Best Gaming Chairs For Xbox Series X|S

The Xbox Series X and S made a huge splash in 2020, becoming a direct rival to the PlayStation 5 console. With the consistent 60 frame per second (fps) gaming and a 1440p/4K output, there are many next-gen characteristics that make the Xbox perfect for anyone who wants to enter a new world of gaming.

If you are that guy or girl, you should know that besides your console, you need a chair to support your body and promote good posture. In times when there are just too many accessories to PCs, PS consoles and other gaming platforms, we are dedicating this post to the best gaming chairs for Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Before I actually start with our top picks, let me just give you a glimpse of what today’s console gaming chairs look like – and specifically, the four types of Xbox gaming chairs for living rooms.

  • Standard gaming chairs with footrest: These gaming chairs are identical to the look of standard PC gaming chairs, and come with footrest, which makes them practical for playing console games. You can recline, retract the footrest and even take a nap or read a book. They also offer the best of both worlds, which is why people also use them for work or gaming on their PCs.
  • Rocker gaming chairs: The Rocker category is a very popular one. Rocker is actually the dominant console gaming chair brand, and rocker seats are basically ones that are “glued” to the ground, without any base and casters. This makes sense for console gamers, since most of them are used to playing while sitting on the floor.
  • Pedestal rocker gaming chairs: These chairs are basically rockers attached to a base. The base does not feature wheels, but the advantage of these chairs over rockers is that they sit a bit higher off the ground, giving the legs more room to naturally “fall” on the floor. They also offer 360 degree swivel functionalities and come with many innovative features.
  • Recliner gaming chairs: Recliner gaming chairs are ones that simulate a chair that is part of a sofa. As such, they are comfortable and often used for watching movies, too. From cupholders to leg extensions, there are many interesting models with nice features.

Note: There is one more category which is racing simulators, or chairs that come with wheel and pedals, but since that is only relevant to some users and their Xbox Series X|S, I did not include it in this short list.

1)X Rocker Pro Series H3

X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Leather Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair with Headrest for Adult, Teen, and Kid Gamers - 4.1 High Tech Audio and Wireless Capacity - Foldable and Ergonomic Back Support

  • Dimensions: 34” (87cm) L | 24.8” (63cm) W | 41” (104cm) H
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs or 124 kg


  • Very sturdy and robust
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Great audio thanks to the AFM technology
  • Futuristic black aesthetic


  • Might be too large for a rocker chair, and take up more space than you expect

Many people cast their votes on this chair as “the best floor rocker chair” which makes sense, because this model definitely has some cool features. As one of the best sellers on Amazon, the X Rocker Pro Series H3 is a great Xbox Series X|S gaming chair, coming with padded leather and an Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology that delivers a crisp sound.

A thing I love is the tri-motor vibration, making the seat-bound immersion something I haven’t experienced before. Also, the 4.1 surround system is superior to any 2.1 system, including a punchy woofer with a vibration that stays in sync with the bass tones of the woofer. The end result is a powerful full-body sensation that is amazing if you want to level up your gameplay.

Premium in every segment, the X Rocker Pro Series H3 is one of the best Xbox Series X|S gaming chair. It also caters to the needs of PlayStation gamers, which is why it is kind of an universal console gaming chair.

2)BraZen Stag 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Gaming Chair

BraZen Stag 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair - Blue/Black


  • Dimensions: 94 cm (H) 54 cm (W) 71 cm (L)
  • Item weight: 16.8 kilograms
  • Max weight capacity: 264 lbs or 120 kg


  • A chair with the ideal height – higher than rockers and lower than standard PC chairs
  • Great surround system with separate bass and volume controls
  • Headphone jack and mobile/tablet support



  • Not the best option for tall or heavyweight users

In a world where there are just too many consoles, it is decent to have a couple of alternatives when it comes to gaming chairs. The BraZen Stag 2.1 chair comes as the perfect symbol of console gaming. It features a wide base that comes without casters, but is very stable.

On another note, the height of the chair is higher than a bean bag or a rocker, and lower than a standard PC gaming chair, putting it somewhere in the sweet spot. The real highlight of the BraZen Stag is the built-in speaker system which makes the chair rumble. There is also a 3.5 mm jack that can be used for headphones. Sith separate bass and volume controls, you can customize and make most of your gaming endeavors, powered by surround music.

The Stag also features a Bluetooth connection, so if you want to watch anything on your phone or your tablet, you can easily connect it. Overall, it is a very comfortable chair that delivers crisp sound and good audio. The design of the chair is simple, but functional and just like everything, makes up for a completely enjoyable experience.


