Cute And Comfy: The Hello Kitty Gaming Chair Is Perfect For Girl Gamers

Hello Kitty is more than just a sweet brand for girls – it is a universal symbol of cuteness and comfiness – whether you are buying a Hello Kitty apparel or browsing through the adorable synonyms.

In the latest gaming chair news, we can see a Hello Kitty gaming chair that is perfect for girls and character fanatics. The gaming chair is designed by Hello Kitty brand itself, and was first unveiled on Twitter.

If you are asking yourself “What’s it like?” – you’ll get the answer “as cute and as fluffy as it gets” from a first glance.

Most importantly, the Hello Kitty gaming chair is perfect for girl gamers and sports an ergonomic design which is very similar to other gaming chairs. Featuring the symbolic pink color, it also comes with an adjustable headrest and Hello Kitty designs on the front and back area.

Plus, there is a lower back support pillow which features the unique Sanrio characters. Designed by LEAN BACK and now available for sale in South Korea, the Hello Kitty gaming chair was already picked up by a lot of retailers – including the popular online retailer GMarket which is selling the Hello Kitty chair for $138 USD (excluding tax or international shipping).

That said, the price of the Hello Kitty gaming chair is affordable. When you consider its high-end gaming chair looks, it is definitely a great chair for gamer girls. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the chair is first in a lineup which is planned for the brand in 2019 alone.

In the end, this must be the first high-end Hello Kitty gaming chair that is licensed by the brand and the Hello Kitty mascot. However, it is definitely not the first one we will see in the near future – so let’s prepare to be amazed.

So, for all of you gamer girls and gamer girl mothers, it’s time to blend in with the trend and stir the excitement!


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