About Us

TopGamingChair is a gaming and office chair review site created by Carl Chamoiseau (that’s me) in 2018.

Who are we?

TopGamingChair is a team of professionals dedicated to writing reviews.

3 reviewers are working on the site: Noah, Jordan, and I.

Our mission

TopGamingChair’s primary goal is to inform consumers about gaming chairs (and office chairs) so that you have the best possible information to make your purchase.

Indeed we spend most of our day sitting on an office chair, it is therefore essential to make the right choice regarding this type of product to avoid back problems related to a bad posture.

The stakes are therefore quite high, especially when you consider that gaming chairs represent a significant financial investment.

So our main objective is to review as many products as possible on the market to provide you with an objective opinion.

How does TopGamingChair work?

TopGamingChair is a team of several editors.

Each editor receives gaming chairs to review. They will use it for a few days (between 3 and 5 days) to form an opinion and they will write a review.

The proofreading, validation, and finally the publication of the articles are managed by me.

I used to take care of everything, but to have a better output, I now get help from other editors (by the way if you are interested in becoming a reviewer too don’t hesitate to contact me).

How do we get the chairs?

Most of the time this is done by simply buying the product.

This is my preferred method and it is the one that has been used for the vast majority of the reviews you see on the site.

This allows you to have a completely objective opinion on the product.

And it also allows us to test how a manufacturer treats the average customer.

Otherwise, the chairs are sent directly from the manufacturer for our feedback. 

We worked with brands like Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear and DXRacer.

How does TopGamingChair make money?

TopGamingChair is owned by C-Affiliation which makes money through affiliate marketing. In the case of TopGamingChair, this is most often done through Amazon, or through manufacturer affiliation programs.

The other source of revenue is the advertisements displayed on the site.

TopGamingChair does not publish sponsored articles to keep our neutrality.