Secretlab vs Noblechairs: Which Brand Is The Best?

Comparing the best gaming chair brands in the world is a difficult job. In times when there are tons of different models and a lot of new updates by each brand, it is important to note that every individual has a clear picture of what they look for in a gaming chair.

For example, I am a person who loves comfort. I would trade the stitching, leather and materials used on the actual seat over any other features.

However, there are also people who see the maximum capacity of a gaming chair as the best feature – and then there are others who want reclining armrests, neck pillows and more.

Since every gamer is different, comparing top gaming chair brands is like comparing apples to oranges. However, it is important to see the best features and see what makes a brand popular.

In today’s comparison, we are focusing on two of the best gaming chair brands out there – Secretlab and Noblechairs.

The Battle Of The Big Players: Noblechairs Vs. Secretlab

You cannot even imagine how many emails I get from users asking me for a comparison of the best gaming chair brands out there.

All of this is normal, my friends. The truth is, there are so many great brands and so many amazing models. When it comes to the Secretlab and Noblechairs battle, the first thing that comes on my mind are these two models:

  • Noblechairs Hero and
  • Secretlab Titan Evo

If you see both models and based on a first glance, you will probably think that the Secretlab Titan Evo is better overall. However, the Noblechairs Hero definitely has some great features, too.

This brings us to our comparison, where we evaluate all of the features of both chairs and present them on a table.

Secretlab Titan Evo Vs. Noblechairs Hero: Which Gaming Chair To Buy?

FeatureSecretlab Titan Evo 2022 Small/Regular/XLNoblechairs Hero
Recommended Height (cm/inch)Small: ≤169 cm /≤5’6”
Regular: 170-189 cm /5’7”-6’2”
XL: 181-205cm /5’11”-6’9”
150-200 cm / 4’9” −6’5”
Recommended Weight (kg/lbs)Small: <90/<200
Regular: <100/<220
XL: 80-180/175-395
Max Load (kg/lbs)Small/Regular: 130/285
XL: 180/395
Warranty5-year* (*3-year base, extendable to 5 years)2-year
Frame ConstructionSteelSteel
Foam TypePatent-Pending Secretlab Cold-Cure Foam MixCold Foam
UpholsterySecretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, SoftWeave® Plus Fabric, NAPA LeatherSynthetic Leather (also available in Real Leather and PU Leather)
Head PillowPatent-pending Magnetic Head Pillow, Memory Foam with Cooling GelMemory Foam
Lumbar SupportPatent-pending In-built 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support SystemIntegrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
Armrests4-Directional, Full-metal Mechanism, Soft PU-coated4D Armrests with soft PU coating
Armrest Top (cm/inch)27 x 10 / 10.6 x 3.9Depth: 27/10.6, Height: 10.5/4.1
ReclineHigh-grade Spring; 85-165°Adjustable backrest angle: 35° (90° to 125°), Reclining function: max 11°
SupportLumbar support (1 of the 2 models from Secretlab which offer it)Infinitely adjustable lumbar support for your lower back;
Hydraulic Gas PistonClass 4 (XL: Heavy Duty)Safety Class 4
WheelbaseADC12 Aluminum alloyAluminium
Wheels5 XL PU caster wheels for effortless moves5 60mm casters
Product Weight (kg/lbs)Small: 33.5/73.9
Regular: 34.5/76.1
XL: 37.5/82.7
Extra FeaturesCloudSwap™ Replacement System, NFC Anti-Counterfeit TagVibrant colour scheme, Filigree stitching
Where to buy?

As you can see from the table above, both the Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan Evo are designed with advanced features.

Each one of these chairs “shines” in a different way.

But first, let’s talk about the features they both share.

From a first glance, you will see that both of the chairs look minimalistic and premium. Both have a black base and definitely live up to their price. Speaking of, the price of both Noblechairs Hero and Secretlab Titan Evo starts at around $549-ish which is really nice to know – especially if you are having a budget in that ballpark.

They are also using the same quality of leather and share great lumbar support. The gas frame is steel-based and both have five casters.

Now, the differences.

What sets apart the Noblechairs Hero is certainly its capacity and the 4D armrests with padding which give it extra comfort.  The load capacity is around 30 kilograms less than the Titan Evo, which is not a small difference. The lumbar support is also infinitely adjustable which goes in line or is a bit better than the Titan’s new lumbar support technology.

When it comes to the Secretlab Titan Evo, you can see that it is a better chair than the Noblechairs Hero mostly because of its casters (XL) and color option. In a way, the Titan grips more to the body of the gamer and looks more like a gaming chair than the Hero model.

