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In brief, the DxRacer Master Series Gaming Chair impresses with its stylish design and premium materials, offering excellent comfort and easy assembly. Key highlights include a memory foam headrest and customizable 4D armrests. However, its fixed lumbar support and limited reclining angle may not suit all users. Despite these minor issues, the chair's overall quality and comfort make it a solid choice for gamers, especially considering its price point.

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User Rating: 4.57 ( 3 votes)
  • Very comfortable padding throughout
  • Premium microfiber leatherette
  • Wide headrest with memory foam
  • Three-inch castors and aluminum base
  • 4D armrests
  • High-quality look and feel
  • Excellent stitching and attention to detail
  • Lumbar support too high
  • Stiff rocker feature
  • Only 135° recline


I arrived home to another one of DxRacer’s large boxes on my doorstep. Not sure what it meant about inspecting the product before signing, so I just moved it inside and started unboxing.

There’s not often a lot of variety in how these things are packaged. My experience here was a bit different than usual for a good reason.

The wheels, plastic pieces, and hydraulics were all stored in smaller boxes that protected them from rough and tough delivery companies. These components are the most likely to break, so I was thrilled to see them so well secured.

DXRacer - Gaming Chair

 Best for Larger Individuals 

The DXRacer Master Series is a high-end gaming chair tailored for large users, featuring robust construction, adjustable and ergonomic design, and a microfiber leather finish.

It offers a wealth of customization options, including 4D armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and a reclinable backrest, making it a suitable choice for extended gaming sessions.

Everything else was pretty standard, from the Styrofoam to layering. I didn’t see any cardboard reinforcements on the corners where these boxes usually get banged up, but it didn’t matter this time.


After taking everything out of the box, it looked like there was less to work with than normal. The Master Series chair has an integrated lumbar support, so there’s no cushion to deal with there. Another treat was seeing the headrest pillow already in place. Minor things, but they save time.

The instructions were listed on one large piece of cardboard and is mostly a picture ordeal. It beats a thick manual in 20 languages that I only use two pages of and saves some trees in the process.

I just went ahead and followed the steps as described. There were some pre-installed screws I had to remove before assembling anything, which is relatively minor but still an annoyance. Some of them were torqued on pretty hard and took effort to break free.

Once that obstacle was out of the way, all the components came together really well. There’s a metal slide on the side of the seat that helps you marry it with the backrest, and it’s amazing. Makes the job that much easier.

Driving the screws back in place was a little awkward due to the provided hex wrench. You can only use one side of the tool because the edges are different thicknesses, and it kept bumping into the hydraulic assembly as I tightened.

When attaching the upper part of the chair to the hydraulics, I did notice there was not much metal holding the two together. I made a mental note to watch for weakness and wobbles as I put it to the test.

Despite a few minor bumps, I had the Master Series chair together in less than 15 minutes. I’d say it was one of my fastest assemblies to date.


DxRacer Master Series Chair Specs
Weight: 67.2 pounds
Seat Height Adjustment: 19.7 – 22.8 inches off the ground
Seat Width: 19.2 inches
Weight Capacity:  Up to 275 pounds
Chair Material: Microfiber Leatherette (Silicone Leatherette and Suede also available)
Reclining Angle: 90° to 135°
5-Wheel Aluminum Base
Padded 4D Armrests
Comes with a head cushion and integrated lumbar support
3-year limited warranty (additional two years for free), excluding wear and tear

Here’s my two cents on the Master Series’ features:


The armrests here are among the best in the business. You’re looking at four dimensions of movement with everything from in and out to inward and outward rotation to find the perfect setting for your elbows.

They’re covered in a thick but accommodating rubber material allowing for long-term use without issue. Color me spoiled, but I can’t imagine having anything less on a gaming chair.


Like all other DxRacer chairs, the recline here only goes back to 135 degrees. It’s not much of a problem for me, as I only use my chair for writing reviews and gaming. Watching TV should be fine at that max angle, but you’re probably not going to want to use the Master Series for a hard-earned nap. For comparison’s sake, Secretlab’s Titan Eco and the Anda Seat Kaiser lay back to 160 degrees.


You’re not going to get a whole lot out of DxRacer’s rocker feature. I like to kick back every once in a while as I contemplate my next move in a game, but the stiffness of the rocker bounces me right back to vertical before I can form a thought. This is the case for most chairs around this price point, but I don’t think that’s a fair excuse. So far, only the Titan Evo has really impressed me here.


It’s possible to raise or lower the seat a total of three inches, providing a minimal range of motion for gamers of differing heights in your household. There’s probably not much of a problem if you’re the only one using the chair, considering you’re about 6’3” or less. I always set my chairs at the max height and I’m only 6’1”, so taller gamers may want to look elsewhere.

Headrest Pillow

The headrest pillow comes pre-installed on a little track with a handful of notches from top to bottom. You can move the pillow into any one of those notches with a little brute force depending on your preference and height. It has a wider, more curved design than most headrest pillows I’ve seen to accommodate head movement as you game.

Lumbar Support

The Master Series chair has an integrated lumbar support mechanism instead of a traditional pillow, which I appreciate. You can increase or decrease the amount of support the chair offers via a knob on the right side. There’s definitely a huge difference between the maximum and minimum setting here, depending on what you like.

