Gaming chair size checker

Good and bad gaming chair sizes examples

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How to use the tool?

The gaming chair size checker allows you to check if a gamer chair you want to buy is the right size for you.

You simply need to tell the tool your height, and the height of the backrest of the gaming chair in question. The height is usually provided by the manufacturer itself.

Using this data, the tool will tell you if the chair is suitable for you, or on the contrary, if it is too big or too small for you.

Why use our tool?

If you’re looking for a gaming chair, sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t specify the ideal size for their chair users.

The problem is, if you buy a chair with a backrest that is too big, your head will be way too low. Conversely, if the backrest is too small, it won’t support your back properly and you’ll end up with the head cushion in the middle of your back.

That’s why we’ve created a size checker, to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

How does the tool work?

Based on data collected from gaming chair manufacturers, we were able to create a model that predicts recommended user sizes based on the height of the backrest.

With this model we can predict the size recommended by the chair manufacturers and compare it with the size entered by the user.