What is The Best SecretLab Gaming Chair?

A friend of mine asked me what was the best SecretLab chair to pick. It was a challenging question because this brand offers the most well build products on the market.

So what is the best SecretLab Gaming chair? In my opinion, the SecretLab Titan is the most interesting product of their lineup. The main reason is that it can support large individual, with his high backrest. Not only you have amazing features, but you will have a fairly large chair which gives you plenty of space to work with.

If you don’t know who is SecretLab here is a quick overview.

Aside from all the standard models and chairs, there are a couple of brands that really stand out, just like the high-end class. SecretLab is one of the best gaming chair brands in that manner, with models that really stand out from the competition and ones that are reviewed by experts as ‘truly unique.’

I first had a chance to personally ‘meet and greet’ a SecretLab chair in a department store. I was looking at the SecretLab Titan which is known for its durability, strength and amazing capacity. As soon as I got amazed by the chair’s features, I decided to check out the entire SecretLab gaming chair collection and craft this review.

Below, we are going over each and every one of the SecretLab gaming chairs – choosing the best for every category of gamers.

The Best SecretLab Gaming Chair: Reviewing All Models

I will be honest to say that I first thought SecretLab had only one gaming chair specifically designed for bulky gamers – which is the Titan.

However, as I later researched, I found that they actually have a few models which are perfectly categorized in terms of their features, design and price points. There are four main series:

  • The Titan Series
  • The Omega Series (2018)
  • The Throne Series (2018) and
  • The Elite Series

Edit: Now, Secretlab has replaced the 2018 version of the Omega and Titan with the 2020 Series. In my review of the Titan 2020 Series, you will see exactly what has been upgraded and why it is better than the 2018 version.

In a way, I was right. While the Titan and the Elite Series have been on the market for years, the Omega and Throne Series are products of the new generation of SecretLab gaming chairs, redesigned as facelifts – and released in 2018.


SecretLab Titan Series: The Largest Gaming Chair In The Brand’s Collection


First on our list is the SecretLab Titan Series, with the Titan model being the only one under the series’ collection.

As the name symbolizes, the Titan is the largest gaming chair by SecretLab – featuring a taller backrest and a wider seat base when compared to the other models. This is obviously the chair for bigger-than-average gamers, extending the comfort to a more sophisticated level.

The chair comes in a variety of mixed colors and can support gamers that are up to 200 cm in height and up to 130 kilograms in terms of weight.

There is a thick and firm cold-cure foam that provides comfort, as well as XL PU casters that are able to ‘move you around’ while you are sitting in the chair. They are sturdy and durable – just like the chair’s structure. You are getting full support for your back, without the need for a separate cushion.

Overall, the SecretLab Titan Series is amazing. If I have to point out any drawback, it has to be the lack of lumbar support as there is no cushion included for deep lower back support. However, this is certainly one of the best SecretLab gaming chairs and a model that is designed for hours of comfortable gameplay.

For big and tall gamer, SecretLab has launched an XL version of the Titan. From my testing, I think this is the best big and tall gaming chair on the market. Check out my review of the SecretLab Titan XL if you want to see why.

SecretLab Omega Series: Enhanced Padding And Improved Multi-Functional Tilt


The SecretLab Omega 2018 gaming chair is one of the most minimalistic gaming chairs in terms of design. Despite its simple and straightforward looks, it features an impressive color palette with six shades of orange, blue, grey, white and black, all with different stitching.

The brand has certainly evolved with the Omega gaming chair and its ergonomic design. As they note on their website, their “bestselling” chair has been upgraded with enhanced padding, 4D armrests support, simplistic design and a multi-functional tilt for more adjustability.

That said, the Omega gaming chair looks great in any gaming setup – as well as other workplace scenarios. It is able to support gamers who are up to 180 cm in terms of height – and who weight up to 110 kilograms.

When it comes to its disadvantages, the general con that I had in mind while reviewing this chair is its price – which is probably too price for a traditional gaming chair and not the best model in the SecretLab gaming chair collection.

However, what can be said for certain is that the chair is perfect in terms of comfort, impressive with its features and with a design that loudly speaks “it’s 2018 and this is what gaming chairs should look like.”

SecretLab Throne Series: The First-Designed – And Most Affordable Gaming Chair (No longer available)


Edit : Note that the SecretLab Throne is no available for purchase.

The SecretLab Throne gaming chair is actually the entry-level model when it comes to its palette of colors (which is limited to three shades only) as well as its price. However, what impressed me from first sight is that this chair has a really great violet-black color combination which may be perfect for the ladies out there.

Aside from this, it’s worth mentioning that the SecretLab Throne gaming chair was the first chair ever created by the brand. Its 2018 facelift allowed it to be one of the most affordable gaming chairs on the market.

Design-wise, the Throne 2018 by SecretLab is amazing. It fits any workplace or gaming room and is revamped with a sleeker design. There is a free velour head pillow and memory foam lumbar pillow as a bonus from the brand.

The fact that this chair can ‘hold’ gamers with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms is quite good – but that good knowing that its maximum height limit is up to 165 cm. This is why I think that while it is affordable and great, it is not the chair that most of the (considerably tall) gamers should consider.


SecretLab Titan Elite Series: Screaming ‘Premium’ All The Way


The SecretLab Elite Series is the only gaming chair collection with two models in it by the brand – the Titan Napa and the Omega Napa. Both of the chairs have the same features – they are only categorized under two names for the sake of luxury in terms of their model promotion.

What’s also important to note is the fact that both of the models are quite expensive and unique in terms of their color and stitching.

For me, they really look like gaming chairs that superheroes would have. For example, the Titan Napa chair looks like it is designed by Batman himself – while the Omega Napa seems to be Iron Man’s favorite choice in terms of design.

The Titan Napa retains all of the ergonomic features of the standard SecretLab Titan Series – plus a flair of luxury and sophistication in terms of the design, with a Navy Blue Napa leather and black suede for a seating experience that fits a king (or a superhero according to me).

The Omega Napa retains all of the ergonomic features of the SecretLab Omega Series 2018 – with a new level of premium and a Wine Red variant that features classic pairing of red and cream all around the Napa leather.

Final Verdict: Which SecretLab Gaming Chair Should You Buy?

As you could see from the reviews above, all of the SecretLab gaming chairs are unique in their design, features and overall appeal to gamers.

  • So, if you are looking for an affordable gaming chair and you want the amazing SecretLab logo on it, I recommend you to choose the SecretLab Throne gaming chair (but only if you are shorter than 165 cm and lighter than 100 kg).
  • If you want a great all-around chair which has a solid capacity and height limit as well as features, the SecretLab Omega gaming chair will be great for your needs.
  • If you are confident with your weight and want the best chair that is capable enough to hold you during your long hours of gaming, then we recommend you to go for the most popular model – the SecretLab Titan gaming chair.
  • And if you are ready to spend more money and enjoy the premium Napa leather, you can choose the Omega Napa and the Titan Napa chairs from the premium ‘Elite’ series. As simple as that.

As a general note in all of my reviews, I am advising every buyer to carefully look at the capacity, weight and height features before deciding which chair to buy. In the SecretLab lineup, this really matters because of their (relatively small) capacity (besides the Titan Series). This, according to me, is what the brand can definitely improve and extend over the years.

But aside from (only) that, I am really in love with the design of the SecretLab gaming chairs and their simplistic and minimalistic appeal. For me, this is what makes this brand stand out from its competition.

I hope that this review helped you choose a SecretLab gaming chair for your room or office! Good luck!


Image source: Gameaxis

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