SecretLab Titan XL: Is It The Best “Big And Tall” Gaming Chair?

The 2020 Series that SecretLab recently announced have been viral in the news lately. Even though the series debuted earlier this year, they are getting the eyeballs by many potential buyers. What’s important is that the brand itself decided to update some of its best selling models – and that obviously includes the legacy of its famous “big and tall” chair – the SecretLab Titan XL.

So, what is the SecretLab Titan XL 2020 Series like?

As the name suggests, the model is an even bigger version of SecretLab’s biggest chair. That being said, I can certainly confirm that buyers are getting the largest chair out there (and it is not a minor increase or only a small update on an existing model).

SecretLab Titan XL 2020 Series

How Bigger Is The New SecretLab XL 2020 Series?

I am talking about a 25% increase in the size – something that SecretLab has been working on for the past year. The SecretLab Titan XL 2020 Series is definitely bigger and its other features are not suffering for it.

What I love most about this chair is the sturdiness and the overall comfort it provides for bigger users. The 2020 Series refresh is what many of us needed. Speaking of sturdiness, I love the upgrade to chrome-plated metal armrest mechanisms and the facelift of the durable PRIME 2.0 PU leather along with memory foam pillows which get a cooling gel layer.

Everything is bigger, and the SecretLab Titan XL gets more comfortable to sit on, too.

With New Dimensions Come New Responsibilities

That is what SecretLab (fortunately) figured out when moving to a larger sized chair. The popular gaming chair manufacturer added a heavy-duty tilt mechanism to support the sturdier chair as well as a wider wheelbase and more robust hydraulics.

The company proudly says that the Titan XL 2020 Series is a gaming chair which can hold up users weighing up to 390 pounds – and all of these small refinements are designed to support the extra weight.

A taller backrest and a wider seat are among the other things you can see in the new SecretLab Titan XL chair. As a result, people who are taller can sit better (the chair supports people with a height up to 6’10”).

Summary: In contrast to the standard Titan which comfortably sits gamers of up to 6’7″ and 290 pounds, the new Titan XL series is rated to support people weighing up to 390 pounds and 6’10” which is not a small difference.

titan xl 2020 secretlab

There Are Things That You May Dislike, Too

The road to perfection in the gaming chair industry is not an easy one. SecretLab knows this and users can point to it for sure.

The main thing that I am concerned about is how the SecretLab Titan XL 2020 Series will hold up below the desk. Simply put, the chair is so big that you may not have that much room in your desk area.

However, once you measure it and make sure that it fits, you should be fine with the Titan XL. I am only pointing to this as something you should definitely consider before buying this chair.

So, Should You Buy The 2020 Titan XL Series?

My final verdict is that if you are a heavy guy or gal, this may be the gaming chair of your dreams. I have done a full review of the Secretlab Titan XL with one of my friend, and he absolutely loved it !

SecretLab knows that there are big gamers and it finally gave a response with an update which can now comfortably suit even the largest people out there. The formula is simple – larger seat base, larger backrest area and quality with every material and feature.

At the end of the day, this is one of the nicest and most premium big and tall chairs out there. However, some gamers may not like its price which is definitely the biggest barrier to entry here. But if the price is not a problem to you and you value the materials and comfort that this chair brings, I would say that you should definitely consider buying this chair.

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