What Gaming Chair To Choose For Your Console : A Buyer’s Guide

We all know that gamers nowadays have different needs in regards to the comfort, durability, size and capacity of their gaming chair.

But if we, for just a moment, skip these needs and focus on the best gaming chairs for different consoles, we will find a new spectrum of models and brands which are seriously going in line with each other.

I, for example, am used to gaming on my PS4 console. However, there are times when I turn on my PC and play Fortnite with my friends. And seriously, I notice a difference in my seating whenever I am in front of my PS4 and when I am in front of my PC.

Today, we are sticking to the console models – and reviewing all the ‘famous’ chairs for console (PS/Xbox/Wii etc.) players out there.

The Different Types Of Gaming Chairs For Different Consoles

As we said above…

For some, console gaming is the number one choice for total game immersion. Others prefer playing on PC, while they are not working or in their spare time. Therefore, finding the best console gaming chair is not anymore a privilege – it is a common need for many gamers.

In the category of different gaming chairs for consoles, there are a few choices, including:

  • Rocker/Pedestal Gaming Chairs – These gaming chairs sit directly on the floor. They are known as rocker or pedestal gaming chairs and have no legs or wheels – being L-shaped. Also, they are super comfortable because they offer leaning possibility while enjoying your favorite game in an all-ground experience. When it comes to features, the best ones come with a built-in wireless system, RCA stereo inputs, built-in speakers, memory foam padding and other fancy stuff. So, if you have the need to swivel around or would rather sit up higher off the ground, these console gaming chairs are a great choice.
  • Reclining Gaming Chairs (Recliners) – Known as recliners or reclining gaming chairs, this style of chairs looks like your favorite armchair. They are comfortable, cozy and soft, which is why some gamers prefer gaming in them instead of many hi-tech devices. So, in regards to comfort, recliners are great for gaming. This is why they are gaining popularity in the gaming market right now – and why you should also consider them when choosing your next gaming throne.
  • Racing (Racer) Gaming Chairs – This type of gaming chairs is perfect for racing games. It comes with a steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob for a true racing experience. Others come with the seat and framework to attach your own steering wheel and controls if you already have those parts.
  • Bean Bag Chairs For Gaming – Many gamers are opting out for bean bag chairs – perfect for lounging in front of their gaming console. They are also relatively affordable and provide great levels of comfort with their all-around fit.

Now that you know all the common types of console gaming chairs, it’s time to review the best chair in each category.

Below, we are doing that – based on the quality of materials, comfort, the ‘coolness factor’, the space-saving features, system compatibility and the overall value for money.

Note: I am objective with my review and am featuring the best chairs for every different console. I have no intentions to feature only the most expensive models – instead, I am trying to give you the best gaming chair for every console based on its real value for money (in terms of cost versus features).

The Best Rocker/Pedestal Gaming Chair (For PS/XboX): X-Rocker Pro 4.1


image source: https://twitter.com/XRockerUK/status/981960451633401856

To be honest with you, I am not a lot into rocker gaming chairs. However, from all the models I reviewed, I chose this one as ‘the best rocker gaming chair’ because of its design, features and overall comfort.

I also had a chance to sit on the X-Rocker while playing the Xbox and saw how lightweight the gaming experience is on the chair.

For a relatively affordable price, this chair gives you vibrations of sound pump through the subwoofers (that are embedded in it). Honestly, I thought the lack of headrest would be its main disadvantage – but there is actually no need for it.

With a stereo system and a wireless receiver, this rocker gaming chair can be connected with any RCA source and has a comfortable, ergonomic design which can be swiveled and tilted, depending on your needs.

One of the best things about this chair is the fact that you can get down on the floor with your controlled – and still feel like you are sitting in a luxurious chair.

Thankfully, this model is super comfortable and includes not only some major cushion but also a stereo system comprising of four speakers and a subwoofer. You can play games, listen to music or watch movies – and every activity will feel amazing.

The only challenging point is the armrests which are not as strong as other chairs. But then again, this rocker gaming chair has all the features that you would expect from one – plus an amazing comfort.

BONUS: Another Great Rocker/Pedestal Gaming Chair (For PS/Xbox): Ace Bayou 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

Pedestral gaming chair

Aside from the X-Rocker Pro 4.1, we’d like to include another chair in the rocker/pedestal gaming chair category. This is actually one of my top picks that I would like to add to the list – to help the ones that are confused about which chair to buy.

As I said before, this type of chairs is great because it lets you sit on the floor and yet feel like you are sitting in the most comfortable position.

They are also suitable for both PS4 and Xbox gaming consoles, which makes them very identical in terms of their features.

