Corsair T3 Rush Hands-On Review

4.0 rating

Today we’ll fully test the Corsair T3 Rush. We already tested the T1 on the site, and we were rather disappointed. Lack of room for the shoulders, the foam used… We expected more from a brand that has been known for so long in the gaming world! So, what about its little sister, the T3?

Corsair T3 Rush grey/black
Corsair T3 Rush grey/black
Corsair T3 Rush ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly4/5
Features 3/5
Build Quality4.5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 4/5
Corsair T3 Rush Review at a glance

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Build quality, comfort, ergonomics, but also ease of assembly and packaging… I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this $300-ish chair that I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

Packaging and assembly: flawless

Corsair T3 Rush Box
Corsair T3 Rush parts
Corsair T3 Rush manual

Let’s do things in order by briefly mentioning the unpacking and assembly of the chair. No need to create suspense here, these stages went exceptionally well.

The chair arrived in perfect condition, in a well-designed and sufficiently protected package. It was easy for me to unpack everything, and the assembly was completed in less than half an hour. I’ve never put a chair together so easily! There were no missing pieces.

There were even two extra screws for the more absent-minded. A little bonus for you lazier folks: the armrests were pre-mounted! I felt that everything had been thought out to make things as quick and easy as possible.

Special mention for the very high quality of the assembly and use manual. The instructions were translated and every detail is explained very clearly.

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Corsair T3 Rush features and functionality

Now that you know you have nothing to worry about when it comes to assembly, let’s review the main features of the Corsair T3:

  • Armrests: 4D
  • Backrest: Adjustable tilt up to 180° (theoretically).
  • Seat: Fixed.
  • Rocking-Chair: No.
  • Lumbar support: Yes, separate cushion.
  • Head cushion: Yes.
  • Max. load: 262 lbs (120 kg)

All of the chair’s features are easy to use. On paper, we particularly appreciate the 4-dimensional adjustable armrests and the extensive tilt. But we’ll talk about the tilt later…

Materials used: very good overall impression

We appreciated the quality of the fabric used

Let’s move on to the test itself! Let’s start with the materials used. Simply put, I was impressed with them.

Excellent fabric

I really like the polyurethane fabric used on the seat and backrest.

Soft, resistant and elegant, this material allows you to feel cosy, without ever giving an impression of fragility. The stitching is perfectly done. There are no loose threads, so the lining looks durable. It also seems to be rather easy to clean, although I would have liked to find some instructions on this in the manual…

Durable parts

Besides the fabric, which I greatly appreciated, I was very impressed with the vast majority of the other pieces. For starters, the central piston is made of solid metal. It is quiet, precise and stable when used. A faultless performance here.

The armrests are made of a material that I’ve never come across, but I liked it too. It is a kind of plastic/rubber that is rather firm, slightly soft to absorb the small shock when you rest your elbow. It’s a success! The mechanisms of these armrests do the job, and that is more than enough for me… But some may say that they have a slightly clumsy feel to them. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to find the right position.

The other parts of the chair are made of metal or solid plastic. The whole thing seems to be quite resistant. If you buy this chair, you should be able to keep it for a long time!

Last but not least, the silence. This gaming chair makes absolutely zero noise. It is rare to find a chair that stays silent in all conditions. It was therefore worth mentioning.

Exceptional armrests

Two problems to note

As you can see, as far as materials are concerned, the T3 Rush gave me a very good overall impression. But I have to point out two small issues that somewhat spoiled my experience during this test.

To start with, the wheels. They are solid, and they fit perfectly into the base. They are also perfectly silent. But they have that little flaw found on some office chair models: they roll a little too easily. When you want to relax, you sometimes make the wheels go backwards. So you need to tense to avoid going too far.

It’s hard to be both relaxed and upright in these conditions… To achieve this, I have to squeeze in as much as possible, and block the wheels using the force of my own weight. Too bad.

The tilt system could also have been improved. It’s not far from perfect… The tilt system works without a hitch, and even has a range of 180°. It is quiet, stable and accurate. So it’s great on paper. But unfortunately, as with the wheels, a small manufacturing defect prevents you from relaxing completely. When you tilt all the way, you have to watch out for those pesky wheels that move too easily.

You also need to be careful not to move your weight too far back, otherwise the base will come off the ground!

I was a little scared trying to tilt the chair all the way back the first time… Since then, I’ve been a little tense when I decide to take a semi-reclined position to relax after work and feel the chair absorb my weight. But I imagine that over time, it will all become more intuitive.

Be careful not to go backward!

One of the most ergonomic chairs I’ve tested

I’m really bummed that the Corsair T3 Rush has these little wheels and tilt flaws… If it weren’t for that, I truly believe I would have found the perfect chair for me. Everything else is top-notch!

Perfect posture without hassle

The chair is very ergonomic for a body type like mine (I am rather thin and of average height). Sitting on it, I feel supported at the lumbar level, and my neck is perfectly maintained by the small separate cushion.

The second separate lumbar cushion is not useful for me personally. The design of the chair already fits my body perfectly and I don’t need anything else. But it’s not useless. My wife, for example, who is a little smaller than me, feels better supported with it, and she prefers to keep it there.

The padding of the seat is well adapted to my body too. It is rather firm, without being stiff. This is my favourite type of chair! It allows you to sit for a long time without slouching or hurting your backside. Same thing for the backrest. It is quite firm, which allows you to have good posture without ever slumping. The back stays straight and it’s almost impossible to get into a bad posture on it.

Let’s move on to the armrests. They’re firm too, but they have everything you need to play or work using a keyboard/mouse or controller without cramping up. Tilting in 4 dimensions, they allow you to find alternate positions easily, and to rest your arms in all circumstances without ever losing dynamism.

As a result, all I have to do is sit down and make a few quick adjustments to find the right position almost instantly. I can stay on it for hours without hurting myself, and without having to readjust my posture, which is still too often the case on gaming chairs.

Limited comfort

I don’t know about you, but for me a good gaming chair should allow me to hold a healthy position for long hours without having to worry about it. What you need to know when it comes to buying a good gaming chair is that opting for a chair that is simply comfortable is rarely the right solution. On this type of chair, you slouch too much and you end up with aches and pains at the end of the day…

The T3 Rush from Corsair is a perfect gaming chair, in my opinion. Don’t expect to feel light as a feather on it. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should choose something else. The seat, backrest, armrests and even the cushions are firm… But they allow you to be perfectly supported and find the position you need instantly, without ever slouching.

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Verdict: Corsair comes close to perfection!

If you’ve read the whole test, you now know my thoughts on the T3 Rush. With it, Corsair has come close to perfection. On it, you feel supported like never before. The chair allows you to keep good position for a long time without having to think about your posture. For me, that’s essential.

But I know that some people look for comfort, and to feel light, even if it means paying for it in the long run. If this is the case for you, it’s better to choose another chair. Especially as the wheel and tilt issues will prevent you from going relaxing 100%.

But honestly, for $300-ish chair, Corsair has done an excellent job. If you want to keep your posture and avoid ruining your back and still play as much as you want, you can trust the T3 Rush.

Our rating : 4/5


  • General ergonomics
  • Easy maintenance of good posture
  • 4D armrests
  • The soft and resistant fabric
  • Ease of use
  • Tasteful gaming design


  • Wheels that move too easily
  • Max tilt is not secure enough
  • Limited comfort

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