The 5 Best RGB Gaming Desk Models (2022)


RGB gaming desks are selling like hotcakes right now – and there is a reason for that.

If you are a gamer, you probably know that when it comes to configuring your dream gaming desk, the devil is in the details.

By this, I mean that there is no gamer that would not want to consider all of the best features in their next gaming setup.

I learned this by heart when I was choosing my RGB gaming desk setup. I was at a major tech conference where a bunch of these products were presented – and I really could not believe the interest they received from the many like-minded gamers out there.

So, the best RGB gaming desk in 2020 are :

  1. Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk
  2. Merax Gaming Desk LED Lights Z-Shaped
  3. Kinsal Blade Series Gaming Style Computer Desk
  4. ThunderX3 AD3 HEX Gaming Desk With TiMotion Dual Motor
  5. Lynx RGB X Rocker Gaming Desk

What Is an RGB Gaming Desk?

If you are new to the concept of a RGB gaming desk, you should know that it is essentially a gaming desk meant for the personal computer (PC) configuration along with a display. A definition on RGB by Wikipedia reads:

“The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors.”

When used in gaming, the RGB concept supports full range colors – meaning that there is added quality in the game through the lighting effects. Standard desks don’t support this feature – but RGB gaming desks excel with this lighting and are always ready to amaze you with your gaming setup.

Now, as far as I know, this RGB model is making leaps forward not only in the gaming industry – but also used commercially in TVs and computer monitors released in the past few years. If you fancy having RGB colors popping whenever you play your favorite game, it is definitely something that you will like and something that will bring you closer to a more elevated gaming experience.

Does RGB Fully Live Up To The Hype?

Now, there is another thing I want to discuss before listing the best RGB gaming desks.

I must say, I was a bit skeptical about RGB and the hype around it. Perhaps it was only because of the fact that RGB is just a set of lights put on the gaming desks. So, I was wondering and asking myself:

“What is the new thing that RGB brings to the market? Is there a hype around it and a push by the manufacturers for a bigger profit on their gaming desks?”

The best way for me to know the truth was obviously by testing RGB gaming desks and seeing what they can do.

I got the first chance to do that on PS3 grafix (don’t blame me) and loading games like Assassin’s Creed, FIFA and others. As soon as I got involved in the gameplay, I was swamped by all of the nicely added lighting effects which really allowed to me indulge within the game even more.

Colorful, vibrant and in full quality, the entire experience looked so much better and I could only imagine what gaming would be like on a setup like this. As soon as I got my eyes laid on the RGB gaming part, my enthusiasm was over the roof.

However, this does not change the fact that a RGB gaming desk is only a desk with lights and nice lighting effects.

The Best RGB Gaming Desks And How To Find Them

The reality is that finding the dream RGB gaming desk is not as easy as it seems. You need to take account of its type, shape, size and the quality of the RGB lighting effects which are an extra factor in this case.

It’s true that gamers prefer details when it comes to choosing a new desk. If you spend your gaming time enjoying a smooth but standard desk, you should not settle for the average – and always look for an elevated experience and a more-than-comfortable desk for your gaming.

The RGB gaming desks definitely bring this to life – and make your entire room an arena for gaming. As we said before, there are a lot of RGB gaming desk models. Below, we are listing the best ones out there.

Merax Gaming Desk LED Lights Z-Shaped

Merax Gaming Desk LED Lights Z-Shaped Ergonomic Computer Desk Comfortable for PC Gamers Home/Office Durable Racing Table Workstation with Large Surface, Headphone Hook

First on our list is a RGB gaming desk by Merax which presents a sleek carbon fiber texture and a gaming surface that has plenty of space for all of your gaming monitors, keyboard, mouse and other gaming gear. This comes as per standard – but the really nice features are the built-in wire management, rear power strip holder and the convenient headphone/VR hook.

Powered by six LED lights, this gaming table lights up like Christmas and turns your gaming into a more sophisticated and elevated experience. If you ask me what I like most about the model, I would definitely say that it is the sleek carbon fiber finishing and the sturdiness of the desk itself.

What’s also nifty is the leveling feature which ensures a perfect fit for gamers of all sizes. Level and stable, the RGB gaming desk aligns to your needs and provides you with appropriate screen height, comfort and all that you need for long nights of (lighted) gaming.

The Z-shaped design might amaze a lot of gamers. However, you should know that it has been constructed by a quality density fiberboard and coated steel tube frame, featuring high durability and good stability. This is why it comes with even four leveling feet to make sure that every PC or laptop sitting on it is level and stable (without wobbling).

As the cherry on the cake, the entire RGB gaming desk is easy to assemble and maintain. All of the hardware and instructions for assembly are included in the package and everything is easy and quick to put together.

Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk

If you are looking for a simple-looking gaming desk that is somehow powered with RGB lights and features, this is definitely a model you should consider.

Personally, to me this RGB gaming desk looks a bit dull. I mean, its looks are just like a standard desk being used in the office – and the only cool thing about it is the lights on every corner and side. Not that innovative, right?

Still, there are many gamers who prefer RGB gaming desks like this because of their simple look. Quite minimalistic in its design yet super sturdy when it comes to its build and overall stability, the Level 20 BattleStation is definitely a gaming desk you can trust for years to come.

