Best Gaming Chair Accessories To Have

No matter how cool a gaming chair is, there is always something you can add on to it. Just like cars are to car fanatics, gaming chairs are precious items of gamers nowadays.

As such, every gamer wants to upgrade, add-on or just make their gaming chair experience more comfortable and stylish.

Taking your ergonomics on a greater level is something that you can now achieve by purchasing accessories that go well with your gaming chair. These are also known as gaming chair accessories.

The Great Thing About Gaming Chair Accessories

The entire craze for gaming chair accessories started when these things started showing up on the market, which is roughly a couple of years ago.

In the beginning, there was a craze around add-on pillows that you can use with different gaming chairs. But then, the manufacturers started thinking about gaming chair accessories as a stand-alone category. And this is how plenty of products emerged on the market.

The best thing about these products is that aside from offering extra support or a stylish upgrade, they can also replace existing parts in your chair. Or better yet, they can be used as something that your gaming chair is missing.

For instance, neck pillows are perfect for gaming chairs which do not offer solid neck support. Alternatively, they can be used when your gaming chair’s neck pillow tears apart or is not in a good condition anymore.

But how many types of accessories for gaming chairs are actually out there?

Below, I am rounding up some of the best gaming chair accessories that you can find online.

Here is a list of the best gaming chair accessories to have 

1)Neck Pillows: Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow

Described by the manufacturer as “the world’s best-engineered neck pillow,” the Cabeau takes things up a notch as a gaming chair accessory that everyone should own. If you are a gamer yourself, you probably know how bad neck pain is and how difficult it can be to overcome.

Cabeau’s technology focuses on an innovative Seat Strap System which eliminates neck strain from spine misalignment and fatigue caused by reduced oxygen flow due to poor posture. Just wrap the straps around the headrest area of your seat to secure your head in place.

A really great side benefit of this gaming chair accessory is that it can be for travel as well as the office or at home on your sofa. Thanks to the raised side supports, there won’t be any lateral movement of your head as it maintains neutral alignment with the cervical spine. Every inch your unsupported head moves off the vertical axis creates an additional 10 pounds of pressure on the neck!

On top of all that, the memory foam core is protected by a moisture-wicking and machine washable cover which will keep your neck dry and will stay fresh-looking (yes, even after a marathon gaming binge).

2)Gaming Chair Mats: Florpad Mat

The Florpad gaming chair mats are taking things on a different level. Whether you have heard or seen these mats or not, you should know that this brand is taking them to another level.

Essentially, the Florpad gaming chair mads are designed to protect your carpets or floors against scratches or damages that may come from the wheels. But aside from the standard floor mats that some people use for their office chairs, Florpad has been designing gaming chair mats which are supercharged and amazing with their design.

Florpad’s gaming chair mats are taking things to a different level. Not only do they provide a smooth gliding surface – they look cool, have many colors and can be customized based on the color of your gaming chair. The thing I like most about gaming chair mats is the fact that they are water resistant, noise resistant and known to dampen the noise of gliding wheels.

This is why Florpad is one of the most popular brands in this niche, offering custom gaming chair mats in different colors and themes. Visit this page to preview all of the Florpad designs.

3)Gaming Desks: Arozzi Gaming Desk

We actually did a review of the best gaming desks before, but I wanted to include this model again in this list as a must-have accessory for some gamers.

Basically, the Arozzi gaming desk has plenty of features. Even though some consider it overpriced, it is height adjustable, has a headset holder, a cup holder and cable management holes with hooks, making everything organized around your gaming chair.

Plus, it really lives up to the entire gaming chair design and can be the best accessory that your gaming chair has ever gotten. So, if you are ditching your old desk or just want to try something new, it can be the largest and most useful gaming chair accessory you own.

4)Cupholders: YOY Clip-on Cup Holder For Your Gaming Chair

YOY Drinking Home Office Table Desk Side Huge Clip Water Drink Beverage Soda Coffee Mug Holder Cup Saucer Design, Black

This is one of the best choices for gaming chair accessories on the market – mostly because it is affordable and does not take up any additional space.

Basically, the YOY clip-on cup holder can be attached in any place. Its main mission is to keep your drink safe and prevent any spillage. Lightweight and easy to use, the YOY clip-on cup holder comes with a reliable and strong grip on the sides of the table as well as on your armrest.

What I love most about this cup holder is the fact that it can also hold cups with a handle. This basically means that you can put your phone in it and other necessary items. The cup holder has a 3-inch diameter opening that can hold wider cups, too. I have tried with my personal coffee mug (which is a bit bigger than usual) and the cupholder does its job great. According to the manufacturer, it can hold a cup that contains up to 24.69 ounces in it.

5)Foot Rest (Floor) Pads: Mount-It! Ergonomic Footrest (MI-7801)

Believe it or not, fatigue in the legs is a very common issue to gamers. If you do a little research online, you will find that sitting down for long periods of time can give you this type of fatigue.

