Maxnomic OFFICE COMFORT Quadceptor OFC Review

4.0 rating

Note: Review sample provided by Maxnomic.

A week ago, a friend called me, telling me that he had his eyes laid on a gaming chair that is “best in every possible way.” I honestly doubted that, but decided to investigate a bit further and do a full review for you guys.

The gaming chair we are talking about (and reviewing) today is the Maxnomic QUADCEPTOR OFC. For all of you who don’t know what Maxnomic is, it is basically a brand by Need For Seat USA – a premium brand in the gaming chair department.

Just like the Titan is to SecretLab, the Maxnomic is the brainchild and premium line of top gaming chairs by NEEDforSEAT.

So, let’s jump to that review below and cover every aspect of this chair, starting from its assembly and packaging.

Maxnomic OFFICE COMFORT Quadceptor : Assembly And Packaging

As you know by now, I am not an easy guy to impress. However, I was really impressed with the Maxnomic packaging which is beyond great. Everything is smooth, there is padding all over the box to prevent any damages or bumps during shipping – and the chair is comfy inside the box.

Once I got to unpack the lovely box, I found that the assembly is really a piece of cake. I managed to pull everything together and assemble the Maxnomic QUADCEPTOR OFC in an easy way.

The instruction sheets are nicely designed and feature detailed images showing you how to design this chair step-by-step. The only thing that buzzed me in this step were the instructions that ask you to mount the armrest on the seat – while as you can see on the image above – the chair came with the armrest pre-installed.

All in all, it took me about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the assembly. The process is really easy and you should not have any trouble with it.

Maxnomic OFFICE COMFORT Quadceptor: Features And Characteristics

From the moment I assembled the Maxnomic Quadecptor, I knew that I had my hands on a premium gaming chair. The other moment was me sitting on it and realizing that this best gaming chair by NEEDforSEAT USA is definitely on-par with my expectations.

So, what you should know at this point is that the Maxnomic QUADCEPTOR is geometrically a highlight of the Maxnomic BASICS Series by NEEDforSEAT USA.

This means that it is rich in details and perfectly ergonomic to use – whether as an eSports chair or an office seat. Combining all of the highlights of the Maxnomic BASICS Series, it features the following (as described by the brand):

  • world’s first and design protected eSports armrest with finger rest and softpad – developed by NEEDforSEAT®
  • a unique design that includes faux suede applications and is emphasized by brightly coloured seams
  • a double padded sitting element and backrest with sewn on squares that create a comfortable sitting experience with extra support

Every chair purchase gets a branded Maxnomic pillow too – kudos to NEEDforSEAT USA for that!

Some of the premium features I want to list about this gaming chair include the following:

  • 4D Armrests
  • Flat seat cushion base
  • Premium fingerrest feature
  • Durable cold cured foam inside
  • High-quality PU-leather cover

All of this makes the Maxnomic QUADCEPTOR OFC one of the best gaming chairs on the market – and definitely one of the most comfortable gaming seats out there. So, my friend did not lie – it was definitely an impressive chair.

More about the comfort and ergonomy in the part below.

Comfort And Ergonomy: The QUADCEPTOR Is Truly One Of The Best!

Believe it or not, this gaming chair by NEEDforSEAT USA is ready to compete with the best gaming chairs by SecretLab, DXRacer, Vertagear and the others.

Wondering why?

Well, it feels so damn comfortable to sit in it. In fact, I had a very similar feeling when I first sat in the SecretLab Titan. Both of the chairs (the Titan and the QUADECPTOR) are soft, comfy and look ready to withstand hours of work and gaming. I could use them for both!

Now, let’s go more technical on the comfort and ergonomy part. According to my research, there are two main factors why this chair is so comfortable:

  • Design – the QUADCEPTOR gaming chair looks identical to the Titan Series by SecretLAb. It is big, spacious and with a tall seat, so maybe that is one reason behind the enhanced comfort.
  • Padding – the QUADCEPTOR, just like the Titan, is firm. This is a good sign though – firm padding means that there is high density cold cured foam which is always on top of my list!

OFFICE COMFORT Quadceptor Build Quality: Again, The QUADCEPTOR Is Excellent

As a premium gaming chair line, the Maxnomic has a solid reputation among gamers. This is why my expectations were pretty high in that department.

However, the brand did not just meet them. With the Maxnomic QUADCEPTOR, NEEDforSEAT USA showed me that it is well built in every manner.

Here is a close look to help you see that.

As you can see, the seat is sturdy and premium. This is, after all, what you should expect (especially for the price at which it is listed) from it.

With a warranty of 2 years (as standard in the gaming chair industry), Maxnomic guarantees that you should be able to keep the chair even longer. Looking at its design, build quality and comfort, I vouch for that, too.

Final Words: Is The QUADCEPTOR One Of The Best Gaming Chairs?

If you are looking for that quick answer to the question asked above, it’s yes.

NEEDforSEAT USA truly went beyond my expectations with this special edition of their Maxnomic BASICS Series – the QUADCEPTOR OFC. At the very least, this gaming chair is a direct competitor to the SecretLab Titan as one of the best gaming chairs ever designed.

And as you can see from the review above, there were no negative sides with it. The only one which I haven’t reviewed is the test of time – and how will the QUADCEPTOR hold up in a few months or a few years.

What I can say for sure is that my SecretLab Titan gaming chair from 2018 is still nearly intact after one year (and a few months) of use. I really hope that the QUADCEPTOR has the features and build quality to be in the same state as my Titan – and be the best gaming chair for many gamers!

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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