All in all, both of these chairs are great in different things. While the Noblechairs Hero is better at ergonomics and offers adjustable lumbar support, the Secretlab Titan is more comfortable overall. However, the breathability in the Titan is something the brand should definitely work on.

If you are still unsure which is a better brand, you can keep on reading the next part to learn more about the differences and new technologies used in the little brothers of Secretlab Titan Evo and Noblechairs Hero – which are the Secretlab Omega and Noblechair Epic models.

So, if your budget is falling short for around $100 of the above-mentioned prices, the next table and comparison is for you.

Secretlab Omega Vs. Noblechairs Epic: Which Gaming Chair To Buy?

 Secretlab OMEGANoblechairs EPIC
LooksPremium materials and pillows make it one of the best chairs on the marketA masterpiece of German engineering with solid ergonomics
Color OptionsA variety of color optionsA variety of color options with black as the primary color
SupportLumbar support for your head and backInfinitely adjustable lumbar support for your lower back;
Load CapacityUp to 110kgUp to 120kg
ComfortSoft and premium PU faux leather
– Signature Memory Foam with cooling gel for dissipating heat and keeping you cool;
– Soft fabrics all around the chair
Extra soft and thick PU faux leather
– 4D armrests with padding
-Moulded cold foam for breathability and comfort
Gas LiftSolid gas lift (Class 4)Durable gas lift (Class 4)
Wheels5 XL PU caster wheels for effortless moves5 60mm casters for soft and hard floors
Where to buy?

The battle between the Noblechairs EPIC and Secretlab OMEGA is – again – a tough one.

This is mainly because both of the chairs offer great features for their price. In fact, this is one of the closest comparisons between gaming chair brands that I have ever laid my eyes on.

It is so difficult to compare great models like the EPIC and OMEGA – especially coming from the fact that they both have 4D armrests, breathable PU leather materials, cold foam that “wraps around the body,” nice caster wheels, a variety of color options and amazing design.

If I have to point out the good sides and advantages of both chairs, I would start like this…

The Secretlab OMEGA is better than the Noblechairs epic because of the new and advanced cold foam technology. I had a chance to sit on this chair and it really feels better in some ways. Also, the OMEGA is around $50 cheaper and offers lumbar support for the neck which is another winning point.

The Noblechairs EPIC is better when it comes to its load capacity – but only for an extra 10 kilograms – as it is able to withstand gamers that weigh up to 120 kilograms. There aren’t any advantages that would set it apart from the OMEGA model – although as I said, both are premium models.

So, my vote on this one goes to Secretlab and its OMEGA masterpiece. It is simply one of the bestsellers on the market and one of the best chairs that you can get if you have around $350 in your pocket.

Final Words

Interesting battles, right?

Comparing Secretlab and Noblechairs has provided insightful perspectives on what each brand excels at, offering remarkable models that cater to different preferences in the gaming chair market.

Each brand has demonstrated its prowess in delivering comfort, aesthetics, and advanced features.

They have models that appeal to varied user preferences, ensuring that every gamer finds a chair that aligns with their needs.

Given the nuanced differences and unique strengths of each model, we highly recommend the gaming chairs from Secretlab, particularly for those who prioritize overall comfort and innovative design.

The Secretlab Titan Evo, for instance, stands out as an exemplary model, representing a fine balance of advanced features, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Secretlab’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident, and their assertion that they have achieved the perfect gaming chair with the Titan Evo 2022 underscores their confidence in their product lineup.

For a comprehensive understanding of the various models and their features, refer to the complete Secretlab Overview and the complete Noblechairs Overview to explore each brand in detail. These overviews provide extensive information, allowing prospective buyers to make informed decisions based on individual preferences and needs.

It’s notable that Secretlab has significantly evolved over the past three years, distinguishing itself through continuous improvement and innovation. Despite the competition, Secretlab remains steadfast in their belief that the Titan Evo 2022 does not require any updates this year or the next, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to delivering quality and value.

While Noblechairs also offers impressive models with distinctive features such as the Hero and the Epic, catering to gamers who value ergonomics and adjustable lumbar support, Secretlab has managed to edge forward in providing an encompassing gaming experience through their meticulously crafted chairs.

In conclusion, while the choice between Secretlab and Noblechairs ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences, Secretlab’s commitment to perfection and their diverse and innovative range make them a highly recommended option for those seeking the ultimate gaming chair experience.

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