What is The Best SecretLab Gaming Chair?

A friend of mine asked me what was the best SecretLab chair to pick. It was a challenging question because this brand offers the most well build products on the market.

So what is the best SecretLab Gaming chair? In my opinion, the SecretLab Titan EVO Series 2022 is the most interesting product of their lineup. The main reason is that it can support large individual, with his high backrest. Not only you have amazing features, but you will have a fairly large chair which gives you plenty of space to work with.

If you don’t know who is SecretLab here is a quick overview.

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up to 5`6″ / 1,69 m6`7″ – 6`2″ / 1,70 – 1,89 m5`11″ – 6`9″ / 1,81 – 2,05 m
up to 200 lbs / 90 kgup to 220 lbs / 100 kg175 – 395 lbs / 80 – 180 kg

Aside from all the standard models and chairs, there are a couple of brands that really stand out, just like the high-end class. SecretLab is one of the best gaming chair brands in that manner, with models that really stand out from the competition and ones that are reviewed by experts as ‘truly unique.

I first had a chance to personally ‘meet and greet’ a SecretLab chair in a department store. I was looking at the SecretLab Titan which is known for its durability, strength and amazing capacity. As soon as I got amazed by the chair’s features, I decided to check out the entire SecretLab gaming chair collection and craft this review.

The Best SecretLab Gaming Chair: Reviewing All Models

I will be honest to say that I first thought SecretLab had only one gaming chair specifically designed for bulky gamers – which is the Titan.

However, as I later researched, I found that they actually have a few models which are perfectly categorized in terms of their features, design and price points. There are four main series:

SecretLab is always working on bringing new gaming chairs with optimised or brand new features to the market. We have summarised the current models of this manufacturer and their advantages for you here.

New Models

  • SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022
  • SecretLab TITAN Extra Extra Small

Classic Models

  • SecretLab TITAN 2020
  • SecretLab TITAN XL 2020
  • SecretLab OMEGA 2020

Ergonomic Chairs

  • SecretLab NeueChair

SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 – The best gaming chair we’ve ever tried

Buy “Secretlab Titan EVO Series 2022” with Discount

The SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 is the modern evolution of the popular SecretLab Titan model, which has already captivated gamers from all over the world. As the name suggests, this is currently the largest gaming chair from the manufacturer, coming with a higher backrest and a wider seat compared to other current models. It is therefore aimed primarily at above-average tall gamers who still do not want to compromise on perfect seating comfort while gaming.

The SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 is available in three different sizes, with the XL model aimed at people with a height between 181 and 205 cm and designed to support a weight between 80 and 180 kg.

The Regular model, on the other hand, is aimed at gamers with a height between 170 and 189 cm and can support a weight of up to 100 kg.

Last but not least, there is the Small model, which is aimed primarily at smaller users with a height of up to 169 cm and a maximum weight of 90 kg.

All three models in this series come with premium features that any demanding gamer will quickly appreciate. For example, the self-developed and patented cold foam ensures that the user of the chair always benefits from optimal balance, which gives them a pleasant and gentle seating feeling.

In combination, the revised Pebble seat base always ensures optimal and ergonomic support, so that nothing stands in the way of hours-long gaming marathons. And to prevent any signs of wear and tear, the new SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 is covered with a special hybrid leather that is 12 times more durable than normal PU leather, giving it an extremely long lifespan.

But that’s not all: The creative minds at SecretLab have added several further improvements to their current premium model, which help make the TITAN EVO 2022 the most technologically advanced gaming chair the company has ever produced. Buyers can look forward to a patented lumbar support that can be adjusted in four directions, as well as high-quality 4D full-metal armrests with interchangeable CloudSwap armrests. Thanks to the generous 165° tilt, users can also comfortably lean back in between gaming sessions. The patented Magnetic Memory Foam head pillow can be adjusted up or down using an embedded magnet, allowing for optimal customization to the user.

SecretLab TITAN Extra Extra Small – for teenagers and smaller people.

Buy “SecretLab TITAN Extra Extra Small” with Discount

The SecretLab TITAN Extra Extra Small is essentially the exact opposite of the SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022, as it is currently the smallest model in the SecretLab family. Specifically, this model is a collector’s item in a 1:2 scale, which was made especially for SecretLab chair enthusiasts, while also having all the advantages of its larger siblings.

