DXRacer vs Noblechairs: I Tried Both

The gaming chair comparison guide is back.

In today’s review of the best gaming chairs, we are comparing two of the most popular thrones on the market – the brands DXRacer and Noblechairs. 

The truth is, most of the gamers see these two in reviews, videos, comparisons and among the best-rated gaming chairs online. Over the years, I’ve had a chance to sit on so many chairs. And while there have been some good and bad models, Noblechairs and DXRacer have always been somewhere in the medium-to-high standard that defines a solid chair for your money and needs.

While the first one (DXRacer) is a gaming chair brand that has quite versatile chairs with a lot of upgrades and many finishes, the other brand (Noblechairs) is known for the amazing comfort and plenty of add-on features in its chairs.

Comparing between DXRacer and Noblechairs is difficult. Both of the brands are well established on the market and offer high-quality gaming chairs. But if we must do that, we will start reviewing them from different angles. So, keep on reading to see which brand wins this race.

Noblechairs vs DXRacer: Which one has the best designs?

First on the list is the design. How well are the DXRacer gaming chairs designed compared to Noblechairs?

The truth is, the differences are minimal and up to the specific taste of gamers out there. I’ve had a chance to own a DXRacer Drifting Series for a week and it looked good. The American brand knows how to simplify design, make its chairs look comfortable and still add a nice extra feature that gamers appreciate. The DXRacer Drifting Series Plus / XL in vinyl and PU leather is proof of that. I would not say that their designs stand out as much as brands like Secretlab, but they are making a nice effort in that direction.

 Best for Comfort and Flexibility 

The DXRacer Drifting Series is an ergonomic gaming chair designed for optimum comfort and flexibility. It features a unique winged seat cushion, cooling gel foam headrest, curved lumbar pillow, and premium cold-cure foam.

This chair also offers 3D armrests, a conventional tilt mechanism, and is constructed with premium parts, ensuring durability and superior user experience.

The Drifting Series is recommended for individuals weighing up to 275 lbs and up to 6’3″ tall, and it has been awarded the title of “Best Gaming Chair for Comfort”.

On the other hand, we have Noblechairs – a brand from Germany that is known for its premium materials. Now, if I like the design of DXRacer, I must say that I am in love with Noblechairs’ design. Some may say that design is entirely subjective – and I totally agree with that – but the overall look and feel of the Noblechairs gaming chairs just makes them more minimalistic, modern and quite futuristic.

The Noblechairs EPIC Series delivers a premium black leather material finished off with a yellow mesh and nice detailing all over it. The HERO model resembles a throne for a king, while the ICON Series is more minimalistic and trendy looking.

Source: noblechairs.com

And if you are hunting for a truly special model and are a car fan, you’ll definitely like the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Noblechair EPIC Series.

Now, if there is one design feature that can truly make a difference between choosing a DXRacer vs. choosing Noblechairs – it has to be the logo. All you need to do is take a glance on the way the logos are used in both brands. 

What you will find is that while DXRacer still uses its logo in colors like white, yellow and others – Noblechairs has premium looking gaming chairs with embroidered logos and an elliptical aluminum emblem that is complete with attractive lettering. Now, this is (one of the) feature(s) that sets the bar higher and proves how great Noblechairs is from a design perspective.

So, in my opinion, the true winner in the design battle is Noblechairs – only because they have that thing needed to build their chair as more premium-looking compared to DXRacer.

Noblechairs vs DXRacer: Which ones offer better support?

Next on the list is support. How well do these brands live up to gamers’ expectations when protecting the precious necks, spines and back areas?

DXRacer has good-looking chairs which are comfortable and supportive. There are no strange noises coming from the frame or wheels, which is sure something you shouldn’t expect from a brand of this caliber. However, there is not much information about any “secret” technology that the brand is using to enhance comfort. The maximum weight supported by DXRacer is found in the DXRacer Master Series – supporting gamers weighing up to 275 lbs / 124.74 kg.

As a true winner of the 2017 European Hardware Awards, the Noblechairs EPIC Series has been crowned the best gaming chair in the past. Its support features had a lot to do with this – the brand uses premium materials such as aluminum to give it the robust foundation that is necessary. Also, the base of these gaming chairs is highly resistant to external forces and supports gamers with its tilt mechanism for reclining and relaxing. The biggest model which is the Noblechairs HERO Series match DXRacer in terms of support – it supports gamers up to 330 lbs (150kg).

If their weight exceeds 150 kg, then they should look in the “gaming chairs for big guys” section. I believe that the overall construction of Noblechairs gaming chairs is better in many ways, starting from the base to the frame and all the materials used on the chair.

Is DXRacer or Noblechairs a more comfortable brand?

Let’s talk about comfort. Is DXRacer or Noblechairs a more comfortable brand?

The truth is, it’s very hard to tell. Both of the gaming chair manufacturers have their own ways of doing their best – and a whole variety of models that cannot be always reviewed side by side.

However, if we take the best model by Noblechairs (HERO Series) and the best model by DXRacer (Master Series), we will see that Noblechairs might be more comfortable even from a first look.

