DXRacer vs Secretlab: Which One is the Best?

DXRacer and Secretlab are two of the best brands available when it comes to gaming chairs. When push comes to shove, which brand really does come out on top? This article studies this topic in detail to help you decide which brand to go for on your next gaming chair purchase.

DXRacer vs Secretlab

An Introduction to These Gaming Chair Giants

Both Secretlab and DXRacer are well-known in the industry now, but they weren’t always this way. Let’s take a look at each company’s rise to prominence.


DXRacer started way back in 2001 as a racing seat designer for supercharged sports cars. It segued into gaming chairs in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. You’ll also find their name on driving simulators.

Many competitive esports teams swear by DXRacer chairs, and the manufacturer is a huge name in the gaming circuit. That’s not to mention a number of awards and accolades for chair performance over the years. Several innovative components are fully protected by patents.

To date, DXRacer has sold more than six million chairs in 56 countries around the world.


Secretlab is much more of a newcomer to the gaming chair scene. A pair of keen gamers founded the company in 2014 after deciding current gaming chair options (including DXRacer) weren’t comfortable enough.

In that short time, Secretlab has amassed over two million sales across 50+ countries. It’s partnered with some of the biggest names in esports and entertainment and has delved into gaming desk design as well.

Like DXRacer, Secretlab has a number of awards for its chair designs. The company remains on a quest to produce the best seats in the world.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Historically, DXRacer has been known for upwards of ten (!) gaming chair types. It’s since scaled down considerably, moving to just three: the Master Series, Craft Series, and Drifting Series.

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Each one of those models has variations based on size, material, and color. As you might guess, the Master Series are DXRacer’s top-of-the-line chairs, with the Drifting Series holding down the lower end.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Secretlab really emphasizes its Titan Evo model and has made it a primary focus since 2022. There are several chair variations regarding size, material, and color, just like DXRacer.

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If you look past the Evo, Secretlab still sells its Titan 2020 and Omega 2020 chairs. They’re a bit more budget-friendly if you can’t live without a Secretlab model.

Comparing DXRacer to Secretlab

I considered the following when deciding whether DXRacer or Secretlab makes a better chair:

  • Build Quality
  • Comfort and Ergonomics
  • Size
  • Design
  • Cost

Let’s check out how each of these metrics compares.

Build Quality

All of DXRacer’s chairs come with an aluminum base, which is a top-tier material. Some companies try to get away with nylon here and dramatically reduces the longevity of the model. The casters are polyurethane, but the Master Series’s wheels are slightly larger than DXRacer’s other models.

Both brands use best materials

Frames throughout its model line are steel, which is pretty much the industry standard at this point. Upholstery materials vary considerably and are a major reason for price differences between models. The Drifting Series tends to have EPU Leatherette or Water-resistant Fabric, whereas the Master Series features Microfiber Leatherette or Suede.

Secretlab fights fire with fire along much of the way. All its chairs come with aluminum wheel bases and polyurethane casters for smooth movement and excellent durability. You’ve got the same steel frame as well.

Where Secretlab steps out onto its own is with upholstery material. You can still get a prime PU leather or Softweave on lower-end models, but Secretlab goes one step further on the high end. Its top models use real NAPA Leather instead of the fake stuff. You’d better believe you’re paying a premium for it, though.

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When push comes to shove, Secretlab slightly ekes out DXRacer, but only for its top-of-the-line upholstery options.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Both Secretlab and DXRacer get high marks for comfort. All chair models employ a cold cure foam technology designed to support your back and bum for as long as you’re sitting down. I’ve tested each model personally and I can vouch for them after several hours in front of a computer.

Reclining doesn’t come into play much while gaming, but I use it a lot for watching a movie or just taking a short break. DXRacer’s recline only dips back to 135°, which does work okay for gazing at the TV but not much more. Secretlab, on the other hand, relaxes all the way back to 165° for a more restful pose.

Let’s not forget about headrest pillow power. DXRacer does a decent job here, incorporating memory foam into each design. The problem is limited mobility. You’ve got to be able to position the headrest at just the right point to optimize comfort and ergonomics, and it doesn’t always work out that way.

I’ve never seen a pillow like what Secretlab brings to the mix. They’re magnetic, so you can stick just about wherever you need using the steel frame. If that wasn’t enough, they’re stuffed full of memory foam material. It’s one of the reasons why I keep going back to Secretlab even after testing the competition so many times.

Lumbar support for both companies is really a toss-up. The lower-end models use pillows to help the lower back and get the job done. DXRacer’s Craft Series and above have a built-in lumbar support lattice system adjusted by a knob to offer support. Secretlab’s Titan Evo has the same tech, but it’s not quite as wide.

Again, I tip my cap to Secretlab mainly for its headrest pillows and recline. I’m plenty comfy across all models in either company’s repertoire, though.


