Best Recliners in 2021 – Ultimate Recliner Guide

Looking for a brand new recliner that lets you kick your feet up and relax in absolute comfort? I’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to the best recliners in 2020.

So what is the best recliner in 2020? My top choice for the best recliner in 2020 would be the Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner. It’s a great, modern, push-back recliner with a ton of high-tech features including an in-built massager and seated heats. It’s also comfortable, lightweight, and versatile.

But if the Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner doesn’t seem to offer quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry, there’s a recliner out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a classic chair to snuggle up on with a good book or something more high-tech and modern, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your tastes in the list below.

Of course, this is an ultimate recliner guide, so I’ll also be telling you all you need to know to find the perfect recliner. Read on and let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Recliner

When you’re shopping around for a recliner, there are some important considerations you’ll need to make. Here’s are 7 things you should be looking for:

1. Style

Naturally, if you’re going to be adding the recliner to your home, you’re going to want to make sure that the style works with your interior and fits in with the overall color scheme of the room.

2. Cushioning

As recliners are all about comfort, cushioning is going to be towards the top of your priority list. Most recliners will have foam-filled cushioning.

High-density foam is more firm, which some people prefer as it’s a little more ergonomic and supportive. Low-density foam is softer and better for ‘sinking into’.

Some recliners have feather-filled cushions, which is even softer but usually more expensive, or polyester cushioning, which is cheaper and lower-quality.

3. Build Quality/Weight Limit

The best recliners will have a strong, durable, and ideally metal frame. Operating the motor should be silent, and all buttons/levers should work well and without sticking. The stronger the frame and build, the higher the weight limit will be. It’s important to pay attention to the weight limit, especially if you’re big and tall, to make sure your recliner can support you.

4. Material

Different recliners have different kinds of upholstery. Some commonly-used materials include PU leather, polyester, and linen. Real leather upholstery is great but it will cost you an arm and a leg so most people stick with faux leather.

5. Size/Dimensions

Recliners are often bigger than other standard office chairs due to all the extra cushioning and in-built features, so make sure it will fit in your room. A good rule of thumb is that there should be at least 2 feet of space between other furniture/walls and the recliner when it’s fully reclined.


It’s also important to consider the dimensions. To make sure you can sit in an ergonomic way that is better for long-term back health, you should choose a recliner with the correct dimensions for your body shape. Your head should rest comfortably on the back/headrest and the seat should be the right height for your feet to rest firmly on the floor.

6. Maximum Recline Angle

Some recliners will recline more than others. Some will have multiple ‘fixed’ recline positions whereas others will just have two. If you’re very particular about how much you’d like to recline, make sure to choose a recliner that offers the correct recline angle.

7. Additional Features

Recliners often have additional features like massage functions, heated seats, cupholders, and more. Consider these features when choosing your recliner.

A final thing to consider is the type of recliner, so before we get into the list, let’s look at the different options available.

Different Types of Recliner

The four different types of recliner you should know about are:

  • Two-Position Recliners
  • Push-Back Recliners
  • Rocker Recliners
  • Riser Recliners

Here’s what makes each of these recliner types unique.

Two-position recliners are the most basic and they have just two positions: fully-reclined and upright. There’s no in-between. As they’re functionally limited, they tend to be the cheapest. There are also three-position recliners which have a third position somewhere in between fully reclined and upright.

Push-back recliners are similar to two-position but they don’t have a footrest – only the backrest reclines. They’re less bulky than other recliners but you’ll need to pair them up with an ottoman if you want to kick your feet up.

Rocker recliners have multiple reclining angles so you can be more specific about how you recline. The footrest can usually be controlled independently of the back recline, unlike with two-position recliners.

Riser recliners are designed for people that need a little assistance in getting in and out of chairs. They’re usually motorized and not only recline but also lift upwards. They’re also typically the most expensive type of recliner.

It’s also worth noting that most of these recliners can also be categorized as either manual or power-assisted, depending on whether or not the recline mechanism is motorized or not.

I’m going to include a few of each type of recliner in this list of the Best Recliners in 2019, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the list, starting with the number one spot.

1. Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner with Ottoman

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair w/Stool Ottoman, Remote Control, 5 Modes - Black

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Category: Push-back recliner

Recline type: Power-assisted

My top choice of recliner goes to the Best Choice Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner. This push-back recliner has it all: an in-built massage function, double-padded backrest, optional seat heating, sturdy swivel base, and much more.

As a push-back recliner, it doesn’t have a power-assisted footrest but comes with a separate ottoman to put your feet up on.

You can use the remote to specify the recline and to choose from one of the five pre-programmed massages. The massages can target different areas of your body, including your upper and lower back, thighs, and calves, and you can adjust the intensity to suit your preferences.

The chair is small and light enough that it works well as a desk or gaming chair. There’s no height adjustment feature, but it does have a super-high back which makes it perfect for big and tall users.

The black, faux-leather upholstery looks cool in an understated kind of way. The side pockets are also a great touch. You can place the remote in them when you’re not using it. If you’re using it as a gaming chair, it’s also a great place to store your controllers.

2. Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner

Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner

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Category: Rocker recliner

Recline type: Power-assisted

If you’re looking for a recliner for your man-cave, this might be the perfect chair for you. The Catnapper Deluxe Magnum Heat & Massage Rocker Recliner isn’t the most stylish chair, but it is one of the most comfortable.

The cushioning is super-thick and super-soft. So soft, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. You can just look at this chair and tell that it’s going to be incredibly soft.

It’s the kind of guilty-pleasure chair that you’d want to hide away from visitors, but snuggle up in with some snacks when you want to relax. Like the recliner above, this chair also has both heat and massage functionality, which really takes the comfortability to the next level.

The patented ‘Omega arm reclining’ mechanism is a feature that makes this chair really stand out. Another attractive feature of this chair is the fact that it has a 350 lbs weight capacity. This makes it one of the most sturdy chairs on this list, and suitable for the heaviest users.

3. HomCom PU Leather Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner Chair

HomCom PU Leather Heated Vibrating 360 Degree Swivel Massage Recliner Chair with Remote - Black

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Category: Rocker recliner

Recline type: Power-assisted

The HomCom PU Leather Heated Massage Recliner Chair looks very much like the prototype of a recliner.

The overstuffed padding and supple faux leather give it a plush, comfortable design that still wouldn’t look out of place in your living room or office. It has several heating and vibration functions which can be activated using the remote control.

It also has a full power-assisted reclining back and footrest which moves smoothly and silently.

The vibrating massage motors target your whole body and the heating function helps to keep your waist warm as you sit. This both keeps you comfortable and soothes any aches and pains you might have to improve your health and wellbeing.

One of my favorite features of this chair is the built-in cup holders. The fact that each armrest has an individual cup holder, combined with the spacious side pockets, means that you’ll never have to leave your seat. You can keep your drinks, mobile phones, controllers, and remotes nearby at all times.

4. Leonie Manual Recliner

Category: 3-position recliner

Recline: Manual

The Leonie Manual Recliner is one of the most stylish recliner chairs I’ve ever come across. This is a recliner that doesn’t look at all like a recliner, which is great as recliners often look out of place in stylish interiors.

This chair, on the other hand, will fit in perfectly. The deep-buttoned, chesterfield-esque, wingback design looks elegant and contemporary. It’s the perfect accent piece to any interior.

You just need to push to lean the chair backward. As the back reclines, the footrest moves outwards. It locks into position in 3 positions: upright, at half recline, and at full recline.

It lacks some of the ‘fancy features’ that other chairs on this list have, such as massage functions and cupholders, but what it lacks in additional features it more than makes up for in style.

It also has quite a high back and the cushioning isn’t too thick, so it’s fairly ergonomic and will be kind to your back.

5. Contemporary Dalton Fabric Recliner Club Chair

Contemporary Dalton Fabric Recliner Club Chair Solid Frame with Sturdy Feet Helps You Relax Made of Polyester Fabric (Light Grey)

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Category: 2-position recliner

Recline: Manual

This is another recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner. What makes this Dalton Recliner chair different, though, is the size. It’s a small, narrow, lightweight recliner that’s closer to a chair than a sofa.

