Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under 100$

Ten years ago, I had $100 in my pocket and was wondering if they were enough to get myself a solid gaming chair. Ten years later, I still think that there is a decent offering of gaming chairs under $100 and that the products are quite good.

If you are like me from ten years ago, this post is for you. Today, I am talking about the best gaming chairs that $100 can buy right now – sharing their features and benefits in full detail.

So, are there any decent gaming chairs under $100?

TOP Seller 2022

The answer is – yes, absolutely. 

Here are the 9 best gaming chairs under $100:

  1. BestOffice High Back Gaming Chair
  2. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming High Back Computer Chair
  3. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather Office Chair
  4. Homall Gaming Chair With Flip Up Padded Arms
  5. GTRanger Racing Style Gaming Chair
  6. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Leather
  7. VIT Gaming Recliner PU Leather Chair
  8. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair
  9. Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair

Even though $100 is for many far below the standard price point for a great gaming chair, you will surprised to see how much detail can go in a gaming chair that is worth a hundred bucks.

Gaming Chairs Under $100: What Kind Of Features You Should Expect?

There is not much to expect from a $100 gaming chair, most of you think.

However, as I said before, some manufacturers actually target this price point and manage to include some decent features for chairs in this price range.

In other words, the best $100 gaming chairs are packed with features such as standard swivel support, high back adjustability, armrests and solid metal structure.

Even though you should not expect to get an all-leather premium chair or 4D armrests with inclining features, realistically, all of these chairs have the standard features which you would get from any standard office chair – plus amazing design and premium looks.

That said, these gaming chairs under $100 are perfect if you look for something extra beyond the classic office or computer chair lineup that we all see in stores on a daily basis.

Now that you know the features that come as standard in the gaming chairs in this category, it’s time to show you these cheap bastards so that you can see how they look and work like.

So, let’s begin with the first choice on my list and the entry-level model by BestOffice.

1. BestOffice High Back Gaming Chair

The fact that you can get a good looking racing style gaming chair with lumbar support and tons of adjustable features for under $100 is something that many gamers appreciate. Now, this model by BestOffice shows that in detail.

For starters, it offers great comfort. It is cushioned well and covered with breathable PU leather. It also has a freely adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow that will protect your spine and neck.

Designed with an ergonomic construction and a solid base, the BestOffice chair is BIFMA-certified for its heavy metal construction and gives gamers 360 degrees of motion and smooth rolling casters made of nylon, making sure that they won’t scratch any floors. You can glide as easily as you can assemble this chair – the process did not take more than 10 minutes for me which means that it should not take more than 20 minutes for you. (What can I say, I am a proud gaming chair assembler).

All in all, this BestOffice gaming chair is built to last. From the metal base to the casters, armrests and entire seat area, it offers great stability and mobility as well as a capacity of 250 lbs which is decent for a chair in this price category.

2. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming High Back Computer Chair

With the Furmax high back gaming chair, you are getting more than just a seat. There is a five star base with 360 degree support, smooth running on floor surfaces, as well as a 3 inches thick padded seat and 2 inch backrest area for comfortable seating. 

What I love is the pneumatic support, as well as the maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs. While this may not be that much for heavy gamers, it is above the average. The seat can be adjusted and is easily assembled with detailed instructions, as well as hardware and tools you can use.

Furmax invested a lot of time to create the blend of leather and mesh, allowing you to sit for hours without sweating and providing comfort for your day.

Proof for that is the racing car seat design which really lives up to the expectations of gamers and gives you a lot of breathability, comfort, and adjustability in one great gaming chair.

As a cherry on the cake, the Furmax leather gaming chair can be rocked back and forth. The construction is perfected for relaxation during your busy working days. With a price that is relatively affordable, this gaming chair by Furmax is one of the serious contenders in the “best gaming chairs under $100” category.

3. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather Office Chair

The Polar Aurora gaming chair under $100 is a great way to see how a cheap chair could have nice features and mimic some of the standard features in more expensive chairs. First of all, this chair is equipped with a 360-degree multi-directional casters that are smooth and quiet, whether you place the chair on carpet or on a floor.

The version of this chair is upgraded, meant to provide extreme comfort with padded cushion and allowing for a more enjoyable gaming experience. There is also the reclining function which is designed to be locked at any angle between 90 and 180 degrees, resulting in a comfortable and relaxing experience whether you are working or gaming.

Aside from the pneumatic seat height adjustment feature which allows for individualized comfort and easily conforms you to your gaming desk or workstation, this chair is designed ergonomically and is made of high durable PU leather with removable headrest and lumbar support. It also has a high backrest which ensures proper alignment as well as complete support for the back and neck.

Even though the manufacturer hasn’t listed the weight capacity for this chair, customers have confirmed that even 255 pounds of weight won’t create an issue, which leads us to believe that the chair has a capacity to support gamers up to 280-300 pounds.

The pieces and packaging are well designed, the assembly is generally okay and the seat is quite universal for gamers of different proportions. All in all, it is comfortable and sturdy and uses a nice PU leather material which adds up to the entire experience.

4. Homall Gaming Chair With Flip Up Padded Arms

A wide seat and thick backrest area is what you see on a first glance at this product. I really like the combination of black, red, and white – designed in a racing stle and combining the unique colors to improve aesthetics.

There are flip up padded armrests which really accent the comfort of this chair. They are also designed to reduce the fatigue in your arms when you have been typing on the computer for hours.

Plus, it can save space for you – not to mention the fact that this is a model that also saves money in your pocket.

Whether you decide to use it as your #1 racing style gaming chair, an office chair or a simple computer desk chair for anyone in the family, Homall does not disappoint with this model.

In fact, the chair is perfect for gaming, studying, working or even taking a quick nap from all of that. A smooth PU leather finish is what makes sure that no gamer will need additional comfort, supported by a strong chair base and nylon smooth running casters which won’t scratch your floor.

5. GTRanger Racing Style Gaming Chair

This gaming chair supports weights of up to 260 lbs which is not a lot but is still tailored to the needs of most gamers. It has two nifty handles – one is for adjusting the height of the seat base, and the other is for adjusting the tilt of your backrest area from 90 up to 155 degrees. As a result, you can even gently lie down and use the chair for napping.

When it comes to materials, this GTRanger gaming chair has plenty of mixtures and a variety of surfaces. The breathable fabric material in it is also mixed with a mysterious carbon fiber leather, which suits most people’s needs.

Last is the construction. The GTRanger gaming chair is made of metal, making it strong and durable. Its omni-directional wheels can move flexibly in all directions, and the subtle design of this model can make it a great option for an office chair, too. If you are still not sure whether this is the best option for you, keep in mind that GTRanger offers a 1-year warranty on the model and fast support for all the questions you may have.

6. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair Leather

Homall’s gaming chairs are a gold standard in the budget section. They are made of high-quality carbon, fiber style PU leather and a steel frame. On top of that, the five base makes up for a superb stable structure.

This model, in particular, can be bought in two different sizes. The smaller one is the one that fits the $100 budget – so make sure that you consider this before buying.

When it comes to features, the chair has a multi-function 360 rotating feature, 180 degree backwards movement, a good height adjustment, removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion support.

All of this leads to a great seat which is perfect for office, home, conference occasions and obviously, the gaming room. There is a one year warranty on top of this and replacements up to 1 months of using it.

All of this leads us to believe that Homall is a serious contender in the budget gaming chairs department. The brand does its best to create chairs that have all the standard features minus the expensive price tag.

7. VIT Gaming Recliner PU Leather Chair

If you read my gaming chair reviews, you know that I always tend to put something different than the standard gaming chair formats. The VIT chair is a perfect example for that. It does not look like a standard racing style gaming chair – instead, it is wrapped in high-quality and durable PU leather with a thicker sponge, which gives you a better seating position.

