Secretlab Titan XL Review: The Best Gaming Chair for Big & Tall ?

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Secretlab Titan XL ReviewRating
Packaging & Assembly4.5/5
Features 5/5
Build Quality5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 5/5
Secretlab Titan XL Review at a glance

After testing the Secretlab Titan and Omega (link to my review, where I give you an honest opinion), I wanted to test their model for wider and/or taller people to get an objective overview of the brand.

So I decided to test the Secretlab Titan XL, and for that I also asked the opinion of a friend of mine who weighs more than 160 kg and is 2m tall, the ideal candidate to test large chairs.

Here is the test of the SecretLab Titan XL, and I can already tell you that it is the best gaming chair for heavy people with a larger build.

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Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

Packaging and Assembly of the Titan XL

As with the models I tested before, the chair’s packaging inspires confidence. All elements are well protected in individual plastic bags. You can already tell that you are dealing with a quality product. Which is reassuring for SecretLab.

The assembly of the chair went smoothly. The instructions are in English, but the pictures are clear enough to understand what to do and in what order. Again, it is quite possible to do it alone. But I recommend that you have someone to help you during the screwing of the seat and backrest. It will be much easier to align the holes while maintaining the backrest.

It takes 30 minutes to assemble the seat on your own, probably 20 if you are with someone.

Characteristics of the Secretlab Titan XL

  • Maximum capacity: 180 kg (390 lbs)
  • Armrests: 4D
  • Coating: PU leather (new version) or fabric (Softweave Fabric)
  • Adjustable backrest: 85°-165°.
  • 5-branch reinforced aluminum base
  • High density cold foam (new formula)
  • Back support: integrated into the chair
  • Recommended weight: for over 100 kg (220 bls)
  • Supported size: 180-208 cm ( 5’9″ – 6’10”)

On paper, this chair is simply a monster. With a capacity of 180 kg (390 lbs) it will be able to accommodate all the rugby men you know without flinching. Moreover, it can support people measuring up to 208 cm, so your basketball friends will be fine in this chair.

Apart from that, the characteristics are strictly the same as those of a “normal” Secretlab Titan. There are still 4D armrests, a rocking chair mechanism (reinforced to accommodate heavy loads) and the same coating configurations: PU (or synthetic) leather or fabric. No real leather version is available for those who would like to have a luxurious aspect.

So it is, as its name suggests, a Secretlab Titan but with increased dimensions and maximum capacity.

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It should therefore be seen as a variant of the Titan rather than a new model.

In any case, on paper this chair is clearly intended for people with a large build and/or tall. It addresses the same gamer morphology as the DXRacer Tank or the Vertagear PL6000.

In terms of features and settings we have the top of the line in terms of what is available for gamer chairs. The inclination of the backrest is adjustable, the rocking chair is available and lockable and of course, you can adjust the height of the chair. The back support is integrated in the backrest similar to the “normal” Titan.

Well it’s nice to see what it looks like on paper, but what is it really like?

Manufacturing Quality: Difficult to do better in the category

When my friend tested the chair, he told me that he was impressed with the SecretLab Titan XL. Indeed, the excellent manufacturing quality of the Secretlab continues with the SecretLab Titan. If you’ve never seen a real SecretLab before, you’ll also have that feeling that you’re dealing with a “premium” product.

It is impossible to find a part that is of poor quality or looks a bit cheap.

The coating of the version I tested was PU leather, it’s the best-selling version, and it’s the one that allows the most customization (in theory). This PU leather is one of the best gamer chair coatings available on the market.

The armrests are the same as those of the SecretLab Titan, so they are also excellent and provide good support for the elbows. They are in 4D which means that they can move in 4 different ways: forward and backward, up and down, sideways, and rotating.

The metal base looks solid, it looks exactly like the one used for the Titan. The wheels are the same as the Titan. We will have to see with time if they survive the heavy load they will have to support. In any case visually, they look solid and of good quality.

If you have to compare it to other gamer chairs in the same category, I would say that the SecretLab Titan XL gives me a better overall feeling of solidity compared to a DXRacer Tank.

Comfort when using the chair: Difficult at the beginning…

If you are not used to using high-end chairs, the first few days of using the SecretLab Titan XL can be disappointing.

This is because the foam used for the padding is high-density. From a manufacturing quality point of view this is a good sign. But at first the padding may feel firm, even too firm to be comfortable.

It’s normal, and my friend told me that at first he didn’t like the chair, but everything changes after a few days of adaptation.

Once the foam started to adapt to his body, he felt really comfortable in it. You have to give memory foam time to adapt to the curves of your body.

After that he confirmed to me that the seat was “fantastic” and that it felt like a little cloud. In short, he was having a great time with it.

The head cushion is also very comfortable and gives this chair an advantage.

The back support is also excellent, and he no longer has the little (but annoying) back pain he had after spending a few hours in front of his PC with his old chair.

So for a guy who’s 2m tall and weighs 160kg, the SecretLab Titan XL is super comfortable.

Verdict: The best for Big & Tall gamers

It is extremely difficult to find a chair that can accommodate to people weighing more than 150 kg and who are very tall.

Fortunately, I can confirm today that there is a chair for you and that it is the SecretLab Titan XL.

With impeccable manufacturing quality and excellent comfort, this is the chair I recommend for all gamers who are built like a cupboard. That said, if you weigh more than 180 kg, the only option is the DXRacer Tank, which I don’t find quite as nice in terms of quality.

It’s hard for me to find many flaws in this chair because it does a perfect job.

That said, the only criticism I could make is the lack of available colors. The PU leather version only has 2 colors available: “Stealth” (the version I tested) and “Black”. Compared to the ten offered for the Titan non-XL version it’s a pity.

If you are interested in this armchair it is only available on the Secretlab website.

Don’t be surprised if you see that it is out of stock… It’s been a victim of its success since its launch.

Our rating: 5/5


  • Very large, especially the seat
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent build quality like the Titan


  • Very pricey
  • Low availability

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