Best Cheap Gaming Desks in 2021 : The Ultimate List

It’s hard to be a gamer without a gaming desk. When you’re playing with your laptop on your lap, you just can’t get the right posture to reach your full potential. That’s why I’ve put together this guide to the best cheap gaming desks in 2019.

So what is the best cheap gaming desk ? My top pick would be the Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk as it’s been intentionally designed to meet the needs of gamers. It has clever storage organization to fit all your gaming accessories and CDs, charging stations, and ample leg room. Most importantly, it’s very cheap.

It’s not the only affordable gaming desk though, there are plenty more great options out there! We’ve listed 10 of the best below, none of which will break the bank. First, though, you should know what to look for when buying a gaming desk. With that in mind, here’s a quick buyer’s guide…

So, here are the 9 best gaming desk in 2019:

  1. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk
  2. Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk
  3. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk
  4. Best Choice Products Modular L-Shape Desk Workstation
  5. Ryan Rove Belmac Large Glass Gaming/Office Desk
  6. Techni Sport Transformer Gaming Desk
  7. Tangkula Gaming Workstation
  8. DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Gaming Desktop
  9. Computer Desk Table Workstation Sliding Keyboard

What to Look for in a Good Cheap Gaming Desk

When you’re shopping around for a gaming desk, there are 7 important factors to consider. I’ll list and talk about each of these factors below.

1. Storage Capacity

Seeing as the main function of a gaming desk is to store/hold things, it goes without saying that storage should be a top consideration. You’ll want to choose a desk that has ample storage room for your games, controllers, and monitors.

If you plan on having a triple-monitor PC gaming set up, your surface will need to be fairly wide. Consider what you plan on storing on the desk carefully and make sure the one you buy can accommodate those storage needs.

2. Height

The height of the gaming desk is another important consideration to make. The main thing to ask yourself is whether or not the height of the desk provides room for your gaming chair to fit underneath.

3. Dimensions & Shape

It’s important to consider the dimensions and shape of your gaming chair to make sure it will fit in your available space. Some gaming desks are L-shaped desks to nestle in the corners of your room, while others aren’t.

4. Adjustability & Ergonomics

Another thing to consider in your gaming desk is adjustability. By adjustability, I mean things such as:

  • Adjustable, pull-out keyboard surfaces
  • Wheels that allow you to adjust the position of your desk easily
  • Swivel surfaces
  • Adjustable desk height

You probably won’t find all of the above in a budget gaming desk, but it’s beneficial to choose something as adjustable as possible.

The reason adjustability is important is because it helps with ergonomics. The more adjustable your desk is, the easier it can be adapted to your body shape and posture.

For example, adjustable keyboard surfaces allow you to choose the ideal distance that you feel gives you proper wrist and forearm support. There are also other ergonomic features that gaming desks use to help you to achieve proper posture.

5. Material

Different gaming desks are made of different materials. Surfaces are usually made of either wood, glass, or metal.

Glass surfaces typically scratch easily but tend to look a little more modern than wooden surfaces. They’re also easier to clean. Think about which material you’d like when choosing a gaming desk.

6. Design

Another obvious consideration to make is the design of your gaming desk, in terms of both aesthetic appeal and functionality. The best gaming desk designs will look cool while also being functional and well-organized.

7. Price

As this is a guide to cheap gaming desks, the price is obviously a huge consideration. When putting this list together, I’ve made sure to choose only the best value gaming desks. The vast majority of desks on this list are under $200, and some are less than $100.

Ok, now that you know what to look for, let’s dive into the list of the best cheap gaming desks in 2019.

1. Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk - 32” TV Stand, Charging Station, Speaker/5 Game/Controller/Headphone Storage

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My number one recommendation for a solid, affordable gaming desk is this desk from Atlantic Gaming. It’s one of the best-rated gaming desks on the market – and one of the most affordable!

There’s a place for literally everything. Put your CDs in the storage rack. Hang your headphones on the headset hook. Pop your controllers on the controller stand. Store your snacks in the under-desk basket… Heck, there’s even a dedicated cupholder on the front leg to put a drink in.

Even with all those clever storage organizers for your gaming gear, there’s plenty of tabletop room left for your monitors, speakers, and tablet. You can fit up to a 27-inch flat panel monitor on the monitor stand, and charge your smartphone on the charging stand. Both stands and all storage racks and organizers come with the desk.

The desk itself looks awesome too. The material is coated in a slick charcoal-colored top that is carbon fiber laminated. The legs are thin wire frames that are sturdy but not bulky, so it’s light enough to move around pretty easily.

There’s no back to this desk either, and it’s pretty high, so there’s plenty of leg room and space for big gaming chairs. All that empty space also promoted good air circulation to help you stay cool while gaming.

The only thing this desk is missing is a pull-out keyboard holder, but it isn’t really needed. There’s plenty of room on the desktop for your keyboard and arm so as long as you adjust your chair height correctly, you should still be able to achieve good forearm support.

2. Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk

Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF Computer Desk, Graphite

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Up next we have the Techni Mobili Mobile Upright MDF gaming desk. Like the Atlantic Gaming desk above, this has some clever storage accessories such as upright CD storage tubes that look cool and work great.

It also has some extra features that make it stand out from the desk above. Two extra features that this desk brings to the table are a pullout keyboard and wheels. The pullout keyboard has a safety stop so you don’t have to worry about pulling it out too far, and the wheels mean you can move it around your room easily with little hassle.

3. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk, Z1-S Computer Desk Z Shaped Ergonomic Computer Office PC Desks Gamer Pro Tables with LED Lights Cup Holder Headphone Hook & Free Mousepad - Black

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In my opinion, the Eureka Z1-S is probably the coolest gaming desk on this list. It offers some great mid-range features such as ergonomic design, free extra-large mousepad, sturdy Z-shape design and more.