It weighs just 50 lbs and is really easy to assemble. It’s perfect for small spaces so, if you live in a small apartment or condo, this is the recliner for you.

The minimalist design makes it a versatile recliner that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and will look good in pretty much any space. It also gets bonus points for offering good back support.

6. Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Recliner with Cup Holders

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 2-Seat Reclining Brown Leather Theater Seating Unit with Cup Holders

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Category: Push-back / 3-position recliner

Recline: Manual

Y’know what’s better than one recliner? Two recliners in one – which is exactly what the Flash Furniture Eclipse Series provides.

This 2-seater push-back recliner boasts snug, plush back cushions, and lovely soft brown leather upholstery. It also has two cup holders which makes it the perfect home-theatre chair for when you want to kick back and watch a movie with a friend.

The recline function on this chair is manually-operated, and it locks in 3 positions.

7. Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base

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Category: Push-back

Recline: Manual

This Flash Furniture Black Leather Recliner is similar to the Best Choice recliner that took our number one spot. Like the Best Choice, it has a swivel seat, which makes it a great gaming or office chair.

It lacks the high-tech massage features and the recline isn’t power-assisted, but it does have softer, thicker cushioning. The headrest is nice and it also offers plenty of back support.

The only bad thing I have to say about this recliner is the backrest isn’t all that high, but unless you’re super-tall, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

8. Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with Ottoman

Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with Ottoman, Dark Brown Bonded Leather Match

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Category: Push-back

Recline: Manual

Another push-back recliner chair that comes with a separate ottoman, the Homelegance 8548BRW-1 stands out for its luxurious, stylish design. It has deep button tufting, lovely dark brown bonded leather upholstery, wing-back style arms, and plush cushioning.

The manual recline works based on a twist-lock mechanism, which allows you to cater the recline angle to your exact preferences, but can be a little fiddly. This chair is a firm favorite amongst gamers and office workers

9. Southern Motion Fame Power Recliner

Southern Motion Fame Power Headrest Wall Hugger Recliner with Memory Plus (Surreal Regatta)

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Category: Rocker

Recline: Power-assisted

The reason I love the Southern Motion Fame Power Recliner is because of the in-built USB charger. I’m the kind of guy that constantly needs to have his phone on charge, so being able to charge it from the side of my chair is great.

The recline is power-assisted and controlled using a 4-button control switch on the side of the chair, so you don’t have to worry about losing a remote. You can also control it from an app on your smartphone, which is a nice touch.

I also like the ‘memory plus’ feature, which enables the chair to ‘memorize’ your ideal seating position so you don’t have to adjust it every time. The pebble-grain pattern is nice, and the cushioning is thick and smooth.

I really like this chair. The only drawback I’ve noted so far is the fact that it needs to be plugged in so can only really be placed near a power outlet.

10. Axbridge Dual Motor Electric Riser and Recliner

Category: Riser

Recline: Power-assisted

I had to include at least one Riser recliner chair on this list for any readers with mobility issues, and the Axbridge Dual Motor Electric Riser and Recliner is my top pick.

This is a mobility chair, which means it’s suitable for elderly and disabled people who need help getting in and out of the chair.

It has a retro design, thick cushioning, and is upholstered in comfortable fabric. It also has a dual motor so you can adjust the backrest and footrest recline independently of one another.

Related Questions

What are recliners? Recliners are a type of chair in which the backrest angle can be adjusted. This allows the person seated on the chair to recline backward. Some recliners also come with footrests to allow the user to fully lay down while reclining.

Are recliners good for gamers? Reclining chairs allow you to adjust your seating position regularly, which from an ergonomic perspective is ideal for gamers who spend a long time seated in one position. Gaming recliners typically differ from regular recliners in that they’re usually smaller to fit better behind desks and follow more ergonomic designs.

Are recliners good for your back? Generally speaking, recliners are good for your back as research shows that sitting at a 135-degree reclining position puts the least amount of stress on your spine. This, in turn, reduces the risk of back pain. If you’re concerned about your back, it’s best to choose a recliner that comes with lumbar support to help you to maintain correct posture while sitting.

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