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Noblechairs Icon Black Edition
Noblechairs Icon Black Edition ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly4.5/5
Features 4.5/5
Build Quality5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 4/5
Noblechairs Icon Black Edition Review at a glance

If you are looking for a premium gaming chair for your gaming setup, today I am reviewing the Noblechairs Icon Black Edition.

Its beautiful design is available in a myriad of colors and you can also choose the material it is made from PU Leather (a leather imitation), a hybrid of PU leather and vinyl coating or real leather.

This high-end chair is obviously the Holy Grail for gamers but it is also perfectly suited for long work sessions. Note to those of you who are self-employed or employees working from home: it’s an ideal investment!

Now let’s put it to the test and see if the Icon model is really iconic.

Note : the chair was provided by Noblechairs for this review.

Noblechairs Icon Black Edition Characteristics and Features

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Before venturing further into the intricacies of the test, here are the technical characteristics of the chair. For the sake of accuracy, the model tested had a hybrid vinyl and PU leather coating which is the brand new upholstery developed by Noblechairs.

Weight: 61 lbs
Height: from 46,5 to 56,5 cm
Seat Width:
Recommended user height: between 5’8” and 6’4″
Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs
5 wheels
4D Armrests
Inclination up to 135°
class IV Piston
Comes with back pillow and head rest
2 year warranty

High-end packaging…

Noblechairs Icon Black Edition Unboxing

I’ll skip past this part relatively quickly because, quite honestly, everything is excellent. wrapping, bubble wrap, styrofoam, small organized boxes with handles for the accessories…

And even – something I’ve never seen before – a sort of braided thread for the 5 wheels at the base, probably to avoid any possible scratches.

In addition to the different elements that make up the chair (the wheels, the base, the chair and the backrest…), you will also find a handbook detailing the assembly steps, the different features, and the safety instructions.

…And Premium build quality

By repeating that I am impressed by the quality of the high-end materials it can lose its appeal.

And yet I must say it again… Once again, we are faced with a chair where the seriousness of the design and quality of materials is striking once the packaging has been removed.

The 5-wheeled aluminum base provides perfect support for the assembly, and the 60mm nylon and polyurethane wheels are stable and quiet. The steel frame is also very strong.

Noblechairs does not hesitate to innovate in design: for example, the lever guiding the inclination of the backrest is made of steel, where the competition often uses plastic.

A guarantee of durability and, above all, a beautiful aesthetic effect.

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As far as material goes, we are here on a hybrid of imitation leather and vinyl. The addition of the latter adds a nice touch, offering a softer and warmer side at the same time.

Although I have not had it for long enough to say for sure, I also think the material is breathable.

As for the padding, it is made of foam, and the finish is more than satisfactory (I’ll mention it later in the comfort section).

Everything is excellent; however, one point stands out for me: the warranty. The warranty lasts for 2 years, which is actually the legal warranty, so Noblechairs does not offer any extensions. This is a pity considering the quality of the materials and the offerings of the competition (5 years warranty at Secretlab, 10 years at Oraxeat for example).

The assembly of the gaming chair: as easy as it gets

If you have read my previous tests, you will have noticed that “a great handyman, I am not”. Of course, you get used to it by doing it over and over, but I must say that I was impressed by Noblechairs. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a chair this easy to assemble, even easier than a SecretLab Titan.

First of all, let’s mention the assembly instructions. In the form of a small booklet, it details the various diagrams: no words, only pictures.

The trick is clear: since Noblechairs is distributed worldwide, it is obviously not interested in providing a systematic translation.

Fortunately, the diagrams are more than sufficient to follow the steps… except for the back cushion. Indeed, this one comes with two straps that you must fasten.

Only here’s the trick: where to put the straps on the chair? If you pass them between the backrest and the seat, two falling straps come out at the back, which is quite ugly. You can’t pass them through the top either, because they are too short. And the diagram doesn’t help! So you have the possibility not to use it or to remove the straps and wedge it freely.

Despite this small setback at the end of the assembly phase, the rest of the process is particularly easy. The wheels sink into the base without difficulty or even needing to be pushed in, the screws are easily inserted into the thread and the holes are well-positioned.

