How To Assemble A Gaming Chair (Universal Guide)

We all know there is nothing more awesome than buying a gaming chair you desperately wanted for months or even years….Until you get to the point when it arrives on your doorstep and you don’t know how to assemble it.

So, what do you do in cases like these?

It’s simple – you should only know that assembling a gaming chair is far from difficult. In most of the cases, all you need are a quick fixes to make your chair perfectly tight and ready for hours, days and years of gaming.

Now, even though every gaming chair brand has unique instruction and assembly manuals, today I am going in detail and showing you my universal guide for unboxing and assembling any gaming chair, regardless of its size or type.

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Unpack All Of The Materials And Lay Them On The Ground

The first step is to carefully open the box and lay down all of the materials that you will find inside. This is the best way to make sure that you assemble a gaming chair in the right way without missing any part.

Get the instruction manual and start confirming if you have all of the materials needed to start assembling. If there are some parts missing, feel free to call the manufacturer or return the gaming chair for a replacement.

Step 2: Organize The Pieces Of Your Chair To Find Them Where You Need Them Later

Once you have allocated all of the parts of the gaming chair and removed all the plastic covers from the parts, it’s time to organize the various pieces of the chair in order to find them when you need them later on.

The first thing you need to do in most of the cases is get the underside of the seat which you need to work on setting up.

Also, make sure to give yourself a nice and open space to work in so that no parts are lost and no obstructions are caused (by other other objects).

Step 3: Connect The Underside Of Your Seat With The Main Chair Mechanism

Connect the underside with the main chair mechanism and use the four-included screw head bolts to bolt the mechanism with the seat.

When bolting, make sure to bolt the chair tightly. After all, this connection has to carry almost all of your weight and be as sturdy as possible.

Once you do that, slide the chair back onto the mechanism. To do this, hold the chair upside down (which makes it easy for you to slide it onto the mechanism).

Step 4: Bolt Everything Together Using The Bolts In Your Kit (And Attach The Armrests If Needed)

This is the step where your 12mm open end wrench gets to shine. Make sure to bolt everything together as shown in your instruction manual, using the bolts from your kit. Once done, you need to attach the armrests into the holes on the underside of the chair.

Step 5: Connect The Casters Into The 5-Star Base Of The Chair

In this step, you need to connect the casters in the 5-star base of your gaming or office chair. In some cases, a high amount of pressure is needed so that the casters properly pop over the plastic socket bracers.

Once you hear a “click” sound you will know that everything is in place.

Step 6: Connect The Gas Strut To The Chair


Now is the time to place the gas strut cover over the gas strut. As soon as you do that, put the gas strut onto the 5-star base of the chair and connect the chair mechanism with the gas strut on the 5-star base. If you have problems, make sure to see the instruction manual or check out some of the best assembly videos online.

Step 7: Attaching The Headrest & Backrest

I should note that this step comes to mind only for the gaming or office chairs which have separate headrest or backrest attachments.

In these cases, the attachments need to be attached to the chair’s parts. Once you do that, you should obviously test how the backrest or headrest attachments work and whether they are in the right positions.

Step 8: Test Your Chair By Sitting (And Slightly Jumping) On It


I know your chair is new – and I know that you love it. However, in order to ensure that your assembly was done from A to Z as instructed, you need to sit – and then sit harder on it. I mean, you can slightly jump on your gaming chair (not jumping from 2 meters) all in order to see if there are any sounds coming from the bolts which don’t fit tightly.

Once you do this check, you will know that you assembled everything in the right way. You will also have a gaming chair that functions well and is ready for hours of gaming, studying or anything you may use it for.

Final Words

As you can see, assembling a gaming chair is not difficult. The goal in most of the cases is to connect the main parts (casters, main base, seat) and make sure that all the bolts securing them fit tightly.

However, if you are buying a specific gaming chair, you should know that there are some cases where the instructions may be specific to the model of your chair. In cases like these, the best way is to properly follow the instruction manual or see related assembly videos on YouTube.

Good luck!

P.S. If you still have questions regarding the assembly process, below I am including some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on gaming chair assembly. Hope this helps!


Related Question

What Do You Need For Assembling A Gaming Chair?
You need your office or gaming chair kit as well as a 12mm open end wrench which in most of the cases will get the job done without a single issue.

How Long Does The Gaming Chair Assembly Process Take?
In most of the cases, a gaming chair can be assembled in under 30 minutes.

Is It Easy To Assemble A Gaming Chair?
Yes, it is. Plus, you are getting an instruction manual that shows you the process in detail.

Do All Gaming Chair Manufacturers And Chairs Work With The Same Assembly Process?
In most of the cases, they do. However, with more complicated models and specific gaming chairs, you may need to see the specific assembly manual.

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