Anda Seat Brand Review: Pro-Quality Gaming Chairs

Anda Seat is a well-known brand in the industry that is manufacturing high-quality gaming chairs and accessories. If you are into gaming chairs and tech in general, you have probably heard of this brand.

The Anda Seat gaming chairs are recognized by their specific design, a great mix of colors, and unique features. Known as a brand that is trying to push itself in the consumer class category, Anda Seat is always innovating with features like multifunction tilt-lock mechanisms, 4D armrests, great weight capacity and more.

Also, this brand is known for its focus on gaming chairs for big and tall people, which definitely puts them in the list among the best heavyweight gaming chairs with ergonomic features and a luxurious appeal. People buying the Anda Seat chairs should know that they will get more than a seat, especially in terms of longevity and overall quality.

From Car Seats To Gaming Chairs: A Brief History

What started as a simple mission to build a high-quality and top-performing race car chair led Anda Seat to become one of the top gaming chair manufacturers out there. The roots of this company date back to 2007, when the brand started producing race car seats for car enthusiasts, which is when they realized that the majority of the chair’s features match the needs of gamers nowadays.

In 2016, Anda Seat fully transitioned to gaming chairs, which is when some of the brand’s iconic models first saw the light of day. I am talking about the legendary Anda Seat Kaiser, which is one of the bestsellers and a chair that looks like it was taken out from a luxurious sports car.

The Kaiser gaming chair by Anda Seat is also one of the best big and tall gaming chairs out there. We will be reviewing it briefly in the part below, as well as the Dark Knight edition, the Fnatic edition and more.

What Technology And Materials Does Anda Seat Use?

Whether you are an avid gamer or just an office person who wants a new chair to support you while working, the Anda Seat chairs can definitely fit both purposes. The mission of the brand is to create a comfortable chair for everyone, and that everyone doesn’t only mean gamers.

Each one of the Anda Seat gaming chairs is designed from industrial grade raw materials, and later on sent for ANSI/BIFMA testing and the needed SGS certification. From a first glance, I noticed a very sturdy base with solid casters, a nice frame and seat materials that are of high density. Overall, the technology that is used in terms of material is above the standard, which puts this brand as a direct competitor to higher-end brands including DXRacer, noblechairs, SecretLab, and others.

Besides the durability and sturdiness of the chair, there are many cool features that I find when reviewing a couple of models. What personally impressed me was the following:

  • The padding, which is actually double layered. There is a 2.5” blend of cold cured high-density foam, over which goes another 1.5” of thick memory foam. This is how the Anda Seat gaming chairs are so comfortable to sit on, even for a full day.
  • 3D/4D adjustable armrests, which I found in almost all models besides a few. These armrests are very adaptable, and their surface is covered by PU leather. As such, they support the forearm naturally in a position that relieves pressure from the wrist and takes away any pain from the muscles.
  • Reclining features, which are another good point worth mentioning. Some chairs can actually be reclined up to 160 degrees, which is above the standard of 120 degrees that I am used to seeing.
  • Sturdy steel frame, which is probably one of the most important things to consider when buying a gaming chair. The frame here is solid and made of 22mm steel. In addition to it, there is the heavy-duty aluminum base, and the rolling casters which measure 60mm on smaller chairs, and 65mm on heavyweight ones.
  • Premium PVC leather, which is exceptional from every angle. Believe it or not, Anda Seat was designing car seats for brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz before, which gave them a lot of positive experiences to learn from. As the brand claims on its website, the same leather materials are used in their gaming seating. I tested the PVC leather by touching, sitting on it and stretching it a bit, and it showed that it is durable, flexible and tear-proof. I obviously did not try to tear it apart, but it is evident that this material is long-lasting and won’t lose its shape.
  • Class 4 gas-powered lift, which supports gamers of up to 550 pounds (250 kg) and makes Anda Seat one of the very few brands that extend the weight capacity to this limit.
  • Lifetime warranty, which is applicable on the steel frame, as well as the extended six-year warranty and the standard two years of warranty on all parts. If you want to get your warranty extended, you’ll need to take a photo of your new chair, post it on social media with the hashtag #AndaSeat and make sure the post is public. Then, submit the URL of your post to AndaSeat (more information available on this link).