Big or small, you want a chair that fits your body type. I’ll admit right out of the gate that none of these chairs are for the super tall. I’m 6’1” and most models work well for me, but I’m pushing the envelope on a few.

DXRacer’s XL chairs are rated for gamers up to 6’3”, but nothing taller. The weight limit peaks at 275 lbs. Regular-sized chairs are for up to 6’1” and 255 lbs.

For being an XL model, the Master Series is surprisingly narrow. There’s only 15.75 inches of seat to work with, which could be a tight squeeze for some. The Craft and Drifting Series are more accommodating at 19 to 20 inches.

You’re given a much bigger range across Secretlab’s products, though. The Omega is recommended for gamers up to 5’11”, and the Titan 2020 increases that height to 6’7”. Really tall gamers rejoice; Secretlab’s Titan Evo works for gamers up to 6’10”.

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It’s clear that the developers made each chair with a specific demographic in mind. Secretlab’s Titan XL models can support folks up to 395 lbs, but its smaller chairs go as low as a 175 lb limit when you don’t need all that size. Just make sure you pick the right one for your height and weight.

Secretlab has shallow sides on its Titan 2020 model, effectively extending the seat width to 20 inches. I’d argue these numbers are closer to 18.5 inches, as the sides aren’t that comfy to use. The Omega is the narrowest of the bunch at 14.5 inches. You’ve got anywhere from 17.7 to 19.3 on the Evo.

For whatever reason, DXRacer really boxes itself in here. Secretlab has the most options and variety for gamers of all shapes and sizes.


You’re getting my opinion here, but Secretlab chairs just look better than DXRacer’s counterparts. They just look sleek, robust, and high quality from every angle. It just speaks to me more as a gamer. However, all three models have the same body type; there are no other options here.

That’s not to say DXRacer’s designs are bad; they just look more like something you’d see in a racing cockpit. I did say in my review last year that the Master Series chair has a diabolical, evil-villain kind of flair if that’s your thing.

All of Secretlab’s armrests have four-dimensional movement a boon for comfort and a tick in the design category as well. You’ll find the same on DXRacer’s models except the Drifting Series, which doesn’t move in or out.

You’ve got a ton of variety with both chair companies in terms of aesthetics. I can’t begin to list all the colors you can choose from both brands. There are also a number of skins from your favorite games and esports teams if you’re willing to pay a little more. Patterns are limited to specific models and upholstery types.

Secretlab has chair add-ons you can swap in and out, but these are all extra. That might mean replacing your pillow with a giant smiley face or clipping in some different color armrests. DXRacer has much fewer items to choose from.

I hate to sound repetitive, but Secretlab simply has more accessories and an overall better design from where I’m sitting.


I can’t have a comparison guide without looking at cost. DXRacer’s price structure is very clear: all Drifting Series chairs are $349, Craft Series chairs are $449, and Master Series chairs are $549. It doesn’t matter which material you choose or the pattern/color you get.

These prices cover most of the midrange of gaming chairs, and DXRacer holds the niche well. I did feel that the Drifting Series chair barely earns its price tag in my recent review.

Secretlab seemingly throws darts at a dartboard when pricing out its products. Each upholstery material significantly affects the cost, with the Titan Evo ranging from $519 to $999 depending on what you choose. Even the design you opt for can change the price.

You can pick up an Omega for $424 without the frills and whistles, but this is the lowest Secretlab goes.

Looking at top-tier models side by side, you’re going to pay more for Secretlab’s Titan Evo than you will for DXRacer’s Master Series if you want the closest apples-to-apples comparison. Therefore, DXRacer wins in the cost category.

Pricing StructureFixed PricesVariable Prices based on material & design
Drifting Series$349 (regardless of material/pattern)—-
Craft Series$449 (regardless of material/pattern)—-
Master Series$549 (regardless of material/pattern)—-
Titan Evo—-Ranges from $519 to $999 based on choice
Omega—-$424 (base price without frills and whistles)
Midrange CoverageYes (covers most midrange chairs)Not Specified
Top-Tier Model CostMaster Series at $549Titan Evo can go up to $999
Cost Category WinnerDXRacer—-
General Notes/FeedbackDrifting Series justifies its price tag.Pricing is more variable with many determinants


When all the points are tallied, Secretlab does come out as the clear winner.

There are subtle differences between build quality and comfort, with Secretlab’s headrest pillow and upholstery options giving it the top spot. Size and design options really catapult Secretlab ahead of DXRacer’s limited offerings for larger gamers.

You can pay about the same for either manufacturer, simply depending on the materials and accessories you want to use. Secretlab gives more options, but many of these can be costly.

I wouldn’t kick myself for buying a DXRacer chair, despite it not winning our little competition. Despite giving away some of my chairs over the years, I still have most of my DXRacer models in circulation at my place.

At the end of the day, It’s up to you to iron out the features you need in a gaming chair and make a selection based on that. I’d bet you’ll find what you’re looking for between Secretlab and DXRacer’s offerings and never look back.

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