3)X Rocker Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner

X Rocker 0717301 Premier 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Recliner, Dual Audio Foldable Gaming Chair and Home Theater Seating with Cupholders - Vibrating Subwoofer & Footrest, Black and Gray

  • Dimensions: 35” (L) 30 (W) 58” (H)


  • Very comfortable and pleasant to sit in
  • Hi-tech features including 2.1 surround, Bluetooth connectivity and vibration motors
  • Multi-game mode available with other X-Rocker chairs
  • Perfect for watching movies, reading books, and plenty of other activities


  • The chair is bulky and takes up much space in any room
  • Almost impossible to store, fold or transport with ease

What looks like a living room chair is actually a lot more than it. The X Rocker Premier is a recliner Xbox Series X|S gaming chair that comes with many interesting features. For starters, it offers superior sound quality, whether you are gaming or watching a movie. You can also read or nap and use the X Rocker Premier 2.1 in your go-to relaxing corner.

The immersive media experience is powered by a Bluetooth audio connection, where the chair features 2 speakers and a subwoofer, all of which are reinforced by an amplified tri-motor vibration. The result is a great sound with vibrations, as well as the ability to play games unlike ever before.

Besides the plenty of tech, there are two cup holders as part of the luxurious comfortable design. The chair is wrapped in faux leather and gray suede, which work well in combination. Thanks to its innovative specs and comfy design, the chair can blend in any family room, game room or home theater.

Lastly, the chair can connect with other chairs and thanks to its control panel, play loud music with bass or any gameplay scenario. In that ambiance, other X-rocker chairs can join in the multi-game mode.

4)Fantasylab 8257s Gaming Chair With Footrest

FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 400lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair - Adjustable Tilt, Back Angle and 3D Arms High-Back Leather Racing Executive Computer Desk Office Chair, Metal Base, Grey/Black

  • Seat dimensions: 20.5″ (W) x 20.9″ (D)
  • Backrest dimensions: 33.5″ (H), 23.2″ (W)
  • Chair height: 51.2″ to 53.5″
  • Height capacity: 5’8″ to 6’2″
  • Weight capacity: up to 400 pounds


  • A very sturdy gaming chair, especially for heavy (big and tall) users
  • Reclining feature of up to 175 degrees
  • High density foam padding
  • USB-powered massage unit


  • Not the highest quality materials

Fantasylab is a brand that is positioned in the lower segment, offering solid gaming chairs coming at relatively affordable prices. Their 8257 model is a gaming chair that comes with retractable footrest, and a lot of great features, especially for big and tall users.

The Fantasylab 8257s is also a computer-style gaming chair that comes with casters. This gives it a unique advantage over other chairs, especially in the way that it can be used for PC work, and any office work in general.

With fixed padded armrests, reclining angle of up to 175 degrees, adjustable seat height and 360 swivel, this Fantasylab gaming chair is made with high density foam padding, standard PU leather, as well as neck and lumbar support cushions.

The thing I like most about this model is its 400 pound weight capacity, which is the answer to the prayers of many gamers. Considering the fact that these heavy users can sit on these chairs, the retractable footrest is also optimized for supporting their heavy legs.

But that is not all – tech fans will also appreciate the USB-powered massage unit – put inside the chair! This is definitely a cool feature that is great to have.

BONUS For Children: (Super Affordable) The Crew Classic Rocker

THE CREW FURNITURE Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair

  • Dimensions: 16″ (W) x 24″ (D) x 32″ (H)


  • The most affordable console gaming option, coming at $41
  • Ideal for kids from 3 to 10
  • Breathable mesh and faux leather options
  • Its “C” shape prevents tipping over


  • Adults can’t and shouldn’t use it
  • Promotes bad posture, which is why it is only good for light use

Believe it or not, this super affordable chair was the top-ranked video game chair on Amazon in 2019, and a best selling model. Even though most of the experienced gamers know that chairs like these don’t promote good posture, people tend to buy them for their kids and light use, which makes sense.

In fact, this chair is sized to fit ages from 3 to 10, which is why it only makes sense to buy one for your kid. The Crew Classic Video rocker comes in faux leather or a mesh fabric material. The faux leather is easy to clean, but the mesh is more breathable.

With a price tag of only $41, the chair has basic features but is easy to store. There is also a backrest and the “C” shape of this console gaming chair will make sure your kid won’t tip or fall over.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the best Xbox Series X|S gaming chair is the one that best aligns to your needs and budget.

That said, my top pick would be the X Rocker Pro Series (the n°1 on the list).

If you still have no idea about which chair to choose from this list, you can always browse other console gaming chairs and explore different models!

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