The 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Gaming chairs are designed specifically with comfort in mind during long gaming sessions. Unfortunately, many of them retail for $500 or more. We decided to investigate if any budget-friendly models could hold their own. Read on to discover our best gaming chairs under $100.

Our TOP 10 in 2023

Best Gaming Chairs Under $100 At a Glance:

  1. Homall Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair
  2. GTPlayer Gaming Chair
  3. YSSOA High Back Gaming Chair
  4. Furmax Gaming Chair
  5. VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  6. N-Gen Levis Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  7. PLAY HAHA Gaming Chair
  8. BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair
  9. Bigzzia Gaming Chair
  10. ExAchat Gaming Chair With Footrest

Gaming Chairs Under $100: What Kind Of Features Should You Expect?

Even though $100 is typically far below the standard price point for a great gaming chair, it might surprise you to see how much detail can go into one.

Some manufacturers actually target this price point and manage to include some decent features for chairs even at such a low cost. The more notable perks include metal frames, faux leather, ergonomic cushions, and a recline. They also capture the cool look and feel that separates a gaming chair from something you’d see in an office.

You’ll need to be realistic about what you won’t find, though. Genuine leather, aluminum wheel bases, and 4D headrests aren’t feasible here.

With that in mind, let’s check out the best gaming chairs under $100 on the market today.

The Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

#1. Homall Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair

In my opinion, Homall makes the best gaming chair you can find under $100. It comes in eight different accent colors with the core of the chair in black. Just check the pricing for each mode, as some colors may dip over the $100 mark.

From a distance, Homall’s chair looks like a high-quality gaming chair. The design is pretty spectacular for what you end up paying. Gamers up to 300 lbs should be able to use the chair without issue.

It’s covered in polyurethane (PU) artificial leather with a steel frame underneath. At the bottom is a five-point wheel base made of nylon, and this is probably the weakest point of the design. I actually gave one of these to my son a few years ago and he still hasn’t broken it.

There’s above-average thickness foam on the seat and backrest to help with comfort. Homall includes headrest and lumbar support pillows with the chair for an added boost. I’d love to see better cushions, but in this case you get what you pay for. Caster wheels at the base move nicely over carpet or wood.

You can tilt back and recline the gaming chair as far as 170°, which is almost horizontal to the floor. The same can’t be said for the armrests, which are firmly fixed in place.

#2 GTPlayer Gaming Chair

GTPlayer is a budget line for popular gaming chair manufacturer GTRacing. You’ve got the backing of a well-known company with this model, unlike some of the other options that made our list.

There are a couple of notable features apparent right out of the gate that you don’t typically see on gaming chairs. The first is a footrest that can slide out or tuck away depending on whether you need to use it. It’s quite practical when you’re watching a movie and really want to kick back and relax.

You’re also treated to a massager built right into the lumbar pillow. All you need to do is plug it into a power source via USB and you’re set.

The chair has fixed armrests that move as you recline so you can use them anytime. That’s one up on even some top-tier chairs whose armrests don’t follow suit.

Specs-wise, GTPlayer boasts premium PU leather and a steel frame undercarriage. Surprisingly, the wheel base is made from the same steel material. Most other budget chairs opt for plastic here.

With a little luck, it’ll see you through countless battles and live to tell the tale. Gamers up to 300 lbs should have no trouble using it, but a 5’7” recommended height is a bit of a letdown. There are eight colors to choose from if this is the model for you.

#3 YSSOA High Back Gaming Chair

YSSOA is another brand with an impressive gaming chair under $100. It has a somewhat wide but contoured seat to accommodate the majority of body types. The 330 lb weight limit further demonstrates a wide variety of users.

A thick, high-density sponge cushion provides ample padding on the seat. There’s a bit less along the back of the chair, but enough to provide comfort.

Speaking of comfort, you’ve got a lumbar support and headrest cushion to make use of. The lumbar support pillow slides up or down as needed, but you won’t have quite as much wiggle room with the headrest.

You’ve got some options if you’re a gamer looking for a chair to match the rest of your setup. There are six colors to choose from, and several options can come with a footrest if that’s your jam. They’re all consistently below our $100 price point, so shop away.

