Best Gaming Chair For Small People (or Kids)

If you consider yourself as a short person, finding a gaming chair that’s not too big for you can be challenging. 

After hours of research, and from my own testing, I will share with you what are the best chairs you can buy for a short person or a kid. 

So here are the best gaming chairs for small people : 

  1. Secretlab Throne Series
  2. DXRacer Formula Series
  3. AKRacing Core EX
  4. Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair
  5. Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair
  6. Homall Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Style Design
  7. Coavas Computer Gaming Racing Chair Office High Back PU Leather

Why not taking a bigger chair?

You are probably wondering if you could take a big gaming chair. At first, you might think that the bigger it is, the more space will be available for you, therefore the more comfortable it should be…
Well, it doesn’t work like that.
For instance, if the backrest is too tall, your shoulder will be in a weird place. If the chair is too high, your feet may not be able to touch the ground and they will be floating, which is not ergonomic nor comfortable.

Also, the armrest will be too high or too far from each other so you might not be able to put your arm properly.
I think you get the picture.

TLDR: a too big gaming chair will not be comfortable at all…

It’s like choosing a new pair of shoes, you have to get the right size, not too large not too small.

Now you see why it is essential, I have some suggestions for you.

Best Cheap gaming chair for small people

The goods news is if you are looking for a small gaming chair, you will have to pay less than someone (like me) who needs a more sturdy product to support my height and my weight. The main reason is that gaming chairs for big guys need more material, more metal for the frame, more foam, more cover etc. So manufacturers tend to price their big gaming chairs higher.
All the chairs in this category are available on Amazon.

The type of chair I am looking for has a backrest height < 30″ which is perfect for people who are below 5’9 in height. 

That being said, you will usually find some very compelling products on Amazon. Here is my best pick :

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair, Gray (ESS-3085-GRY)

This type of chair is the best for small people who are looking for a cheap but good product. Sure, it doesn’t have a ton of features. But, it gets the job done and it is perfectly suited for small people.

I was seriously considering buying this for my little cousin, but he didn’t like the design.

In my opinion, it is perfect for people who spend 1 to 3 hours per days at their desk, playing video games or just working.

You can check the price on Amazon if you want to know how much it cost.

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Chair,Task Swivel Executive Computer Chair Headrest and Lumbar Support (Black)
This Furmax gaming chair is the same category of chairs than the Essentials’s one. Again, it doesn’t have a lot of features, however, it is a perfect fit for small people.

The main drawback is if you are looking for a ‘real’ gaming chair with adjustable armrest etc, then this one is not for you.

However it is very affordable, and it is one of the best options for your kids, especially if you don’t want to spend a ton of money.

Check the price on Amazon if you want to buy it.


Coavas Computer Gaming Racing Chair Office High Back PU Leather

Coavas Computer Chair Racing Chair Game Chair Office High Back Computer Gaming Chair PU Leather Executive Swivel Task Desk Chair(Black+ red)
Here we have the one that my little cousin purchased. He took it because I found the looks to be really nice and I got to admit that is was right.
Again, this is the same type of chair as before.

But this is one is very good for kids or short adults. The build quality was very decent for the price.

You can see how much it cost on Amazon here.

Homall Gaming Chair Carbon Fiber Style Design

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Leather Computer Desk Chair Adjustable Swivel Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (Black)
Here we have a true gaming chair at least in the design. The adjustable backrest gives this product a clear edge over the two previous chairs.

However, this gaming chair doesn’t have adjustable armest which is a little bit surprising, to be honest.

Nonetheless, this is a great product for people who want a chair with a gaming look, without having to spend extras dollars.
Also, this chair could be a little bit too tall for kids, the 30.5″ backrest is more suited for adults.

This one is the most expensive in the low-cost category, you can see how much it cost here.

As you can see, finding a cheap gaming chair for small people was easy. But, for those who want a real gaming chair with top-notch quality, it is going to be a little bit more tricky.


Best High-end gaming chair for small people

To find a high-end product I took a look at the big manufacturer of gaming chair. DXRacer, AKRacing, Vertagear etc…

Most of their offer for small people are the low-end product.

This is great news for your wallet, but if you want the best features, it could be problematic.


DXRacer Formula Series

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair Esports Desk Chair Executive Chair Furniture with Free Cushions (Black/Red)

The entry-level products of DXRacer are a great pick for short people. The Formula Series is recommended for 5’8″ tall persons. So if you are in that range go for it.

The great thing about that chair is the fact that you have all the features of a true gaming chair. For example, the 3D adjustable armrests are really good.

You also get an excellent build quality, one of the best in the market right now. This is a perfect chair if you want to sit for hours and hours.

Overall, if you can afford it I highly recommend this chair.

However, it is not designed for kids unless they are 5’8″ tall. This product is designed for adults or teenagers.

Click on the image or here if you want to buy it.

AKRacing Core EX

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair with High Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker & Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms, 5/10 Warranty - Black/Red

If you like more fabric than PU leather for the cover material of your chair, the AKRacing Core EX is one of the best chair out there.

The features of the chair are very similar to the DXRacer Formula.

It will also be a perfect fit for people around the 5’8″mark.

But it will be more expensive than the DXRacer counterpart.

You can check the price on Amazon here.

The AKRacing Core EX is also not designed for kids but is a great fit for short adults. 

Edit : I have tested the AKRacing Core EX, and I really loved it. 


AKRacing California

The AKRacing California is a gaming chair that is ergonomic, but also the smallest-sized model in the lineup. It is ideal for people between 4’9″ to 5’6″ (144-167 cm) and 100 to 155 pounds (45-68kg), which practically means teenagers of both genders. However, the maximum load of this chair is 330 pounds (130kg).

Available in blue, white and purple, AKRacing designed this chair so that there is an option for every gender and taste. It features a steel frame, thick layer of cold-foam padding and a five-year warranty on parts.

There are neck and lumbar pillows and a PU leather cover, as well as 3D armrests that let you recline up to 180 degrees for a nap. Without a tilt-lock mechanism, it is a basic chair with interesting style options and a breathable material.

Secretlab Throne Series (not available anymore)

Edit: The SecretLab Throne is not available for purchase anymore. Secretlab discontinued the production a while ago.

If you want a very high-end chair designed for small people, the Secretlab Throne is the one to consider.

Sure, the price tag is high, but you will get the best build quality possible.

You will also get 4D adjustable armrest which is the highest standard.

This is by far the best chair you can find on this article.

There are probably many more chairs that will suit your need, but with these 3, I covered most of the very goods options for you.

Which one is the best?

Now you are probably wondering which one is the best for you. I will give you a definite answer in that paragraph.

If you are an adult, my go-to product would be the DXRacer Formula. Great build quality, great features, and a reasonable price.  The other two chairs are also great, but the DXRacer Formula is a “sweet spot” in terms of features vs price.

If you are a kid, the DXRacer Formula could also work, but it is more suited for adults. To me, the best options are in the cheap category. Where you will find a decent product at a very affordable price.

If you want a top-quality product, then you should go for SecretLab Throne.

Final thoughts

I hope this article helps you to find the best gaming for you. Please let me know what is the best gaming chair for a short guy in your opinion.

Carl Chamoiseau

Owner of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018.

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