Secretlab Magnus Hands-On Review

5.0 rating

Are you looking for a sophisticated, stylish and practical gaming desk?

Here is my review of the Secretlab Magnus, just released on the market! 😉

The Secretlab brand is already well known among gamers for its superb, if not unmatched quality gaming chairs. We were previously able to review the Omega, Titan and Titan XL excellent benchmarks that have made the reputation of the Singaporean manufacturer. Building on its popularity, the brand is continuing down the path of office furniture by unveiling its gaming desk, the Secretlab Magnus.

Does it live up to the high standards of the manufacturer? Is the desk well designed for gamers and their multi-cable setups? What about the quality-price ratio?

Discover all of this in our review! 😊

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

In summary, the Secretlab Magnus gaming desk is an excellent high-end benchmark. It is practical and optimally designed for PC configurations and cable management. It’s also a premium quality desk, built to last. Its minimal design has character whilst being versatile.

SecretLab Magnus Specs Overview

Before going into detail, check out the table below to see the main features of the desk.

Secretlab Magnus: Overview
Dimensions: L 59” (150 cm) x W 27’5” (70 cm) H: 28’9” (73.5 cm)
Weight: 92.6 Lbs (42 kg)
Maximum load: 220 Lbs (100 kg)
Chassis: metal
Surface: metal, magnetic
Desk mat: Secretlab MAGPAD magnetic desk mat (to choose from)
Cable grommet: yes
Feet: adjustable
Accessories: cable management, MAGRGB strip (LED), magnetic bumpers, magnetic headphone holder

View the different options to choose from below:

  • The length of the desk: available in 59” (150 cm) (in this review) as well as in 47.2” (120 cm)
  • Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat: Signature Stealth (in this review), Cloud9 and Team Liquid (additional cost)  
  • Accessories for cable management (at a cost): magnetic mat (x2), fixing straps (x10), magnetic grommets (x3), bundle (all of the above elements)
  • Miscellaneous accessories (at a cost): MAGRGB LED strips, magnetic bumpers, magnetic gaming headset holder

Please note that apart from the cable management accessories, many other accessories are not yet available; however, you can express your interest directly to the manufacturer.

Delivery and unpacking of the Magnus

I had a good experience in this regard. Just released, I reserved the gaming desk and I received it even before the “official” release date, a few days after placing the order.

I received it quickly and proceeded to unpack it. The various parts were very well packaged and protected, supported and wedged by thick foam blocks that hold them in place. The screws and bolts were in a separate box, which is convenient for the assembly. In terms of documentation, the assembly instructions and the aftercare guide were both in English.

Assembly of the Secretlab Magnus

Honestly, it was a breeze, the gaming desk was installed in 20 minutes with the help of a friend. Everything is well outlined, both in the instructions and on the desk itself. Various labels (to remove) are placed at strategic points of the desk to guide you in the assembly. This is the case, for example, on two markers indicating the front and rear of the desk, or the numbers of the legs directly on the material. The task was therefore easy, even if a French translation of the assembly guide would not go amiss. If needed, you can always consult the Secretlab Magnus assembly video (also in English).

As I said, I was not alone, and I recommend that you assemble the desk with two people, simply because of its weight, exceeding 88.1 lbs (40 kg), and its size.

The Secretlab Magnus desk specs detailed

I’ll go into the different important points to know about this gaming desk:

  • Dimensions and maximum load: with its length of 1.5 m and its maximum load of 220.4 Lbs (100 kg), the gaming desk offers the necessary range for gamer configurations. This is also the case for multi-screen configurations, thanks to the BIFMA Distributed Functional Load Test certification. This demonstrated that the desk is able to support 260.1 Lbs (118 kg) if properly distributed on the surface. So it is also designed to support multiple screens.
  • The magnetic surface: this is one of the cores of Secretlab’s Magnus, and it left a strong impression on me. It is useful on many occasions, such as for the installation of the mat or the underside of the duct. This is a feature that Secretlab fully utilises, as evidenced by the many magnetic accessories, such as the cable management system, and even a headphone holder!
  • The MAGPAD desk mat: there are three of them, the “Signature Stealth” being the standard; for the launch it is offered with the purchase of the desk. For the other two, on the other hand, there is an additional fee. It has a rather interesting surface, soft and rough at the same time. This results in a good grip for the different items placed on it, such as the screen, keyboard and mouse among others. I will go into further detail on its build quality and its ease of use in the respective sections.
  • The cable grommet: at the back of the gaming desk, there is a channel through which you can feed all your cables. As you’d expect, this is also where cable management accessories such as mounting straps and magnetic grommets are found. The whole thing is well thought out: under the desk, you can access the grommet by means of a magnetic hatch. On top, the hatch can be opened or closed. It’s all very smart and well designed, so that the final visual is clean, even with the many typical cables of a gaming setup.
  • The legs: they are adjustable, which means that they can be slightly adjusted in height. To do this, simply (un) screw the corresponding screw to make the adjustment. Let’s be clear: it’s not a matter of adjusting the height of the table, but simply of adjusting it if, for example, your floor is not straight, so that the table doesn’t shake.

