Mfavour Office Chair: A Complete Review!


Mfavour Office Chair ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly2.5/5
Features 3/5
Build Quality2.5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 3/5
Mfavour Office Chair Review at a glance

Today, I’m offering you a full review of the mfavour office chair. This is an office chair, not a gaming chair… But unlike the Comhoma for example, the mfavour will still satisfy some gamers.

This chair has some flaws, of course, and not the least… But its design makes it satisfactory for relatively long gaming sessions. On one condition though! I’ll explain it all to you

mfavour office chair: the arrival of the package and the packaging

As usual, let’s proceed in order and start with the arrival of the package.

The first thing that struck me about this package was its small size. The weight of 15,8 kg is in the average of what you can expect for an office chair of this style.

But this small size allowed me to assemble the box of a floor all alone very easily. First good point.

Once upstairs, I noticed that the package was slightly damaged in several places. This of course worried me… But when I unpacked it, I noticed that everything was in perfect condition!

Indeed, the different parts of the chair were well wrapped separately in bubble wrap. Several pieces of cardboard separated the different elements that were in danger of colliding.

It was easy for me to take all the pieces out of the cardboard, and do a little sorting before moving on to the assembly.

While doing this usual sorting, I had the nice surprise to see that the manufacturer had prepared two small gifts for me: a bookmark, and a pair of gloves to protect me during the assembly.

It’s not much, but the gesture is not as frequent as one might think. Another positive aspect!

The different parts were always well packed… Maybe even a little too much! I often struggled with a lot of tapes that seemed unnecessary. It would get stuck everywhere when I wanted to get rid of it…

This is the only flaw I found with the mfavour’s packaging.

An exhausting assembly

Once the parts were unpacked and the tape was thrown away, it was time for me to assemble the whole thing. No need to beat around the bush here, assembly is one of the main weak points of the mfavour office chair… Let’s see it in detail.

Many laborious aspects

As soon as I opened the manual, an alarm went off… Let’s be frank, the manual is almost laughable! To begin with, the French page is half in English. The most important part of the manual, the assembly, is not even in French!

The text that the manufacturer designed to write in French (the one giving some safety and use advices) was obviously made with automatic translation software. I hadn’t seen such a thing for a long time!

After laughing nervously, I got down to the actual assembly of the chair. I was right to be concerned. It was not a smooth ride…

To begin with, I had a lot of trouble getting the wheels into the base. This had never happened to me before.

Usually, this operation is done in a few seconds without thinking about it… Here, I had to get a hammer from my garage to do it!

After that, it didn’t really get any better. The instructions are sometimes unclear. Directional indications (front/back, top/bottom) on the different elements would have been welcome too. Several parts of the installation caused me problems.

The installation of the armrests, in particular, was complicated. At this point, I had to do some complex algebra to find my way around the chair, and to know which side to attach the armrests to the seat. Fortunately, I’m getting used to it…

Then, the installation of the backrest on the seat was also laborious. Both are very heavy and bulky. Holding both of them to screw them properly was not a pleasure either.

Last problematic aspect: the Allen key. It is provided with the screws, which is always a pleasure… But the assembly was not finished yet and one of its ends was already damaged. It was impossible to tighten the last screws as I would have liked! I had to get my own wrench to finish the assembly. This was unheard of for me on a kit purchase.

Nothing catastrophic

As you can see, the assembly of the mfavour chair was really not pleasant. But looking back, I realize that it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I still managed to put it together by myself in less than an hour! There were no missing parts, and the manufacturer even took care to add a few extra screws…

But if you are going to buy this chair, you should know that it’s better to have some facility to find your way in the space.

I also recommend that you have someone on hand to help you with the assembly of the heavy parts… Otherwise, you might end up like me and have a couple of complaints.