Like the GTPlayer model above, YSSOA’s offering comes with a metal base. It’s covered with the PU leather common in chairs at this price point.

The recline feature takes you back up to 30° from vertical if you need a break from your game or just want to watch a show. Fixed armrests pivot with you as you lean back for maximum support in that comfortable position.

#4 Furmax Gaming Chair

The Furmax gaming chair utilizes high-quality PU leather over an incredibly thick padded seat. That support extends to the backrest for long hours of gaming in comfort.

Larger than normal headrest and lumbar support pillows also adorn this chair. Some might argue it’s almost too much, but you’ll have to be the judge. If everything lines up, you’ve got ergonomics for days.

At nearly 21 inches of width and depth, the surface area on Furmax’s model is hard to beat. There’s a 5.5-inch swing on the seat height, accommodating the widest range of gamers that I’ve seen in a long time. Let’s not forget the 300 lb weight capacity to round things out.

The reclining feature really stands out as well. You’ve got a full range of motion from vertical to completely horizontal for gaming, sleeping, and everything in between. Who even needs a bed when you can just nap in your gaming chair between sessions?

Furmax has fewer colors to pick from but makes up for it in a quality chair. You’ll just need to be okay with black or gray. 

The base here is nylon but attaches to polyurethane wheels and a tubular steel frame. Everything’s covered with PU leather that’s become a staple at this price point.

#5 VITESSE Ergonomic Gaming Chair

VITESSE’s ergonomic gaming chair sits right at the $99 mark for some of its five colors. Just shop carefully, as a few may sit just above our cutoff.

My eyes immediately go to the steel wheel base, which is a huge quality boost over nylon. I tend to plop into my gaming chairs and a weak base is always the first piece to go if I’m not careful. VITESSE’s model easily supports 330 lbs but could go as high as 400.

Moving up, a steel frame represents the core internals that give the chair its shape. Covering the frame is a generous helping of foam; all topped off with wear-resistant PU leather.

The seating area is a bit narrow from side to side but has some real depth to it. You should be good on the height component, as the chair has a 5-inch adjustable seat range.

Like Furmax, VITESSE reveals a full 90° to 180° recline when you go to use it. You can pretty much use this chair for anything from up close gaming to full-on sleep.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the two pillows. They’re pretty standard, but it’s nice having extra ergonomic support for the lower body and neck. It makes up for the fact that the armrests don’t move on this model.

#6 N-Gen Levis Ergonomic Gaming Chair

N-Gen stands apart from other chair manufacturers by only selling products straight to consumers. They may use Amazon as an online platform, but they cut out the middlemen to keep costs down. The result is a higher quality chair for a lower price.

Some of this quality is seen in the seat itself. There’s 21 inches of space for your butt and lots of padding to keep you there for hours on end. The seat back similarly has a lot more padding than what you typically see in other models.

You’ll find that same incredible foam quality in the lumbar cushion as well. The headrest doesn’t have quite the same punch, but that’s by design to keep your spine in proper alignment.

There are six colors you’ll have to choose from when picking out your Levis. Each of them accents the black nicely for a high-quality look.

By now, you can probably guess that a PU leather material covers it all. This is another chair with a metal wheel base that’s somewhat rare in $100 chairs.

The armrests are fixed but can be folded up when not in use to help you tuck the chair under the desk or have a wider surface area to work with.

Be mindful that the Levis only has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. For all the room it gives, this number is definitely on the low side.

#7 PLAY HAHA Gaming Chair

In all my years reviewing gaming chairs, I’ve never heard a brand name quite like this one. Still, Play Haha makes a nice product that won’t break the bank.

First and foremost, Play Haha’s seat is a whopping 3.1 inches thick for optimal padding. This foam covers a span of nearly 21 inches and nearly the same depth to maximize surface space for your body.

The backrest follows a curved line, mimicking your spine and culminating with extra padding at the top. It’s not a pillow per se, but it is softer and more substantial than other areas. You won’t find a lumbar support pillow here, though.

