SecretLab Partners With Warner Bros & DC Launching New Limited Edition Gaming Chairs

One of the most popular gaming chair manufacturers known for its Omega and Titan chairs, SecretLab, has signed an official deal with Warner Bros Pictures and DC in which they would design a new gaming chair that is inspired by the character of Harley Quinn.

Limited to only 200 units for sale worldwide, the new Secretlab gaming chairs will be created in celebration of the DC character’s starring role in the upcoming blockbuster named “Birds of Prey” (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which is being released in theaters globally today (February 7th).

Inspired By Dark Knight’s Success, The New Harley Quinn-Branded Chair Mimics SecretLab’s 2020 Series Features

The new collaboration among SecretLab, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC is inspired by the success of the SecretLab Dark Knight Edition gaming chair which was a design that launched last year as a celebration of Batman’s character. The plan for the gaming chair manufacturer is to amaze the fandom and create similar interest in this chair, promoting the brand to new masses.

Ian Alexander Ang, who is the co-founder and CEO of SecretLab, confirmed this in a press release in which he said:

“Off the back of a successful Secretlab Batman-edition launch, we’re excited to be collaborating again with Warner Bros and DC. This time, we’re taking inspiration from and paying tribute to DC’s most famous anti-heroine, one who inspired the world in a very different way from Batman. Today, Harley Quinn is a pop culture icon adored by millions around the world and this collaboration celebrates her legacy along with the upcoming Birds of Prey movie. 

“The Secretlab Birds of Prey Limited Edition is inspired by Harley’s latest iconic costume in the film and features one of the most unique designs we’ve created so far—incorporating street and luxury style elements to create a chair worthy of Harley Quinn,” Alexander Ang noted while describing the chair briefly.

The Custom Signature And Visual Make This Chair Lively, Edgy And Unique

The chair itself will feature a custom signature of Harley Quinn on its back side which reads “Xo Xo” (hugs and kisses from Harley) positioned right next to a nice pop-art visual of the of the legendary character’s lipstick kiss. Designed with a cream color base and gold-diamond motif leatherette on the backrest accents and insides of the seat base, it is a lively, edgy and unique. 

When it comes to the target group, SecretLab will obviously target ladies with this new gaming chair – and especially fans of Harley Quinn in all of her editions. The SecretLab Birds of Prey Limited Edition chair will mimic the same engineering and technology as the legendary SecretLab 2020 Series which comes with plenty of adjustable features, ergonomic design and top quality materials, being reviewed by many as “the best gaming chair ever designed.”

This is not the first gaming chair that SecretLab designed based on actual blockbusters. Before this and the Dark Knight chair inspired by the Batman trilogy, we saw gaming chairs which featured themes from Game of Thrones, Overwatch and Dota 2, all of which have been very popular among fans.


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