SecretLab Omega Vs Titan: Which One Is Best For You?

If you are new to our guides, you should know that SecretLab is one of the award-winning gaming chair manufacturers and a brand that has the majority of fans on the market. However, what you should also know is that SecretLab has a quite extensive line of chairs for big and tall people.

Over the years, the brand discovered that the devil is in the details – and made a couple of different lines of gaming chairs which perfectly suit the needs of big and tall gamers. The SecretLab Omega and SecretLab Titan are perfect examples and certainly one of the best selling models of this brand.

In today’s guide, I am reviewing the Titan and Omega again – and helping you choose the better option for your needs, size and measurements.

SecretLab Overview

If you decided that you want a Secretlab gaming chair, you have made a good decision. This is one of the brands with long history and great models. I have shared separate reviews on the Titan and Omega models before and received a lot of positive comments from fans and interested buyers.

However, what I also received (a lot) were questions from people who don’t know whether the Secretlab Titan or the Secretlab Omega is a better choice for them. While both of the chairs are great, I can definitely see why people tend to confuse them – and a couple of differences that need to be considered before you pick one of these chairs.

Below, I am listing all of the different aspects of these two chairs and their differences, letting you know which is the best option for your money and needs. But before I do that, let’s give a reminder of these two models (for those who forgot their main features).

Omega vs Titan: Comparison Table

Secretlab TitanSecretlab Omega
Weight 77 lbs66 lbs
Adjustable height✔️✔️
Width of seat20” (52 cm)14” (35 cm)
Seat depth19.7″ (50 cm)19.3″ (49 cm)
Seat area394 in²270 in²
Recommended height and weight (user)—Between 5’7” and 6’5” (175 and 200 cm) – Less than 286 lbs (130 kg)—Between 5’3” and 5’11” (160 and 180 cm) – Less than 240 lbs (130 kg)
BaseMetal, 5 wheelsMetal, 5 wheels
Max. tilt165°165°
CylinderClass 4Class 4
Cushions—Lumbar (integrated) – Head—Lumbar – Head
Warranty5 years5 years

SecretLab Titan: What Is It Like?


  • Solid materials
  • Ideal size for big people
  • Comfortable all-around


  • No lumbar pillow

The SecretLab Titan is known as a reasonably priced gaming chair which is designed for big and tall gamers. Speaking of, its design is very neat and minimalistic with exceptional attention to detail.

The chair is comfortable, looks great and can blend into any setup well. With a very understated appearance and materials which look more than just comfortable, the Titan forgoes the overly large branding and the bright colors. Instead, it focuses on providing a professional and casual appearance which suits informal environments like homes, workspaces and even offices.

The Titan is also isolated and protected well in its packaging, which is how Secretlab makes sure that the chair won’t break during shipping. 

SecretLab Omega: What Is It Like?


  • Plenty of choices (plus themed chairs)
  • Updated materials with the new Prime 2.0 leather
  • Comfortable and sturdy


  • People who measure above 6’0” and 240 pounds will have to satisfy themselves with the Titan (or Titan XL)

The Omega is another staple gaming chair by Secretlab. The 2020 Series proves that just like the Titan, the Omega has matured and features a refresh which includes upgraded features and better materials. There are even variations like the Game of Thrones and Dark Knight models which prove that Secretlab cares for its movie and gaming fans.

The main factor in the 2020 Secretlab Omega update is the desire to improve durability and longevity. In that manner, PU leather (or what the brand is calling Prime 2.0) has been updated and unlike the previous model which some described as prone to peeling or flaking, this one leaves no room for accusations like those.

So, the best way to describe the Secretlab Omega is as a gaming chair which is perfect for people who find the Titan as big – or for normal sized gamers who want the very best from their chair. It is still a premium option and a bestselling product on the market.

Secretlab Titan Vs. Secretlab Omega: Price

There is a very small price difference between the Secretlab Omega and the Titan model. The difference is only around $40 – while the Titan is $399, the Omega costs $359. Still, you should also expect deals which take the prices to $379 and $339, accordingly. 

Now, if both of these price points seem too high to you, there is a reason why they are like that. Secretlab is after all a brand known for using fine materials and producing marvelous chairs.

And if you don’t want to pay upfront for your gaming chair, the brand also gives you a financing option through Affirm and in that manner, the Omega prices start at $32 per month while the Titan costs starting from $36 a month.

Chair Design

Design is a subjective thing. But if I must be objective, all I can say is that both the Secretlab Omega and the Secretlab Titan look amazing.

In fact, the overall design is very similar. I figure that the manufacturers did not want to make the chairs too different from each other only because of the potential problems that an Omega would cause for bigger people – or a Titan for people who think that it is a bigger choice than what they actually need.

