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Respawn RSP-110
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Packaging & Assembly4/5
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Build Quality3/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 4/5
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Although relatively new on the market, Respawn knows what a good gaming chair needs to be. They understand that when you’re gaming, your chair should be so comfortable that it’s the last thing on your mind so you can focus on taking down that monster. They also know that the chair should be the first thing on your friends’ minds when they see how cool it is.

So, does Respawn’s RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair stack up? We at TopGamingChair had a chance to pick one up and put it to the test. Read on to discover all you need to know about the Respawn RSP-110!

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.


I recently received the Respawn RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair and couldn’t wait to tear open the packaging.

RSP-110’s box

First, however, I had to lug the rather large 50-pound box up a set of stairs to where my office is located. To put any question about my masculinity to rest, the weight wasn’t the problem – it was the sheer size of the box that made it awkward to carry.

RSP-110 Unboxed Components
RSP-110 Unboxed

As you can see in the photos, there were quite a few components to unbox before I was able to get started with assembly.

It was nice to see both the wheels, which are often first to break, and the metal lever assembly were protected in actual boxes instead of just foam. The other components were carefully wrapped in either plastic or bubble wrap.


When it came to assembling the Respawn RSP-110, all the excitement of unpackaging faded as I pulled out the instructions. For all the components I took out of the box, all the directions were on one side of a standard piece of paper. There were no words, which might have its benefits for international sales, but did not seem like a benefit to me.

RSP-110 Instructions

Fortunately, the instructions were clear enough to follow. Each part was assigned a letter, and it was quite clear where everything went. The gaming chair came with two hex wrenches, so I didn’t even need any other tools. Make sure to torque those bolts down well so the armrests and backrest are not loose.

A sticker with the word “Respawn” in very light letters was with the instructions. I can’t imagine it would go on the chair, but I haven’t put it anywhere yet.

The entire process only took me about 20 minutes. The only hiccups I encountered were with the backrest and lumbar support pillow.

While installing the backrest to the seat, I had some difficulty aligning the bolt holes between the two. The backrest didn’t want to naturally sit in the correct position, and it took one hand on the bolt, one hand on the backrest, and a leg on the wheels to keep the chair from moving.

There were no instructions on how to install the lumbar support pillow, so I looped the straps through the bottom of the gaming chair the best I could. It doesn’t look quite right, and there’s a seemingly out of place piece of velcroed fabric right in the way.

RSP-110 Velcroed Fabric

Specs and Features

Respawn RSP-110 Specs
Weight: 51.8 pounds
Seat Height Adjustment: 17.5” to 20.5” off the ground
Seat Width: 21 in
Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
Chair Material: Bonded Leather
Reclining Angle: 90° to 155°
Padded fixed armrests
5-Wheel plastic base
Comes with a back and head cushion
Extendable footrest
5-year limited warranty

From where I’m sitting (in the chair as I write this), the Respawn RSP-110 Racing Style gaming chair doesn’t have any features that absolutely knock my socks off. I’ll highlight a few points that stand out, for better or for worse.

Fixed Armrests

RSP-110 Fixed Armrest

The armrests are nicely padded but cannot be moved in any way, shape, or form to accommodate variances in height or arm length. They either work for you, or they don’t. I happen to find they work well for me, and I can rest my arms comfortably while using the mouse and keyboard for gaming. That being said, it’s almost a design that you’d want to try out before making a purchase.

The armrests are designed to travel with you as you recline the seat, which is a nice touch. If you’ve earned a much-needed break, you can still use the armrests as you lean back.

The Recline

Speaking of reclining the Respawn RSP-110, it moves back to a very nice 155° angle which I think is perfect for resting. One of the levers under the right side of the chair locks the backrest at whatever angle you need it to without worry that you’re going to slip further back or snap back to upright.


RSP-110 Chair with footrest

The gaming chair does come with a footrest that folds under the seat when not in use. It comes pre-assembled on the base and is easy to slide out when reclining. It does no good when sitting upright to type or game, but I admit it is super nice when you want to kick back and watch some TV or a movie.

Height Adjustment

The other lever under the seat adjusts the height of the chair, as one might expect. It’s a very minimal shift of just three inches from top to bottom.

I’m precisely 6 feet tall, and the chair feels at the right height being about an inch higher than the lowest setting. In theory, anyone two inches shorter or one inch taller would also be comfortable. Outside of that range, one could hypothesize that the chair would not be high or low enough.

