Noah Zelvis

Noah has a background in writing but has been gaming for literally as far back as he can remember. When the original Nintendo Entertainment System hit the shelves, Noah did every chore imaginable to pull together the $100 needed to purchase it. At that moment, a die-hard gamer was born.

Today, Noah is often found in a gaming chair, either writing content for the web or gaming. Let’s be honest; most of that time is gaming. When it comes to gaming, Noah spends most of that time on his PC.

A huge fan of role-playing games; it’s safe to assume Noah has at least one he’s playing at any given time. Some favorites from the genre include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Mass Effect, Diablo, the Trails series of games, and many, many more.

Ever since that first Nintendo, Noah has also had a deep love for platformers. He will never shy away from Mario or games like Hollow Knight and Rayman. Open world games pique Noah’s interest too, and often also fall into the role-playing category. Favorites include The Legend of Zelda, Fallout, and Red Dead Redemption.