What Is The Best AKRacing Chair in 2021 ?

Technically, it should be a chair that offers maximum comfort, is sturdily designed and has every possible feature you could ask for.

In the sea of gaming chair reviews, AKRacing is a brand that you should definitely consider. I found this true after one of my friends showed me a great AKRacing chair (it was the AKRacing Nitro). As soon as I got to the actual AKRacing gaming chair reviews, I found out that there are plenty of options when it comes to professional gaming chairs.

Still, even though there is a lot of variety with this brand, it can make it more difficult for the participant to determine which chair to purchase. And this is exactly why we are unveiling the brand and its full collection of AKRacing gaming chairs below.

TLDR;  If you are on a tight budget you should go for the EX Series. On the other hand, if you can spend more the best one is the LX Serie. If you want to know why just continue to read.

What Are The Main Features Of An AKRacing Gaming Chair?

If you are wondering what’s all the fuss about AKRacing as a gaming chair brand, you should know a couple of things. First, the design of the AKRacing chairs is truly unique and impeccable – not to mention the build and the comfort of the materials that the chair offers.

Generally speaking, you should expect the following features out of every AKRacing chair:

  • An adjustable backrest (180 degrees) and lockable rocking function
  • A fabric design, PU and real leather (Onyx) coverings
  • 2D and/or 3D features with in/out arm rests
  • Steel frame, class-4 gas lifts and ability to handle up to 150 kilos
  • Cold foam with a high density 49 kg/m³ tо 55 kg/m³
  • Flexible lumbar and neck cushions
  • Flexible wheels which can be exchanged with the AKRacing Rollerblade Casters
  • A 2-year warranty on every part plus a 5/10 year warranty on the steel frame

So, if you want a great gaming chair in terms of high-quality and product design, AKRacing is definitely a brand you should choose. However, if you are looking for the perfect chair (and you are ready to pay well for it) – or if you are a big guy weighing over 150 kilos – you should also check out other brands besides AKRacing.

A list of all the AKRacing Gaming Chairs – Reviewed

In 2018, every gamer is demanding the best from a chair that costs a couple of hundred. I know this because I expected the same. Luckily, the AKRacing gaming chair collection exceeded my expectations.

Each chair in the newest lineup of AKRacing is built on a solid metal foundation and features a high-density mould-shaping foam. The differences are primarily in the armrests and design features.

All in all, the best AKRacing gaming chairs are designed for long sessions of work or play – and each chair comes with lumbar and neck pillows for added support. Below, I am reviewing all of the AKRacing gaming chair models and collections – to help you find the chair that best meets (or exceeds) your expectations.

Note: The base price for all AKRacing gaming chairs is the same. I found out that the EX models match this base price, while the SX models demand $30 more for the added features, the LX models are priced $50 more for their features – and the Premium AKRacing gaming chair models are priced $120-$130 more respectively.


1.AKRacing EX Series 

AKRacing EX

Price: $329,00 – $349,00 (based on configurations)

As you can see from the specs above, the EX Series is the backbone of the 2018 collection – and a series of models supported by a fully packed metal frame with anti-corrosive black paint. The paint makes these models look luxurious.

Aside from the perceived luxury, the AKRacing EX Series gaming chairs include adjustable features such as 3D armrests, 180 degrees of recline, a class-gas 4 lift, high-density shaping foam and a fabric upholstery to cover it all. The end result is a sleek, durable and comfortable chair that can can support gamers up to 150kg.


2. AKRacing SX Series

AKRacing SX Series

Price: $399,00

When it comes to the AKRacing SX Model Series, it is safe to say that this collection is an overall good fit. It combines a polyurethane leather upholstery and has a streamlined look with aggressive color accents and features.

Just like most of the AKRacing chair models, the SX collection offers support of up to 150 kg and exceeds most of the ANSI/BIFMA Standards – not to mention the adjustable headrest, lumbar cushion and back angle.


3. AKRacing LX Series Gaming Chair 


Price: $419,00 – $449,00 (based on configurations)

Just like most of its predecessors, the LX Series by AKRacing has everything you could ask for from a professional AKRacing chair. What makes this model different is the wider steel frame and heavier foam padding – allowing it to support round-shaped gamers.

The design and color accents of this model can easily match any room decor – and you will definitely enjoy sitting in the comfy polyurethane leather upholstery.


4. AKRacing Premium Collection


Price: starting from $399,00 (based on configurations)

Last but not the least in the AKRacing gaming chair collection is the Premium model which offers the most premium features – plus a 5-year warranty on the chair and a 10-year warranty on the frame.

The chair is as comfy as AKRacing gets and says a lot more than its ‘brother and sister’ models. It is also available in a tri-colored look which looks amazing and has some bold office-friendly colorways that you won’t find on any other AKRacing chair.


5. Masters Series Max 

The Masters Series Max by AKRacing is a gaming chair that has wide capacity and is designed for larger people. Inspired by the classic racing style, this chair has a 400 pound weight capacity and a sturdy build. There is a nice reclining function that goes all down to flat (180 degrees), making the chair ideal for napping or relaxing.

At the same time, the fact that the AKRacing Masters Series Max is big makes it roomy for smaller users. The color palette includes black, blue, indigo, red, and white, all of which are accent colors on what is primarily a black and gray body. 

Assembling this chair is a simple process where you need to remove the four bolts from its sides, screw in the parts and bolt on the upper base (with the chair flipped over). You will notice that the materials are smooth – for instance, the cold cure foam padding shapes around the body and is covered in faux leather, padded mostly around the seat and lower back area for extended comfort.

