How To Fix A Squeaky Office/Gaming Chair?


This is what most of the gaming chairs sound like after years (or even months) of using. Let’s admit it – hearing your chair ‘cry’ like this is one of the most annoying sounds, especially if you are sitting on it all day and can’t stand the noise anymore.

If you are fed up with your gaming chair squeaking, replacing it is a good idea – but not always the best idea (especially if you don’t want to throw money away).

In most of the cases, squeaking gaming chairs are usually new and still in a good condition. The actual squeaking sound in your chair might come from its structure – or a couple of things that need adjustment in it.

The good news that I want to share is the following…

You can always fix – or at least try to fix – your gaming chair. A squeaking office or gaming chair can be transformed in a new one with only a couple of adjustments.

So, how do you do it?

The 7-Step Plan To Fixing A Squeaking Office/Gaming Chair

Before we actually list the steps needed to fix your squeaking chair, you need to find the actual source of the noise – and see where this annoying noise is coming from. Once you have found the source of the noise, you can focus on repairing your squeaky chair.

In most of the cases, the noise comes from:

  • Its wheels
  • Its gas lift mechanism
  • Its bolts and screws
  • Its backrest area

Below, we are listing our step-by-step plan on how to fix your squeaking chair – depending on where the noise is coming from.

Step 1: Check the nuts, bolts and screws

The first and foremost thing you need to do is turn your chair over and look at its hardware. If you have assembled your chair by yourself, you will probably know what are the most critical (and connecting) parts in it.

Get a screwdriver or a wrench and tighten all the loose nuts, bolts and screws. You can even try to tighten the parts that don’t appear loose. The truth is, too much sitting can put pressure on these tiny items which is why you need to check them and do a little work over time.

Once you are finished, turn your chair in its normal position and sit. Is the noise still there?

If yes, move to the next step.

Step 2: Grease the mechanisms

Apply a lubricating oil on all of the nuts, screws and bolts which will help you loosen up the joints. You can use a WD-40 spray (perfect for things like these) or oil. The best thing is to ask the guys in your department store for the best lubricating agent for this.

If you think that you are messy, you can also spray oil on a soft cotton cloth (or use olive oil) and rub it onto your problem areas to better see where the oil goes. Doing this regularly will help you prevent any squeaking noises.

Step 3: Remove the bolts and screws prior to adding any lubricant

If the noise is still there, don’t stress out.

You may need to remove all the bolts and screws completely before adding any lubricant. Just take all of them out and lubricate them with a light machine oil before putting them back in your chair.

Step 4: The helping friend

A friend can help you find the source of the squeaking sound – by sitting on your chair as you apply oil or any lubricating spray.

So, have someone sit in your chair and swivel from side to side. During the swiveling, try to locate the areas that are squeaking and apply the oil more accurately. The goal is to apply oil in the right places and ask your friend to swivel the chair again to see if there is any improvement.

Step 5: Fix the squeaking sound in the back of your chair

A chair may only squeak when you lean back on it. The squeaking sound in cases like these is generally caused by too much tension in the back area – or where the spring’s end touches the housing ends.

Gear up with your lubricating agent (or oil) and apply it to the seat tension spring that is located inside the turn-knob housing of your chair. Just loosen up the seat tension turn-knob and remove it to spray oil directly into the housing.

Step 6: Check out if it’s the wheels causing the noise


Yes, the wheels can really cause squeaking noises. To fix this, you should (again) turn the chair back over and spray a lubricating agent onto each wheel. Then, flip it back to spread the silicone around the entire wheel.

Step 7: Your chair is your friend…right?

The last step in our list is actually a pre-cautious one.

The goal here is to remember that office and gaming chairs go through a lot of wear and tear. This is why you need to be gentle with yours and sit down gently instead of collapsing, jumping on it (when you win or lose a game) or taking your stress directly on it.

Still Hearing That Annoying Squeaking Noise?

If you went through each and every one of the steps above and you still hear that annoying squeaking sound, that means the noise comes from inside the gas lift piston. You will have to teardown the piston.

In most of the cases, lubricating agents work pretty well and are a great way to regularly maintain your chair.

So if you cannot really locate the squeak or don’t know where it comes from, just spray every part that moves, is connecting or is fastened together. That is guaranteed to solve your problems.

A Final Word

Even though it appears like it from the seven steps listed above, fixing a squeaking noise in your gaming or office chair is not a difficult task. It is actually something that you should be used to, especially after months and years of sitting on your chair.

Even the best models from brands like DXRacer, Vertagear and others can squeak after long periods of using – so make sure to always have an agent like WD-40 by your side to perform quick fixes and prevent noises like these from becoming louder and louder.

In the end, fixing a squeaking chair is always a better solution than replacing it. This way, you can save tons of money and feel like a DIY master.

Sometimes, the feeling of fixing your own stuff is what beats everything, right?

On the other hands, if you are still seating on a cheap office chair that you bought ages ago, I recommend you to take a look at my list of the 23 best gaming chairs you can find.

For example, the SecretLab Titan that I bought in December 2018 is still in great shape.

I hope this guide helped you locate the noise in your squeaking chair and fix it accordingly!

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