The Best Racing & Flight Simulator Brands

Technology has done a lot to promote racing and flight simulation games and create a unique gaming experience for users.

A solid proof for that is the number of racing and flight simulator brands in 2019, which seems to be growing as we speak. In other words, there are many brands selling racing seats and flight simulation setups.

The best part about this, if you ask me, is the fact that all of these models are different in their own way. For example, some include shifters and others focus more on the actual seat. So, things such as compatibility, system requirements and the overall size of the racing or flight simulator seat definitely need to be considered.

If you are unsure about this and want to check the best racing and flight simulator seats and cockpits, good news for you – I have written a piece reviewing the best models out there – and you can read it on this link.

However, today I am taking another angle at this entire concept. I decided to review the best flight simulator and racing brands out there, showing you the unique benefits of every brand and what to expect from its model(s).

Best product

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit: Boeing Commercial Edition (NLR-S027)
  • Dedicated flight cockpit for maximum simulation immersion
  • Official licensed product of the Boeing company
  • Boeing inspired components like faux wool seat covering and blue highlights
  • Suited for combat flight, general aviation, commercial flight, and space exploration users
  • Compatible with flight electronics such as yokes, joysticks, rudders, and throttles for all major brands

So, let’s begin with the first brand on our list.


SimCraft is not a newcomer brand – it is a technology company with products that have been existing for more than 20 years. As their catalog details, there is a combination of mechanical and structural design philosophies which the company prides on, building different motion applications for different purposes.

All of this allows for their motion actuators to perform at the highest level and be one of the best on the market. The combination of mechanics and logic is what sets this brand apart from the competition.

What’s more interesting is their take on the laws of gravity and motion. As they reveal, SimCraft Motion recreates the physics and offers amazing racing simulator models which position the rotation and translation at the center of mass and the independent degrees of freedom.

If you want to know the models behind SimCraft Motion, you can choose one for your needs based on different elements. At first, you need to select a chassis, then you move on to selecting a trim package and decide to add the upgrades immediately (or over time). The brand builds robust and rigid racing simulation systems with lifetime warranty.

Basically, SimCraft is a brand that handles everything, from the actual seat to the wheel base, pedals, shifter, speakers and even displays or VR units based on your needs. Speaking of which, you can also customize and upgrade your APEX (chassis) over time. The prices range from $3,000 for the base models and up to $124,950 for the most professional GTS racing simulator – the APEX 6 (with all of the upgrades).


VRX advertises itself as the “Masters of Motion” on their website. The company has been building the world’s best simulation and motion experiences for more than 20 years – allowing their customers to specify and also customize the racing and flight simulator models that they need.

What sets VRX apart from the competition is the brand’s ability to design both flight and racing simulators. Their iMotion, PRO FLIGHT and RACEROOM Series are known as one of the most complex models out there.

The VRX promise shows that the brand has been designing and developing advanced simulators for more than 15 years. Over this timeframe, they have understood the unique needs of every individual who purchases a VRX system.

When it comes to the clients of this company, they range from home racing enthusiasts to global corporations looking to find comprehensive and immersive simulation solutions for different applications.

So, whether you are a racing enthusiast or a pilot who wants to hone your skills, VRX is a brand that has different solutions. These include:


  • iMOTION – This is the brand’s ultimate racing simulator which spans across 3 screens and a comfortable seat with a driving wheel, shifter and everything needed for the best experience.
  • PRO FLIGHT – This is the brand’s advanced flight simulator lineup which allows you to customize the flight simulator model based on your needs.
  • RACEROOM – If you have a facility for family entertainment, the RACEROOM model by VRX is known as one of the perfect solutions for commercial center owners. This model also offers multiplayer mode with competitive games and a lot of attractions.
  • CUSTOM – The custom lineup is based on the user or company specifications. In short, the VRX team can design and build everything according to your needs.


What is also important to note are the multiple collaborations that VRX has with companies such as Microsoft, XBOX Canada and many others. Their testimonials can be seen on the VRX website.

MotorSport Simulator


MotorSport Simulator is a brand from the Czech Republic, Europe which specializes in designing unique and phenomenal simracing systems. The brand describes their manufacturing as one that is built “by professionals for professionals.”

