These are The Best RGB Gaming Chairs in 2020


If you are looking for a gaming chair with RGB lighting, I am going to show you the best RGB Gaming Chair Available on the market.

So, what are the best RGB gaming chairs? The best RGB gaming chairs are : 

  • Vertagear Racing Series PL4500
  • GAMDIAS Achilles Multi-Color RGB Gaming Chair
  • Aerocool AC120 AIR Black Gaming Chair
  • Aerocool Project 7 GC1 Air RGB
  • ASUS Rog RGB Chariot Gaming Chair

However these gaming chairs are widely different, and to be honest, some are just better than others… If you want to know which one you should buy and why I will give much more details about each product in this article.

What Are RGB Chairs And Why Are They So Popular?

If you are like me, you probably want the very best that money can buy. Even if that means a RGB chair that is boosted up with extra lighting, making the chair a unique centerpiece of your gaming experience.


The best way to describe a RGB gaming chair is as a standard gaming chair that has integrated LED lighting, setting the bar higher and providing an exceptional gaming experience for every player out there.


The Best RGB Gaming Chairs – Reviewed

In times when RGB continues to be a scream with gamers and chair manufacturers, there are many brands that are trying to innovate their product line with this special feature. Wireless and fully lighted, these chairs excel when it comes to colors, PSUs, fans, cases, graphics cards, fittings and a lot more.

If you are looking for the best RGB gaming chairs with cool LED lighting and extra features, this post is for you. Today, we are listing the four best RGB gaming chairs with a unique focus on their special features and everything that makes them eye-inviting.

1. Vertagear Racing Series PL4500

Ever since Vertagear announced its new PL4500 RGB chairs, gamers went crazy. Essentially, this is an expansion from the standard Racing Series by Vertagear (PL) but goes the extra mile with the special lighting features.

According to Vertagear, the PL4500 can stay lit and change colors for up to 30 hours on a full charge – which is its main feature. The bottom of the seat piston is also fully lighted up (with its own set of lights), displaying the Vertagear logo.

What more could you expect from a premium Vertagear gaming chair…right?

What’s really special about the PL4500 RGB is the fact that it adopts the NZXT CAM integration which actually recognizes when the chair is connected to your gaming console, allowing full customization of colors and various effects. This is obviously done wirelessly via a USB dongle that plugs in your PC (or other console) and ships with the chair itself.

When it comes to comfort, Vertagear has been known as the true king. The PL4500 has a backrest which is padded with high quality Coffee Fiber (yes, you read that right) and is produced through a patented technology, enabling the material to exhibit unique anti-odor and quick-dry properties.

You can also adjust the seat and ensure the correct posture while preventing stress from coming to your back. Design-wise, there are more than 8 color combinations to choose from. You can also upgrade the casters and armrests with additional features.

Edit: Check out my full review of the PL4500.

2. GAMDIAS Achilles Multi-Color RGB Gaming Chair

GAMDIAS Multi-Color RGB Gaming Chair High Back Adjusting Headrest and Lumbar, Black/Black (Achilles M1 Black/Black)

GAMDIAS is another great gaming chair manufacturer to look out for. The Multi-Color RGB gaming chair is proof for that – coming as a fully customizable RGB backlight chair that can display up to 10 different colors and lighting effect options.

The only downside is that the GAMDIAS chair only features lights in the back area of the chair – and with that prevents the gamer from actually seeing the light around him. Anyways, it adds up to any standard design and takes things up a notch.

One great thing which ensures that the chair does not deform is the high resilience foam filling which is perfect as an addition. The advanced leather style vinyl is the other amazing feature, adding a soft, breathable and resistant support to sweating.

For all the gamers who appreciate armrests, you will be happy to hear that the GAMDIAS gaming chair has 3D adjustable armrest protect shoulders and wrists – as well as customizable comfort with adjustable back angle, customizable seat height, accessible tilt locking and adjusting mechanism.

All in all, the chair is super comfortable and sturdy with great looks. The LED is working great and besides it, the chair is just like a professional gaming should look like. The materials used are great, the chair feels nice and everything looks and feels comfortable.

The only downside may be the software which according to some people, does not interact with the gaming experience in the way LED lights should – or at least not like some of the fancier models out there. Besides this feature (and maybe the hefty price tag), there is no reason why the GAMDIAS RGB gaming chair should not be placed shoulder to shoulder with the other RGB chair models.

3. Aerocool AC120 AIR Black Gaming Chair With RGB Lighting

The Aerocool AC120 is another RGB chair which comes with many of the features that one would expect from a top-notch gaming chair – plus the RGB feature which makes it glow in the dark and gives it a special accent.

