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The DXRacer Formula Series is the most popular chair of DXRacer (by far) and also the most affordable.

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DXRacer Formula Series ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly4/5
Features 3/5
Build Quality4/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 4/5
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Priced at around $289, the Formula Series by DXRacer is definitely not a headache. Its price is actually in the sweet spot – it is not too cheap and not too expensive. But is the Formula Series gaming chair worth buying?

I personally ordered the chair a week ago and found out a lot of things which I did not know. Below, I am expanding on all of these points, starting from this chair’s assembly and package.

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

Packaging And Assembly: Is The Formula Series Easy To Set Up?

If you are following my gaming chair reviews, you probably know that packaging and assembly play a great role in how good or bad a chair is.

Simply put, many of the gaming chair shoppers are newbies and cannot assemble everything together in the shortest amount of time. When it comes to packaging, quality gaming chairs are known for being packed in nice boxes and protected well so that no bump can damage them or made your experience bad.

The DXRacer Formula Series comes in a great pack. The quality is nice and the chair is tightly packaged with parts wrapped in plastic and foam-in between them. The assembly was also a piece of cake – not only for me but for most newbies and people who just ordered their first gaming chair.

The good thing is that all of the bolts are pre-screwed in the proper places. So, literally all that you have to do is unscrew them, connect the pieces together and re-screw them again. DXRacer’s idea about this was great and the only thing that I can point out as a potential problem are the plastic covers which can be a pain to remove. However, they are put so that your DXRacer gaming chair is well protected and scratch-free.

Features And Specs: How Does The DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair Rank Among Its Competitors?

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Below is a list of features as per the DXRacer Formula Series website.

Series :Formula Series
Recommended Weight :up to 200lbs
Recommended Height :up to 5’8″
Size :S
Chair Cover Color :Black and Red
Chair Cover Material :Strong Mesh
Frame :Metal
Base :27.5″ Nylon Base (SP/0402/N)
Casters :2″ Caster/PU (SP/0708/N)
Armrests :Adjustable 1D (SP/0130/N)
Armrest Pad Size :11.0″L x 3.0″W
Mechanism Type :Conventional Tilt (SP/0201/N)
Gas Lift Specification :100/15 (SP/0313/N)
Gas Lift Class :4
Foam Type :High Density Mold Shaping Foam
Adjustable Back Angle :135°
Adjustable Lumbar Cushion :Yes
Adjustable Headrest :Yes
Package Size :33.86″L x 27.17″W x 14.57″H
Net Weight (Approximate) :48.50 lb / 22kg
Warranty Length :2-year for Accessories, Lifetime for Frame
Gross Weight :57.32 lb / 26kg
Assembly Required :Yes
Eco-conscious :Less Harsh Chemicals/REACH Certificate
Meets/Exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Standards :Yes

As you can see, the DXRacer Formula Series packs a conventional tilt mechanism with 2” casters known for their smooth gliding. There is a metal frame, strong mesh material and two different color combinations to choose from – black/red and black/black.

What sets this chair apart from many is the fact that DXRacer used less harsh and eco-friendly materials (adhering to the REACH certificate) and a high-density mold shaping foam which wraps around the body.

Build Quality: Good, But Could Be Better

The build quality of the DXRacer Formula Series makes the chair very sturdy and similar to the material in my personal vehicle (I am not driving a formula LOL).

This is something that will probably encourage many to choose the Formula gaming chair by DXRacer. Even though I can safely say that this model is on the cheaper end when compared to high-end items like SecretLab, the price is also in half and DXRacer sells this chair for an affordable price.

In my opinion, the only disadvantage in the build is the fact that this chair lacks 4D armrests.

The truth is, I have seen no-name chairs for under $100 which pack features like 4D armrests which is why they are becoming a standard in the industry.

The Formula Series only has 1D adjustable armrests, that’s mean they are height adjustable. This is enough to find a decent position for my elbows, but adding 4D armrests would have been way better.

Therefore, DXRacer should definitely consider using them in their future updates.

I also found some bad welding on the underside of the chair but that is nothing noticeable or nothing that could wreck or damage your chair.

It is the only kind of a professional deformation for me – I’m not a welder but I can easily notice stuff like these. You can see what I am referring to in the images above.

Comfort: Good, But Not For Me

DXRacer Formula Series Photos 2

Next up is another important thing for every gaming chair – comfort.

While I easily adapt to gaming chairs even if they are not the most comfortable or not as comfortable as premium models out there, the DXRacer Formula Series has a maximum height capacity of 5’8” and a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs. I find this shocking…


Well, I think that 5’8” is an above-average height and that 200lbs is the same. Many gamers that I know are taller and heavier than these limits which is the only thing that bugs me about this chair. 

Formula Series Back

When I sat on the DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair, I found that the chair is holding me steady (despite the fact that I am above its limits) and shows no strange sounds. However, the reality is that I found it tight and the chair does not fit me well. The seat bolsters dig into my legs and cause constant pain (after 20 minutes of sitting on the chair). I obviously cannot blame the chair for that – I can also advise you to read about height and weight capacities before buying a gaming chair.

The backrest area, seat area and lumbar pillow are comfy altogether. The seat is not that deep as I would prefer (especially with its lumbar pillow) but is comfortable altogether.

So, if you are a guy or girl who weighs below 200lbs and is not taller than 5’8”, I don’t think you will see any problems at all. The only problems I found have been obviously related to my specific height, weight and volume.

Final Words: Is The DXRacer Formula Series Worth Buying?

DXRacer Formula Series Side

My final verdict on the DXRacer Formula Series is that it is a chair worth considering – but not one that you should totally go ahead and buy it.

On the good side, we have the price of only $289, the solid metal frame and the comfy materials.

On the bad side, I obviously don’t like the height and weight capacities (200lbs and 5’8”) and think that most gamers are above them. The chair is also missing out on some features such as 4D armrests and could use a couple of additional color combinations besides the standard black and black/red.

All in all, the DXRacer Formula gaming chair is well-made and well-priced.

So, if you are inside the recommended size and you find the other gaming chairs too expensive, you should definitely go for it – I don’t have a doubt that you will be happy with it. I especially liked the materials and the racing style that it boasts which are the same reasons you will love it for.

You can buy it on DXRacer website directly via our affiliate link, and use our coupon code “TOPGAMINGCHAIRCOM” for a discount!

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Our rating: 4/5

Pros :

  • Build quality is OK
  • Feel sturdy
  • Nice fabric cover
  • Cheapest DXRacer Chair you can buy

Cons :

  • Build quality could be better
  • Not designed for big guys

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