All that foam’s covered in our friendly PU leather. You can pick from purple, blue, red, or black for an accent color along the middle of the chair and the armrests.

The armrests don’t move but come with a nice layer of padding not seen on many budget-friendly models. They’re positioned pretty far apart and definitely speak to bigger gamers.

Specs mention this Play Haha model’s rated for up to 330 lbs, but I’ve not put this to the test. I’m a little leery since the base is made of plastic, but I’m sure they have the testing to prove their claim.

#8 BestOffice High-Back Gaming Chair

BestOffice manufactures a gaming chair with a lumbar support pillow very similar in shape to the ones Anda Seat makes. I’m a big fan of that style and happy to see it here. Even the headrest pillow resembles the bow tie shape I’ve come to know Anda Seat for.

The comfort train doesn’t stop there. Instead of a solid design, the backrest features breathable mesh for ventilation. No more sweaty shirts when you get up to take a break after a long gaming session.

A lot of the chair is made of nylon, which is a blessing and a curse. It keeps the cost down, but there’s a bit of quality lost here. Still, gamers up to 250 lbs should have no issue using it. In an interesting twist, the wheel base is metal.

This BestOffice model is one of the biggest I’ve seen for under $100. The seat measures 27 by 24 inches with a lot of padding stuffed within. I wasn’t joking about the nylon – even the fabric is made from it.

You won’t find a ton of flexibility here, at least in the chair height or armrests. The armrests don’t move at all, and you’ll only be able to raise the seat 3 inches or so. There is a choice of seven colors though, including a camo I’ve never seen before.

#9 Bigzzia Gaming Chair

Bigzzia makes tables, chairs, and fitness equipment across the pond from me over in Europe. An international presence allows them to send products all over the globe.

Its most notable gaming chair comes in just shy of $100 and features 14 different designs to choose from. Many of these, like orange or neon green, are quite rare. A few of these are different versions of pink if that’s more your style.

Diving into specs, Bigzzia’s gaming chair reclines back to 135° for taking a much-needed break. You’ve got some adjustability in the height and armrests that follow you wherever you go.

Like most budget chairs, you’ll be sitting on PU leather fabric over a sturdy metal frame. The padding is excellent along the seat but starts to diminish as you move up the backrest. Lumbar and headrest pillows help compensate for the loss of foam padding in the back and provide a nice additional cushion.

The wheel base is nylon on Bigzzia’s offering, but the chair can still handle up to 300 lbs. Some of the models have white wheels, which is a cool contrast to bland black designs.

#10 ExAchat Gaming Chair With Footrest

Last on our list is the ExAchat gaming chair. It’s also one of the cheapest at just $70 for any of its four color designs.

This ExAchat model is clearly for the more slim gamer. The seat is 13 inches from side to side and only a little more than that from front to back. It also stands just 13 to 16 inches from the ground depending on your setting.

None of that’s to say the chair is bad; it’s just something to keep in mind when you go to buy. As a slimmer gamer myself, having a narrower chair has always served me well.

The ExAchat leans back to 135° for periods of rest or for catching a show. Adjustable armrests follow you as you lean back.

For how small the chair is, it packs an impressive amount of foam for comfort. You’ve also got the quality PU leather covering that’s resistant to wear and tear.

Lounging gets even better thanks to a footrest you can take out or put away based on your preference. Headrest and lumbar pillows add in even more support.

Watch out for the nylon wheel base that’s more prone to break than its metal counterparts. That said, you’ve got a weight capacity of 300 to work with here.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy A $100 Gaming Chair?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. In general, gaming chairs follow a similar story.

The companies on this list have found a way to create really solid chairs for a fraction of the price the big brands like Secretlab and Razer go for. Sure, you’re not going to get the same quality, materials, or features of a top-tier chair at a lower price point.

You may not expect this type of advice from a guy who typically reviews chairs in the $500, $700, or even $1,200 range, but here goes:

If you’re on a tight budget, $100 gaming chairs can be a great investment. It can be an excellent foray into the gaming chair space without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Even at $100 or less, not all gaming chairs are created the same. Stick to one of the models in our guide so you don’t end up with a lemon.

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