Here is The List of All Gaming Chair Brands on The Market

There are so many different gaming chair brands out there that it’s tough to know where to start. To help you sort the good from the bad, I’ve put together this guide to all the gaming chair brands on the market.

There are 22 gaming chair brands that you should know about. Collectively, these brands are responsible for the vast majority of gaming chairs on the market. Each of them has a different unique selling point and appeals to a different kind of gamer.

I’m going to be talking about each of them, in turn, to help you pick out the right brand for you.

Let’s get started!


DXRacer is the grandfather of the gaming chair scene. They’re one of the oldest gaming chair manufacturers – and they’re still one of the best.

Known for its diverse range of traditional, high-quality, high-back PC gaming chairs, DXRacer is probably the most iconic gaming chair brand on the market.

The company first opened up shop way back in 2001. Back then, they were a luxury sports car seat manufacturer. In 2006, they were the first manufacturer to realize the demand for gaming chairs and decided to change up their business model. They quickly evolved into the gaming chair brand we know them as today.

They took inspiration from their roots and design all their gaming chairs to follow the same basic design as luxury car seats. This original racing-inspired design is still the basic blueprint for most modern PC gaming chairs.

DXRacer has several Series of chairs designed for different body types, some of the most popular of which are the Tank Series (for big and tall gamers) and the Racing Series. Thanks to years of investment in research and innovation, all DXRacer chairs offer a ton of ergonomic benefits.

They also use only super high-quality materials to build their chairs and as such, DXRacer chairs are known for being highly durable.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Formula Series F08-NFormula90-135°200 lbs (91 kg)PU Leather1D
Racing Series R0-NRacing90-135°250 lbs (113 kg)PU Leather3D
King Series K06-NKing90-135°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather4D
Sentinel Series S1-NSentinel90-135°350 lbs (159 kg)PU Leather4D
Tank Series T01-NTank90-120°450 lbs (204 kg)PU Leather4D
Drifting Series D08-NDrifting90-135°250 lbs (113 kg)PU Leather3D
Iron Series I11-NIron90-135°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather4D
Valkyrie Series VB03Valkyrie90-135°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather3D


AKRacing is another great gaming chair brand very similar to DXRacer. Like DXRacer, they started out as an automotive sports seat manufacturer before expanding into gaming and office chairs.

Also like DXRacer, they only use the highest quality materials to make sure their chairs stand the test of time. They’re so confident in the quality of their chairs that they back all chairs with a 5-year warranty on the chair itself and a 10-year warranty for the frame.

Some of their seats are a little more affordable than DXRacer, but they also have a few high-end options with similar price tags. Their best and most expensive chair is the Onyx Series.

All AKRacing chairs follow the classic racing-style design with high backs and armrests, but I find that they have wider, deeper seats than DXRacer.

They’re also very well known in the eSports scene and have partnered with big-names like Team Astralis.

AKRacing Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Core Series EXCore90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)Fabric3D
Core Series EX-WideCore90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)Fabric3D
Core Series SXCore90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather3D
Masters Series ProMasters90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Masters Series MaxMasters90-180°400 lbs (181 kg)PU Leather4D
Office Series ObsidianOffice90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather3D
Office Series OpalOffice90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)Fabric2D


Secretlab is a much newer gaming chair brand that took the market by storm when they released their first chair back in 2015.

They were founded by competitive gamers who couldn’t find a single PC chair that ticked all of their boxes and wanted to create a seat that did. As such, every aspect of Secretlab chairs has been carefully designed to offer the perfect blend of ergonomic support, comfort, durability, and style.

Personally, they’re one of my all-time favorite brands. I also think that they’re responsible for the all-around best gaming chair in 2023, the Secretlab Titan Evo.

One aspect of Secretlab chairs that sets them apart is the quality of their core materials – particularly the upholstery. All Secretlab chairs are available in three styles of upholstery: Prime PU Leather, Softweave Upholstery, and Napa Leather.