The SecretLab TITAN Extra Extra Small is available in three different color versions: classic black with high-quality hybrid leather, and optionally in Plush Pink or Frost Blue with special SoftWeave Plus fabric.

For those who don’t just want to use this genius mini-chair for decorative purposes, they can also give it to their kids, as it is designed for younger gaming enthusiasts with a maximum weight of 70 kg and a recommended height of up to 160 cm. Kids will benefit from child-safe, lockable casters, height-adjustable armrests for an optimal fit, and comfortable seating for several hours.

The TITAN Extra Extra Small has also been rated child-safe by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

SecretLab Titan Series: The Largest Gaming Chair In The Brand’s Collection

Buy “SecretLab Titan 2020 Series” with Discount

The SecretLab TITAN 2020 is the predecessor of the TITAN EVO 2022 introduced above and remains one of the most popular gaming chairs from the manufacturer.

As the name symbolizes, the Titan is the largest gaming chair by SecretLab – featuring a taller backrest and a wider seat base when compared to the other models. This is obviously the chair for bigger-than-average gamers, extending the comfort to a more sophisticated level.

This high-quality gaming chair is also available in three different upholstery options. Buyers can choose between an option with durable PRIME 2.0 PU leather, which comes in a total of 24 different color variants, as well as SoftWeave fabric and extravagant Napa leather options.

The PU leather used in the chair is 4 times more durable than traditional PU leather, making the SecretLab TITAN 2020 perfect for all-night gaming sessions without the user having to worry about wear and tear. Additionally, like the SecretLab OMEGA 2020, this model comes with a memory foam premium head pillow coated with cooling gel, providing comfortable and cooling support for the head and neck.

One additional highlight of the TITAN 2020, which the OMEGA 2020 does not offer, is an integrated and easily adjustable lumbar support. The attached button on the backrest can be turned to select the preferred depth of the lumbar support. This provides additional support for the back, even without an additional pillow, which is especially beneficial during longer gaming sessions.

The TITAN 2020 is designed for users weighing up to 130 kg and with a height of up to 200 cm.

For big and tall gamer, SecretLab has launched an XL version of the Titan. From my testing, I think this is one of the best big and tall gaming chair on the market. Check out my review of the SecretLab Titan XL if you want to see why.

SecretLab TITAN 2020 XL – a chair for big guys

Buy “SecretLab XL Series” with Discount

As the name suggests, the SecretLab TITAN 2020 XL is the XL version of the popular TITAN model. It offers the same comfort as its smaller brother but is overall 25% larger, designed for individuals with a height between 108 and 208 cm and a weight between 100 and 180 kg.

Since gaming chairs wear out faster for heavier and taller people, SecretLab has double-reinforced the core mechanisms to ensure exceptional durability at the highest level. This guarantees that the TITAN 2020 XL will not lose its original shine even after countless long gaming sessions and gives the user a good feeling.

Like the TITAN 2020, the TITAN 2020 XL also features specially formulated and patented cold foam that contributes to perfect weight distribution and optimal pressure relief, and the popular memory foam head pillow with a special cooling coating is also included.

The durable PRIME 2.0 PU leather is four times more durable than traditional PU leather, but for those who prefer a softer option, the TITAN 2020 XL is also available with an alternative SoftWeave fabric upholstery.

The TITAN 2020 XL also features full arm and tilt adjustability, as well as 4D armrests made of highly resistant full metal, allowing for individual customization.

SecretLab Omega Series: Enhanced Padding And Improved Multi-Functional Tilt

Buy “SecretLab OMEGA” with Discount

The SecretLab Omega 2020 gaming chair is one of the most minimalistic gaming chairs in terms of design. Despite its simple and straightforward looks, it features an impressive color palette with six shades of orange, blue, grey, white and black, all with different stitching.

The brand has certainly evolved with the Omega gaming chair and its ergonomic design. As they note on their website, their “bestselling” chair has been upgraded with enhanced padding, 4D armrests support, simplistic design and a multi-functional tilt for more adjustability.

That said, the Omega gaming chair looks great in any gaming setup – as well as other workplace scenarios. It is able to support gamers who are up to 180 cm in terms of height – and who weight up to 110 kilograms.