In my opinion, the Secretlab Magnus is excellent. Secretlab has considered many features from the perspective of a gaming desk, and this is clear in both the technical specifications and the intelligence of the cable management system, for example. Obviously, as a gaming desk, it is minimalist in appearance, so you shouldn’t expect to have any storage other than for cables. The lack of height adjustment is a shame. Of course, it’s already well optimized, but a “sit/stand” feature (to alternate between sitting and standing work) would have been a bonus. A request made by many consumers, and to which Secretlab responded stating that it has been considered, but would add a minimum of 200 dollars extra to the purchase price. It’s up to you to make up your own mind about it, personally I’m not interested in a sit-stand feature, but a simple height adjustment still would have been interesting.

Build quality and materials

This is a criterion on which I expect a lot from Secretlab, which has already set the bar very high with its gaming chairs. I will proceed point by point:

  • The chassis: it is all metal, and it’s clearly solid. I don’t spot any dents. Secretlab has passed numerous tests and certifications, such as the FEA, the Hinge Life Cycle Test and the Scrape Test.
  • The surface: made of metal, it is also magnetic. Here again, the finishing touches are just right, I can’t find any defects.
  • The MAGPAD: for the PU look, I’ve nothing to add, the coating is excellent, and the same for all the stitching. The brand and model names, in gold, are charming adornments.
  • The feet: nothing to note, both the long foot and the adjustable part are solid and stable.
  • The grommet: it is made of metal, like the chassis, and has no defects.
  • The opening hatch: it is also magnetic and closes the cable grommet perfectly. It opens easily thanks to the small cord, aesthetic, and practical. I really like the soft-touch foam surface on the inside, although I don’t quite understand its use.

In short, you’ll have probably guessed that I am really satisfied with the exceptional quality of the Secretlab Magnus. The materials used, the intelligence of the design and the quality of the finishes perfectly reflect the range in which this desk sits.

Verdict on the ease of use of the Secretlab Magnus

This is the first time I was given the opportunity to review a gaming desk, so I was able to appreciate both the specificities of this type of desk and what the Secretlab Magnus offers.

It is very comfortable to use. Its height is perfect for all types of chairs, and can be adjusted slightly with the legs. For me, it was a plus, as my floor is not straight. In addition, its large surface area can be fully utilised, for example in the case of multiple screens. When I play and when I work, I feel free in my movement, and this newfound freedom is a real pleasure compared to my other standard, more compact desk.

It is therefore a very practical gaming desk, also thanks to its grommet. This one has been well thought out and does not only consist of a simple duct. The bottom access hatch and top fold-down opening allow easy access to the many cables without hassle. The wiggle room between the cable grommet and the rest of the desk allows you to aesthetically feed the cables to the devices and peripherals. The Secretlab Magnus demonstrates its ingenuity by being practical and visually appealing.  

I mentioned it earlier, but the MAGPAD is also a huge success, in my opinion. Its touch reminds me of the very characterful PU gaming chairs. Of course, if you have a Secretlab chair (which is my case), the association is immediate (even if my chair is Softweave). The feel is very pleasant.

Conclusion of the Secretlab Magnus gaming desk review

Secretlab’s reputation is upheld: the material is of excellent quality and has a superb aesthetic with careful finishing. The intelligence of the design and the practicality of the model make it, moreover, a relevant choice for a gaming setup with complex cable management.

Should you purchase the Secretlab Magnus gaming desk?

The SecretLab Magnus is an excellent desk if you are not too price-conscious at $449 (affiliate link to SecretLab website), a hefty sum.

The MAGPAD Signature Stealth is offered for the launch, but its price is $79 ( $99 euros for the other two desk mats): we then reach $528.

For cable management, you should have the appropriate magnetic accessories, and the most economic option is to choose the bundle at $44, or $572. Overall, this is the expected offer, which clearly places it at the top end of the range.

In addition to this, we can add the RGB LED strip for $59 as well as the headphone holder and bumpers, whose prices are unknown for the moment. In short, the bill can be high in the end, even if you don’t add all the extras. In addition to the price issue, the availability of accessories is a complex issue at the moment, although the health situation obviously plays a part.

So to conclude, I would say that if you have the budget for it, the Secretlab Magnus is clearly an excellent gaming desk, quality and solid, aesthetic and practical.

Our rating: 5/5


  • The impeccable build quality; the wonderful finishes
  • The sober and aesthetic design
  • A desk designed for cable management
  • The comfortable and well-finished MAGPAD
  • Magnetic surfaces
  • The numerous accessories


  • High price, many paid accessories
  • Not adjustable in height (no “sit/stand” feature)
  • Problems of availability of accessories

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