Secretlab’s Napa Leather chairs take comfort to a whole new level and are the ultimate in luxury, but also have the highest price tags on the market. Their standard upholstery option, PU leather, is much more affordable, but even that is pretty awesome.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Secretlab OMEGAOMEGA85-165°240 lbs (109 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
SoftWeave® Fabric
NAPA Leather
Secretlab TITANTITAN85-165°290 lbs (131 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
SoftWeave® Fabric
NAPA Leather
Secretlab TITAN XLTITAN XL85-165°390 lbs (177 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
SoftWeave® Fabric
Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022TITAN EVO85-165°285 lbs (129 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
(Small)SoftWeave® Fabric
NAPA Leather
Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022TITAN EVO85-165°285 lbs (129 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
(Regular)SoftWeave® Fabric
NAPA Leather
Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022TITAN EVO85-165°395 lbs (179 kg)PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather4D
(XL)SoftWeave® Fabric
NAPA Leather


Vertagear is another exciting new brand that only recently entered the market in 2015. They were started up by an eccentric team of avid gamers, brilliant designers, furniture specialists, and computer hardware experts. Their mission is to develop products that combine the best of all these separate disciplines.

One of the things that I like about Vertagear is the way the brand is constantly seeking to ‘level up’ and evolve its existing range of gaming chairs. They’re continuously innovating with new and exciting features and like to venture outside of the standard racing-style model.

For example, they’ve recently released the world’s first wirelessly controlled LED/RGB gaming chair, the PL4500 (with upgrade kit). It has some incredible ground-breaking features including audio syncing, PC and phone integration, psychedelic LED lighting, and even integrates with popular games like Overwatch, DOTA, and more.

This isn’t their only gaming chair that is trying something new either. They have one of the most versatile ranges of seats on the market, and many of their chairs look and feel very different from many other gaming chair brands. This is a great brand for gamers looking to break the mold and try something new.

Vertagear Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Racing Series S-Line SL2000S-Line80-140°240 lbs (109 kg)PVC Leather2D
Racing Series S-Line SL4000S-Line80-140°240 lbs (109 kg)PVC Leather4D
Racing Series S-Line SL5000S-Line80-140°260 lbs (118 kg)PVC Leather4D
PL4500P-Line80-140°260 lbs (118 kg)PVC Leather4D
PL6000P-Line80-140°350 lbs (159 kg)PVC Leather4D
Triigger Line 275Triigger85-145°330 lbs (150 kg)Mesh, Leather4D
Triigger Line 350Triigger85-145°330 lbs (150 kg)Mesh, Leather4D


Noblechairs is another high-end racing-inspired gaming chair manufacturer, based in Germany. They’re a leading gaming chair brand that has produced chairs used by many eSports teams and professional gamers.

They market themselves as a premium brand that caters to the “resolute few who shape the world”, and produce chairs with ‘electric-eccentric’ designs.

The aesthetic of their chairs definitely stands out from many other brands as they opt for more professional, subtle styles and designs. Most of their chairs feature dark, minimalist colors with sophisticated detailing. They have a premium image that gamers looking for something that looks a little more upmarket will appreciate.

The three main lines of Noblechairs seats are the EPIC Series, the HERO Series, and the ICON Series. Each of them is robust, superbly economic, and fantastically stylish. They’ve also won several awards in different categories.

Noblechairs Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
EPIC SeriesEPIC90-135°265 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather4D
Real Leather
ICON SeriesICON90-135°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Real Leather
HERO SeriesHERO90-135°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Real Leather

Anda Seat

Anda Seat began back in 2007, making professional racecar seats for the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Six years later, the company saw the potential for gaming chairs with the rise of professional eSports. Since then, they have used their knowledge from the racing circuit to design top-quality chairs for gamers.

These chairs prioritize comfort and ergonomics, which shows in the thought and the materials that go into each chair. Anda Seat’s products are so popular that they are now being sold in 30 different countries around the globe.

Anda Seat currently has eight different lines of gaming chairs to appease a wide variety of players. Furthermore, they have partnered with Marvel and Disney to create and produce unique designs representing some of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

The team at Anda Seat also manufactures chair mats, footrests, gaming desks, and even mouse pads for use along with their chairs. It should come as no surprise that each of these designs meshes perfectly with the aesthetic of their chairs.