Luckily, I got the chance to sit on both models and the theory proved true in practice, too. Noblechairs is using a better lumbar support system which is crucial for lengthy gaming marathons – and their HERO Series is simply among the most comfortable premium gaming chairs on the market.

Plus, we can see that besides the impressive aesthetics of Noblechairs (which add up to the comfort), the brand is characterized by its distinct shape and the use of breathable and deformation-resistant cold foam upholstery. The high-density foam may be one of the things that ensures a comfortable seat all the time, without sinking too deeply into the upholstery.

DXRacer has a long way to go until it matches the cold foam upholstery, adjustable features and superb ergonomics, which all define a revolutionary seating experience. Even though the brand is on a good way towards that goal, there is simply something more that can be instantly felt when sitting on a Noblechairs gaming chair.

So, Noblechairs definitely make more comfortable gaming chairs compared to DXRacer. For now, it is the clear winner of the comfort battle.

Features & Adjustments battle between DXRacer and Noblechairs

Now, the features of both brands.

In 2023, gaming chairs are more advanced than ever before. As such, gamers truly appreciate brands that come up with new features. 

When it comes to Noblechairs, we can see 4D armrests as one of the key selling points. These move in horizontally, vertically, laterally and work with an adjustable tilt angle. This makes achieving optimal ergonomics in line with your individual desk easy. DXRacer also uses these 4D armrests in its higher class models, which are multi-directional.

The reclining capacity is our next point. If we compare the Noblechairs EPIC Series to the DXRacer Drifting Series, we will see that the reclining feature goes up to the same angle – which is 135 degrees.

The height limit and supported weight may differ from model to model in both Noblechairs and DXRacer, but the ultimate conclusion in this part is that both brands are doing their best to keep up with the standards set by gamers. In that manner, both of the brands overdeliver with great features.

Still, Noblechairs made sure to gain some competitive edge over the years, only because of the “fine” materials and the way it markets them. They simply know how to sell their chairs better (you can see the presentations on their website) and their features are somehow labeled as “cooler” compared to DXRacer. 

The same can be seen in the wheels of both chairs – the five quiet running casters in the Noblechairs gaming chairs are a tad better than the DXRacer chair lineup. So, my vote on the features part goes to Noblechairs, even though the comparison is kind of tight in this category.

Which one has a better Price vs. Performance : DXRacer or Noblechairs ?

Now, the part that you have all been waiting for…

The section where I get to speak about prices. If you think that DXRacer or Noblechairs have unrealistic prices or are priced way higher than their worth, this is where you should pay some attention.

DXRacer is a gaming chair manufacturer that works with ergonomics. The company has a lot of investments in research and development – something that led to better chairs and great performance. Their chair lineup was part of major international tournaments and DXRacer has been an active sponsor of large-scale events around the world such as the WCG, 2014 MLG League, 2015 LCK League and the 2015 Cyber Arena.

Noblechairs is creating premium products that shape the world. Their vinyl and PU hybrid leather is definitely something you can put a nice price on, and the products consist of very sound materials, parts and items. Each component in the chairs has been specially designed for its quality, durability, and comfort.

When it comes to prices…

It is easy to see that both of the gaming chair manufacturers have high price tags on their high-end models. For instance, a great model by DXRacer can cost you up to $499, while an entry-level model is priced at $349. The worst thing is that there are only two different models, the Formula Series and the Racing Series.

Noblechairs, on the other hand, have one flaw. They only have three different models to choose from – which is why many gamers can’t truly find what they need or are stuck between choosing one or another model. The HERO, LEGEND, EPIC and ICON Series are all priced differently, and a starting model (HERO) would cost you anywhere north of $549. The LEGEND BLACK EDITION, as the most expensive model, costs more than $649.

 High-End Gaming Chair 

The Noblechairs LEGEND is a high-end, ergonomic gaming chair that features high-tech synthetic leather, promising enhanced comfort, durability, and style.

Positioned as a premium offering in the gaming chair market, it provides versatile adjustability options, robust weight support, and is designed to meet the needs of users seeking top-notch seating experiences, especially during prolonged gaming sessions.

All in all,both brands suffer from lack of offering. They both have great gaming chairs but while the Noblechairs have released only three models, DXRacer has only released two models.

The cheaper option is always a DXRacer, but if we compare price versus performance, I’d like to think differently. Which brings us to the final part…

Final Verdict: Should You Choose DXRacer Or Noblechairs?

In the end, we can say that both of these gaming chairs manufacturers are great from their own perspective.

For instance, if you don’t care too much about materials and just want a solid chair you can sit on and play games, the DXRacer is a clear choice. Plus, you might save or get a discount as the prices of DXRacer chairs are relatively more affordable compared to Noblechairs.


If you are a true design geek, want your gaming chairs to use fine materials and have embroidered logos with minimalist looks, Noblechairs is the name you should be Googling next. These chairs are refined, well-designed and boasting quality in every segment.

In my personal experience, the Noblechairs may be a more expensive brand – but it is also more worth it. So if you have more than $350 to spend and you are looking for a solid gaming chair, Noblechairs is clearly the better option.

I hope that this review helped you choose between DXRacer and Noblechairs! If you have any questions, inquiries or comments, feel free to share them below!

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of Topgamingchair.com and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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