Headrest Pillow

RSP-110 Headrest

The Respawn RSP-110 comes with a headrest pillow held in place by an elastic band that loops around the top of the backrest. Being 6 feet tall, it sits very comfortably in the crook of my neck when I’m leaning back on it. It might sit at an uncomfortable place for someone a bit taller or shorter, but I like it.

Lumbar Support Pillow

RSP-110 Lumbar Pillow

The straps that hold this pillow in place are not adjustable, but they are elastic. This allows for a bit of vertical movement to get the pillow where you like it in the crook of your back, but there’s no guarantee that it will still be in that position the next time you use it.

The pillow works well for me since I have a tendency to slouch. It nicely fills the gap I typically leave between my back and the chair and provides excellent support.

Other Thoughts

All in all, everything is quite easy to use. The footrest folds out easily, and the levers provide enough resistance without being too hard to move.

When it comes to gaming chairs, I always think fancifully about cupholders or places to store snacks or controllers, but those are luxuries that I don’t expect every gaming chair to have.

Build Quality

All the pieces of the Respawn RSP-110 felt really sturdy right out of the box. The chair does weigh over 50 pounds, and when fully assembled, it’s a very solid design. There is very little wiggle in the armrests and in the base with all the bolts nice and tight.

I’ve gone over the chair with a fine-tooth comb, and there are no threads out of place. The stitching looks really nice through and through, and even the areas where two different colored fabrics come together are really well done. I can’t find fault with any of the stitch work on the chair.

Both pillows have the same quality stitching and match really nicely with the rest of the gaming chair. For whatever reason, each pillow has a zipper that makes the stuffing accessible, so you could change that out if you didn’t like what the chair comes with. The padding it comes with works just fine for me.

The base of the chair has a five-wheel design which makes it really hard to tip over (not that I’ve been trying). The base itself and the wheels are all a hard plastic material but feel very robust, and I have no concerns about plopping down into the chair when I am ready to game or work.

The wheels look like they are designed to catch on something in the base and lock in place. However, there’s nothing for them to lock into. This isn’t an issue unless you need to pick up the heavy chair for some reason, and even then, friction does a good job of keeping the wheels from falling out.

RSP-110 Wheel

At the end of the day, the Respawn RSP-110 is a really robust chair that I have no concerns about getting into. It looks and feels strong enough that I’m not worried about something breaking when I sit down, and I have no issue letting my son play around with it either.

Comfort & Ergonomics

I find the Respawn RSP-110 quite comfortable to sit in for a prolonged amount of time as I work or game at the computer. It’s the type of chair that’s comfortable enough to forget you’re sitting in it.

The gaming chair is clearly designed with ergonomics in mind, and for that, I am thankful. I like that I have at least a bit of flexibility on the height of the chair, and I can change the recline angle as I desire depending on what I am working on.

I’m impressed with all the padding the chair has on the armrests, back, and seat. All that padding feels really good on my body, even as I game for hours on end. I’ve yet to reach a point where I’ve felt like I needed to get up because of discomfort.

I’m also a fan of the bonded leather, which looks really sleek and is a comfy fabric to sit on. It doesn’t irritate or cause discomfort to my bare arms, nor do I find that area getting sweaty over time.

The pillows are a big win for me. I lean forward to type and game, so I only use the headrest when I lean back to take a breather, but it is a welcome bit of padding.

I feel that my posture in this chair would be horrible if not for the lumbar support pillow. It is such a blessing that it feels weird sitting in a chair that doesn’t have one.


RSP-110 with legrest

Leaning back in my RSP-110 as I ponder what to write, I can’t help but think Respawn did a really good job with their product. Nothing about the design feels cheap or weak, and durability is an important quality when it comes to something I’m depending on to keep me off the floor.

With a few minor snags, I appreciate how easy this gaming chair was to assemble. The padding is firm but flexible and is more than I could ever hope to need.

This particular chair comes in nine different colors if blue isn’t your thing. I really like how sleek and subdued this color happens to be, as some of the others stand out a bit more. That’s personal preference, but the nice thing is that you have the option.

The Respawn RSP-110 sits a little closer to the budget side of things as far as gaming chairs go, but it’s a very nice chair for the price.

If you only have a few hundred dollars to spend on an ergonomic chair for work or gaming, this is a really nice option. It has everything I would expect to get from a gaming chair, but no frills or luxury features save the lumbar support pillow.

Our rating: 4/5

What I liked:

  • Durable design
  • Comes with a headrest and lumbar support pillow
  • 4D adjustability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bonded leather fabric
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Price is reasonable

What I disliked:

  • Quite heavy at 50 pounds
  • Very hard to move on carpet
  • Missing cool features like a cupholder
  • Armrests are not adjustable


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