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4.0 rating

Spend a lot of time at your desk gaming, working or watching series and you’re looking for a comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair? Check out my review of the Razer Enki to see if it’s the right choice for you! 

UPDATE 09/23: Mastering the art of space-efficiency, the Razer Enki has been awarded the title of “Best for Compact Spaces” in our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. This chair’s sleek and compact design makes it a perfect fit for environments where space is at a premium, without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. It is an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their gaming or working experience in smaller spaces while enjoying the high-quality build and ergonomic design synonymous with Razer products. To understand more about the unique attributes of the Razer Enki and to review other compact options, refer to our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

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Razer Enki ReviewScores
Unboxing & assembly5/5
Settings & Features4/5
Build quality4/5
Comfort & ergonomics4/5
Razer Enki review at a glance

Who hasn’t heard of Razer in the gaming world? A manufacturer specialising in gaming accessories and peripherals, they have more recently got involved in the gaming chair market with their very first chair: the Razer Iskur which I reviewed, and which I found to be innovative and comfortable, but expensive. With the Razer Enki, we return to a more classic gaming chair in design that’s very promising on paper.

Let’s get started with my review of the Razer Enki.

Razer Enki Spec List

To begin, take a look at the specs of the Razer gaming chair in the table below.

Razer Enki: Overview
Weight: 66.1 lbs (30 kg)
Adjustable in height
Seat width: 8.2” (21 cm)
Recommended height: between 5’4” (166.5 cm) and 6’6” (204 cm)
Maximum load: 66.1 lbs (136 kg)
Metal base with 5 wheels
4D armrests
Recline up to 152°
Delivered with integrated lumbar cushion and headrest
3-year warranty

Delivery & Unboxing of the Razer Enki gaming chair

You’ll receive a big package; the experience was positive, I received the chair quickly after ordering (which is pretty rare given the shortages). The delivery was efficient and the driver dropped the box off directly at the foot of my building.

I remembered the streamlined unboxing of the Razer Iskur so I expected the same thing here. Yep: the manufacturer has clearly paid attention to the unboxing experience. I found a first panel with information on the good practices with the chair, then another panel on both sides with a word from the founder and the instructions on the back. There are also some goodies, such as two stickers. In addition, all parts are carefully packaged, protected and held in place by thick foam pieces. There’s a box for the accessories, which are also well stored and protected. In short, the real deal!

In terms of documentation, it’s pretty basic. There is the mounting panel and just a small multi-language warranty booklet.

Razer Enki assembly

The assembly of the Razer Enki is pretty standard. You start by assembling the backrest and the seat, then you put on the chair cover. Then we head to the assembly of the mechanism, and later we start on the base and the wheels. The body of the chair is then placed on the gas lift installed on the base. All that’s left is to install the memory foam cushion, and away you go!

In my opinion, the assembly of the Razer Enki is pretty easy. You can assemble it by yourself without any difficulty (yep, I managed), even if some steps are a bit frustrating. The classic moment of putting the screws in the screw holes when assembling the backrest and the seat, for example, was a bit of a hassle. Nothing too difficult, though. On your own, expect it to take around twenty to thirty minutes for a ready-to-use chair.  

In my opinion, the assembly instructions are very clear. There aren’t many steps and it’s all well illustrated.

Features of the Razer Enki gaming chair

Check out our overview below and our review of the various settings and technical aspects of the Razer Enki chair:

  • Armrests: they are 4D, which means they can be adjusted up and down; left and right (rotated); forward and backward; inward and outward. This is excellent, as often manufacturers stop at 3D armrests, so it’s very thorough.
  • Backrest: it can be tilted up to 152°, which I think is a good range. Of course, some chairs go up to 180°, but that’s of little use without a footrest.
  • Seat: you can adjust its height.
  • Tilt: the tilt is generous and can be locked at different angles like the Secretlab Titan. In combination with the recline, it allows you to extend even further. 
  • Lumbar support: it is integrated, but not adjustable.
  • Head cushion: it’s made of memory foam and is attached by means of a clip-on strap that you pass through the openings at the top of the backrest.
  • Maximum load: it’s 299.8 lbs (136 kg), which is very good for a standard model.

So, based on my test of the Razer Enki, the features seem numerous and comprehensive. There are enough settings for you to find the best position for you.

Is the Razer Enki gaming chair high-end?