For me, the best feature in this desk is the electric height adjustability with software controllable RGB lighting effects. I also love the full surface mouse pad which makes it so much easier to enjoy your gaming and be back for more every single day.

You can even find the assembly guide on the manufacturer’s website and see that this model is well thought of. The main feature which remains, obviously, is the electronic height adjustability. So, if you have a younger or older brother or sister who also use your gaming desk, you don’t have to level your gaming chair up and down anymore to find the right balance – you can do this to your desk.

As the manufacturer says, the Level 20 BattleStation is a RGB gaming desk that is meant to elevate your game and suit all of the different gaming needs.

Kinsal Blade Series Gaming Style Computer Desk

Kinsal Blade Series Gaming Style Computer Desk Office Desk Student Table PC Desk with RGB LED Lights & Cup Holder & Gamer Workstation & Headphone Hook and King Sized Mouse Pad (RGB Lights)

First of all, we must say this – the Kinsal RGB gaming desk looks like one of the most futuristic models out there. The technology behind this desk is really well from what I could see – and the entire desk looks like it was taken from some sci-fi movie where a robot or cyborg is working on it.

But gamers love sci-fi movies – and they will probably love the Kinsal RGB gaming desk, too. The design is simply amazing, the headphone hook is really on point and most of all, I LOVED the cable grommets and additional functionalities which keep the cables hidden and away from the desk.

I mean, what more could you ask for?

Material-wise, everything is firm and sturdy. There is amazing support and a range of adjustable height settings for optimal viewing angle.

ThunderX3 AD3 HEX Gaming Desk With TiMotion Dual Motor

ThunderX3 AD3 HEX Gaming Desk - 16.8 Million Colors RGB Lighting, RGB Controller, Cable Management (120cm)

Whether you scanned through the content before or read it thoroughly, you know that these are more than just gaming decks. I am talking about their design, their build and their functionality – all of them are great and even without the RGB lights, they are one hell of a product everyone needs.

This is especially the case with the ThunderX3 AD3 RGB gaming chair. Even if we leave the colored lights aside, we know that this is a desk that is ergonomically friendly, has a sturdy steel frame and stylish side metal wings.

But when we are at the topic of the RGB lights, most of all, I am in love with the RGB LED controller which allows you to change the motion and change the way the lights color your room. There is also a HEX RGB ColorLighting which is of amazing quality and an entire cable management system that makes cables disappear behind the desk itself.

Even from a first look, you can see that the ThunderX3 AD3 is a RGB gaming desk designed for e-sports. It has an amazing dual motor mechanism which allows it to stand-up and also allows you to stretch your legs. From a health perspective (and knowing that gamers stay long hours in front of their console), this is very very important.

I honestly think that this model is one of the best RGB gaming desks out there and one of the models which have great materials, superior ergonomics and an option to take care of your custom LED lights.

Lynx RGB X Rocker Gaming Desk

If you want your (next) RGB gaming desk to have the right balance between functionality and weight, you should focus on both the features and the material used. The Lynx RGB rocker gaming desk is something of this type – it has heavy duty aluminum construction and a USB powered RGB lighting integrated on the legs and desk surrounds.

There are two cable management holes with decorative shroud for tidiness, as well as a brushed aluminum finish on the wrist rest for durable economic comfort. All of this makes me think about the “devil in the details” which I mentioned at the start of this article – and how appreciated it is by gamers nowadays.

The touch panel button control for controlling the LED effects is very well thought of, along with the free large mouse pad that you are getting as a bonus. Similar to a couple of the models reviewed before, the Lynx gaming desk comes with a hook to hang your headphones which tops up the entire gamer spirit of this chair.

Unlike the previous model (the ThunderX3), this one is a bit more innovative when it comes to design and uses a couple of nice finishes. So, you will probably like the silver aluminum legs and the black elements all around it. Most of all, the lights coupled with your console are letting you live up to the hype of the RGB gaming and indulge yourself in a new kind of an experience.

Eureka R1-S Gaming Desk 

Last but not the least is the Eureka R-1 gaming desk which is actually very similar to the Lynx model in terms of its shape, materials and even lighting. That said, I won’t talk much about the design of this desk – it is pretty much the same as Lynx’s (I just don’t know who copied who here).

From a single color light show to a multi color one, there are a lot of great things about this model and its RGB lighting. It illuminates and is quite bright – letting you indulge in the game even more.

What’s also nice is the sleek and smooth carbon fiber texture all around the gaming desk. The surface comes with a lot of space for your gaming monitors, mechanical keyboard, mouse and other gear. In short, the Eureka R1-S is a model that has the look and feel of a high-end desk which goes a lot further than the standard desks and options available now.

As a bonus, the manufacturer gives a 30-day money back guarantee. All in order to invite more gamers in the world of RGB gaming and help them indulge themselves while building the gaming station of their dreams.

Final Words

After reviewing all of these best RGB gaming desks…

I must say that I may even buy one for myself. I tend to both work and play games during the night when everything is quiet – and I could definitely use a set of extra lights besides my room ambient lighting.

If you feel the same, I think you should re-read this review again or at least start shortlisting the best RGB desks that I reviewed above.

And if you don’t like the concept of RGB desks, you can always switch the lights off and keep it that way (LOL).

Good luck!

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