Ikea Starts Designing Ergonomic (And Awkward-Looking) Gaming Accessories

Folks, we have a new player in the gaming market, and it is a big one this time.

We are talking about IKEA, the Swedish-founded multinational group which designs and sells furniture that is ready to assemble, affordable and of high quality. Aside from its standard line of home products, kitchen goods and various appliances, as of this month Ikea is expanding into another niche – gaming accessories.

Ikea’s “Uppkoppla” Gaming Label Brings A Lot Of Novelties For Gamers

The new Ikea gaming accessories are branded under the “Uppkoppla” line which means “online” in Swedish. The furniture manufacturer has partnered with a prosthetics company named Unyq as well as an eSports company called Area Academy to design the line of accessories for gamers.

Ikea’s main focus with this line of products is comfort. In that manner, the first products to be featured include a supportive wristband, keycaps as well as something called a “mouse bungee” which is supposed to keep the cables away while providing maximum comfort. All of these (three) products are launching in Ikea’s new line of 3D-printed accessories for gamers.

The Uppkoppla line’s main feature will be biometric wrist support – described as something that will improve comfort while preventing wrist strain when typing or gaming. No matter how awkward the Ikea gaming accessories look, they are products of great engineering. Solid proof for that is the fact that they will work with an app which will scan your hand  using your phone’s camera and then customize the wrist support to the exact shape of your body.

The Gaming Accessories Are Expected To Hit The Shelves In 2020

The Uppkoppla label includes products which are “designed to improve gamers’ experience” as Ikea notes. Pricing is unavailable at the moment, but Ikea announced that it will start selling the products through its app from 2020. The company will also show off the new prototypes at the Democratic Design Days event which will be held later this month.


What’s most interesting is the fact that these accessories are the brainchilds of Ikea’s partnership with UNYQ, which is a design company specializing in “customized 3D-printed medical wearables,” as well as Area Academy, which is an eSports school. This partnership has created many other prototypes including desk supports, chairs as well as tables. Ikea is not selling any furniture which is solely designed for gamers, even though it has produced a small collection of desks, chairs and accessories which as it says, could be used to “create a gaming space.”

The “Ubik” Gaming Chair Is Still Not Available (But May Come Soon)

Last year, Quartz reported that Ikea and UNYQ were working on an ergonomic gaming chair designed for gamers who spend long hours sitting on a chair. Dubbed “Ubik” – the chair is not available on the site yet and there are still no details about its pricing.

The two compaines will also work alongside a new line of products which will be designed for gamers with physical disabilities. For now, we can only see some rough previews of the products including the key caps, mouse bungee and wristband which have been shared by IKEA.


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