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3.0 rating
AutoFull Pink Bunny front
AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly3.5/5
Features 3/5
Build Quality2.5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 3/5
AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair Review at a glance

After testing models from typical gaming brands, such as Secretlab or Noblechairs, I decided to innovate by giving a chance to models that are both more original and less known.

So here I am, looking for a new model… until I come across this one. Original, for sure, just for its design.

However, under its charming and even charismatic appearance, does the chair meet my expectations in terms of functionality and comfort?

To find out, take a look at my review for the AutoFull Pink With Bunny gaming chair.

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair characteristics & features

You can see here the main technical characteristics of this gaming chair, I talk more about this chair below.

AutoFull Pink With Bunny : Overview
Weight: 25 kg
Adjustable height
Seat width : x cm
Max user weight : 150 kg
5-wheel base
2D armrests
155° tilt
Class IV Piston
Shipped with back and head cushions
Includes ears and rabbit tail, floor mats
2-year warranty on the seat
Price: See it on Amazon

Delivery, unboxing and presentation of the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

AutoFull Pink Bunny assembly parts

As you can imagine, it’s a small giant that arrives at your door, almost 30 kg. It is preferable to be there with with someone else, unless you are on the first floor (which is my case, haha!).

I was quite enthusiastic when opening the package. Everything is well packed, protected, and tidy. You’ll find the various parts: seat, back, base, tilt mechanism and armrests.

A first separate box contains the accessories (screws, assembly guide and brand brochure, wheels, jack and covers), and a second one contains the aesthetic goodies: the rabbit tail and ears. There is a lot of stuff, it can put you off a bit at first.

Chair assembly

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter with assembly of the AutoFull Pink With Bunny. For this purpose, we take advantage of a very clear, multi-language assembly guide with photos at each step.

First of all, we start by inserting the wheels into the base; good news: there is no need to force them in, they fit by themselves in the holes provided for this purpose. Then we move on to the installation of the piston.

Now we come to the connection between the backrest and the seat. This is rather simple, even if some screw threads are not a piece of cake; it is often necessary to re-screw them several times. Once the backrest is set in place, the covers can then be installed.

And here, I’m quite flabbergasted: as much as the cover fits well downwards (thanks to a notch), there is quite a bit of lee-way in terms of height. How is it possible to miss that? I check several times in the booklet, and see that the manufacturer talks about a “strip” that can be strapped to hold the covers.

AutoFull Pink Bunny defect

Erm, personally I couldn’t find anything ☹. So I have to be content with seeing the covers open up top, it’s not sensational.

Now let’s talk about the armrests. Because yes, contrary to all the models I’ve tested previously, it’s here for you to assemble them. So be it.

I’m working on it… and seriously, the manufacturer should have just taken care of it. It’s a real mess, I was block by 2 screws, and it took me a little help to get it done, because I was going crazy.

In the end, it ended well, but I suspect my gaming chair has some small manufacturing defects.

ANYWAYS, this step (finally) finished, I can see the end of the tunnel. We put in place and screw the tilt mechanism on the back of the seat, and then go back to placing the seat. The manufacturer recommends placing the base on the floor and to place the seat + backrest module on it.

Honestly, I do not find it very practical: it’s better to place the module on the floor, leaning, with the back of the seat towards you, then install the base before turning it over to place the chair correctly.

Then you finish with the installation of the armrests: the cushions (free for the back cushion, with strap for the headrest) and the design goodies: the ears and the rabbit tail. The tail rests on a button at the back of the backrest, while the arch of the ears fits naturally in a space provided for this purpose in the top of the backrest.

After this somewhat chaotic assembly, I can now move on to the analysis of the design, both in terms of quality and aesthetics.

What about the manufacturing quality?

AutoFull Pink Bunny without pillow

On this subject, I must say that this is a mixed bag.

The materials are a bit cheap, and for good reason: many elements are made of plastic. This is for example the case of the base, but also the wheels and armrests.

AutoFull Pink Bunny casters
AutoFull Pink Bunny base

As for the finishing touches, too, it’s not very cheerful. For example, I notice roughness and splinters on the base. Luckily, the upholstery is smooth and looks very good. The same applies to the back and head cushions, which are flawless.

The “Girly / Playboy” design, the gaming chair’s strong point

AutoFull Pink Bunny back

Indeed, that’s why we notice it. Has anyone ever seen a gaming chair like this before?

The target is very specific: it’s made to look “girly”. The white/pink combo is obviously in the spotlight and covers the upholstery, the base and even the wheels.

