Top 10 Gaming Chairs Used by Youtubers and Streamers

Youtuber Gaming Chair

When it comes to long sessions of gaming or streaming, there’s nothing more important than comfort, and nobody understands this better than professional gamers.

That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the top 10 gaming chairs used by YouTubers and streamers.

So what gaming chairs are the top YouTubers and streamers using in 2019? Well, every YouTuber is different, and so are their chairs of choice. That being said, chairs from brands like DXRacer and Maxnomic tend to be very popular among YouTubers as they’re both leading names in the eSports scene.

Edit: Here is my 2019 study of the gaming chairs used by the most popular youtuber/streamers.

They’re not the only brands to feature in the gaming set-ups of YouTube superstars, though. Let’s take a look at what other chairs make the cut!

1. Clutch Chairz ‘PewdiePie Edition’ Throttle Series Gaming Chair

Used By: PewDiePie

PewDiePie’s chair of choice is one of the most iconic on YouTube and is a throne fit for the king of YouTube himself. While PewDiePie has steered his channel away from gaming in recent years, he’s still well known as gaming YouTuber and his setup reflects this.

PewDiePie designed the chair with the help of Clutch Chairz and it has a ton of features that are perfect for gaming, streaming, and vlogging.

The chair is built for comfort with features like infinity recline, lumbar support, and adjustable armrests which make the chair perfect for long gaming sessions.

Aside from its practical features, the chair also has an eye-catching design which is sure to inject a bit of cool design into your gaming setup.

In terms of price, PewDiePie’s chair is quite an investment, but it’s possible to save money on a Throttle Series Gaming chair by opting for a different color, as it costs more for a chair with PewDiePie’s design.

Check out our review of Pewdiepie’s chair to learn more about it. 

2. MARKUS Swivel chair

Used By: Markiplier

Markiplier is one of the biggest gamers on YouTube with over 20 million subscribers. Despite his popularity, Markiplier’s chair is the most minimalistic and cheap option you will find on this list.

Costing only $199, Markiplier’s chair is available from non-other than IKEA. The MARKUS swivel chair has the appearance of an office chair rather than a gaming chair, but it’s a great option for someone who isn’t looking for anything too striking.

The chair has a minimal and sleek black design and has a lot of comfort features such as a mesh backrest which helps to keep the chair cool. It also has height and angle adjustment features.

The MARKUS swivel must deliver on comfort as Markiplier’s upload schedule is fairly frequent (he uploads videos about once every two days), meaning he spends a lot of time in his chair.

If you’re looking for a chair that will slip seamlessly into an office/gaming environment, or you’re on a budget, this could be the perfect chair for you.

3. DXRacer Sentinal Series OH/SJ08 Gaming Chair

Used By: Jacksepticye

Jacksepticye is an Irish gamer famous for his Let’sPlay YouTube Videos. His chair of choice comes from DXRacer, a popular brand amongst gamers and streamers. The actual model that Jacksepticeye uses is no longer available from the DXRacer site, but their Sentinel Series offers a selection of similar chairs if you’re looking to recreate Jack’s set up.

The Sentinal Series is designed for big and tall gamers, which is ironic as Jacksepticye is only 5’8”. These chairs offer a great option for gamers looking for a tall backrest or high weight capacity.

Some of the other features you can expect from a Sentinal Series chair include multi-directional 4D adjustable arms, a heavy duty T-tilt mechanism, and a large angle adjuster.

Jack opts for a green and black model, possibly to match his hair, but DXRacer offers a good selection of colors to choose from.

The main downfall with the DXRacer Sentinal series is the price. At $599, DXRacer Sentinal Series chairs are the most expensive on this list, but if you’re an avid gamer looking to make it big like Jacksepticeye, it could be worth the investment.

4. GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair

Used By: DanTDM

DanTDM is famous for Minecraft videos and is one of the highest subscribed creators on YouTube. His chair of choice is designed by the brand GTOmega racing and offers gamers a moderately-priced option for a stylish and functional racing-style gaming chair.

The EVO XL Racing model comes in a range of colors, but Dan opts for the blue and black leather version. The chair is designed for gamers of all shapes and sizes and has a load capacity of 330lbs, making it a good choice for bigger gamers.

The chair comes with a range of comfort features such as ergonomic design, adjustable armrests, and free head and lumbar cushions.

If you’re looking for a solid and stylish chair with a moderate price tag, this could be the right choice for you.

5. Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair

Used By: Tfue

Tfue is a YouTube-gamer-come-Twitch-streamer with a huge following amongst the gaming community. If you love playing Fortnite for long sessions, Tfue’s choice of chair might work for you too, as that’s exactly what he likes to do.

The Commander S chair is one of many Maxnomic gaming chairs that is popular amongst top gamers and it comes with a bunch of great features that make it both comfortable and stylish.

The back and seat padding is made from high-quality foam clad in PU leather which gives the chair a highly durable and stylish finish.

It also has adjustability features and great lumbar support, meaning you can achieve good posture when sitting for longs periods of time.

Tfue opts for the black and white version of the Commander S, but it’s also available in plain black, and black and purple, so you’ll be able to fit this chair in seamlessly with almost any gaming setup.

6. Maxnomic Dominator

Used By: Ninja

Ever since Ninja updated his streaming room in 2018, there’s been a lot of hype around his gaming setup, including his chair. The top Twitch streamer, like many other full-time gamers, decided on a Maxnomic chair for his dream streaming setup – more specifically, a personalized blue Maxnomic Dominator.

For a Twitch streamer like Ninja, who seemingly invested thousands in his setup, the chair he chose is reasonably priced, to say the least. At $379, the Maxnomic Dominator sits firmly in the mid-range price bracket and offers a lot of great features that could make it the perfect chair for you.

