Secretlab Vs. Herman Miller: Which Gaming Chair To Choose?

If you are looking for a gaming chair upgrade – or want to buy your first pro gaming chair – you are on the right place.

Today, we are reviewing, comparing and analyzing two of the very best gaming chair brands on the market.

I am talking about Secretlab and Herman Miller. If you are rubbing shoulders with gamers, you have probably (or more like 100%) heard of either or both of these brands.

And if you haven’t heard, let me give you a bit of info about each of them

A Word About SecretLab

Secretlab is a gaming chair manufacturer from Singapore which was founded in 2014. In less than six years, the brand has dominated the marketplace all across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.

Many of its chairs top the lists of best gaming chairs (in many categories) and the brand has received multiple awards for excellence. One of the main reasons why gamers choose Secretlab is because of breathable fabrics, sturdy materials and excellent back support.

A Word About Herman Miller

Herman Miller Inc. is an ergonomic chair manufacturer based in Zeeland, Michigan, US. As an American company that produces furniture, equipment and home furnishings, the brand decided to extend its specialty and start producing seating chairs.

The brand has a vast history and is known for its comfortable, stylish and ergonomically designed pieces of furniture. It was this fame that also positioned Herman Miller among the leading brands in the gaming chair department.

So, Secretlab Or Herman Miller?

If you read the sections above, you can see that both of these brands have something that sets them apart. They both use premium materials, focus on comfort and back support and design amazing pieces of gaming chair furniture.

So, comparing them as brands would certainly be tough.

This is why in our analysis, we decided to compare some of their best-selling gaming chair models.

Reviewing And Comparing The Best Secretlab Vs. Herman Miller Gaming Chairs In Detail

Okay, I must say this before we proceed.

If you do a Google search for both ‘Herman Miller gaming chairs’ and ‘Secretlab gaming chairs’ you will immediately see that while Secretlab acts as a dedicated gaming chair manufacturer and has a specific website about its gaming chair collection, Herman Miller does not.

Instead, the team at Herman Miller put gaming chairs inside their “office chairs” collection. While all of this doesn’t matter at all when reviewing gaming chairs, my tip for Herman Miller would be to build a landing page or website specific to its gaming chairs.

Now, the comparisons.

There will be two comparisons of gaming chairs from Herman Miller and Secretlab today. I decided to select two as a way to show the pros and cons of each brand but also do a full comparison of gaming chairs in different price segments.

So, the first comparison will be between the Secretlab Titan and the Herman Miller Embody model.

Secretlab Titan Vs. Herman Miller Embody: Which Gaming Chair Is Better?

Titan vs Embody

Elegance and advanced ergonomics converge in the Herman Miller Embody, earning it the illustrious title of “Best High-End” winner in our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. Recognized for its superior quality, innovative design, and unparalleled comfort, the Embody is a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the gaming chair market. It caters to those who seek nothing but the best and are willing to invest in premium seating experience. For a comprehensive understanding of the Herman Miller Embody’s distinguished features and to explore other premium alternatives, refer to our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

 Secretlab TITANHerman Miller EMBODY
LooksA premium and black-based gaming chairOffice-looking, without much gaming edge
MaterialsComfortable upholstery;


Signature memory foam pillows;

Denser materials which conform to the body

Preventing heat buildup;



Recommended for people with back issues and ergonomic challenges

Color Options5 color options15+ color options
SupportLumbar support (1 of the 2 models from Secretlab which offer it)Fully adjustable armrests;


A back area that mimics a spine;

Supporting people who sit for long hours

Load CapacityUp to 130kg (290 lbs)Up to 135kg  (300 lbs)
ComfortSuperior comfort thanks to the patent-pending Cold-Cure Foam mix;


Advanced firmness

Great pressure distribution;


Natural alignment and support for healthy movement;

4D armrests with padding

Comfortable and breathable

Gas Lift4 Heavy-duty gas pistons


Best in class for consistency, stability and safety

Solid steel frame


Class 4 gas lift

Wheels5 XL PU caster wheels for effortless movesNormal casters

The table above illustrates something that should be clear from a first glance on this comparison – the fact that these chairs are XL gaming chairs and can withstand even the heaviest gamers.

The truth is, the Secretlab Titan is already one of the bestsellers on the market – and there are a lot of reasons why.

I personally love the Secretlab Titan because of its amazing built quality. The sturdy frame, XL casters, amazing color options and dense foam which adapts to the body make it a gamer-gripping chair of top quality.

On the other hand, Herman Miller’s Embody gaming chair fascinates me as a model because of how it makes use of technology – marketing the chair as “healthful” and one that “improves your blood circulation, sending more oxygen to the brain.”

You never thought a chair could improve your blood circulation, right? And even if you did, you probably never thought you will see a gaming chair brand advertise it.

Feature-wise, both chairs pack amazing features. They both offer great back support, but maybe Herman Miller Embody’s technology is more impressive from this perspective. When it comes to premium materials, solid casters and a better gaming experience, the Titan is better overall.

However, the price difference may be a big factor here – as the Embody is like a $1,000 more expensive than the Titan. So, if you are short-pocketed or don’t want to spend $1,500 on a gaming chair, the Secretlab Titan may be a better option.