The main features and functionalities of the mfavour

The assembly finally finished, I could finally try the mfavour office chair! To have a clear idea, here are the main characteristics:

  • Price: See it on Amazon.
  • Armrests: 2D, height adjusted
  • Backrest: Adjustable tilt
  • Seat: Adjustable in height
  • Rocking-Chair: No
  • Back support: Yes, integrated
  • Head cushion: Yes
  • Max capacity: 100 kg (220 lbs)

The lack of an armrest rotation system is noticeable, which can be frustrating, especially for the most hardcore gamers.

But the most striking thing about the mfavour is without a doubt its sober, elegant and completely contemporary design.

High quality materials

Let’s move on to the hardware aspect of the chair. Here, I must say that I was frankly satisfied. The two-year warranty is not likely to be useful by many people…

The chair looks overall very solid. It has a lot of metal parts. Its base, in particular, immediately inspires confidence. The piston is efficient, and it holds well in place. The whole thing is still perfectly quiet, even when moving.

The fabric used also seem to be made of good quality. No thread sticks out after several days of intensive use. Its wheels are both stable and easily movable.

The armrests, with their very lightly padded plastic covering, also seem to be quite solid.

Finally, the backrest reclining mechanism is both smooth and efficient.

Sufficient comfort?

Finally, let’s look at the point that interests us the most: the comfort of the mfavour chair. To summarize, let’s say that this office chair is moderately comfortable. It can still be used intensively… but on one condition!

Overall comfort is satisfactory

Let’s start with the good aspects regarding comfort of the mfavour chair. For a $150 chair, they are quite numerous!

First of all, the seat, with its density of 28 g/m3, is rather soft. The 10 cm thick cushion allows you to feel light without feeling like you’re sinking.

Then, I noticed right away that the mesh backrest went well with my lumbar region. This mesh fabric is both firm and a bit soft, and is well ventilated.

It allows the shape of the back to be adapted smoothly. It ensures a firm support, but not too rigid.

The armrests, finally, are made of plastic with a very light padding. They are relatively wide, and you can rest your arms on them without hurting yourself, which is the main thing.

But to be completely transparent, let’s say that they are not very soft. The most demanding users will be left asking for more.

A few critical flaws for me

So overall I was thrilled with the comfort of the mfavour. For its price of $150€, it is a success. But as you can imagine, there are a few flaws. In some cases, they could even prove to be completely prohibitive.

To begin with, the fabrics used are rough. The mesh backrest, as always, is quite comfortable but it’s far from soft.

More importantly, the main problem of this chair is, in my opinion, the neck support. Remember, this chair is equipped with an independent headrest. It is even adjustable in height.

On paper, it is ideal! But in reality… I have the feeling that this headrest is absolutely useless. The top of the backrest is too inclined, even when I fold it to the maximum. So I am always forced to lean forward.

This makes it impossible for me to rest my head against the headrest while working. The adjustable headrest is only useful during breaks, when I tilt the chair to listen to music or watch a video. It’s true that during these times, I feel well supported and perfectly comfortable.

If you are a gamer, the headrest of the mfavour chair will only be useful when playing the controller, slouching. And even then… This position is very unpleasant for me, and I feel that in the medium term my neck and my back will pay for it.

For any keyboard/mouse game, you can be sure that your neck will not be supported at all.

My final verdict

After this complete test, it’s time for my final verdict on the mfavour office chair. To sum up, my feeling is globally positive. But you have to keep in consider some essential aspects to avoid regretting your purchase.


  • The neat design
  • The impressive robustness of the chair
  • The soft seat
  • The height-adjustable and slightly padded armrests


  • An unpleasant and tiring assembly
  • A useless headrest 95% of the time

To summarize, we can say that this office chair is very comfortable in the short term. The back support and the arm support are satisfactory.

But as far as my neck is concerned, I am frankly disappointed. If the inclination of the backrest had been designed properly, especially for the upper back, it would have been quite different…

I recommend this chair if your budget is a bit tight (it costs “only” $150 after all!), and if you never have neck pain.

The mfavour will allow you to protect your arms, wrists, back and buttocks without breaking the piggybank. But if your neck is fragile, don’t bother! As I write these lines, I can already feel the headache coming…

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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