The Top Black Friday Gaming Chair Deals!

With Thanksgiving here and Black Friday moments away, the top gaming chair companies are rolling out the deals. We’ve gathered up these deals for you, but cash in quickly because they won’t be there for long!


Secretlab is best known for its Titan line of gaming chairs. We reviewed it earlier this year and declared it one of our favorite chairs to date. Secretlab has opted to offer both its 2022 and 2020 models at a discount!

Secretlab’s Black Friday Deals Revealed!

As Black Friday approaches, Secretlab is set to offer some of the most attractive deals on its products. Mark your calendars, because these offers will be available starting from August 29th and extend till late September for different regions.

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Black Friday Deals, NOW!
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Savings Overview:

  • Australia: Save up to A$330 on selected Secretlab chairs and get A$139 off on MAGNUS bundles.
  • New Zealand: Discounts of up to $150 on Secretlab chairs.
  • Malaysia: Get up to $130 off on Secretlab chairs and $119 off on MAGNUS bundles.
  • Singapore: Up to S$300 off Secretlab chairs and $119 off on MAGNUS bundles.
  • Europe: Avail up to €200 discount on Secretlab chairs and €100 off on MAGNUS bundles.
  • United Kingdom: Up to £200 off Secretlab chairs and £100 off on MAGNUS bundles await.
  • United States: Save up to $150 on Secretlab chairs and enjoy $100 off on MAGNUS bundles.
  • Canada: Discounts of up to $300 on Secretlab chairs and $119 off on MAGNUS bundles.

Product-Wise Discount Details:

Please note that these offers are available on selected Secretlab chairs and MAGNUS Bundles.

Be ready to seize these amazing deals from Secretlab this Black Friday and upgrade your gaming or office setup with premium chairs and accessories! Remember to act fast, as these offers are for a limited time.


DxRacer is pulling out all the stops, offering deals across the board on all its gaming chairs. The site advertises chairs up to 30% off, but the chairs we saw on sale range from 10 to 25%. This sale is going on until December 3rd as supplies last.

PVC Leather Series: 15% off all models

Air Mesh Series: 10% off all models

MASTER Chair: 10% off all models

Gladiator Chair: 20-25% off models depending on color choice

Prince Series: 10% off all models

King Series: 15% off all models


Vertagear is not only offering its best chairs at a discount, but also some RGB upgrade kits for two top models. The site offers no indication when these Black Friday deals will disappear.

SL5000: $70 off, currently $389.99

SL4000: $70 off, currently $329.99

PL1000: $50 off, currently $279.99

PL4500: $100 off, currently $499.99

PL6000: $100 off, currently $399.99

PL4500 RGB LED Top Upgrade Kit: $60 off, currently $239.99

SL5000 RGB LED Top Upgrade Kit: $60 off, currently $239.99

RGB LED Bottom Kit for PL4500 and SL5000: $60 off, currently $239.99


Andaseat is offering a major price reduction on some of their most sought-after chairs. They also have a lucky wheel you can spin to win additional savings or chair accessories! These chairs are flying off the shelves, so don’t delay.

No products found.

Marvel Collection Premium Gaming Chairs

Captain America: $280 off, currently $249.99

Spiderman: $510 off, currently $349.99

Iron Man: $235 off, currently $234.99

Antman: $200 off, currently $199.99


Dark Demon Series: $210 off, currently $219.99

Jungle Series $170 off, currently $179.99

Pretty in Pink Series: $150 off, currently $404.99

Fnatic Edition: $300 off, currently $249.99

NAVI Edition: $80 off, currently $449.99


Ewin is offering Black Friday deals on everything on their site. The amount you save depends on the cost of the item you’re purchasing. Don’t forget to use the appropriate code at checkout! Note that these codes are not stackable.

15% off anything over $199 using code BF15

25% off anything over $269 using code BF25


GTRacing is advertising a sitewide sale that will only last until the end of the day on Thanksgiving. While the discount isn’t as high as some of the offers we’ve seen from other brands, saving even a little money never hurt anyone! Be sure to add the coupon code to your cart before checking out.

$30 off anything over $200 with code GTXS200

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