Sponsorships & Features

Because of the above mentioned, Anda Seat has quickly gained recognition as a high-end gaming chair manufacturer. The brand even partnered with many international eSports events – some of the partnerships include the following:

  • Official sponsor for the ahq, LGD, OMG eSports teams
  • Official sponsorship of the EGLX, Lan ETS and CNEwith AMD eSports events
  • Official gaming chair sponsorship for the Autoshow gaming exhibition
  • Official sponsor and partner of the World Gaming and RedBull gaming organizations
  • Official sponsor for the major gaming chair tournament WESG

In addition to this, the brand has received a lot of great reviews from popular media outlets, including BuzzFeed, Hardcore Gamer, Newegg, GamingScan, and others.

Anda Seat Gaming Chairs Review: The Top Models

If you are in doubt and thinking which Anda Seat gaming chair would best fit your needs, this part is for you. As of recently, there are seven main product offerings by the brand, which include:

  • The Jungle edition
  • Fnatic edition
  • Axe Series
  • T-Pro Series
  • Kaiser Series
  • Marvel Collaboration Series
  • Throne Series

In addition to the seven main products, there are the top of the line picks and upgraded chairs, which include the popular models:

  • T-Pro 2 Premium Series
  • Dark Demon Premium Gaming Chair
  • Kaiser 2 Premium Series

What you can notice is that each chair caters to a different group of individuals. Anda Seat is continuously finding new ways to upgrade the chairs. We have already seen upgrades such as the increased size of the neck pillow and lumbar support, the upgraded high-density memory foam, as well as the improved width and thickness of the seat base.

Are The Anda Seat Gaming Chairs Durable And Sturdy?

If you are like most gamers out there, this is probably the first question you are about to ask when seeing an Anda Seat gaming chair. The truth is, this brand is relatively new in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t compete with high-end brands.

In fact…

What I noticed when I sat down on some of the Anda Seat chairs for gamers is that the overall build is impressive. As some of you know, I am not a short and slim guy, which is why it made sense for me to test the Kaiser gaming chair. What I found is that this model is actually very balanced, can take heavy use regularly, and give you the comfort and quality that you expect for the price you are going to pay.

Speaking of value and cost, let’s talk about the average Anda Seat gaming chairs price by model.

The Price Of Anda Seat Gaming Chairs

If you are wondering about the cost of Anda Seat’s gaming chairs, you will be positively surprised. Obviously, the Anda Seat gaming chairs price is in the range of a couple of hundred dollars (depending on which model you will choose). Considering the quality of the gaming chairs and their features, I would say that this is more than a reasonable price.

Also, the brand’s focus on sturdiness and longevity justifies most of the price tags. The best way to show you the price of Anda Seat chairs is to list each model and its price tag. Which is exactly what I am doing with this list of all Anda Seat gaming chair models, sorting them from the cheapest to the most expensive model:

  • AndaSeat Jungle Series Premium Gaming Chair: $249.99 (discounted from $299.99)
  • AndaSeat Axe Series Gaming Chair: $349.99
  • AndaSeat Marvel Collaboration Series, which include four chairs (Spiderman, Antman, Captain America, and Iron Man): $399.99
  • AndaSeat Dark Demon Premium Gaming Chair: $399.99
  • AndaSeat Pretty In Pink Gaming Chair: $399.99
  • AndaSeat T-Pro Series Gaming Chair: $439.99 (discounted)
  • AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair: $449.99
  • AndaSeat Fnatic Edition Premium Gaming Chair: $449.99
  • AndaSeat Kaiser Series Gaming Chair: $459.99 (discounted)
  • AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair: $479.99 (discounted from $549.99)
  • AndaSeat Throne Series Gaming Chair: $509 (discounted)

Note: These are the prices for the United States market shown in US dollars, taken from the brand’s official shop. Anda Seat has official shops for European customers too, in different countries (UK, Germany, etc.). The prices there are similar, but may not be exactly the same as shown on their official website.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair Reviews: My Top Four Picks

Last in this Anda Seat review is the part where I pick the best chairs by the manufacturer and review them for you. I personally chose five models that impressed me, offer a great value for money, and have solid features that would apply and cater to most individuals.