However, what is more interesting are the features behind every MotorSport Simulator model. The company puts a specific accent to the premium build quality in every model – built by using modern technologies and powder coated to maximize its durability, long life and shiny surface.

What’s also important and worth mentioning is the rear wheel traction loss and hop. The company prides itself on being the only simulator out there which precisely simulates rear wheel traction loss, allowing you to “feel the car beneath you.”

Among the other features are the professional grade components (steering wheels, pedals, shifters and controls) which are always carefully selected, matching the needs of professionals yet being simple for home use, too. The balance of simple and professional is what made MotorSport Simulator famous in the racing simulator market.

From what I saw, the brand has models that provide an unbelievably realistic experience. Therefore, the brand is perfect for training and provides a wide scale of options such as laser scanned tracks, advanced analytical tools and more.

Aside from creating simulators for professional race drivers and teams, MotorSport Simulator is also focused on the amateur market and race drivers who can use simulators to lower the costs of training and still be able to train on real world tracks. The company even has options for racing simulator leasing for corporate events, team building events, presentations and exhibitions.

Their newest model is the RACE VERSION 2018 simulator which costs around 45,000 EUR (promotional price before the unveiling of the 2019 model) including worldwide whipping and a lot of great features. Showrooms of the MotorSport Simulator brand can be found in Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, France, or Moscow (Russia).

CXC Simulations

CXC Simulations is a brand based in Los Angeles, California. They are best known for its Motion Pro II Racing Simulator. I had a chance to see this simulator in person at an event. I must say that I am impressed with all the technology used in simulators like these.

What’s also interesting is that there are two versions of the Motion Pro II – the professional-grade version (for racers) and a model designed for amateurs. As the flagship model of the brand, this is the most popular model too which is why CXC Simulations decided to manufacture two similar, yet different models.

Featuring a standard three-monitor setup, the model has everything included. From seat vibrations to actual seat movements, a nice steering wheel, pedals and controls, this model is easily among the top 5 racing simulators in the world.

Aside from this model, there are custom options for ordering a racing simulator based on your needs – as well as buying certified pre-owned CXC Simulations racing simulators – which is also an option that this manufacturer advertises on its website.

The CXC Simulations website has a page called “Design Philosophy” which outlines a lot of different aspects of the brand. They cite that the ongoing research, innovation and development are what ensures that the products behind CX are ready to make the experience of controlling a speeding vehicle “as realistic, as educational and as exciting as possible.”


Rseat is another certified racing simulator manufacturer which uses raw materials from manufacturers in Europe to perfect them and deliver them in the form of a finished product – a racing simulator.

I must note that I am not impressed by RSeat’s website as much as I am with their products. However, as premium sim racing equipment manufacturer, they are located in the city of Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

When it comes to their products, RSeat has three main models:


  • The RSeat N1 – This is the flagship model for RSeat and a model that comes in about a dozen different fabrics and colors. My favorite is the Alcantara Edition which is unique leather. However, if you fancy a more colorful racing simulator, you can choose shades of red and silver, too.
  • The RSeat RS1 – The RSeat RS1 is similar to the N1 model in terms of its design. The seat looks comfortable and has the right controls for different attachments.
  • The RSeat RS Formula V2 – Just like the name itself hints, this is a racing simulator for Formula racing. Its leaned-back height allows for comfort and an ideal experience similar to F1 driver cockpits.


In addition to this, the company manufactures accessories in the form of W-stands, stands for monitors and TVs and similar items which can be placed on their models (and on other models alike).

Perhaps the best part about this model (as I could read from the thousands of online reviews) are the easy to use instructions that sim racers prefer. The seats from RSeat also fit well and the leaning position is perfected to the maximum. The build quality and finish are exceptional – especially with an upgrade such as the Alcantara leather.

Final Words

As you can see from what is listed above, there are many nice racing and flight simulator manufacturers out there – with premium models that are perfect for both amateurs, teams and professional pilots or racers.

The level of excitement, adrenaline rush and realistic features are what all of these above mentioned manufacturers shared. So, whichever of them you choose as your next go-to brand for flight/racing simulators, you won’t be disappointed.

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