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Dennis Lepore is the name that is behind the popular pseudonym Cloakzy, also known in the gaming world as “Cloak.” This guy is a successful YouTuber that got a lot of fame thanks to his Fortnite: Battle Royale adventures.

Cloakzy is known for playing with his partner Tfue regularly and in tournaments, but also for his good taste in gaming chairs.

Over the years, Cloakzy has been using two popular gaming chair models: the Herman Miller Aeron and the Razer Iskur (for a brief period)The Herman Miller Aeron is a $1000 + ergonomic chair used by many offices in the world, and by many professional gamers. On the other hand, the Razer Iskur is a brand new gaming chair made that cost around $500. He only used the chair for a brief period before switching back to the Aeron. 

Below, we are reviewing both of these Cloakzy gaming chairs and saying a couple of things about them so that you can make a decision on whether or not to purchase them for your home or office.

Cloakzy’s Herman Miller Aeron


  • 12-year warranty
  • Inclusive design with 3 distinct sizes
  • Breathable seat and back
  • Pellicle 8Z® technology that provides 8 zones of varying tension for sophisticated support
  • Adjustable tilt and seat angle
  • Superior back support
  • Fully adjustable arms (height, depth and angle)


  • Pricey (starting at $1,069)
  • Rising edges on the sides of the chair
  • Lack of neck and head support

The Herman Miller Aeron is a great gaming chair that you can find on many forums, blogs and gamers’ popular choices. It is a chair that is very comfortable, has plenty of adjustable features, and is approved by so many judges who know how difficult it is for a product to satisfy all criteria of a solid chair.

The only real problem with the Aeron might be its price – it is one of the highest-priced gaming chairs on the market starting at more than $1,000. Despite the warranty and great build, many gamers are thrown away by the price and not sure whether they can afford it.

Comfortable In Many Ways

Comfort is one of the main features to consider when buying a gaming chair. Cloaks knows this, which is why he chose this model. The Aeron scores well in this area because of many things, mostly its breathability, sturdy materials, and the fact that it can comfortably sit you for at least a full workday. This is one of the reasons why many people are buying the Aeron for their office needs.

Great Adjustability And Top Ergonomics

Known as a great office and gaming chair, the Aeron has three different reclining limiters that can be set straight up, halfway reclined, and all the way back. There is also a setting that tilts the chair forward, and a knob that is very easy to reach and use to set your desired resistance.

The backrest area does not go up to 170 or 180 degrees – it stops just a bit lower than other mid-backrest chairs which may be a problem for some. However, the armrests can move up and down and the ergonomics of this chair are awesome.

When it comes to support, the backrest and lumbar support feature the “PostureFit SL Lumbar Support” technology which consists of two pads that conform to the body to support the lower back. The level of support provided can be adjusted, too.

Durable And Easy To Assemble

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the easiest chairs to assemble, mostly because it comes already pre-assembled and you only need to connect a couple of parts together. It takes around 10 minutes to take the parts out of the box and transform them to a chair, but is a process that doesn’t involve many technicalities.

All in all, Herman Miller’s Aeron is a model that is well known on the market and one that sets the bar higher for many manufacturers. However, the main problem with it (for some) is the price, which is why many think that it does not give the best bang for the buck.

Cloakzy’s Razer Iskur: Main Features


  • Unique design
  • Very comfortable
  • Great lumbar support
  • A lot of adjustability


  • Expensive
  • A couple of wobbles in its parts

Even though Cloakzy used this chair only for a while, it definitely caused a storm of comments and many of his subscribers were amazed by the looks. In reality, the design of this chair is great and there aren’t many racing-inspired gaming chairs that can match it.

The design was also how Razer probed its way into other gaming areas in the past, and how the brand synchronized its other gaming products (monitors etc.) with its chairs. If you ask me, I’d say that the Razer Iskur that Cloakzy owned for a while has one of the best designs on a gaming chair I’ve ever seen.

The Iskur Has That “Razer Quality”

If you are a proud owner of Razer equipment, you probably know a lot about how good it is in terms of quality. Well, you should know that this gaming chair is the same – despite its weight of 30 kgs (with the box), it proves that it is well built and has everything you need.

I am in love with the stitching, use of logos and back and lumbar support. In fact, I enjoyed a lot sitting on this chair, and the feeling of comfort I had definitely matched the one I’ve seen in some of the best gaming chairs on the market, for instance, the SecretLab Titan XL.

Adjustable Lumbar Support That You Will Appreciate

The centerpiece of the design of the Razer Iskur is the adjustable lumbar support. With cushions and a trapdoor type system that kind of flips out to support your lower back, it is a system that allows you to get used to it quickly and appreciate your (improved) posture.

Additionally, there are many customization options in terms of height, tile and reclining, which gives you plenty of freedom to find the position you want and customize your sitting. Considering the fact that most people are playing games for hours seated in the same position, you know that this is an important feature to have.

Premium 4D Armrests And Great Positioning For The Legs

The arms and legs are some of the parts that many gaming chair manufacturers overlook and tend to forget when designing their new models. However, I cannot say the same about Razer – the Isker gaming chair that Cloakzy once used is great in this manner.

In the armrests, there is a 4D feature that lets you move them back, forward, side-to-side, up and down and rotate them to wherever it is best for your positioning. Your legs will also appreciate this gaming chair – there is plenty of room for them to move around and the rump is supported well with some room to shift if you need to.

When a brand understands design, adjustability and comfort, you can certainly say that they understand gaming chairs. It is no wonder to see the “for gamers, by gamers” slogan engraved on the Razer Iskur – these manufacturers definitely understand how good it is to have customization options and what a professional gaming chair should look like.

Which One To Buy?

If you are a big fan of Cloakzy and want to replicate his taste in gaming chairs, the choice between these two may be difficult. After all, both of them have some great features and in the end, it is your choice that matters.

What I can say about the Herman Miller Aeron is that it is a great looking chair which lacks the presence of gaming logos or stitches and looks more like a standard office chair. If it wasn’t that expensive, I would give it more credit. Even if it has the best adjustability, a gaming chair needs to be a lot better in terms of design and features to satisfy a price point like that.

On the other hand, I really like the Razer Iskur and don’t know why Cloakzy used this chair for a short while only. It is great looking, has a lot of adjustable options, and uses the armrests and leg space wisely. It is also great for people who love Razer equipment and the price ($499) is more than half from the Areon, which is why I prefer this chair over Herman Miller’s.

However, I definitely understand that everyone has different needs and as such, we all need more choices. To help you out, I can show you this link where you can check out some of our other gaming chair reviews to see other models and potentially find a better fit for your needs.

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