All of this makes me realize two things.

First, Secretlab is a gaming chair brand – and Herman Miller is an office chair brand. No matter how good Herman Miller’s technology is, gamers sometimes want fancy features and chairs that live up to the gaming hype. So, if you are a gamer who wants a true gaming chair with such character, Secretlab’s Titan is for you.

Second, if you struggle with back issues and have lower back pain, you should not sacrifice features for looks. Instead, you should try and sit on as many chairs as possible and see which one supports your back the most. By all means, the Herman Miller Embody chair is designed to do that and help you through all the adjustments, spine-like backrest area and unique lines that align with your natural curve.

So, if you want your next gaming chair to prevent back pain and help you with your issues (rather than with its looks), the Herman Miller Embody is for you.

As a gamer with no issues regarding back pain – and true love for gaming designs and pieces with gaming character – I kind of cheer for Titan on this one.

Now, let’s move to the second comparison, where we will analyze the Secretlab Omega and Herman Miller’s Aeron chair.

Secretlab Omega Vs. Herman Miller Aeron: Which Chair Is Better?

Omega vs Aeron
 Secretlab OMEGAHerman Miller AERON
LooksPremium materials and pillows make it one of the best chairs on the marketMinimalistic, ergonomic and perfectly blending in the office
Color OptionsA variety of color optionsTwo main color options (black and grey)
SupportLumbar support for your head and backAn “ergonomic revolution” as the brand describes it
Load CapacityUp to 110kg (240 lbs)Up to 135kg (300 lbs) recommended
ComfortSoft and premium PU faux leather


Signature Memory Foam with cooling gel for dissipating heat and keeping you cool;

Soft fabrics all around the chair

Unique breathable Follicle suspension which dissipates body heat;


Materials that keep you cool and comfortable;

“Waterfall” front edge which takes the pressure out of your thighs;

PostureFit mechanism for your pelvis and spine

Gas LiftSolid gas lift (Class 4)Gas lift (Class 4)
Wheels5 XL PU caster wheels for effortless moves5 60mm casters for soft and hard floors

Again, there is a big price difference in both of these models.

You can basically get two Secretlab OMEGA chairs for the price of one Herman Miller Aeron.

However, there is a reason why – and that reason is really great.

As you can see from the table – and as I could feel from sitting on it – the comfort in the Herman Miller is beyond the standard expectations. The Herman Miller Aeron wins the battle in terms of comfort because of the unique technology which offers unparalleled support. The front edge of the chair is elevated which helps your blood circulation and keeps you more alert and focused.

The PostureFit mechanism also supports your spine and pelvis, making the Herman Miller Aeron a truly great chair for people with back issues (and gamers who want to prevent them).

On the other hand, we have the Secretlab OMEGA which is a more feature-packed chair. It has amazing caster wheels perfect for every floor, truly breathable materials, and superhero-like looks which definitely give the chair a lot of (gaming) character.

If posture is your main focus when looking for a new chair, Herman Miller’s Aeron definitely wins the battle. The technology is really sound and it feels like the patented Kinemat tilt mechanism is great for every gamer – protecting the knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, back and neck areas.

If you want a top-notch gaming chair with solid support as well, the Secretlab OMEGA is a cheaper and all-around better option.

So, it is really hard to compare a gaming chair that looks amazing and an office-like chair that doesn’t come with a lot of customization options but has the best posture/spine/back supporting technology.

This is why I can’t have a vote on this one – and why you have to see what you are looking for.

Comparing these chairs is like comparing two cars – one which is a massive SUV that is comfortable but not fast – and another which is a supercar coupe which is super fast but unable to give you the (enough) comfort you need.

Final Verdict

The entire review and comparison between Herman Miller and Secretlab gives me a final thought…

Herman Miller manufactures office chairs to solve challenges and provide the best posture. Its focus is not on gamers – it is on people who want to sit well, wherever they are – be it their gaming room or the office. The looks of the Herman Miller chairs are the same – plain and corporate-like.

Secretlab produces amazing gaming chairs. The materials look and feel premium. The chairs are beyond exceptional. And their design…Well, it is a story that aligns to your gaming expectations – and one that can truly blend in any gaming setup.

The price differences are obvious. They are also a factor that may be a crucial one for most of you reading this review. But again, it is like comparing apples to oranges –  each gaming chair has a different “flavor.”

I hope that this review and comparison between Herman Miller and Secretlab helped you see what each brand focuses on and what chair would be ideal in your gaming – or office – setup. Thanks for reading!

If you want to find the best gaming chair for you check out our brand new advanced chair selection tool.

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

4 thoughts on “Secretlab Vs. Herman Miller: Which Gaming Chair To Choose?

  1. I’ve used both. My two cents, if you want a chair that will a) last forever, and b) provide maximum comfort while sitting for hours on end (either for work or on a 24 hour marathon), it’s Herman Miller all the way. If it’s aesthetics your’re after, and really want that gaming look and a high-quality chair, obviously SecretLab is the way to go. Just keep in mind, most gaming chairs aren’t meant for larger people sitting in them for hours on end. If you’re a 200+ pound adult, spend the money on a good office chair like Herman Miller.

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