Luckily, there are gaming chair accessories that will help you combat this issue. The best one is the Mount-It! Ergonomic footrest which can give you comfort and peace to your legs while you are sitting in your gaming chair.

The angled and ergonomic design even lets you customize from the three height adjustments (4.3in, 5.5in and 6.7in) for added comfort. There is also a tilt adjustment providing an angle starting from 0 to 30 degrees.

Starting from the customization down to the high-impact plastic, this is one of the accessories that I believe are essential for many gamers. The footrest has a wide foot space, meaning that the Mount-It! Footrest can certainly accommodate anyone who wants to gently relax their feet without worrying about sliding off.

6)Armrest Pads: Aloudy Memory Foam Chair Pads

Aloudy Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads, Comfy Gaming Chair Arm Rest Covers for Elbows and Forearms Pressure Relief(Set of 2)

I think that almost every gamer, if not every then every second gamer in the world, has an issue with their armrests.

No matter how good they are or in how many directions they go, some armrests are simply too stiff for gamers to put their arms on. Or, they cause arm pain when the arms are sitting on them for hours.

Knowing that a human arm weighs around 6% of the total body weight, two arms are 12% of our body. That said, this issue with your gaming chair needs to be addressed. Now, if you do have the issue, let me present the Aloudy gaming chair armrests.

The Aloudy armrests for gaming chairs are perfect for gaming chairs which do not have soft padded arms (and there are plenty of them). So, unless you are sitting on a SecretLab Titan and having the soft-padded arms next to you, this accessory is worthy of upgrading so that your arms start getting comfortable (instead of sore).

This product gives you 100% memory foam padding on your armrests, contouring to your elbow to relieve the pressure points. Finished in a soft polyester velvet material, the armrests are ultra comfortable.

7)Slipcovers: Daisy Dee Gaming Chair Slipcovers

Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Covers for Stretch Rotating Mid Back Chair Slipcovers Cover ONLY Chair Covers C162 (Daisy)

Before I start reviewing this product, I must say that I don’t like it at all. However, it has come to my attention that many gaming chairs are not in the same condition after a few years. Whether the leather is peeling or they are just too dirty to handle, this is a nightmare which many gamers have.

(And it is also why after all, I decided to include this accessory on my list.)

Basically, the Daisy Dee slipcovers can extend the life of your gaming chair, assuming that it is in a good condition except for its exterior. On another note, when I thought about it a bit more, these slipcovers can maybe transform a gaming chair to an office chair – giving it the “mask” that it needs to blend in an office environment.

So assuming all things, a slipcover is a great way to prolong the life of your chair. However, I am definitely not interested in using one if I love the design of my chair. I would only use it if the chair starts peeling, falling apart or needs an upgrade (as a last resort).

8)Foot Stools: AKRacing Footstool

AKRacing Footstool with PU Leather, Height Adjustable with Wheels, Ottoman Foot Rest for Office and Gaming Chairs - PC; Mac; Linux

Do you want another mini gaming chair – as an accessory for your big gaming chair?

If yes is your answer, AKRacing has actually thought of it. Their AKRacing Footstool is a product that is reserved for your legs (or as I say, the only part of your body which is not 100% comfortable and positioned on a gaming chair).

As you can see, AKRacing has a solution for practically anything. This chair features high-density cold foam padding and quality PU leather upholstery. The main two features include the adjustable height and the fact that there is a lockable wheel setting, which ensures that the footstool stays in place.

I don’t know about you guys, but this chair can be a nice accessory for the overall gaming room. Even if you don’t use it much for actual leg-putting on it, it can help and be a place where your younger sibling (or pet) can sit and watch you play games. And if you are a fan of AKRacing, you will definitely be excited to get it and pair it with your AKRacing gaming chair.

9)Mouse Pads: Gimars Soft Gel Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Gimars Upgrade Enlarge Gel Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad, Mouse Wrist Cushion Support for Office, Computer, Laptop, Mac, Comfortable, Lightweight for Easy Typing Pain Relief, Black

Gimars has created a mouse pad that it claims to be “a soft and smooth” mixture of breathable materials and comfortable memory foam. As a gamer, you probably have a lot of tension on your arms and if you play games on a PC, this is one of the gaming chair accessories you would like to invest in.

What I also like about this product is the fact that it comes in three different colors (black, blue and green) and that it is really hard to make it get out of shape. After all, the purpose of a gel-packed ergonomic mouse pad is to retract and always give your wrists premium support.

Coming in two pieces (for each one of your wrists), Gimars has redefined the entire process of PC-based gaming, improving the hand positioning and the wrist posture. All of this can help you alleviate wrist problems, joint issues and release your elbows and shoulder stress when you are sitting for long hours in front of your PC.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is safe to say that the list of gaming chair accessories is growing every year. The examples of the Arozzi gaming desk and the AKRacing foot chair are clear signs that even gaming chair manufacturers are looking to expand the lines and offer their customers an all-around experience focused on their gaming.

Do you like the gaming chair accessories listed above? Or maybe have a couple more nifty products to add?

Let us know in the comments!

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