Even though the design is changing every year, the 2020 models do not feature facelifts of the Omega and Titan chairs. There aren’t any radical steps forward in terms of design. Rather, the updated lineup takes what made the 2018 Series great and refines it even more. The result is a chair that looks good, feels well and is still as impressive and comfortable as the 2018 Series. And I am saying this for both of the chairs.

Another thing worth mentioning is that both of them are available in PU leather, feature SoftWeave Fabric and NAPA leather, too. There are five standard color options which you can choose from – as well as 13 special editions that can be customized including Overwatch, Dark Knight, Game of Thrones and many others featuring professional eSports crypto teams.

With the overall style being similar and the overall features being very similar, the only bigger difference is the size and comfort – which comes up in the next part.

Size And Comfort: Is The Titan Bigger And More Comfy?

Obviously, the size is the biggest difference between the Omega and Titan models.

The Secretlab Titan gaming chair is bigger and not only in height. It is also wider and the backrest is taller which results in a bit roomier experience. Technically speaking, the size comparison shows us that the Titan is an inch and a half more high in the backrest area and 0.7” wider in the same area.

The width of seat shows that Titan is the bigger brother. It measures 20.5” including its sides, while the Omega model is 14” withouts its sizes and 22” with. In other words, maybe both of these gaming chairs can accommodate you well and the differences are not big in most parts. However, if we measure the distance from armrest to armrest, the Titan is a winner with 26” to 29.1”. Similarly, the floor to seat base distance is greater in the Titan.

In a nutshell, the Titan is a bigger option than the Omega. This is why I advise every buyer to try sitting in the Omega. If the chair is good for them and perfectly aligns to their body, it is for them. However, even if there is a tiny amount of pressure or the chair feels small, the Titan is obviously the better option.

Anyways, you should do what you feel best with – and the $40 price difference won’t change a lot of things.

All of this means that the Titan is taller and wider and deeper – but not by a lot. The seat can be adjusted higher than the Omega and part of this ties into the recommended height and weight differences.

From another perspective, we can see  that Secretlab designed Omega for people that are 5’3” to 5’11” and below 240 pounds. The Secretlab Titan, on the other hand, is for people who are 5’9” to 6’10” and below 290 pounds.

And what about the biggest guys out there?

Luckily, Secretlab has an answer for them, too. The answer is the Secretlab Titan XL gaming chair which can accommodate the heaviest gamers weighing up to 390 pounds and being 5’11” to 6’10” in height.

Adjustability And Features In The Secretlab Omega And Titan

There is one crucial difference between the Omega and Titan models when it comes to adjustability – the lumbar support.

Basically, the Omega gaming chair has a lumbar support pillow which can be moved up and down or be left off. The Titan, on the other hand, features adjustable lumbar support which is built-in within the chair. 

For me, the built-in option (in the Titan) feels better in a way because it is easy to configure it and it does not demand you to worry about the pillow moving all of the time. Both of the models include a nice pillow with a cooling gel which is another nice touch. Also, both of them offer the full recline option and control the tilt.

Still Can’t Decide?

If you are feeling that you are somewhere in the middle between the Titan and Omega, relax. You are not the only one.

Also, the fact that there is only a $40 price difference doesn’t help you much. I, for example, am 6’0” and currently about 235 pounds, which means that I am close to the limits and I could use either of the chairs. 

After sitting on both of them, I have switched between them a lot and ultimately, discovered that the Omega offers a tighter and comfortable fit while the Titan is essentially a race-car seat such as the ones found in sports cars.

Our quick tips:

  • If you are too big and/or too tall for the Omega take the Titan. 
  • If you fit in both, either the Titan or Omega are great, you can take the Omega to save a few bucks (only $40 though)
  • If you are too small for the Titan, then take the Omega. 

So to find out which one you should pick between the Omega and the Titan just use the table below:

Weight (lbs) / Height…< 5’09” 5’09” <…< 5’11” 5’11”<…
… < 155OmegaOmegaTitan
155 < … < 240 OmegaOmega or TitanTitan
240 < …TitanTitanTitan

Besides this, the only difference may lie in the ‘T’ or ‘Omega’ symbols embroidered on the backrest of the chair.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, both the Secretlab Omega and the Secretlab Titan are beautiful chairs. The real difference, as I said earlier, lies in you and your body’s unique proportions.

A thing to note besides the weight capacity in both chairs and the height capacity is the minimum distance from the floor to the top of the armrests. The Omega obviously sits lower than the Titan. So, if you are buying a gaming chair online and have some height restrictions on your desk, have in mind that you need a chair that sits lower so that it can slide below your desk. In that manner, Omega is the better option.

But if you have a chance to sit in the Omega and just feel like you could use some more space, the Secretlab Titan should come to your rescue – as the perfect upsized version from the Omega and a great bang for the buck.

And if you are too big for the Titan, Secretlab thought of you, too. The Titan XL is the update you need and one that accommodates even the biggest and tallest gamers on the market.

I hope that this review helped you choose between these two legendary models!

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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