100103 from room to room. Watch TV in the lounge and then take it upstairs to your bedroom for a late-night gaming session.

It also gets added points for being hygienic. The cover is removable so you can wash it periodically.

The downside? Well, this chair can hardly be called ergonomic. It also obviously doesn’t have any ports or audio outlets, so it can’t integrate with your Xbox One. Not to mention it’s kind of on the pricy side for a bean bag. However, if you can live without all that, it’s definitely a good option to consider.

That is unless you’re a heavy-set, larger-than-average gamer. If you’re big and tall, believe me, it’s easy to get stuck in these things, which brings me nicely on to gaming chair number four…

4. DXRacer Tank Series

DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS29/NE Big and Tall Chair Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair Esports Desk Chair Executive Chair Furniture with Pillows (Black/Green)

Unlike the previous chair, the DX Racer Tank Series is a gaming chair designed for big and tall gamers. As I said, I’m trying to provide something to suit every Xbox One player here, and this one is a must-buy if you’re a big guy.

DX Racer is a hugely popular gaming chair brand and one that is typically associated with PC gaming, as opposed to console gaming. Their range of pro gaming, eSports, and office chairs are perfect for PC users on account of their high backs, lumbar support, and 4D armrests.

That being said, I don’t think this chair would seem out of place in a console gaming set-up or man-cave. It looks cool and it provides a ton of support. If you’re big and tall, you’ll feel much more comfortable in this kind of chair than any of the squishier, more laid-back options on this list.

It can hold up to a whopping 450lbs of weight due to its sturdy base and construction. The lumbar support will also stop you from getting back pain if you plan on doing a 6-hour Fortnite binge on your Xbox One.

5. X Rocker 5172601 Surge

X Rocker 5172601 Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair, Black with Red Piping

The fifth gaming chair to make this list is another X Rocker model. This time it’s the 5172601 Surge gaming chair. Like most X Rocker chairs, it integrates seamlessly with your Xbox One and can be paired up via Bluetooth.

It also follows a similar curved design but without the gunstock armrests. That means you don’t get any arm support, but it also means you get a little more room to maneuver as your side won’t be blocked by the armrests.

The other main difference to be aware of is that this one doesn’t come with a pedestal, so it’s a little less sturdy, a little less ergonomic, and a little harder to get in and out of for tall guys. If you prefer a raised seat and don’t like sitting close to the floor, this probably isn’t the chair for you.

On the plus side, it’s lighter than many other the other options on this list and more affordable than the X Rocker Pro Series. If you’re looking for a solid, mid-range gaming chair compatible with your Xbox One, this is it.

6. Pulaski Power Recliner

Pulaski Larson Power Recliner with USB and STO, Black

The Pulaski Power Recliner is kind of like a luxury movie seat crossed with a gaming chair. Just like a movie theatre chair, it has decadent cushioning, a cupholder, and even a swivel tray to put your snacks on. The power reclining is to die for and makes this the ultimate chair for comfort.

In terms of compatibility, it has two built-in USBs and a power plug to hook up your wireless Xbox controllers but lacks the in-built surround sound speakers that many of the other chairs on this list have.

The only other downside to this chair is that it’s heavy. However, it more than makes up for this in comfort if you ask me. Plus, who doesn’t love a good recliner, right?

7. Sumo Omni+

The Sumo Omni is another bean bag chair that’s perfect for Xbox One gamers that are into that kind of thing. Like the Yogibo, it’s super comfortable and molds to your body shape.

The thing I love most about this bean bag chair is the soft suede cover. It adds whole new levels of comfort and makes it look a little more swanky. It comes in a huge range of colors, from ‘tide pool’ to ‘chocolate’, so you can pick and choose a design that matches your room.

It also seems to feel a little more comfortable than many other bean bag chairs I’ve tried, probably due to the fact that it’s filled with foam rather than beads. It follows a square bean bag design and the cover is washable.

8. BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair | Padded Gaming Chair | Comfortable Back Support | Rocker | Great for Reading Games Meditating | Fully Assembled | Brown

The BIRDROCK HOME memory foam floor chair is very much a budget option for Xbox One gamers that are looking for something quick and affordable.

It’s essentially two padded cushions together at an angle. It sounds simple, and it is, but it works. The simple design means the cushions can be easily adjusted into any of 14 angled positions. You can sit up straight, lay flat, or anything in between.