These colors are synonymous with lightness and softness; moreover, we don’t see these colors on my gaming chairs, so it is quite original. To the girly design is added a Playboy feel, which is easily seen in the ears and the rabbit tail.

Interesting fact: the chair combines this original design with some classic gaming codes, such as the “racing” backrest. The combination of the two genres is surprising but looks good.

Was AutoFull right to push the girly design so far? Honestly, I think that if you’re going to play this card, you might as well play it to the fullest.

Even more so as it seems to be very appealing in the light of customer feedback. I asked a few friends to give me their feedback on the visual of the chair: most of them have fun with it and like the original design.

Only a few friends find it a little “too much”, even quite caricatural. Tastes and colors! It all depends on you, then.

A word about maintenance: Light colors get dirty quickly, especially white you have to be both careful AND maintain the chair regularly.

The fluffy covering of the armrests is also white, and gets dirty quickly too; the same goes for rabbit ears, even though you are not supposed to touch them once they are in place, except to remove them. The wheels, on the other hand, pick up dust and other dirt very easily, so vacuum the floor mat regularly and clean the wheels as needed.

AutoFull Pink Bunny casters

AutoFull Pink features and adjustments

After having presented the chair visually, I’m now going to talk about using it. Here is my opinion on the different aspects below (I’m not going to talk about the height adjustment of the chair, since it is classic) :

– The rocking chair mechanism

The seat has a tilting system, so you can swing freely on the chair. However, it is a pity that it cannot be blocked with a lever.

– The inclination of the backrest: how far can you really go?

On the paper, the manufacturer indicates that you can push up to 155° for a “resting” position. However, when in use, I see that the backrest can tilt up to 180°; and it is even possible to lower it even closer to the ground with the rocking chair.

My first question now is: is this reasonable? Already, there is no need to go as far back as possible, since it simply becomes uncomfortable and useless at the most. My second question: is it even desirable? Honestly, I don’t recommend pushing to the maximum for a weight distribution reason. When tilting backwards, it is the backrest that has to bear the most weight, whereas it is normally supported by both the backrest AND the seat. I therefore advise you to limit yourself to 155° to preserve the integrity of the material.

– The 2D armrests

This is classic: the height can be adjusted by means of a lever on the respective sides of the armrests, as well as right/left rotation.

AutoFull Pink Bunny armrest

Note that this one is free and is not blocked: in other words, if you make a wrong movement of the elbow or seize the gaming chair by an armrest, this one is not going to stay in place.

It would have been interesting to be able to block the current setting with a button that you can press if necessary, to make new adjustments.

Decent comfort for the price

I tested the chair for several hours at a time, for work and gaming.

I have a good feeling about it, frankly. The seat offers good support, halfway between firm and soft, so it’s likely to be suitable for most people. As for the backrest, it’s classic towards the bottom, but very hard at the top. This means, in my opinion, that the head cushion is necessary to really be in a comfortable position.

The back cushion is classic, it does the job in terms of supporting the lower back, but it’s a shame that it’s so loose. If you often move around on the chair, the cushion will also move, so you have to wedge it with your back.

For the armrests, the removable fluffy cover offers a very soft contact, which cancels out their hardness.

AutoFull Pink Bunny front with pillows

Last observation: it is impossible for me to sit cross-legged because of my size. Depending on yours, however, you may be able to.

Conclusion of the review for the AutoFull Pink gaming chair

To give my final opinion, I have to say that I am relatively satisfied, even if I went through several disappointments. In my opinion, the design is original and very nice; the little goodies and the floor mats are fully effective, conferring an asset charm. However, it has the disadvantage that it needs regular maintenance to keep its shine.

The way the chair was made, I have mixed feelings, as much as the covering is irreproachable, I find the finishes unconvincing for the base. The numerous plastic elements are certainly affordable but give a somewhat cheap look. The badly installed covers are not the most beautiful either…

When in use, AutoFull Pink With Bunny is interesting, firstly in terms of its various functions. The tilt and rocking chair are nice from this point of view, but you have to be careful and not push it to the maximum.

In terms of comfort, no doubt, it’s honorable and is perfectly suitable for a use of several hours in a row. The fact remains that the cushions, quite classic, are necessary, especially with regards to the headrest.

Our rating: 3/5


  • A “girly” design, it’s done on purpose and it works
  • Nice goodies 
  • Smooth, flawless coating
  • The right comfort for the level of range
  • The generosity of the tilt and rocking chair
  • Floor mat supplied


  • The assembly is quite difficult for some steps
  • The overabundance of plastic elements
  • The average quality of the finishes
  • The covers
  • The unattached back cushion
  • Regular maintenance required

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of Topgamingchair.com and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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