The waterproof leather will make sure that no spills go inside of the chair’s material. Instead, you can rest assured knowing that you are covered with a chair that goes from 90 to 180 degrees, helping you recline and take a nap whenever you want it. With this in mind, the VIT gaming chair can be a comfortable addition to your home and allow you to continue gaming for hours.

Ideal for gaming, watching TV, reading books or just chilling, this gaming chair is made by stainless steel and hardwood. The maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs and there are many details such as a slot for your tablet, newspapers, books or anything else that may fit inside. As a bonus, the manufacturer gives 120 days of free replacement on all parts – you only need to contact them if something is not right.

8.OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

The design of this chair does not win my heart – but has won the hearts of many gamers out there. I simply don’t like two-toned design and find it too basic looking. Still, this OFM gaming chair comes in six different color variations and does not fail to provide comfort during intense gaming sessions or long working days.

With segmented padding, an integrated padded headrest and padded arms, this small frame video game chair provides quality support and comfort for hours of play. It also features great height adjustment, center tilt-tension control and padded loop arms with 360 degrees of swivel motion.

As a heavy-duty and affordable gaming chair, this one boasts a 250 lbs weight capacity for long-lasting use. It is also part of the OFM Essentials family as the starting model of the four popular ones, all of which have unique designs and a lot of improvements compared to this model.

Upholstered in the SofThread Leather material and supported by a contrasting mesh (coming in a different color), the OFM Essentials racing chair has an aggressive yet classic look. According to many reviewers, the chair is solid and is better looking in person. It is also backed by the Lifetime Warranty that OFM Essentials offers on its models.

9. SMUGCHAIR Racing Gaming Chair

There are a couple of reasons why the SMUGCHAIR racing gaming chair is one fine looking and amazingly well designed model. First of all, I must say that although I don’t like a lot of holes in the backrest area of chairs, this one is very neatly designed and just continues the flow of the texture.

The robust and heavy duty look comes in five main colors, fitting your body well and giving you an easy-to-clean, breathable and skin-friendly material. Packed with padded armrests, you can expect maximum comfort as you continue to power through each working day.

Plus, there is adjustable seat height, tilt tension and a tilt rock mechanism. When used in combination, all of these let you customize the setup and provide a unique configuration that can work best for your needs. The scratch-free casters and five-star base are needless to mention – they are something that is obviously expected from a chair that looks this good.

As my last note, I would say that despite the 250 lbs weight capacity (which may not be enough for some gamers), the SMUGCHAIR gaming chair is proof that great looking chairs do not have to cost a fortune.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy A $100 Gaming Chair?

Many of you won’t expect this type of advice from a guy that is reviewing chairs which go in the range of $700, $900 or in some cases up to $1,200 a pop.

Obviously, these brands have a reason behind their price tags. That reasons or their features cannot be even slightly compared to the $100 gaming chairs and their features…

However, I am a big…


I am a HUGE fan of super cheap gaming chairs and I have all the reasons to be one. Aside from my personal experience which started when I logged into Amazon for the first time and ordered a super comfy chair for $100, there are many other reasons to choose a $100 gaming chair instead of an expensive one.

To sum it up, a $100 gaming chair can be a great option if:

  • You don’t have much money to spend on a chair (easy, right)
  • You want an entry level model which has the standard features
  • You want to buy more and more expensive chairs over time (this will actually help you see the value of each feature)
  • You want to start learning how to appreciate expensive chairs (just like cars, smartphones etc. where you don’t get all the features from the start

And a lot more.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons which can help you “start from the bottom” and show you why a $100 gaming chair is a great option.

Now, it is your turn.

Have any of these chairs gotten into your eyes? Which is the one you like most – or planning to buy – or bought already?

I mean, it’s a hundred bucks, right? 🙂


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