These include the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition, the Kaiser 2 Series, T-Pro 2 Series, and the most affordable, Jungle Series. I will start with the most affordable one and go from there.

Anda Seat Jungle Series Gaming Chair

Buy “Anda Seat Jungle Series” with Discount

Pros: Great price, high density lumbar pillows, adjustable reclining

Cons: 2D armrests, lower-quality materials

For me, this is one of the Anda Seat gaming chairs that has a great price and cool features. One of them is the reclining on five different levels, which gives this model a lot more purpose. Obviously, a price tag like this justifies the (lower end) 2D armrests and some of the lower quality materials used in the chair. However, I must say that the Jungle Series is a chair that gets most of the job done, whether you are a gamer or someone who is looking for a decent office chair.

Anda Seat Fnatic Edition Gaming Chair

Buy “Anda Seat Fnatic Edition” with Discount

Pros: Very comfortable to sit on, large frame, wide seat base, PVC leather gives it a premium feel

Cons: Not the best fit for smaller gamers, no memory foam pillows

This cool looking gaming chair is very sturdy. It also offers 160 degrees reclining in different positions, making it perfect for reading, relaxing or gaming in a whole different position. The logo of the Fnatic is stitched into the side of the headrest, which makes the chair look even more premium along with its impressive double-layered PVC leather. However, while big and tall people will find the height and weight capacity (210cm and 200kg) impressive, smaller gamers may struggle with the chair and its lack of memory foam pillows for support.

Anda Seat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair

Pros: Hard wearing foam, comfortable PVC leather, neck & lumbar pillows, adjustable on five levels

Cons: Expensive

This model is a very durable one, made from hard-wearing foam and PVC leather. In addition to the stability, there is an adjustable back offering with five different modes, an XL size neck, and a lumbar memory foam pillow. The integrated steel framework, class 4 gas lift, and high strength aluminum base are one of the top features of this chair. However, it may not be the best fit for smaller and petite gamers.

Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair

Buy “Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Series” with Discount

Pros: Huge weight capacity, improved base and tilt mechanism, big & comfortable lumbar support pillows

Cons: Expensive

The Kaiser 2 Series is a new upgrade from the legendary Kaiser Series model by Anda Seat which enjoys big popularity on the market. The wine-red color is a big favorite among gamers, and the 441-pound weight capacity provides a lot of comfort for gamers. There are extra-large neck and lumbar pillows and a reclining feature up to 160 degrees.

Obviously, there are some great chairs that I haven’t listed here and are worth reviewing, but I will leave that for another occasion. I am specifically talking about chairs like the Throne Series, and all of the Marvel Collaboration Series which offer exceptional designs and are very popular among superhero fans.

Final Verdict

To sum things up, it is easy to see how attentive to detail Anda Seat is as a brand. Its lines of gaming chairs cater to our needs, and there are so many great materials that this brand continuously uses to make sure that its chairs are exceptional from every angle.

So, if you are looking for a new gaming or office chair, Anda Chair should definitely be among your top picks. Despite the fact that they are only here for a couple of years as a gaming chair manufacturer, their collaboration with BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many features in popular news media make everyone certain that the brand is committed to building long lasting products.

As always, I hope this review helped you see the unique features and true highlights of the Anda Seat gaming chairs. For more details and a chance to read other reviews, visit my guides and gaming chair reviews. And if you don’t see Anda Seat as a brand that could be your favorite, you can always check the other gaming chair brands listed on this website.

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