When it comes to its disadvantages, the general con that I had in mind while reviewing this chair is its price – which is probably too price for a traditional gaming chair and not the best model in the SecretLab gaming chair collection.

However, what can be said for certain is that the chair is perfect in terms of comfort, impressive with its features and with a design that loudly speaks “it’s 2018 and this is what gaming chairs should look like.”

SecretLab NeueChair – discover comfort anew

Buy “SecretLab NeueChair” with Discount

The SecretLab “NeueChair” is primarily an aesthetically pleasing office chair designed to significantly improve the daily work experience through its excellent ergonomics and comfortable seating. However, since the model is designed for prolonged sitting, it can also be used for gaming sessions without any problems.

The SecretLab NeueChair features high-quality mesh fabric, which is available in two sophisticated colors. This is a special 3-layer fabric made of polyester fibers and DuPont yarn, which is extremely resistant to tension and tearing – as independent tests of tensile strength and abrasion resistance according to ISO 12947 have shown, the material passed with flying colors.

For optimal seating comfort in all situations, the NeueChair offers several useful adjustment options. The ControlShift lever, located on the right side, can be used to adjust the height in no time, while the lever on the left side fixes the adjusted tilt of the backrest. The model also features a practical lumbar support, which can be adjusted in height and thus adapted to the curvature of the spine. The PU-coated armrests provide elbow stabilization thanks to their thoughtful design, while the flawless ergonomics of this chair ensure that even hours of sitting and working do not cause unpleasant stress on the spine, back, neck, and shoulder muscles.

Which SecretLab gaming chair is our favorite?

We have thoroughly tested all current gaming chairs from SecretLab and have ultimately come to the conclusion that the SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 is our undisputed winner. In comparison to the previous models from this manufacturer, the office chair not only scores points with a very appealing design and excellent ergonomics, but also with its first-class workmanship. The many thoughtful optimizations of the chair, including the extremely high-quality hybrid leather, which is 12 times more durable than conventional leather, were decisive for the overall victory. We were also very impressed by the innovative lumbar support, which can be adjusted in four different directions according to individual preferences.

By the way, the TITAN EVO 2022 can also be upgraded with various perfectly fitting skins in many appealing colors, so you can give your gaming chair a new cool look in no time. With these ingenious gaming chair covers, SecretLab is actually the first manufacturer worldwide to offer this function to its customers.

Final Verdict: Which SecretLab Gaming Chair Should You Buy?

Although the SecretLab TITAN EVO 2022 is our personal favorite, it should be noted that SecretLab offers exclusively gaming chairs that convince with extremely high-quality workmanship and excellent ergonomics and are thus perfectly tailored to the not always very easy-to-satisfy demands of gamers.

However, since not every gamer is the same, it is worth taking a close look at the specifications of the chair before purchasing it. Be sure to pay attention to the weight capacity and the recommended body size given by the manufacturer of the respective model – especially if you are comparatively tall or carry a little more weight.

Our recommendations for purchasing:

  • If you are looking for the most modern and best-equipped gaming chair from SecretLab that offers you a variety of comfort and ergonomic functions, the TITAN EVO 2022 is the best choice for you.
  • If you are looking for a comparatively inexpensive gaming chair that can still convince with a good equipment and three different upholstery options, we recommend the SecretLab OMEGA 2020, which is ideal for the typical average gamer with a supported maximum weight of up to 110 kg and a maximum body size of up to 180 cm.
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive premium model, we recommend purchasing the TITAN 2020, which has now been replaced by the TITAN EVO 2022, but can still convince with first-class equipment.
  • If you are comparatively tall and/or heavy and are looking for a reliable gaming chair that can handle these circumstances without any problems, then the TITAN XL 2020 should be your best choice, supporting a body size between 180 and 208 cm and a weight between 100 and 180 kg.
  • If you are looking for a robust gaming chair that does not come with the typical gaming look and can therefore also be ideally used in the office, we recommend the SecretLab NeueChair with mesh fabric.
  • If your kids are also into gaming, they will love the specially designed TITAN Extra Extra Small for children.

We hope that our overview of the current gaming chairs from SecretLab and the listing of their respective advantages will help you find the right chair for your gaming room or office, and we wish you a lot of fun and enjoyment with your selected model.

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