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GTRACING Gaming Office Chair : My review


If you are looking for a gaming chair, chances are you probably heard about the GTRacing Gaming Office Chair. So, if you are wondering if this is a good product that you should buy, I will give you a definitive answer.

GTRacing is not a big name in the gaming chair industry. Still, they manage to become one of the most popular gaming chairs on Amazon.

How is that possible? Is it a scam or a legitimately good product?

This is why we are going to review this chair to find out if that popularity is well deserved.

TLDR; yes this is a decent product especially for the price. However, I do not recommend it for big and tall guy. 

Chair design and dimensions

The design of the GTRacing chair is not particularly original. This is the same “racing” style that you see everywhere in the vast majority of gaming chair nowadays.
If this is your type of design, this chair is going to be perfect.

Now let’s take a look at the dimensions of that chair.

You see, the dimensions of the chair will determine the size of the user that will be able to use it. There are other factors that you must take into account but this is one is the most important.

The seat dimensions are higher than a DXRacer formula series for instance, which is designed to support slim people under 5’10” height. They are comparable to a DXRacer King series, but the backrest is way smaller.

To be more precise, the DXRacer King has 33.25″ backrest height whereas the GTRacing is only 32.5″. Also, the backrest shoulder width is much bigger in the DXRacer King: 24″ vs 21.5″ for the GTRacing.

Overall, I will say that the GTRacing chair is perfect if you are around the 5’8″ in height, you can be a little higher like 5’10” or 5’11” but beyond that point, the backrest will be too small. 

So if you are in that range of height, the GTRacing chair should be very comfortable for you.

The features

Regarding the features, the GTRacing chair offers a very decent feature package.

  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable armrests: 1D (height adjustable)
  • Adjustable backrest angle: 90°-170° max
  • Rocking chair mechanism: yes
  • Cover material: PU leather or fabric (depending on the model)
  • 5-point base
  • Colors: black, black/blue, black/red, gray

The bottom line is you have everything you need if you want a real gaming chair. Sure, you could have more features, but this is one of the best bang for the buck you can have on Amazon right now.

So is it comfortable?

According to the majority of the reviews that I have read, this chair gets the job done. It seems like a lot of people are very satisfied with that product.

But there is a non-negligible proportion of people that don’t agree at all…

The main complaint is the lack of cushion on the seat itself, making it very hard… Some say it feels like you are sitting on concrete. I have a theory to explain why :

To save cost, the manufacturer uses a less expensive type of foam for the stuffing material. As a result, the foam will be less dense, so less comfortable and durable. Manufacturers like DXRacer use a High-Density Mould Shaping Foam for their chair. This GTRacing gaming chair probably uses sponge foam which is the less expensive type of foam you can have, but also less durable and comfortable…

The heavier you are the more likely you will feel uncomfortable in that chair, because the low-density foam will be flattened by the weight. Although the chair can support up to 300 lbs, I recommend buying this only if you are under 220 lbs, you should not have this problem at all.

The armrest seems to be loose according to some reviews that I have read. They can swivel a little bit if you hit them on the side. To me, this is not a deal breaker.

The build quality is very decent, from what I’ve seen which is a little bit of a surprise. That being said, some people reported a chemical smell coming out of the chair, this is normal for a new product to smell plastic for a little bit, the smell should disappear quickly after.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yes, this is a point where every review agreed on.

You will not have any problem to mount the chair yourself. All the tools are included.
However, I’ve seen some comments saying that the chair arrived damaged. This is hard to tell who is responsible for this, the transporter or the manufacturer.

Is it sturdy enough?

For the most part yes. This chair should last a year or two.

But I’ve seen some comments saying that it falls apart after a day of using it. The 300 lbs capacity is quite good, and it has a metal frame, so theoretically it should be very solid.

Here I don’t have a theory on why some people break their chair.

So should you buy the GTRacing Gaming chair or not?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on a chair, this one is probably the one you should consider buying. Sure, you will not have top of the line product, but from what I’ve seen, it seems to be a decent chair for the price. For under 200$ you have a real gaming chair, which is a great deal, compared to what you see with other manufacturers like DXRacer, AKRacing etc.
That being said,  this chair is not made for everyone.

I said it before, but if you are over 220 lbs and 5’10” tall I would not recommend this chair for you.

Where to buy it?

If you are interested, you can buy this chair on Amazon.
But you can also buy it directly on the manufacturer site:
Finally, the chair is also available on newegg. Just type Gtracingchair on google and you should find it easily.


  1. I find the GTRacing chair overall a really good buy given the cost. Yes it’s not an office chair, but when people are talking legit office chairs they’re talking $600+ for refurbished. So when you’re buying something at like $150, there’s gonna be some things that aren’t great.

    Here’s the main flaws I’ve found. 1) it doesn’t rock easily, and to me the ability to rock back is the big feature that can make a trash chair work well. 2) the support pillows suck. I don’t use them period. Maybe they’re meant for large people, but being around 175lbs they just completely separate you from even seating back in the chair properly. 3) the wheel base should have been metal. I haven’t had issues but i guess this is the main spot that breaks for people. 4) assembly isn’t imperfect. I did have issues attaching one side of the chair to be tight, but after a second go around 2 weeks into ownership which is when i recommend everyone re-tighten things it’s worked great.

    So what about the positives?
    IMO they outweigh the negatives. Sure the pillows suck but i don’t feel uncomfortable in the chair without them. yes i had to re-tighten screws but they did in fact get adjusted correctly the 2nd time around. If you’re not a large person, you won’t be likely to break the plastic wheel base. And while I don’t have a good counter argument for the chair not rocking well, unless you’re reclined way back, i can say that given the shipping speed and cost this thing is hard to beat. I’m 3 months into covid WFH and this thing has been phenomenal.

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