SecretLab Omega Review: Is It The Best Gaming Chair?

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You probably know that SecretLab is a popular manufacturer behind some of the best gaming chairs including the Titan which has been raising the bar higher with its latest update and refreshment.

But does the Omega chair live up to the same hype?

Below, I am giving my two cents on everything I love and hate about the SecretLab Omega gaming chair – starting from the shipping and assembly.

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Note: the chair was provided by Secretlab. 

Shipping, Delivery And Assembly: Is The SecretLab Omega Easy To Set Up?

Just like the SecretLab Titan, I found the SecretLab Omega wrapped in something which is more than just a box. I like to call this premium packaging – something that gets into your eye even before you see the actual chair.

It has the “feel good” aspect because everything is well protected. In fact, I even found that some parts were protected way too much, but this is all about the brand and its attention to detail. All in all, I can certainly say that SecretLab has one of the best packaging in the entire gaming chair industry.

When it comes to the assembly, the process is quite simple and straightforward as with all SecretLab gaming chairs. It is actually almost the same as the Titan – you are getting the giant assembly sheet for the instructions.

The only thing I found quite tedious was setting up and adjusting the back of the seat of this chair. The problem was in the bracket – it did not align with the hole of the backrest and had to be pushed back into the seat in order to make this alignment. So, it is definitely something that can be difficult – and something that the manufacturer could improve.

However, I don’t want to fear you – the assembly of the SecretLab Omega gaming chair is quite easy. The minor problem with the back of the seat is actually common in other chairs, too. I managed to do this alone, so you should not have much trouble as well.

SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair: Features, Specs And Characteristics

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The “SecretLab OMEGA SoftWeave” is currently sold out. We recommend the “Secretlab TITAN™ Evo SoftWeave”.

For this test, I bought the Softweave version which has the exact same features like the other versions. Anyways, the specs are the following:

  • Total height: 50-53.5 inches (127-135.9cm)
  • Backrest height: 32 inches (81.3cm)
  • Backrest width:  21 inches (53.3cm)
  • Seating area width (total): 22 inches (55.9cm)
  • Seating area depth: 20 inches (50.8cm)
  • Armrests width: 3.9 inches (9.9cm)
  • Armrests depth: 10.6 inches (26.9cm)
  • Chair weight: 66 pounds (29.9kg)
  • Upholstery: SecretLab Prime 2.0 PU Leather
  • Reclining feature: 85-165 degrees
  • Maximum load capacity: 240 lbs (110 kg)

As you can see, even from a first glance it is clear that the Omega is made for the average build gamer. So, if you are too big, tall or bulky, I would definitely recommend the Titan Series over the Omega model.

What’s also easily visible is the level of detail the manufacturer had when designing this chair. It almost perfected the materials, resulting in hours of comfort (which I found out ot be true).

The website clearly shows that you can “sit easier with the new SecretLab PRIME 2.0 PU leather, no matter how intense your games get.” This is true – the cold cure foam material is engineered to be more durable and the improved upholstery is the first update that I love seeing in the new Omega model.

Build Quality: Can We Compare The Omega Series With The Titan?

Besides comfort, the SecretLab Omega gaming chair offers great support, too.

There are some sturdy elements being used in the chair – starting from the metal 4D armrests (updated) to offer greater durability, the new SecretLab memory foam pillows, the class 4 hydraulics, ACD#12 aluminum wheel base and the full-length backrest recline which allows you to take a comfortable power nap by reclining your seat vertically – up to 180 degrees.

However, I did find some small imperfections on the upholstery of the chair. Just check out the photo below to see what I am referring to.

As you can see, this is nothing crazy – but it is still a dent which left me wondering why things like these happen. I suppose there is after all something called “small manufacturing mistake.” Obviously, this won’t affect my gaming and still delivers a premium product which is nice to see overall.

Overall, I can say that the SecretLab Omega gaming chair is not a cheap knock-off of the Titan Series with cheaper materials and elements used. In contrast, it uses a similar quality like the Titan and the exact same materials in its build.

Design And Ergonomy: SecretLab At Its Best

Despite the fact that the Omega gaming chair does not suit me well because of my proportions and size, I decided to sit on it and indulge in a couple of hours of gaming. As you would expect, the seat was clearly not made for me – but it did offer the premium feel that I hoped to get.

This is easily noticeable from the overall design and ergonomy of the chair. In that manner, the seat is OK – but the back was not high enough for me. Obviously, this is because I am a bigger and bulkier guy and the Titan Series suits me a lot better.

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The “SecretLab OMEGA SoftWeave” is currently sold out. We recommend the “Secretlab TITAN™ Evo SoftWeave”.

What I am genuinely impressed by is the thick padding which adapts to the body. Even though it may appear hard at first, you should know that this material will shape up according to your body.

This might sound stupid, but I tried to sit on the Omega and see if it could ever replace my Titan. Believe it or not, I find the Cookie & Cream version of the Omega as a better-looking one compared to my Titan Series – and the texture of the SoftWeave Fabric definitely outperforms the one on my Titan. So yes, this version of the Omega gaming chair is definitely better-looking than the Titan (IMO).

On the 2020 SecretLab Omega, the SoftWeave fabric is definitely one of the winners which make the chair more durable and even softer. You also get an improved head pillow and other pillows. The lumbar support is spot-on with one of these pillows now, which I found to be less effective than the integrated support on the Titan. However, this is entirely my preference and not something that you should take for granted.

Final Thoughts

It is true that the brand did not hold back with this chair. You get the premium features, premium build quality and a good price (which is less expensive than the Titan).

All in all, the Omega Series is a chair that is built for the average build gamer. If you are a bulkier guy, you will be better off with a Titan model.

Have you tried the new 2020 Omega Series? Do you like it – or you expected something else? Let me know in the comments!

Buy “SecretLab OMEGA” with Discount

Black Friday Deals, NOW!
Save Up To 150$ Today

The “SecretLab OMEGA SoftWeave” is currently sold out. We recommend the “Secretlab TITAN™ Evo SoftWeave”.

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