About Us


I’m Carl – the proud founder and owner of Topgamingchair.com & Topchaisegamer.com (the french version of this site). 

“Why do you talk and review gaming chairs?” – you are probably asking yourself.

The truth is, I was quite surprised to see that there were NO great resources on the topic of gaming chairs. From what I saw, most of the sites never got their eyes laid on a gaming chair in real life, let alone review it.

All of this leads to content that is not trustworthy – something that I wanted to change – and replace with the best reviews on gaming chairs in all categories and sub-niches.

In that manner, TopGamingChair provides the best information about gaming chairs –  based on real testing of each product for the people interested in buying it. Whether you are shopping for your first gaming chair or are interested in an upgrade, you are at the right place.

How do I get gaming chairs for reviews?

There are 2 ways through which I am getting my hands on brand new gaming chairs every single week. They include:

  • Sponsorships: Knowing that I am an expert in the field, brands reach out to me and give me their latest products for an honest review.
  • Purchases: There are also cases when I buy directly from the store

In both of the cases, I am unbiased towards the product that I am reviewing – and strive to give an honest review of the chair.

Once I review it, I keep the chair for a few days as my daily seat to see if it is good or not. Later on, I inspect the chair from every aspect to see its build quality and get the main impression from it.

Your One-Stop Shop For The Best Gaming Chair Reviews

All of this is a time-consuming process – and that is why I am unable to review all of the chairs that exist on the market. However, I believe that I am slowly but surely getting to a point where you can see almost every gaming chair from the market reviewed on this website.

TopGamingChair started small with only a couple of reviews…And today, we are proud to have tons of reviews and helpful guides in many sub-categories.

Also, I have written detailed guides to help you find the best chair depending on your habits, gameplay and all the specific things you are looking for.

If (for any case) you don’t manage to find the ideal gaming chair for your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to me and contact me via email today! You can do this by following this link.