Anda Seat Gaming Chair

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
AD4-07 Gaming ChairAD4 Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather3D
AD7-02 Gaming ChairAD7 Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather4D
AD12XL-03 Gaming ChairAD12XL Series90-160°440 lbs (200 kg)PVC Leather4D
AD17 Gaming ChairAD17 Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather4D
T-Pro II Gaming ChairT-Pro Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)Fabric4D
Kaiser II Gaming ChairKaiser Series90-160°440 lbs (200 kg)PVC Leather4D
Dark Knight Gaming ChairDark Knight90-160°440 lbs (200 kg)PVC Leather4D

X Rocker

X Rocker is a very different brand from the others we’ve talked about so far. Whereas the others focus primarily on PC gaming chairs, X Rocker is a brand that caters to console gamers.

They don’t produce standard racing-style PC gaming chairs. They specialize in curved, L-shaped chairs designed for PS4 and Xbox gamers. Their chairs tend to be very diverse and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from pedestal rocker chairs to sofa-esque gaming armchairs.

What makes X Rocker chairs stand out is the high-tech features that they often incorporate, and how they integrate with your games. For example, many of their chairs feature things like USB ports so that you can charge your controllers from your armrest, cupholders, storage for games, audio integration, and much more.

One of their most popular products is the X Rocker Pro Pedestal gaming chair, a brilliant rocker-style chair that integrates with all major consoles and boats an ergonomic design, full wireless stereo sound, and subwoofer.

X Rocker Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable ArmrestsAudio System
Pro Series H3Pro SeriesFixed275 lbs (125 kg)VinylFixed4.1
Pro Series Pedestal 2.1Pro SeriesFixed275 lbs (125 kg)VinylFixed2.1
G-Force 2.1G-ForceFixed275 lbs (125 kg)Faux LeatherFixed2.1
Torque 2.1TorqueFixed275 lbs (125 kg)Faux LeatherFixed2.1
Vibe 2.1VibeFixed275 lbs (125 kg)Faux LeatherFixed2.1
Delta 2.1DeltaFixed275 lbs (125 kg)Faux LeatherFixed2.1

Please note that X Rocker gaming chairs are unique in that they often include built-in audio systems, which may be important for some users. The table above includes information on the audio system for each chair model, where applicable.

Remember that some models may be available in multiple color options and designs. This table provides a general overview of the features, and there could be variations within each series. Always consult the product page or manufacturer for the most accurate specifications.

GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing is a gaming chair brand that has been manufacturing a diverse range of gaming and office chairs since 2009. They’re one of the more affordable brands on this list as many of their office chairs fall in the mid-range category.

As you’d probably expect based on the name, this brand focuses primarily on making chairs for racing games. As such, they sell a wide range of racing simulator seats and cockpits. These are essentially frames that gamers can attach wheels, pedals, and gears onto for a full racing simulator set up.

They don’t just produce chairs, though. They also manufacturer a range of gaming accessories too, including mousemats, backpacks, and more.

GT Omega Racing Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
PRO Series Gaming ChairPRO Series85-160°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather4D
ELITE Series Gaming ChairELITE Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather4D
EVO XL Series Gaming ChairEVO XL Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather4D
MASTER XL Series Gaming ChairMASTER XL Series90-160°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
ELEMENT Series Gaming ChairELEMENT Series90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)Fabric4D


Maxnomic is an office and gaming chair brand that is extremely popular amongst the gaming community. Chairs from the brand are used by a variety of famous YouTubers and streamers like Tfue, Ninja, and Shroud. Most of Maxnomics popularity can be attributed to their wide variety of well-priced reliable racer-style chairs.

Some of the most popular chairs from the brand include the Maxnomic Cloud9 Pro (the chair used by eSports stars Cloud9) and the Maxnomic Dominator. One of my personal favorites from this brand is the Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT XL, as it is one of the biggest chairs available and it’s a solid option for big and tall gamers.

Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
CASUAL-SPORTCasual-Sport83-139°220 lbs (100 kg)PU Leather4D
PRO-GAMING & OFFICEPro-Gaming83-139°220 lbs (100 kg)PU Leather4D
OFFICE-COMFORTOffice-Comfort83-139°285 lbs (130 kg)PU Leather4D
XL-SERIESXL-Series83-139°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D

Cougar Armor

Cougar is an American brand which is fast making its way into the gaming chair arena. Their range of Armor chairs are perfect for gaming and all come with the distinct black and orange colors of the brand.

In total, the brand stocks six different chairs, which means there is something for everybody when it comes to variety. Some of the most popular chairs from the brand include the Armor Titan and Armor One. The Armor Titan is popular amongst bigger gamers, as it is the largest chair offered by the brand.

Aside from gaming chairs, the brand also stocks all the gaming essentials, from keyboards and mouses to headphones and PC cases. What’s great about this is that you can match all your computer accessories to your gaming chair easily if you choose to buy them all from Cougar.

Cougar Armor Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
ArmorArmor90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PVC Leather4D
Armor SArmor S90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PVC Leather4D
Armor OneArmor One90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PVC Leather2D
Armor One RoyalArmor One Royal90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PVC Leather2D
Armor TitanArmor Titan90-170°352 lbs (160 kg)PVC Leather4D
Armor Titan ProArmor Titan Pro90-170°352 lbs (160 kg)PVC Leather4D
Armor Titan RoyalArmor Titan Royal90-170°352 lbs (160 kg)PVC Leather4D

Thunder X3

Thunder X3 is an Asian brand that focuses on creating equipment for eSports. Among their creations is an impressive line of gaming chairs fit for gamers that prioritize comfort and functionality.

As Thunder X3 have created all their chairs with eSports players in mind, the chairs are fit for long and intense gaming sessions.

At present, the brand stocks a variety of 16 different chairs, and makes use of a selection of patented technologies to enhance comfort.

A lot of their chairs come complete with ‘air tech’ which enhances the breathability of the fabric and helps players to stay cool and comfortable whatever the weather.

ThunderX3 Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
BC1BC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
BC3BC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
BC5BC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D
UC3UC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D
UC5UC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D
EC1EC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D
EC3EC Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D


Corsair is a gaming brand that is mostly known for its keyboards, mouses and gaming accessories. However, amongst their ever-expanding product list are a couple of gaming chairs that are not to be missed.

The most notable chairs from the brand are the T1 race chair and T2 road warrior.

Both chair designs were inspired by car ergonomics, meaning they’re sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to comfort. Both chairs look fairly standard and resemble any other common racing style chair.

However, the T1 is designed to emulate the comfort of a motorsport chair, whilst the T2 road warrior is inspired by the comfort of luxury long haul vehicles.

As with many products offered by Corsair, their gaming chairs are well worth a look if you’re hoping to create a super comfortable and extremely functional gaming set-up.

Corsair Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
T1 RACET1 Series90-180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather4D
T2 ROAD WARRIORT2 Series90-170°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather4D
T3 RUSHT3 Series90-180°265 lbs (120 kg)Soft Fabric4D


E-win is a gaming chair brand that markets itself as ‘quality but cheap’. They have a selection of racing style chairs on offer that are used by Youtubers and Gamers alike. Their most popular chairs include the Knight series, Champion and Calling Series.

If you’re looking for a chair that has all the comfort and functionality of a high-end gaming chair, for a smaller price, then E-win could be the brand for you.

Aside from gaming chairs, they also offer affordable gaming desks, table stands and other PC accessories which can help you to complete your set-up for less.

E-Win Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Flash XL SeriesFlash XL85-155°550 lbs (250 kg)PU Leather4D
Calling SeriesCalling85-155°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather3D
Champion SeriesChampion85-155°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Hero SeriesHero85-155°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Knight SeriesKnight85-155°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather3D

Clutch Chairz

Clutch Chairz is an up and coming brand in the gaming chair scene. Whilst they’re not quite as popular as Maxnomic and DXracer they do have a quite a good reputation in the online gaming scene.