From all the pedestal gaming chairs that I reviewed online, I found the Ace Bayou 5127401 to be the most cost-efficient and feature-full.

Made in USA, this pedestal chair is compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Gameboy, the Nintendo Wii, MP3s, DVDs and more.

There is a 2.1 sound system with 2 built-in speakers as well as a subwoofer. Gamers also benefit from the side control panel with volume, bass control, as well as input/output jacks.

The design is ergonomic and offers full back support, as well as a leather look that makes the chair really hi-tech in terms of its design.

The Best Reclining Gaming Chairs (Recliners): Flash Furniture Soft Suede Microfiber

recliner gaming chair console

The thing that I like most about reclining gaming chairs – or recliners – is the fact that they won’t produce any sounds. Also, you can comfortably sit for hours in them while playing your favorite console game or even watching your favorite TV show.

The soft materials and added comfort makes them good for a nap. And even though they are not strictly gaming chairs, more and more gamers are opting out towards this solution. From all the models I saw out there, I found the Flash Furniture Soft Suede Microfiber to be the optimal decision of a recliner that looks great and feels soft.

For starters, I like the design of this chair. As many gamers would agree with me, it is soft, comfortable and feels like it wraps around every part of your neck and back area.

Wrapped up with 1.8 resiliency foam (Dracon), it comes with a plush pillow back and upholstered armrests.

This model also has a level reclining feature which makes it appear ‘techy’ – and no sag-sinuous springs.

So, if you want to relax while gaming and get a chair that fits your body in a perfect way, an armchair known as a reclining gaming chair is always a great choice.

The best part, according to me, is the fact that this reclining gaming chair can also be used in any setup.

It perfectly blends in any interior, can be used for many purposes and can even serve as your favorite chair to read a book, watch a show or sit while having your friends over.

The Best Racing Style (Racer) Gaming Chair : GTRacing E-Sports Chair

When it comes to racing style gaming chairs, also known as racers, there are many attractive models and designs from reputable brands out there such as Vertagear, DXRacer and GT Racing.

My personal choice for the best racing style gaming chair for consoles is the GT Racing E-Sports Chair, mostly because of its design, which I am amazed by. This chair is unlike many others because of the V-shaped design, extra pillows for neck and back support and adjustable armrests.

The capacity is 300 pounds and the seat is quite wide and long, suiting even the biggest gamers ‘addicted’ by the racing style gaming chairs.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty and full assembly instructions. Overall, the chair looks and feels sturdy and the only thing it (maybe) misses, well, is a cup holder (just kidding).

However, the design goes beyond the extra mile with the unique casters (wheels) as well as legs.

There are four different color combinations and the chair rocks back and forth – with a 90 to 170 degree safety angle. The back of the chair also features seat belts which are really living up to the hype of the racing-style design.

The Best Bean Bag Gaming Chair (For PS/Xbox etc.): Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

bean bag gaming chair console

There are so many different bean bags on the market.

If I have to pick any one of them, I would go for this stuffed animal bean bag which is really great because it is affordable and you can buy two, three or four bags to sit each one of your friends.

Plus, you can fill your bag with your own stuff (toys, blankets, towels, old clothes etc.) which is a great way to save space and invest in comfort.

However, if you want a more sophisticated bean bag (even though this sounds funny), the Sumo Lounge bean bag chair can be perfect for your needs, considering the fact that it is quite wide and comfortable for even more people to be sat in it.

Final Verdict: What Type Of Gaming Chair Should You Buy For Your Console?

In the end, there is no rule that is carved in stone in regards to the type of your gaming chair and the type of your console.

From my experience, most of the gamers choose the reclining gaming chairs because of the amazing comfort that this style brings. With these brands, you know that you are investing in quality, comfort, durability and amazing design. Plus, you can always use these reclining gaming chairs for relaxation, reading a book or watching your favorite show.

If you are a pro gamer or just want the very best for your gaming room, a racing style gaming chair is a great choice if you are a console player. However, these chairs can also be adapted and even Xbox/PS users tend to use them in their gaming setups. At the end of the day, these blend the very best of design and functionality, but also come at steeper prices.

The last category are the rocker and pedestal gaming chairs, which are perfect for consoles such as Xbox/PS/Wii and other TV-based gaming units. Since they are lower and have no actual legs with casters, they are quite fixed which is their only disadvantage. On the good side, the pro models like the one we reviewed above are full of features such as speakers, wireless connectivity and amazing sitting support – which in a way makes them an additional feature of each gaming console. Plus, you can use them for other purposes such as watching movies, TV shows or your favorite sports game.

I hope that this review helped you choose the best type of gaming chair for your console or gaming needs.

Good luck!

Thumbnail image source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOhAORXM-gA

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