Last to mention are the adjustments. From the pneumatic cylinder that raises and lowers the chair to the tilting mechanism and the reclining function, there are plenty of possibilities for gamers to find their ideal position. The tilt mechanism locks itself, and there are large armrests covered in PU rubber that are adjustable in height and direction. 


6. Masters Series Pro 

If you think that you are a pro deserving a pro chair, the AKRacing Masters Series Pro was designed to fulfill your needs. Even though this is one of the most expensive AKRacing gaming chairs, it is definitely worth the cost, and there are many reasons for that.

First of them is the padding, which is used 70% more compared to other AKRacing models. This makes the chair premium and gives users more comfort. Second of all is the fun and stylish design which makes the chair very attractive.

Another thing worth pointing out are the easy adjustment options with paddles that you can control almost effortlessly. Remember, this is a model that has 4D armrests that go in all directions, and reclining features that can put the chair seat at your specifically desired angle. However, these armrests are made of plastic, and that is one of the things I don’t like about this model.

Still, if you are spending long periods sitting while gaming or doing other tasks, the Masters Series Pro is definitely a chair for you. With healthy support and luxurious features, it is the throne you deserve (even though it costs a bit more than some of its competitors).


7. Office Series Opal

If you want a powerful office chair that has the features of a gaming chair, the Office Series Opal by AKRacing is for you. The chair is comfortable to sit on and has a lot of space for normal-sized people.

It also comes with the highest grade upholstery materials, ensuring comfort and durability. There is a lot of attention to detail put into it – the ergonomic design with head and lumbar pillows for adjustable support proves that.

The backrest of the chair can drop flat (which is good if you want to lie down a bit) and its gas cylinder will allow the chair to be heightened or lowered based on your height, which gives extra points for the adjustability of the chair.

In the seat base, AKRacing used a high-density cold-cured foam for long-term enjoyment. If you need space for your arms, you will enjoy the 3D armrests and the ways you can move them. Overall, this is a simple-looking chair with a minimalistic design and primary material that is soft and comfortable for the body.

Overall, the Office Series Opal is a gaming chair that looks simple but has plenty of solid features. It is obviously not the best in terms of features, but has enough to put you in a comfortable position, even if we are talking about hours spent working in the office.


8. Office Series Obsidian

The AKRacing Office Series Obsidian is a beautifully designed chair. It has a frame that looks and feels sturdy, and casters that are quiet on all floors. The black woven texture is easy to maintain even if you spill something on it, and the 4D armrests can help you position your arms naturally to your unique preferences.

The black combination looks powerful, simulating a luxurious office chair look with two pillows for added comfort. One of them is the headrest pillow which blends in nicely, and the other is the lumbar pillow that looks like it is integrated within the chair.

For many, features like these are enough to justify the premium price. Another great thing is the reclining feature, which as AKRacing suggests, can be used whenever you want to take a break from working and chill, relax or eat your lunch.

Despite the high price tag, this chair gives plenty of value with its materials. It is easy to assemble, offers a full range of reclining features and can handle up to 330lbs of weight. All in all, this is a great AKRacing chair that you can use whether you are working or gaming.


9. Office Series Onyx

The Onyx is the king of the AKRacing Office Series, and one of the most sophisticated chairs in the entire brand lineup. If you spend a lot of time on your desk, it is definitely a chair you should consider.

From a first glance, this looks like a chair that is minimalistic and without much branding or racing-styled themes. There are two all-black options with different leather, designed so that the chair blends in any interior nicely. Both of them look and feel good.

The PU leather trim makes the chair comfortable, while the full-grain leather is a bit more sophisticated. Some of the functionalities that deserve a highlight include the 4D armrests, multifunction tilt-lock mechanism (with a recline of up to 180 degrees) and the heavy duty frame that supports up to 290 pounds.

If you require a larger weight capacity, you will find that in Onyx’s brother – the Obsidian gaming chair. However, the 4D armrests and unique design is what justifies the price of the Onyx chair, keeping you active while you sit and giving you the comfort you need for a full day of uninterrupted work.


10. California Limited Series

This limited series edition named California is something that AKRacing designed in two colors: white and purple. The brand’s inspiration was sunny California, which is its main theme. The white version accents with black details, while the purple one features white and black details.

One thing that needs your attention if you are considering this chair, however, is the fact that it sits on a smaller frame and is ideal for users with a height of up to 5’6″ (167 cm) and weight of up to 155 pounds (68 kg). So, the chair is perhaps best for teenagers or smaller users.

Despite its lightness, the steel frame is strong and sturdy. On the other hand, the backrest area features two lumbar pillows and adjustability of up to 180 degrees. This means that the California Limited Series can go all the way down, whether you want to take a nap or watch a movie.

While the sturdiness is delivered from the Class 4 gas lift and strong 5-star base, the comfort of this chair is accented through its high-density foam. AKRacing used materials that don’t subdue even after long hours of use.


So, Which AKRacing Gaming Chair Should You Buy?

In the end, it is safe to say that AKRacing has several collections that meet the needs of most gamers on the market.

That said, if you want an entry-level model for the cheapest price and nearly all of the standard features, you should go for the EX Series. If you want to pay more and get a bit of more functionality and features, my advice is to opt in for the LX Series or the SX Series (depending on how much you are planning to upgrade).

And if you want the best model, my advice is to purchase the Premium Series. With this, you will get a premium design, a lot of functionalities and added comfort. Not to mention the amazing 5-year warranty on the chair and 10-year warranty on the steel frame for ultimate peace of mind during your gaming endeavors.

Good luck!

Carl Chamoiseau

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