Most notably, they’re the creators of the meme-worthy chair owned by YouTube’s most subscribed creator, PewDiePie.

In addition to the ‘PewDiePie Edition’ Throttle Series chair, Clutch Chairz also stock a good variety of solid and affordable racing style gaming chairs that would work well in many different gaming set-ups.

Some of their other chairs that are worth a look include the Crank Series and Shift series chairs. If you’re in the market for other kinds of gaming equipment, they also stock some items like L-shaped desks which are great for computer gaming set-ups.

Clutch Chairz Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Throttle SeriesThrottle85-135°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Shift SeriesShift85-135°265 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
Crank SeriesCrank85-135°265 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
Gear SeriesGear85-135°265 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather3D
Clutch SeriesClutch85-135°265 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D


Arozzi is a Swedish gaming chair manufacturer which started designing chairs in 2013, when the company was founded. One of the key strengths of the Arozzi gaming chairs are the ergonomic features which ensure comfort, paired with the affordable prices and nice-looking designs.

All of the Arozzi gaming chairs are lightweight but sturdy and are designed with different colors to choose from. There is a Class 4 gas lift on all of the chairs and the maximum weight capacity differs from model to model. However, in general, they are found to be great for big and tall people and optimal for normal-shaped people. The secret to the success of Arozzi lies in the innovative construction and the focus on sturdiness that the company managed to perfect over the years.

Some of the most popular gaming chair models from Arozzi include the Enzo Series, the Torretta Series, the Verona Pro and Vernazza (from its Premium line) and other models. Just like IKEA, Arozzi is the Swedish representative of quality gaming chairs and the excellence in this department has been kept (and continuously updated) for more than 5 years.

If there is some space to improve, I suggest that the Arozzi gaming chairs could benefit from more fancy features and something that will truly set them apart from the competition.

Arozzi Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Verona JuniorVerona165°132 lbs (60 kg)PU Leather1D
Verona Pro V2Verona Pro165°286 lbs (130 kg)PU Leather3D
Verona XL+Verona XL+165°352 lbs (160 kg)PU Leather3D
InizioInizio165°200 lbs (91 kg)Fabric1D
TorrettaTorretta165°231 lbs (105 kg)Fabric1D
Torretta XLTorretta XL165°286 lbs (130 kg)Fabric1D


BraZen is a gaming chair brand which is located in the United Kingdom and employs their own quality control experts who are independent of the manufacturer. This ensures that the rules and regulations are adhered to and the gaming chairs are produced ethically. This is what the brand confidently advertises on their website.

The BraZen gaming chairs are known for their affordable prices and relatively good materials. Most of the models come with adjustment and tilting features as per standard, a Class 3 gas lift and a PP armrest with PU and foam padding.

Perhaps one of the most popular BraZen gaming chairs is the BraZen Puma chair which is not the tallest one out there (the BraZen Phantom Elite is the tallest) but is a nice model overall which can meet most people’s specifications. The base, backrest area, arms, wheels and legs are all solid, but not as solid as other high-end brands in the industry (such as Secretlab, for example).

The construction of the materials is well and the BraZen chairs generally offer a sturdy feeling. A set of pre-drilled and pre-threaded holes make the chairs straightforward for assembling too – all you have to do is find the right holes and screw into them.

All in all, BraZen has its specific target audience and proved a lot of success in the past couple of years. From it, it is easy to see that the brand wants to prove that gaming chairs can be available minus the hefty price tags. However, if you want a chair that is bright and flashy and has more than just standard features, BraZen may not be the one you are looking for.

BraZen Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Stag 2.1 BluetoothStagN/A264 lbs (120 kg)PU LeatherFixed
Puma PC Gaming ChairPuma135°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
Phantom Elite RacingPhantom Elite135°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather2D
Sultan Elite 180Sultan Elite180°264 lbs (120 kg)PU Leather4D
Serpent 2.1 Bluetooth PedestalSerpentN/A264 lbs (120 kg)PU LeatherFixed


Boulies is a gaming chair brand which started designing chairs in 2015. As a manufacturer, they skip the extra costs of distributor margins and storefront expenses. So they can keep the competitive price with high quality. They have some quite popular chairs include the Master series, Ninja series and Titanium series.

