What Chair Does CouRage use?

Jack Dunlop, known by his online alias, CouRage is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with over 2 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel and 2.1 million followers on Twitch. This New Jersey YouTuber is known largely for live streaming Fortnite gameplay. He also found success in streaming Call of Duty World War II and Modern Warfare. His collaboration with other streamers and YouTubers like Ninja and TimTheTatman has helped him achieve over 320 million views. Because of his massive following, he sells merchandise and makes money from YouTube and donations over Twitch.

So, what gaming chair does CouRage use? Recently, he has switched to using Herman Miller Embody – a chair that has been immensely popular among other contenders for office chairs because of its unique and minimalistic design. 

Instead of going for popular choices, CouRage has chosen a brand that has established itself over the span of more than a hundred years. Herman Miller has made a name for themselves for being minimalistic and feature-rich at the same time. They offer a wide range of chairs that are designed to meet comfort standards while highlighting the beauty of a minimal design. Let’s dive into the features of this chair:

Key Features of CouRage’s Chair: Herman Miller Embody

Herman Miller has brought out the best of both form and function with Herman Miller Embody. Released in 2009, this chair is one of the top choices for office use, based on its minimalist look and medical capabilities. The chair, according to Herman Miller, is not just a chair, but a style statement. Here are some highlights: 

Natural Curve like Spine 

The back of the chair can be adjusted to support your individual spinal shape. It adapts according to the curve of your spine as soon as you sit on it which demonstrates how far Herman Miller has gone to make their chair as versatile as possible for every person. It comes with a curvature you normally find in the human spine. This provides adequate help in maintaining both upright and more relaxed postures. You can harden the upholstery for better posture and soften it for comfort.


Herman Miller Embody has gained a reputation for its versatility and flexibility – a chair that is capable of adapting to whatever sitting position you throw at it. This means it can be set to whatever posture you want. If you lean on it, it leans with you. You can adjust the arm rests both up-down and in-out. This is especially useful for taller people as their arm length is different compared to the people with average height. They can easily adjust the arm-rests according to their preference.

Versatile Colors 

The color choices of the Embody are distinct to each of its 4 parts. You can customize the look individually.

  • Frame

The frame of the chair includes its base and the armrests. They come in 4 different combinations of white, titanium and graphite.

  • Upholstery

The upholstery is the seat of the chair. It comes in 2 textures, Sync and Medley.

    • Sync comes in 6 different colors which range from canyon red to 4 different shades of grey and black. 
    • Medley texture comes in 3 colors, which are, Feather Grey, Blue Grotto, and Charcoal.
  • Casters

The casters come in 3 kinds. All of them are 2.5i inches: 

    • The default casters are nylon-made, ideal for carpeted floor. 
    • The second type of casters is made for both carpeted flooring and hard flooring. They are more durable and are made of black nylon. They also boast a soft tread which makes them less noisy.
    • The third type of casters is just the translucent version of hard floor casters. They are the highest-end costing $80 for that stylish and distinct design. Their specialties are the rubber rings attached to the caster wheels which enable silent movement on hard flooring.
  • Back

The back of the chair comes in 2 colors. Titanium white and metallic black are the two options.

Medical Breakthrough 

The Herman Miller Embody is the embodiment of both medical and scientific research. More than 20 different scientists holding PhDs worked together to sort out its dynamics. This shows how far Herman Miller goes to deliver state of the art technology. The upholstery is made to mimic the human spine and it works to support the spine with the use of scientifically placed ‘pixels’. The Embody conforms to every movement of your body. This improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. Herman Miller claims it also aids in circulation of oxygen around your back and in your legs by stimulation of key-points with the help of pixels embedded in the upholstery and the base of Embody.

Pixelated Support

The seat and upholstery are made of ‘pixels’. Herman Miller calls it ‘pixelated support’. When you sit on the Embody, you feel as though you are in the air, floating. Yet your weight is always evenly balanced. This helps maintain a good posture. 

Intelligence sewn into the fabrics 

The Embody’s seat is made up of 4 different layers for support. Every layer has its own individual property and each one is created differently. They all come together to support your body shape. Air flow is built into these layers so that your body maintains its temperature while gaming for long hours.


The minimalistic design along with the right combination of colors makes it look aesthetic and unique.

Durability and Warranty

Herman Miller has created a product that can easily last more than 20 years. If used with care, it can last even longer. The chair can seat people weighing up to 300 lbs. Herman Miller believes in quality over quantity and this chair makes it quite evident. Herman Miller offers 12 years of coverage on their Embody office chairs which comes with 24/7 customer support.


Herman Miller specializes in producing products that are environmentally friendly. This is why Embody is 95% recyclable. You give back to the environment in a productive way. 


Given how Herman Miller Embody balances both form and function, it’s no surprise it has received many awards:

  • “Best of 2008″ in the WIRED magazine list of best inventions. –2008
  • “Best of NeoCon Silver” in the Ergonomic Desk/Task Seating category. –2009
  • “FX International Interior Design award” in Best Workplace Seating category –2009

Final Words

The chair used by CouRage i.e. Harman Miller Embody has received accolades for the feature-rich experience it brings in a minimalistic package. Years and years of research has been poured into this product and you’d only know how good it is when you get to sit on it. There is no wonder why CouRage has recently switched to this chair. This is one of the few chairs on the market that are in a 95% percentile in terms of fitting every body type. Its highly fluid mechanism allows unhindered body movement including adjusting your armrests, changing how the back reclines, adjusting recline hardness, and setting how upright the back is to your posture. Herman Miller claims it is as functional as your own back. This is a very bold claim but as you move, the ‘pixels’ on the back of the chair also move along with you.

Although it’s a great chair with great features, there are a few downsides including its price. The basic version of Herman Miller Embody sets you back a cool $1,595. And the more customized variants can cost anywhere from $1,650 to $1,750 which is way above your average gaming chair. But as they say, you get what you pay for. 

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