Even better, Noblechairs is clever when it comes to assembly. Indeed, they invite you to first install the seat on the base before moving on to the backrest. In comparison, many manufacturers generally indicate that the backrest and seat must be assembled before being installed on the base.

Except that the chair usually weighs around 30 kg and is particularly bulky… The seat is already installed, so you don’t have to lift the whole thing at the end!

The seat and backrest features: it’s all there (or almost)

After unpacking and installation, let’s get down to business! So, does the Icon model live up to all its promises?

  • The large range of the tilting mechanism

Once I sat in the chair, that’s certainly what struck me first. By swinging backward, you can test the tilt mechanism (the multi-tilt) and it will take your breath away! If, like me, you like to float in the air and sit cross-legged, you can push the tilt to the maximum before blocking the mechanism. You will feel like a lord reigning over his land (I’m hardly exaggerating).

  • The 4D armrests are very convenient

The 4D design is almost standard for this type of high-end product, but it is still necessary to make sure it works properly. Here, the armrest can therefore be adjusted up and down, left and right, forward and backward and towards you / outwards.

The different adjustments are made using various buttons, in a style very similar to that of Secretlab. Indeed, the armrests are locked, which means that they will not move until you press the button in question. That’s handy compared to other manufacturers that unlock the mechanism, because as soon as you grab the chair by the armrest, the armrest moves out of adjustment. This is not the case here and it is excellent: no risk of losing your adjustments!

The same criticism I made on the Oraxeat XL 800 can be made here as well, namely the rigidity of the armrests. They lack thickness and are not padded. This doesn’t hinder the use of the armrests, but the arms could have benefited from better support.

  • The inclination of the backrest: What to say about it?

As you will have noticed from the table of technical characteristics of this gaming chair, the inclination of the backrest goes up to 135°. This is relatively average compared to the competition, easily reaching 160° and beyond to promote an almost fully reclining position. But isn’t it really more of a manufacturer’s choice? Indeed, anyone who has tried the full reclining position on a chair knows that it is not the most comfortable. And this is even more true without a footrest! By deliberately limiting the maximum inclination, Noblechairs makes it easier to adjust at the same time. While some will be frustrated that they don’t have the freedom of choice, others will appreciate this intention.

A voluptuous and luxurious comfort

Once your behind is properly positioned on the chair, it’ll send you a bit “THANK YOU”.

Indeed, contact with the hybrid coating is both soft and warm. The materials provide a balanced seating, so lovers of both softness as well as firmness will love it.

The support is excellent: if, like me, you suffer from back pain, you will praise the relief this chair provides.

  • Memory foam cushions: a mixed feeling

I have already expressed my frustration with the back cushion straps before, but it is the cushion itself that makes me hesitant. The comfort of the memory foam is obviously excellent, but the problem lies in its placement on the backrest.

If you put it at the intersection with the seat, the cushion almost looks like an intruder once you sit down. It hits your kidneys a little and doesn’t follow the curve of your back well. Ideally, it should be placed in the curve in your back, but here again, it will be a loose fit, without being able to rely on the straps. Luckily, the back support is more than sufficient, so you can do without the cushion.

On the other hand, I have nothing to complain about with the head cushion: the positioning is perfect, and here again it adapts to the morphology of the skull and neck.

Conclusion: the Noblechairs Icon gaming chair is among the best.

You will certainly have realized this, but I am a big fan. Quite honestly, when I was buying my own gaming chair, I hesitated for a very long time between Secretlab and this manufacturer.

And I have to admit that they are really close, both in terms of functionality and quality of construction. The Icon is certainly not without its faults – rigid armrests, dispensable backrest cushion – but its comfort, support, and usability dazzle us.

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An excellent choice, not to be missed!

Our rating : 4/5

The pros :

  • Simple assembly
  • Extremely well-made, both the structure and the finish.
  • Solid design; well-balanced support
  • All the features are there: inclination, height, 4D armrests, etc.
  • The headrest cushion is comfortable…

The cons :

  • … The back cushion is difficult to place
  • The armrests are a bit rigid
  • Warranty is limited compared to the competition

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