With some YouTubers and steamers recommending, more and more people start to pay attention to Boulies gaming chairs. As many people know, they are well-known as good quality, great support at an affordable price. Most of the models are Class 4 gas lift, aluminum foot base and cold-cured high-density foam with functionality. Especially to deserve to be mentioned, their chairs ultra abrasion PU leather. It’s so soft, smooth and strong. It’s so durable. 

They also market their chairs as premium products as they design more subtle and professional style. Not only gamers, many office men like their chairs’ styles and designs as well. Most of their chairs are minimalist colors with high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a high-quality chair that is comfortable and functional with a smaller price for your office or home. Then Boulies could be your choice, especially their master series gaming chair. It’s so classic and very suitable for working/ studying/ gaming.

Boulies Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Elite SeriesElite90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Master SeriesMaster90-180°350 lbs (158 kg)PU Leather4D
Ninja SeriesNinja90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Racing SeriesRacing90-180°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Monster SeriesMonster90-180°440 lbs (200 kg)PU Leather4D

Techni Sport

Techni Sport is a manufacturer of gaming chairs, gaming desks, apparel and accessories. Based in the United States, this gaming chair brand is known for its affordable gaming chairs that come in many different colors and styles.

Some of the most popular series of Techni Sport gaming chairs include the Echo Series, Pro Gamer Series, Geo Series, GG Series, Gamer XL Series. There is also a customized collection of gaming chairs that the brand has proudly manufactured for partners such as eSports Arena and others.

If there is something revolutionary that Techni Sport brings to the table when it comes to gaming chairs, it is the design. You can see nice colored lines, modern-looking curves, holes in the right places and basically a consistent design all over any of the chairs. Coupled with the good prices and the nice upholstery on most chairs, this brand sends a serious message and is definitely one of the most uplifting American brands on the gaming chair market.

Gaming chairs aside, Techni Sport is a great place for PC gaming desks. The models listed on their website look amazing and come in different styles and colors. Plus, you can practically gear up your entire gaming room with Techni Sport products and enjoy your new setup.

One of the greatest things about this brand is the fact that it donates around 3% of each sale to different charities worldwide based on the specific color of the chair. For example, each red Techni Sport gaming chair gives 3% of the sales to the disaster relief cases, and each white chair donates 3% of its value to veterans. You can see the full list of color combinations and charities on this link. You can visit the Techni Sport shop, become an affiliate or sign up to their newsletter and get discounts in the future.

Techni Sport Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
TS-43TS-43150°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D
TS-61 ComfortTS-61150°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D
TS-83 GreyTS-83150°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D
TS-92TS-92150°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D
TS-XL1TS-XL1150°350 lbs (158 kg)PU Leather2D


Razer was founded back in 2005 as a gaming mouse manufacturer. Since that time, they have expanded their product line to include gaming computers, headsets, software, and more. Razer also quickly jumped on board the eSports scene, being a prominent sponsor of some of the best teams out there.

Today, Razer is an incredibly popular gaming desktop and laptop manufacturer that is known for high-quality, top of the line computers. While many of their rigs are on the higher end of the price spectrum, they provide the specs gamers need.

The company kept this mentality in its recent jaunt into the gaming chair scene. Although they only have one chair at present, the Razer Iskur follows the same line of thinking that makes Razer’s computers so great.

The Iskur has some innovative lumbar and seat support technology that looks to set it apart from other brands. With many rave reviews already, this is likely just the beginning of Razer’s journey into awesome gaming chair designs.

Razer Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
IskurIskur139°299 lbs (136 kg)PVC Leather4D
Iskur FabricIskur Fabric139°299 lbs (136 kg)Soft Fabric4D
Iskur XIskur X139°330 lbs (150 kg)PVC Leather2D


Mavix is one of the newest gaming companies around, having just launched in late 2020. Before opening their virtual doors, the team at Mavix spent nearly 18 months sculpting each of their gaming chair offering. In addition to chairs, their current product line includes a footrest and some swag.

