COMHOMA Office Chair Hands-On Review

3.0 rating
COMHOMA Office Chair ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly3/5
Features 2/5
Build Quality3/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 3/5
COMHOMA Office Chair Review at a glance

Today, I am reviewing the COMHOMA office chair. As its name suggest, it is more of an office chair than a gaming chair… And as you will see, this distinction is significant!

It implies some notable differences, in terms of price (less than 100$ currently, a good deal), but especially in terms of comfort…

Here is the complete review for the COMHOMA office chair.

Proper packaging

Let’s start at the beginning, the arrival of the chair in its original packaging.

At first I was satisfied… But one thing frightened me a little. Let me explain.

Parts properly protected.

The chair arrived in perfect condition in a sturdy, space-saving cardboard box. Another positive point is that the package was relatively light. A little more than 10kg (22 lbs) only. I was able to lift it by myself without any problem.

Once the box was opened, I noticed that all the parts of the chair were packed separately. They were well protected by a good amount of bubble wrap, as well as a few carefully placed pieces of cardboard.

The unpacking of the different elements before assembly was pleasant. I didn’t feel cluttered for a second, and I could easily find all the necessary elements during the assembly.

There are no small parts that could be lost and no badly packed elements… In short, only good things!

Well almost…

A detail that could make the difference.

I have to tell you, one thing struck me while unpacking. As I was unpacking the different elements, I had an unpleasant surprise: a thread was loose on the back.

From the outset, the cover seemed fragile, and I felt a little cheated.

A rather laborious assembly

Let’s now move on to the assembly of the chair. In summary, let’s say it was rather unpleasant for me.

But I still managed to do it alone, quite quickly. Nothing catastrophic.

I got mad all on my own!

For the assembly of the chair, I was therefore quite disappointed. Especially for such a small chair, only with few functionalities.

Overall, the assembly of the chair was not complicated, but it was rather unpleasant. Some parts, such as the installation of the armrests on the backrest, were particularly difficult and frustrating.

During this step, the supplied allen key was blocked by the mechanism at the base of the seat. I was then forced to hold two relatively heavy parts of the chair, between my thigh and my arm, while screwing with the other hand… At that moment, my neighbor probably heard me copiously insulting the manufacturers of the chair!

.. but I managed!

Let us remain calm and clear-headed. All in all, the assembly of the chair wasn’t that strenuous.

In fact, I was able to do it by myself in only 45 minutes. It’s true that it would have been much simpler with two people, but the assembly could be done alone.

Still, it’s a very good thing.

Another good feature is that not a single part was missing. There were even a few extra screws in the package. The manufacturer even took care to indicate that they were spare screws so we didn’t have to worry.

The instructions were always perfectly clear. Indications about the side and direction of the elements were always clearly visible on the important parts. At no time did I doubt myself on what I was doing. I was never afraid of doing something wrong.

So to avoid any hassle, it is better to have someone close to you to help you screw the armrests on. Other than that, everything will be fine.

Characteristics and functionalities of the chair

Now that the chair is assembled, we can move on to the real test! To give you a good idea of the COMHOMA, here is a short list of its main features. As you will see, they are rather limited.

  • Armrests: 2d (foldable)
  • Backrest: fixed
  • Seat: Height adjustable
  • Rocking-Chair: no
  • Back support: Yes, integrated in the chair
  • Head cushion: no
  • Max capacity: information unavailable

First and foremost an office chair

As you can see, the functionalities of this chair are rather limited. But don’t forget, this is an office chair, not a real gaming chair.

This has its advantages. First of all, it is not very expensive (less than $100 at the moment). It is also not very bulky, and rather light. But we should not expect much from it…

Regarding the nice aspects: we appreciate above all the folding armrests and the height adjustment. Both mechanisms work perfectly.

Finally, as you will have noticed, the Comhoma lacks two main things: cervical support and backrest inclination adjustment. The backrest is ergonomic, and the lack of inclination adjustment did not pose too much of a problem for me. But as you will see, the lack of support for the cervical vertebrae is quickly noticeable.

A chair that holds its own?

