SecretLab Is Working On A New MSI Golden Chair: Giveaway For LoL Players

If you are a fan of the SecretLab gaming chairs, you probably know that the brand is in tight relations with the online game League of Legends (LoL) and the Mid-Season International (MSI) tournament which will begin on Wednesday, May 1st and last until Sunday, May 19th.

However, this season’s Mid-Season Invitational Esports event is getting a new direction. Just before the beginning of the tournament, SecretLab has announced a new gaming chair that is amazing to look at – and supposedly even better to sit in. The chair will come with a complete lineup which will be used on stage at MSI. Branded exclusively for the tournament, the chair will also be available to viewers of the MSI in the United States.

The best thing about this SecretLab gaming chair is its golden looks and premium comfort. And obviously, the fact that it will be exclusively used in the MSI tournament and available to one lucky viewer.

Entering The Draw For The SecretLab MSI Golden LoL Chair

As SecretLab announced in an official newsletter, they will be giving one of these SecretLab MSI chairs for free to one lucky viewer. Users from United States only can enter the draw by completing the four upcoming MSI 2019 watch missions (set to be available from May 2).

In order to enter the draw, users must watch ten minutes of each game to count toward missions. Rebroadcasts won’t count and obviously, users are not allowed to speed up their playback.

As the co-founder and CEO of SecretLab Ian Alexander Ang said when announcing the draw and the new MSI SecretLab gaming chair:

“Partnering with the world’s most premier esport to provide seating for their global tournaments is exactly what we set up Secretlab to do — creating the ultimate seating experience for gamers through the highest-caliber engineering and using materials of the highest grade.”

MSI Is Around The Corner, And The MSI Golden Chair By SecretLab Can Be Yours

As seen on the official League of Legends (LoL) website, “MSI is just around the corner and fans have the chance to win something special by completing all the MSI watch missions: a limited edition golden MSI Chair from SecretLab (for US viewers only).”

There is even a glance available on the new SecretLab chair. From it, we can conclude that there is some premium stitching, amazing gold details and a royal look – one that MSI truly deserves and one that gamers can get when watching the missions launch.

So, who will that lucky user be?

You can enter the draw by visiting this link. And if you want to see the full rules and conditions of the contest, click here.


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