The seat frame construction is made of metal and there are adjustable armrests with a butterfly tilt mechanism. The entire chair is reclinable and there is a hydraulic class 4 gas lift with an angle up to 189 degrees. As a bonus, the manufacturer provides an adjustable lumbar and neck pillows.

What’s also great about this chair is its overall frame which is well built and the amount of adjustability which will make any gamer comfortable in it. The chair is also easy to assemble and the RGB lighting is bright and well-programmed, equipped with loads of colors.

Even though many don’t see it as a flashy upgrade or a chair worth reviewing, I am a huge fan of this Aerocool gaming chair. In times when the market is being dominated by gaming chairs by popular brands, Aerocool shows that they know how to keep up with the competition – especially with the RGB lighted chair as their new upgrade.

The only downsides are the pillows. Even though they are a bonus, they are not the kind of pillows you expect to get – and don’t provide much comfort. That said, you can use the Aerocool AC120 RGB gaming chair without them and you will be good.

To sum things up, Aerocool really made a special effort with this chair. Inspired by racing cars, the AC120 is designed to transform the overall gaming experience and give you a sleek piece of gaming furniture. Through the faux leather and carbon-fiber-like seams, gamers are expected to immerse in the strong and muscular design and fully indulge in the contact areas that best support the body.

With this, Aerocool showed that they can build more than just an office chair – but a great RGB gaming chair that meets and exceeds the expectations of many.

4. Aerocool Project 7 GC1 Air RGB Gaming Chair


Another chair by Aerocool and another serious contender for the title ‘best RGB gaming chair’. This is one of the best ways to describe the Project 7, Aerocool’s decent upgrade and a premium gaming chair that features edge roll lighting which is the brand’s patented optic strip lighting.

The RGB system is obviously in the spotlight of this model, as it stretches to four lighting effects. For example, when you are using the chair in the solid-colour lighting mode, you can choose up to 16 available present colours that best fit your current taste, gaming experience or overall ambiance.

Among the other extras are the detachable headrest and lumbar cushion support. There are plenty of choices coming from the special remote that comes along with the chair – more specifically 3 color flashing lights mode, 16 colors flashing lights mode, white breathing light and an RGB loop which can always come handy when you are lazy to change the colours yourself.

The innovative and minimalist-inspired design is only the cherry on the cake. What I like most about this model, however, is the positioning of the RGB lights – which are side-positioned and offer an immersive glowing experience, covering every silhouette of this chair.

Through optic strips, the brand has committed to provide something unique – coming in the form of an attractive lighting and a seamless experience as seen in every (lighted) angle of this chair.

5. [SOON] ASUS Rog RGB Chariot Gaming Chair

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The last model in our list is a chair that isn’t available on the market yet – but is going to shatter the world of RGB gaming chairs with a lot of upgrades and nice features. Wondering why?

Well, we are talking about the brand ASUS which recently decided to step in the gaming chair industry, announcing the new ROG Chariot model that features RGB lighting, adding a lot of aesthetics and a unique touch to their dubbed ROG gaming chair.

The lighting will rock Aura RGB light strips that are round in the backlit ROG logo located behind the headrest. That way, the chair creates a lit infinity mirror effect, looking super-slicks and just like a portal or something.

To top things off, there will be a switch on the underside of the chair that lets you tweak the lighting colors and patterns – and there is the 10,000 mAh battery hidden by ASUS in a pocket under the seat that is good for 11 hours of RGB lighting. There will also be a memory foam in the headrest and lumbar pillow molds that will hug your body (instead of pressing the chair against it) as well as adjustable armrests that won’t annoy you or rub against your arms. Speaking of, the armrests move up and down, forward and back, left and right, as well as rotate in and out.

Finishing off, this chair uses an all-steel frame that contributes long-term durability and the materials are resistant to the constant wear. Honestly, I expect nothing else from ASUS, especially in times when the brand is penetrating in a space dominated by other brands and wants to prove itself in the best way possible.

Final Words

In the end, RGB lights are the newest thing in the line of features for gaming chairs. As such, they are meant to revolutionize the entire niche and force as many brands as possible to integrate them in their product lineup.

Hopefully, these brands have paved the way for others to follow and redevelop this lighting feature in the best way possible. In other words, I expect many brands to follow these practices and many gamers to adapt to the RGB gaming chair trend as something standard in the industry.

After all, paying for a $600 chair has to have its own extra features, right?

In the end, I hope that this guide to the best RGB gaming chairs has helped you realize the importance of this feature and see some of the pioneers that have already made it a core part of their feature set.

In RGB we trust!

PS: If you are not sure about what gaming chair you should buy, I’ve made a list of the 26 best gaming chairs on the market. I am sure you will be able to find the best gaming chair for you. 

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