Build Quality

I’ve got a lot of good things to say about the Master Series’ build quality. The wheel base at the bottom is one of the star features with huge three-inch castors. This thing glides over just about any surface as if it were butter. The wheel base itself is made of aluminum, and that’s about the best you can get. What’s that they say about a firm foundation?

It is a bit peculiar though that the chair’s recommended weight limit is only 275 pounds. With these higher-quality materials, I would have expected more wiggle room here.

Nothing on the chair looks cheap or out of place. Even the plastic pieces serving only as coverings don’t detract from the high-quality feel. It sounds solid when I take a seat, and I don’t hear any weird creaks or groans indicative of weak points in the design.

My only real area of concern is the hydraulic assembly. The shaft doesn’t have a lot of surface area where it meets the chair, and I am worried it’s not going to hold up over time. It’s not noticeable from the outside, but it’s always in the back of my mind. I’ll let you know if it becomes an issue.

All the stitching on the Master Series looks top-notch, and I’m very impressed with how the chair looks. I don’t see a single thread out of place, and the stitching adds to the overall quality. Even the logos on either side of the headrest pillow look really nice and bring a smile to my face when I see them.

The headrest pillow is another strong point in a well-put-together chair. It’s larger than most cushions of its kind and contains high-density memory foam other models skimp out on. I like that it’s bigger than most and protects my head when I’m looking at my left or right monitors as well. That’s not something you see every day.

Although I can’t actually see it, the lumbar support bar seems to do its job well. There’s a wide range of lower back reinforcement you can adjust through, although I like mine pretty rigid. My one big gripe here is that I can’t move it up or down. This seems like a huge miss since not everyone is the same height.

I also wanted to quickly point out the quality checks DxRacer does on this particular model. The team cranks out 300,000 cycle durability tests on the seat and runs over 60,000 reps on the armrests. They even drive the chair through obstacles to see how it maneuvers and stacks up against different surfaces.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Overall, the DxRacer Master Series is comfortable to sit on for hours on end. I’ve put it through its paces and don’t have much negative to say about it. A good chair is one you lose track of time in because your muscles aren’t screaming at you from sitting too long, and I get that here.

There are some great ergonomic features to back this up. As I mentioned earlier, the armrests come to the rescue no matter how you like to position your arms as you game. Four-dimensional movement means you’re very likely to find an ergonomic location, and the padding gives the right amount of comfort.

You don’t have a huge seat height range to play with here, but I’d say folks at least a few inches on either side of six feet will get what they need. The seat on the Master Series has some give when I sit down, but there’s a thick layer of padding there. I’ve just gotten used to a firmer seat. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing; it just took me some getting used to.

There’s plenty of padding on the backrest as well, so you won’t hear any complaints from me there. It follows the curve of your back for the most part, but the lumbar support isn’t where I’d want it to be. I’m super bummed I can’t move it up or down like in other chairs I’ve seen because it’s a little too high for my lower back. Since I’m on the taller size of this chair’s recommended range, I struggle to think of who would really benefit from where it’s at.

My chair has the microfiber leatherette material, and it feels great against the skin. We’re outside our hot summer months now in Michigan, but I have a feeling I’d enjoy the fabric even with shorts on. The same holds true for the rubber on the armrests.

Headrest pillows on gaming chairs seem to either be great or abysmal, but I’m happy to announce the Master Series wins here. The cushion has a really nice memory form inside and it has a considerable surface area to accommodate my head no matter where I’m looking. My Anda Seat Kaiser has a dinky pillow compared to this one.


DXRacer - Gaming Chair

 Best for Larger Individuals 

The DXRacer Master Series is a high-end gaming chair tailored for large users, featuring robust construction, adjustable and ergonomic design, and a microfiber leather finish.

It offers a wealth of customization options, including 4D armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and a reclinable backrest, making it a suitable choice for extended gaming sessions.

All in all, the DxRacer Master Series gaming chair really stands out in most ways. I love how it looks up close or from a distance, and the color accents add to the sophisticated look. Some of my gaming chairs are tucked away in the basement, but not this one.

The castors and wheel base are exceptional for stability and the chair glides seamlessly over any surface I’ve thrown at it. The rest of the materials continue the high-quality feel and give me confidence this model can survive just about anything. Another huge victory is the headrest pillow in comfort and head coverage.

I just wish the lumbar support on the Master Series was better designed. It almost forces me forward when active instead of encouraging an ergonomic posture all because it’s too high up on the backrest. A bit more planning here or some adjustability would move this chair from great to excellent.

The Master Series retails for around $549, but you can usually save a few bucks depending on your material or color selection. It’s right at the price point I’d expect to pay for the features I’m receiving here, including the microfiber leatherette, 4D armrests, and aluminum wheel base.

This is a chair I’d love to recommend to a friend, but I’d be hesitant because of where the lumbar support lands. It’s entirely possible it’s only my chair that has this issue, but I wouldn’t want to tell someone to purchase the Master Series and end up with the same problem.

With so many other great features, the DxRacer Master Series is an excellent chair on all other counts. If you can handle the lumbar support as is, you’ll be really happy with everything else.

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