The thing I love most about it though is the way it looks. It features LED lighting that you can activate by plugging it into your gaming laptop or PC through the USB port. It lights up with a cool blue that looks incredible.

Naturally, it’s a little more expensive than the two cheap gaming desks above. However, even with those cool features, it’s still pretty cheap when you consider the wider market.

4. Best Choice Products Modular L-Shape Desk Workstation

Best Choice Products Modular 3-Piece L-Shape Computer Desk Workstation for Home, Office w/Wooden Tabletop, Metal Frame, Pull-Out Keyboard Tray, PC Tower Stand - Black

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This huge workstation from Best Choice is the first L-shaped desk on this list. It had to make the cut for the best cheap gaming desks as it offers incredible value for money when you consider how big it is.

The L-shaped surface means you can fit it nicely in a corner. It also means you have plenty of surface space, which might make it a better option for gamers with huge monitors or double/triple monitor setups.

It features a classy, elegant look with a sleek wooden tabletop. It would work well as both a gaming desk and as a home-office workstation. It also has a slideout keyboard drawer and PC stand.

5. Ryan Rove Belmac Large Glass Gaming/Office Desk

Ryan Rove Belmac Glass Large Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Office Desk for Small PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office with Keyboard Shelf - Black Frame and Clear Glass


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The Ryan Rove Belmac is another L-shaped office/gaming desk similar to the Best Choice workstation I mentioned earlier. It’s basically two desks in one, joined together by a curved stand.

What’s great about this is that you can use one side for gaming, the other for study. It’s worth mentioning that this desk is pretty huge, so it might not work in smaller setups but if you have space for it, it’s awesome.

It has a more ‘contemporary’ design that doesn’t scream ‘gamer’, which makes it perfect for anyone that plans to use their gaming desk as a home office/study area too.

6. Techni Sport Transformer Gaming Desk

Gaming Desk - Techni Sport Transformer

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This gaming desk from Techni Sport lives up to its name. The ‘transformer’ really can transform thanks to the rotating ergonomic workstation that can be moved around to create multiple setups.

It also comes with a cool-looking ‘storage cube’ to store game, headphones, and other gaming accessories. You can tuck the cube under the desk or even use it as a footrest if you want to. This is one of my favorite cheap gaming desks in 2019. I wish it was a little cheaper, but it’s definitely good value for money.

7. Tangkula Gaming Workstation

Tangkula Gaming Desk, Gaming Computer Desk, Gamers Computer Desk, Gaming Workstation with Cup & Headphone Holder, Built-in Wire-Management, Writing Desk for Home Or Office, Black

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Tangkula have definitely thought about their target market and managed to create a really great cheap gaming desk. This workstation comes with all the things gamers value in their desks: 2 AC outlets, 3 USB ports, lots of surface room for monitors and mousepads, and ample storage space.

The sturdy construction makes it pretty durable. It also comes with a headphone hanging rack and a cupholder for your drinks!

8. DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Gaming Desktop

DXRacer DGD/1000/N Newedge Edition gaming desktop office desk computer desks pc desk gaming table Ergonomic Comfortable Desk (Black)

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Okay, so I cheated a little with this one. It’s not technically a cheap gaming desk – it’s double the price of most other desks on this list so far. Nonetheless, I wanted to include it for variety so that you could see what spending that extra cash could get you.

DXRacer is probably the biggest and most successful gaming chair brand. They’re known for their racing style gaming chairs, but they also manufacture other professional gaming equipment like this desk. Like all DXRacer products, you can be sure that this represents the highest build quality and a superior ergonomic design.

As you can see from the picture, this looks different from most other gaming desks. That’s because a lot of thought has gone into making this as efficient, ergonomic effective as possible.

For example, the double-triangle design is intentional (triangles are the strongest possible structure). The slight 10 degrees forward tilt (which they’ve called the ‘angle of attack’) is based on research that suggests this is the optimal ergonomic angle fo forearm support.

It also has massive wire management, is fully rotatable by 360 degrees for extra adjustability, and has a bunch of other features that show how purpose-built for gamers it really is. It’s an awesome desk – it’s just a little pricey!

9. Computer Desk Table Workstation Sliding Keyboard

If you’re on a super, super tight budget and feel that all of the desks we’ve mentioned so far are out of your price range, this desk is for you.

This is a no-thrills desk that, in all honesty, doesn’t have as much to offer as many of the other desks on this list. It’s nothing more than a simple, small, sliding desk with a pull-out keyboard. However, it does the job and it’s cheap – really cheap. In fact, it’s less than half the price of most of the other desks we’ve mentioned so far.

This makes it a great option for any gamer just looking for something quick and affordable that they can place their laptop and keyboard on.

Related Questions

What’s the best high-end gaming desk? In my opinion, the best high-end gaming desk would be the ApexDesk EDR-3612-BLACK ZT Series. It’s more expensive than many other desks but has a ton of high-end features that are arguably worth the money. One standout feature is the electric-powered motor that allows you to adjust the height and change it from a sitting to a standing desk at the push of a button.

Why do I need a gaming desk? A gaming desk is important for anyone that spends long periods playing games on a laptop or desktop. Placing your laptop on a desk, as opposed to on your lap, allows you to achieve better posture that will help you to avoid developing back problems over time. A gaming desk also helps heat dissipation from your laptop so you don’t have to worry about overheating, or getting a hot lap!

What’s the best gaming mousepad in 2019? My pick for the best mousepad in 2019 would be the Corsair MM800. It features RGB lighting that looks awesome, a USB pass-through that saves you an extra a USB port, and a low-friction, micro-texture surface for ultimate precision.

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