Techni Sport Gaming Chairs Review

Techni Sport is a popular gaming chair manufacturer based in the United States. As an American brand, their mission is to create sturdy chairs which are comfortable and durable.

Besides chairs, Techni Sport also manufactures gaming desks, gaming pads, gear and accessories. This is a good point to know if you are looking to gear up with more items for your gaming room.

Through four main values, this brand focuses on delivering the “ultimate gaming experience” as they claim, through next-level quality, comfort and design. Each of these principles are within the core of the brand.

Speaking of values, Techni Sport is probably one of the few gaming chair manufacturers that are actually contributing to various organizations. What’s interesting is the fact that each line of gaming chairs allocates a small portion of its revenue towards different charitable initiatives including disaster relief victims, veterans, people suffering from hunger, women diagnosed with breast cancer, multiple sclerosis sufferers, Alzheimer’s disease patients, endangered species etc. All of the causes can be previewed on this page.

On top of that, there is a strong community behind this brand which definitely takes things up a notch and proves that Techni Sport is a name that is getting more popular in the United States and other regions. Proof for that is their social media presence which has been growing over the past years.

And what I found particularly interesting about Techni Sport is its Influencer Program. This is basically a program that is hugely interlinked with the community around the brand – and is meant to promote Techni Sport to more channels thanks to popular influencers.

The best part is that anyone can join and become a Techni Sport influencer (brand ambassador) and as the brand says, “earn money and rewards for promoting TechniSport” through their “Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, Youtube Channel and more!” To sign up for this program or learn more about it, follow this link.

Now, let’s talk about the Techni Sport chairs and review them from different aspects. First on the list is assembly.

Assembling The Techni Sport Gaming Chairs

As you probably know if you read my review of one Techni Sport gaming chair, the chairs that this company manufactures are very easy to assemble.

I believe this is a major point, especially for newbies who want to be able to get their elements straight out of the box and (know how to) assemble them in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. With most gaming chair brands, this is not the case – you need roughly 20 to 30 minutes to assemble a chair in a process that includes screws and bolts.

Techni Sport decided to not use a similar process and instead, only give you an instruction manual with details on how to connect the elements so that they “click” and give you the gaming chair you need.

Even though this process also requires some effort, it is way less than standard assembly of gaming chairs (that we are all used to seeing on our blog).

Quality Of Materials

The Techni Sport gaming chairs are made of fine quality. They are also backed by the best warranty in their class as the brand claims, which is the Lifetime Warranty on the internal steel frame – as well as the two-year warranty on all of the parts and upholstery.

What I must say is that in my honest opinion, the brand could improve its offering and focus on quality across all of the parts and not only the main ones.

For instance, I noticed that some of the wheels and details around the casters of the chair are not as durable as its mainframe and the support area. But the good thing is that they give you the option to upgrade them in the accessories tab or as you check out.

The neck pillow and lumbar pillow straps could be made of better quality, too. The elastic bands are great and the pillows are comfy. However, they are far from the best quality or best-looking pillows in the industry.

For a brand to be considered as a top-quality gaming chair brand, it needs to over-deliver in every segment. The good thing is that Techni Sport knows how to design a chair that is sturdy and silent – but some of the materials they use (especially on the chairs with lower prices) may need an update.

But then again, there is the TechniSport Official eSports Arena gaming chair which proves things in a different way – showcasing quality with every single detail. So, it is hard to speak generally about this brand without going in detail and actually reviewing some of its chairs.

Are The Techni Sport Chairs Comfortable?

If comfort is something you are after when buying Techni Sport chairs, you should know that the brand really cares about this.

Each Techni Sport gaming chair seat and back is manufactured with soft molded foam and comes equipped with adjustable lumbar and neck support pillows. This is a good touch by the company and something that gamers will certainly appreciate.

Another thing when it comes to comfort are the adjustable armrests and the reclining feature. Both of these features guarantee the most comfortable position that aligns to your posture, body composition and other personal preferences.

The Design Principles Of Techni Sport

I wouldn’t say that the design of the Techni Sport gaming chairs is tremendous or innovative – but it is something I am completely satisfied with.

For instance, their entry-level TSF71 gaming chair comes in red and blue combinations with nice accents all over the chair. There are even two holes within the backrest area of the chair, making it look more sporty and stylish. Overall, this is the chair that I probably like most when it comes to design.

The other chairs also give you more colorful options. In other words, the colors are more obvious on other chairs, with even more accents and bigger color dominance between the first color (usually black) and the second one.

One model that I found particularly interesting from their product offering is the TS42 Kawaii Colors gaming chair, which has a great harmony of colors and would be ideal for people who appreciate bright colors as well as the female gender. There is the TS60 CAMO gaming chair too, which Techni Sport designed in order to get the likes of combat and action games enthusiasts.