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I will go into detail on each aspect:

  • The cover: it’s of superb quality, I can’t fault it. The diamond pattern is aesthetically pleasing and adds visual depth to the model. As for the finishes and stitching, they are exemplary, with no defects.
  • The armrests: I am totally satisfied with the armrests, which have the same settings as the Secretlab Titan gaming chair. There are locking buttons for each direction, which prevents the armrests from accidentally moving out of place. Their padding is good (although Secretlab’s is more so, with greater width and thickness) and the feel of the coating is pleasant.
  • The cushions: I can’t test the lumbar cushion, as it’s built-in. On the other hand, for the headrest, I don’t find any defects, no flaws, everything is ok.
  • The base and the wheels: the metal base seems very solid, and its 5 points offer perfect stability. It doesn’t have any rough edges. However, I’m disappointed with the wheels. They were a little “greasy” when I put them on, and frankly they have poor grip on PVC flooring. In fact, when you move the chair, the wheels don’t roll, they just slide, making the movement clunky and uncomfortable. It would be worth testing on other types of flooring.
  • The gas lift: there’s not much to say, it’s solid, does not sink and handles the height adjustment well.
  • The multi-tilt mechanism: it is undeniably robust and allows for smooth adjustments.
  • The backrest recline: it’s stable and generous. The backward adjustment is deliberately firm to be able to choose the recline with precision. But it’s a shame about the very abrupt rise.

In conclusion, the overall build quality of the Razer Enki is excellent. The cover is impeccable, including the cushion. The mechanical parts are reliable and robust. My only real disappointment are the wheels, which clearly have poor grip on PVC flooring.

What’s my view on the comfort and ergonomics of the Razer Enki?

Let’s look at the comfort of the backrest, seat and armrests.

For the back, the Razer Enki gamer chair is ergonomic. The curved shape of its backrest is designed to provide enveloping support.  I find the feeling of the coating pleasant and I like the subtle sensation of the diamonds which are almost like a mini massage. In addition, the integrated lumbar cushion helps support the lower back and relieve pain. However, I think it’s a shame that it’s not adjustable like the Secretlab Titan.

The Razer Enki chair is quite comfortable for the neck. The high density of the padding is noticeable when in use, and even the top of the backrest is relatively well padded. The memory foam head cushion is good as it adapts to your body to provide comfort and support. However, the position of the cushion isn’t good for me. It’s too low, so I’m not really comfortable. And because of the clip system, you can’t move it and change its position. So I have to pull it up with my shoulders and hold it with my neck, but with the slightest movement, it goes back to its original position. It’s not very practical!

The seat of the Razer Enki chair is comfortable and ergonomic. Like the backrest, it has high-density foam padding, which offers very firm support. It reminds me in this sense of the Quersus V505 even if this is a step down in terms of comfort. I really like the feel of the little diamonds on the coating. The seat is quite wide, but unfortunately not quite wide enough to sit cross-legged.

The 4D armrests are a great feature of the Razer Enki gaming chair. If you read my reviews regularly, you may have noticed that armrests are often the weak point of chairs, with minimal padding and impractical adjustments. With the Enki, Razer has done it right. The armrests are sufficiently padded, although slightly less so than those of the Secretlab Titan. They provide good support for the arms and forearms, and the numerous adjustments allow you to find the perfect position for your body and your uses.

Verdict of the Razer Enki gaming chair

To conclude my review of the Razer Enki, I would say that it is an ergonomic, comfortable and high-end gaming chair, but with some flaws that spoil the experience. The build quality is excellent, as is the support and comfort provided by the back, seat and armrests. The multiple settings are a bonus. However, the poor position of the head cushion, the inability to adjust the lumbar support or the lack of grip of its wheels are all problems, in my opinion, and are not well justified at this level in the range.

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Should you buy the Razer Enki Gaming Chair?

It’s a good gamer chair, but I find the price high compared to the competition. For example, it’s the same price as the Secret Titan Evo 2022 Series which is, in my opinion, at another level. So I’d recommend you check out my review of this chair, then compare the two models to see which one you like most.

Verdict: 4/5


  • A neat, efficient and pleasant unboxing experience
  • Nice build quality, excellent coating
  • The practical and comfortable 4D armrests
  • The comfortable memory foam cushion
  • Ergonomic seat and backrest
  • The 3-year warranty


  • Its (too) high price, especially compared to the US price.
  • The poor grip of its wheels
  • The cushion is not well placed for my body type.
  • Integrated non-adjustable lumbar support

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