It’s made of memory foam and covered with soft plush fabric so it is super comfortable. It’s also very light and can be easily tucked away from sight or pulled out and placed on any floor.

It’s suitable for kids and lightweight adults but probably won’t adequately support anyone larger than that.

It also scores low on the compatibility front as it doesn’t integrate with your Xbox One and lacks some of the high-end features that other console chairs have. However, it’s a great option for kids and gamers that are looking for something simple that does the job.

9. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

My ninth spot goes to my third favorite X Rocker gaming chair, the Commander 2.1.

This chair has a solid ergonomic design with comfortable polyester and is upholstered in a very breathable material, so you shouldn’t get too sweaty while gaming. It also has a pedestal which makes it better for big and tall gamers, as well as a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.

It’s highly adjustable: the arms flip up, the seat can be tilted into various positions, and it swivels.

It’s compatible with Xbox One, as well as many other consoles, and has built-in dual speakers and a subwoofer for outstanding audio. It doesn’t support Bluetooth, however, so you’ll have to link it up manually.

The best thing about this chair, though, is that it can link up with other chairs for an interactive gaming experience. If you’re the kind of guy that regularly hosts gaming sessions with your friends and you want to go the extra mile, this chair is what you need.

10. X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with Arms

My tenth and final recommended gaming chair for Xbox One players is the X Rocker 0717901 Triple Flip 2.1 Storage Ottoman Sound Chair with arms. Phew, that’s a mouthful!

This chair looks and feels very different than the other X Rocker chairs on this list. It doesn’t have the same curved design. Instead, it has lots of straight edges and a ‘squarer’ design, It looks, in many ways, just like a regular armchair.

That means it will fit in well in your typical living room or lounge area. It also has some cool features that other chairs lack, like a storage facility located under the seat where you can put your stuff, and a footrest that you can fold out to put your feet up.

It also has the Xbox One compatibility that we’ve come to expect from X Rocker chairs, with 2.11 sound immersion and built-in audio outputs. If you’re looking for an understated gaming chair that’s compatible with Xbox One but won’t look out of place in your home, this is it.

What Should You Look for in a Console Gaming Chair?

Before I get into my top 10 gaming chair picks, let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a console gaming chair.

PC gaming and console gaming are two very different beasts. PC gamers spend a lot of time reaching forward while bent over a desk. As such, they need a different kind of chair to adequately support their back and movements.

Console gamers, on the other hand, typically sit much further away from their screens. They’re also using a single controller which moves with them, meaning they can afford to lean back and relax while gaming.

For that reason, console gamers often play from their couch in all sorts of reclined positions. A good console gaming chair needs to accommodate these positions.

PC gamers tend to gravitate towards ergonomic, high-backed gaming/office chairs, while console gamers look for more comfortable, stylish, and innovative chairs that add to the gaming experience.

With that in mind, here are some things I looked out for when putting this lift together:

  • Lots of comfort/cushioning
  • Recline-ability (does the chair accommodate slouching/laying down?)
  • High-quality, in-built speakers
  • In-built charging ports
  • Portability (can the chair be moved around easily?)
  • Compatibility (can the chair connect to my Xbox One?)
  • Ergonomic support
  • Style

Ok, now that’s covered, let’s jump into the list!

Related Questions

What is the best gaming chair for Xbox One players? The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal is probably the best all-around console gaming chair currently on the market. It’s stylish, comfortable, ergonomic, and has a ton of features which create an immersive Xbox gameplay experience.

How do I connect my Xbox One to my gaming chair? This process may vary depending on your model of gaming chair and I’d recommend referring to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the basic process is usually to plug the chair into a power outlet using the provided plug and then connect the red and white audio cables from your Xbox One into the chair’s audio connectors, while leaving the yellow attached to your TV.

Can I connect my Xbox One to my gaming chair via HDMI? This will depend on the model of gaming chair you purchase. Most chairs need to be connected via audio cables or Bluetooth. However, it’s possible to purchase an HDMI to audio converter and use 2 HDMI cables to complete the connection.

What is a console gaming chair? A console gaming chair is a chair designed specifically for console players. They’re often compatible with major consoles like Xbox One and PS4 and can be linked up to them in order to provide integrated sound and vibration. They also often have ergonomic features specifically designed to accommodate postures used by console gamers.

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