Among the higher priced Techni Sport gaming chairs, I very much like the design of the TS61 COMFORT PLUS chair in Grey, which is designed well with an arrow-like backrest area (something I haven’t seen in a gaming chair so far). So, Techni Sport is definitely innovative when it comes to color combinations. The key takeaway from this is that it is easy to find a chair that you will love – even if you have a specific color in mind.

Reviewing The Best Techni Sport Gaming Chairs

Now, the part you are probably looking forward to the most.

Below, I am listing the best Techni Sport gaming chairs based on their popularity, quality, comfort and price.

Techni Sport TS49 Gaming Chair

This gaming chair uses the TechniFlex Synthetic Upholstery material and is height adjustable. It uses a mechanism with tilt tension control and a high quality memory foam seat and back area. The seat is adjustable to 21.45” in height and reclines to 150 degrees. There are adjustable soft lumbar and neck pillows and double wheel non-marking casters. The weight capacity is 250 lbs and the overall design is one that resembles a racing-style gaming chair.

Techni Sport TS50 Gaming Chair

Next on the list is the more sophisticated version than the TS49 model which is the Techni Sport TS50 gaming chair. This chair has quite more sophisticated design, offers height and swivel adjustable padded arms, a black powder coated steel base and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The mesh-inspired design and nice lines of the chair make it a popular choice for many gamers.

Techni Sport TS51 Gaming Chair

The Techni Sport TS51 levels up a lot of things in the product line of this gaming chair manufacturer. Despite the fact that it uses the same synthetic upholstery and high-quality memory foam seat and back as the previous models above, the design of this chair is more sophisticated and puts it into the more “elite” group of chairs from this manufacturer. There is a heavy duty steel frame, 300 lbs capacity and adjustable pillows included.

Techni Sport TS61 Gaming Chair

As I already said in the review above, the Techni Sport TS61 is my favorite chair because of the appealing design and the amazing arrow-like backrest area. The chair has a comfort and a back support pillow (U-shaped one) and gives you the option to recline to 150 degrees. There are 3D armrests which can move in height, swivel and go forward and back. With a 2-year warranty and a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this chair gives you all that you need and a design that won’t age.

Techni Sport TS90 Gaming Chair

The TS90 model is a gaming chair that comes as an upgrade of the TS49 Techni Sport gaming chair. It is one of the newer models by the brand and is height adjustable. It uses a mechanism with tilt tension control and a seat which can adapt from 19.5” to 22.5”. There are 2D armrests for height and pivot adjustments, and a weight capacity of 250 lbs.. There are adjustable soft lumbar and neck pillows and double wheel non-marking casters. The weight capacity is 250 lbs and the overall design is one that resembles a racing-style gaming chair.

Techni Sport TSXL1 White Gaming Chair

Another Techni Sport gaming chair I want to feature is the largest model in their collection – the TSXL1. This is basically a chair that outperforms most of the other models when it comes to size and is suited for taller and heavier gamers. Feature-wise, it uses the same 150-degree back reclining mechanism, 2D armrests, heavy duty steel base and non-marking casters. The difference is in size, and the fact that this nice gaming chair can support players that weight up to 350lbs. So if you are in this category, this is the model you should be checking out.

Techni Sport TSXL2 White Gaming Chair

Gamers who want even more weight capacity should know that the Techni Sport TSXL2 is an original update of the TSXL1 model with increased capacity and weight support. Basically, this gaming chair is matching the same features as the above-mentioned one (TSXL1) with the difference mostly in weight capacity. Speaking of, the Techni Sport TSXL2 can “hold” gamers weighing up to 400lbs. This gives it the proud title of “the biggest Techni Sport gaming chair” meant for the heaviest gamers.

Techni Sport Official Esports Arena Gaming Chair

Last in my list of best Techni Sport gaming chairs is the chair that was officially used in the eSports arena. This chair is impressive, features two holes in the backrest area as well as two pillows for added comfort. The TechniFlex synthetic upholstery, 300 lbs weight capacity, high quality memory foam materials and 150-degree reclining features are kept in this model too – and there are 4D armrests which are better than the chairs we reviewed above.

Final Verdict

In the end, reviewing the Techni Sport gaming chairs made me realize another important thing. In fact, two things – one of which is good and the other which is bad.

The good thing about Techni Sport as a brand is that they go the extra mile to offer a variety of designs and gaming chair models with different configurations. All of this helps the average consumer choose the best gaming chair for their needs (instead of going to another manufacturer).

However, the thing I don’t like about Techni Sport’s gaming chair offering is that there are minimal changes (or no changes at all) in the actual features of different chairs. That said, I found that around 95% of all Techni Sport chairs have the same upholstery material, reclining feature capability and weight capacity. This is something worth considering if you are going from one to another gaming chair and are looking for an upgrade.

Other than that, I am quite impressed by their charity initiative and the fact that this is one of the brands that helps its local community.

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