Let’s now move on to the real-life test, starting with its strength/life expectancy aspect. As you will see, my feeling on this point is generally positive, with two reservations.

An overall solid chair

What struck me first during the test was the design of the COMHOMA chair. It is indeed quite elegant, and should appeal to most people. It is not a gaming chair. The usual aesthetics of gaming chairs, a little “futuristic”, will never be unanimously accepted, especially by the older customers. The Comhoma is much more consensual, without being old-fashioned.

Another very good point is that the chair looks solid, reliable and stable overall, especially the metal base.

The chair is silent. Only a slight metallic noise can be heard when sitting on it. The wheels are precise and efficient. They make it easy to move around while providing good stability.

The central piston that allows the seat to be adjusted in height also made an excellent impression on me. It works perfectly, with a light and pleasant noise. It is stable, and still very functional.

Two major manufacturing flaws

The overall impression is therefore very positive after a few days of testing. But there are two flaws that I have to point out.

First, the armrests are solid and well padded, but they are much too small. I’ll explain this point in more detail a little further down.

The main manufacturing defect in my opinion concerns the fabric used. The “breathable mesh” cover looks quite fragile. Remember, the chair arrived with a thread that has already been cut! And on the seat, the protective fabric has lost its tension after only a few hours of use… If you have an animal, especially a cat, or a small child, it is better to draw a line on this chair!

And that’s not all. In addition to being fragile, the coverings used are quite unpleasant to the touch. The rough synthetic material used for the backrest, especially, is neither warm nor soft.

A perfect seat for short use

It’s time to move on to an essential part of the test, probably the most important one: comfort of use. As you will see, this is where you will feel the difference between a traditional office chair and a real gaming chair…

A very comfortable seat in the short term

Let’s start with the positive aspects of the chair.

Let’s be frank, there are enough of them for an office chair for less than $100 ! The seat, especially the seat and backrest, are comfortable. The upholstery has received particular care.

Thus, the seat is soft, and one feels immediately at ease, contrary to certain gaming chairs which are steeper at first sight. The design of the backrest, which is intended to accompany the backrests, is also a success.

It adapts well to the back, while ensuring good support. One feels contained, and no pain is to be announced after a few days of use.

Impossible to spend all day on it…

Overall, my feeling is therefore positive for an office chair in this price range.

But one thing is certain… If you spend your days in front of the computer, working or playing, it’s not for you.

For starters, the armrests are much too small, as we said above. They are also not tiltable or adjustable in height. As a result, since I’ve been testing it, I work with only one arm properly supported.

The arm I use to hold my mouse is too often left up in the air. Pain in my forearm and wrist appeared very quickly. If you have a problem with your carpal tunnel like I do, you should not get this chair.

Another crucial point is the lack of support for the cervical vertebrae. Very quickly, I felt tension in the neck area. It was impossible for me to find a stable position without having to contract my neck muscles.

You can’t work on this chair all day without the fear of developing neck pain…

My conclusion: a perfect chair for limited use.

After this precise description and extended test, I am able to provide you with a complete verdict for COMHOMA.

Let’s be clear: keeping in mind its price, less than $100, let’s remind you, my feeling is finally positive.

As you will have understood, this chair will not be suitable for people who spend their days playing or working on the computer. It is not a chair for hardcore gamers.

It’s more of an office chair for people who don’t work at home, or who don’t sit all day and have to get up often. For this type of use, this chair is perfect.

It will be perfect for casual gamers, who play a small game for an hour or two every now and then. Indeed, it is well upholstered. You feel comfortable instantly. The backrest is also comfortable and makes you feel comfortable right away. It doesn’t make any noise, and allows you to move around and change posture quickly.

But I wouldn’t recommend this chair if you want to use it for more than an hour or two a day, and if you want to sit on it for many hours without moving around too much. Your arms, wrists and spine will not be able to withstand the shock on this chair during prolonged use.

If you’re looking for a chair that looks nice enough, is easy to store and use occasionally, and your budget is relatively limited, you can buy it with your eyes closed. It is also an ideal gift for a parent who doesn’t use the computer often, for example.

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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