The Dominator has a sporty design and is equipped with an extra long seating element for increased comfort. Aside from the blue that Ninja chose, it also comes in a range of colors, such as orange, red, green, and black. There’s also a bunch of customization options available at an extra cost.

If you’re keen to make your chair as much like Ninja’s as possible, you can also have your own name embroidered into the chair for $39.90, just like Ninja did.

7.Maxnomic Cloud9 Pro

Used By: Shroud

Shroud started his gaming career playing in the eSports League and has since gone on to become a professional streamer. His chair was designed by Maxnomic in support of the popular team and comes complete with the iconic Cloud9 colors and logo.

For fans of Cloud9, the chair is available for purchase for just $299, which is a bargain in comparison to some of the other gaming chairs we’ve looked at in this article.

The chair is made from high-quality leather and comes complete with free head and lumbar support pillows, as well as side, bolsters for extra comfort.

If you’re a gamer looking to follow in Shroud’s footsteps and make it in the gaming leagues, getting your hands on his chair could make all the difference.

For hardcore fans looking for a different design than the Cloud9 pro, Maxnomic also offers a few other Cloud9 themed chairs, some with more minimal and sleek designs.

8. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR Newedge Edition

Used By: Dr. DisRepsect

If you’re the kind of gamer who flies into a rage at the mere thought of a glitch, then you need a chair that can handle the heat. Who better to take your gaming chair inspiration from than the internets most famous rager – Dr. Disrespect.

Dr. Disrespect, like many other gaming pros, chose a DXRacer chair for his setup, specifically the Formula Series DOH/FH08/NR Newedge Edition.

This chair from the Formula Series combines a sleek highbacked red and black design with a range of comfort features, including a flexible seatback adjustment and 3D adjustable armrests.

The chair also comes complete with a 360 swivel base and smooth double caster wheels, making it perfect for the animated/angry gamer.

Dr. Disrespect’s chair is not as expensive as some on this list, but it’s certainly not a budget option either. At $349.00, it offers a great option for gamers looking to get a top chair for a mid-range price.

DXRacer is one of the most popular gaming chair brands in the industry, making it a reliable option for anyone who’s looking to invest in a high-quality, longlasting chair.

9. Maxnomic Pro-Chief

Used By: PokiMane

PokiMane is in the Top 15 twitch streamers based on followers and is the only female streamer to make the list. She’s popular for playing games like Fortnite and has a great community following across the internet. She recently upgraded her gaming chair to a Maxnomice Pro Chief in black and white.

The Pro-Chief is one of the most popular and affordable models available from Maxnomic and comes in 3 different colors: black and white, white, and purple.

If you’re a girl gamer and you’re unsure about which chair to buy, then the pro-chief could be right for you. It has a range of comfort features, adjustable seat back and armrests; and, most importantly, good reviews from the queen of Twitch streaming herself.

10. Maxnomic NeedForSEAT Pro

Used By: Summit1G

Summit1G is an American twitch legend and now-retired professional CS:GO player. During his illustrious career as an eSports player, he played for both A51 and Team Mythic, but became best known for streaming WarZ and CS:GO.

These days, he’s moved on to streaming modern favorites like PUBG, Atlas Fortnite, and Overwatch.

His chair of choice is the Maxnomic NEEDforSEAT Pro. This brand new model has all the high-end features we’ve come to expect from Maxnomic, like ‘4D’ armrests, super-adjustable height and backrests, and a solid base.

It also has a slick design with integrated synthetic suede and stand-out orange seams. However, the real USP of this chair has to be the ‘finger rest’ – the world’s first chair to have this feature.

Related Questions

Where do YouTubers get their chairs? YouTubers that command a large audience are usually given chairs for free by brands and sponsors as part in order to promote their products. This is especially true for brands like Maxnomic and DXRacer, who provide chairs and sponsorship for various eSports teams, twitchers, and YouTubers.

Is DXRacer the best gaming chair brand? DXRacer is definitely one of the best brands to go for if you’re looking for a high-quality chair. They have a good range of different designs and offer chairs that are durable and fit for gamers with a large build. The only real downfall with DXRacer are the prices, but their chairs are sure to be reliable and high quality. However, if you are not sure about what gaming chair you should buy, I’ve made a list of the best gaming chairs on the market. Or you can use our gaming chair selection tool, which allows you to find the best gaming chairs for you. 

How much should I spend on a gaming chair? Gaming chairs come in a range of different prices, so it’s hard to say what is the right amount to spend. Some gamers choose to use cheaper chairs, but you may find that the quality isn’t as good as more expensive models. It’s possible to find really good, high-quality chairs that cost between $200-$300.

If you’re keen to get a top of the range chair, then you could pay up to or exceeding $500. It really depends on the budget you have, but if you’re planning to game for long periods of time, be on the lookout for ergonomic chairs that are comfortable and good for posture.

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Gaming Chairs Used by Youtubers and Streamers

  1. I think this list is just spotlighting famous content creators tbh. None of these chairs, in my HONEST opinion, look comfortable at all. If you REALLY want comfort… get a decent pc/gaming chair and buy some separate cushions for it such as an ACTUAL lumbar back cushion and some kind of seat cushion. This is especially true for big guys *tall/chunky/tall and chunky* like me. I’m 6’2″ and weigh about 260 pounds. I’ve purchased 3 chairs over the past year and the cushion on every one of them literally lasts about 2 months before they’re as flat as a pancake. Finally on my third chair purchase, I decided to opt for ACTUAL back and seat cushions without breaking the bank on the chair itself and tbh… I’ve never been more comfortable. Not only can I stream for super long hours without my back and tailbone hurting, but I can also sit in my chair longer hours to edit YouTube content as well as make overlays for streamer friends.

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