At present, the company has a total of four available chair designs. These are marketed as the M4, M5, M7, and M9, with the number of features increasing with each chair. Their highest-tier chair in this category, the M9, really pulls out all the stops when it comes to design and comfort.

Each of Mavix’s chairs is available with their Elemax system. This system, created specifically for their line of chairs, has the ability to heat up stuff muscles or keep you cool on a warm day of gaming. The Elemax also has a built-in massage feature with varying intensities. Each of Mavix’s chairs can be purchased without Elemax technology, but adding this feature comes at a premium.

Mavix Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
M5M5127°350 lbs (158 kg)Mesh3D
M7M7127°350 lbs (158 kg)Mesh4D
M9M9127°350 lbs (158 kg)Mesh4D


GTRacing introduced their first gaming chair to the market back in 2013. With success in the Chinese market, they quickly expanded into the North American, Japanese, and European markets in the subsequent few years. Not to be outdone, they are still working to reach new clientele in other parts of the world.

This manufacturer has a rather extensive line of products, covering gaming peripherals like mice, keyboards, and headsets, as well as gaming desks and chairs. Their chairs fall into one of four different series, each with unique features. The Music Series has built-in speakers, where the Footrest Series comes with an extendable footrest underneath the chair.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly gaming chair option, GTRacing may just be your answer. Many of their price points fall as low as the upper one-hundred-dollar range. That being said, these chairs don’t have features that really make them stand out among the other manufacturers out there.

GTRacing Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Pro SeriesPro90-170°330 lbs (150 kg)PU Leather4D
Music SeriesMusic90-170°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D
Ace SeriesAce90-170°290 lbs (132 kg)PU Leather4D
Lux SeriesLux90-170°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather4D
GTBEE SeriesGTBEE90-170°300 lbs (136 kg)PU Leather2D

Herman Miller x Logitech

Herman Miller x Logitech brings together two big names with the intent of creating an epic gaming chair. Herman Miller has been in the business of making furniture for the last 80 years but has only recently entered into the gaming chair space. Logitech, a leader in computer peripherals for many years, adds its knowledge and insights to the design.

The two companies have birthed the Embody Gaming Chair, designed to be the best in comfort and gaming. The product hit shelves in the summer of 2020 after careful input from over 30 PhDs in ergonomics, vision, and biomechanics.

The Embody caught the eye of popular YouTube and Twitch gamer Shroud, who currently uses it as his main gaming chair. The chair’s price point puts it at the very high end of the market, and as such, it won’t be accessible to everyone. Time will tell if these two companies will launch additional products down the road.

Herman Miller x Logitech Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
Embody Gaming ChairEmbody93-125°300 lbs (136 kg)Fabric4D
Aeron Gaming ChairAeron93-126°350 lbs (158 kg)Mesh4D


Respawn markets itself as a company for all gamers. They produce gaming chairs for professionals, casual players, and everyone in between. In addition to chairs, the company also makes a line of gaming desks. This crew is relatively new to the gaming market, having launched their business in just 2017.

To demonstrate their versatility, Respawn makes a variety of different chair designs. These offerings include chairs made from mesh or upholstery and feature designs with footrests and those made specifically for console gaming. They even manufacture a chair for those in the big and tall category.

Respawn’s chairs cover a middling range of price points to reach a large consumer base. They also have partnerships with several professional players and content creators from around the world. This speaks volumes for Respawn as a whole and their place in gaming.

Respawn Gaming Chairs

ModelSeriesRecline RangeMax Weight CapacityMaterialAdjustable Armrests
110 Racing Style Gaming Chair110155°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather2D
200 Racing Style Gaming Chair200130°275 lbs (125 kg)Fabric2D
900 Racing Style Gaming Chair900135°275 lbs (125 kg)Mesh4D
110 Pro Racing Style Gaming Chair110 Pro155°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather4D
3000 Series Gaming Chair3000155°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather4D
8000 Series Gaming Chair8000155°275 lbs (125 kg)PU Leather4D

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